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Reading Spiritual Signs + the Dangers of Psychic Readings & Tarot Cards

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How to best interpret spiritual signs, signals, and synchronicities, plus the dangers of psychic readers and tarot cards! Link to the Shamanic process of taking power out of forms and shifting your reality: https://goo.gl/fm5AMI Visit my blog for the best collection of Life Wisdom Tips at: https://www.lifewisdom.tips/ Connect with me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BradStevens11 Ending title music by Brad Stevens. Full song here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3459RB1UXA
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Christina Skiles (1 month ago)
I always want to share mine spiritual contact with others. Im wondering if I should keep it to myself. None believers upsets me and with just 1 person I want them to know. Hard to explain. I feel like a very bad experience as a child my soul was lost and my spirit is searching for it. And in the journey I run in to many spiritual situations. To much said. Thanks for sharing
Iesha Clarke (1 month ago)
You said it perfectly! You are very eloquent with a powerful voice. Great message ❤️
Berry Mallows (6 months ago)
Thank you so much for informing.
George Escamilla (7 months ago)
thank you
Talking Opiates (9 months ago)
got in a big problem I was warned about by him.
Talking Opiates (9 months ago)
I went to a guy who’s into black and white magic, he read my cards and he warned me about things.. they happened.
Chris Kelley (2 months ago)
Same with me
Pedro Gamuzza (9 months ago)
I SO understand what you say when it comes to manifestation of our own reality through our vibration and thoughts, but there's clearly lack of information in this video about karmic relations and how divine intervention is a real deal for a lot of people. If some aspects of "oracles" dont match with your personal beliefs I sugest you dont mess with them, but preaching people off whithout giving these information sounds either ignorant, dogmatic or fishy.
Rose (1 year ago)
"Knives are dangerous, so let's not use them at all". Come on, give me a break! The same way some people use knives to make a nice salad and others use them to kill, some people are not prepared to deal with "oracles". A reader should always be able to know what to say and how to say it. You sound very fatalistic. I've been doing reading for at least 20 years and I was always aware of the responsibility regarding what I was going to say. In Tarot for example, there are cards that are completely connected to free will so the person is able to change the outcome. There are others though that signalize karmic deeds, spiritual intervention so we can't do anything to change things. It's an illusion to think that we humans are in control of everything. Nature's rebellion is out there to show us that we aren't. Carl Jung was an avid researcher on Tarot and its linkage to personal and collective unconscious. Tarot is not divination really: it's a symbolic language that uses archetypes to access info that is located on those unconscious layers. Unfortunately there are unbalanced people and even scammers using those things to exploit and take advantage of others but not everyone into it is like that. The same way there are unbalanced people that look for readers and can't handle what they hear. Learning discernment is the dealbreaker here for both sides. Before criticizing a subject make sure you have a deep knowledge on it which clearly is not the case.
Pedro Gamuzza (9 months ago)
OMGS you said everything I wanted to say, I could kiss you right now. THANK YOU
Camilo Bastidas (1 year ago)
Hi True Infinite Life: I loved this video. Logical, intelligent, well intended. Thank you and bless you!
Nicole Carol (1 year ago)
Okay so I recently purchased a deck of "Archangel Oracle cards" and have used them in hope of spiritual guidance. However lately I have seen many people tell me that those are evil and I should stay away from them. Can someone please provide any answers?! I am inexperienced and I am only in search of love, peace and positivity!
ENErgy ENerGY (1 year ago)
Have you noticed any changes in how you feel, intuition, mood, etc. I consider myself spiritual and do believe in god but also open to astro & cards. However, I feel that tarot or card reading leads to some sorta mania where you become dependent or highly reliant on the cards. For example relationships. I find it leads to an addiction where people cannot seem to be guided on their own or their faith such as God. Also, naturally gifted, I have felt changes in me and around me. The other day I felt an urge to enter a church as I felt very heavy. Had been feeling this way and due to such uncertainty, I decide to do my own reading. I went in and the roof of the church sounded chaotic, it was as if I that internal chaos was there as soon as I entered. I was the only person there btw. As I prayed and towards the end I noticed peace and stillness, all that noise that I had heard when I arrived had stopped... I do think for some of us that are sensitive it may not be a good idea. I have heard from religious people that negative energy and spirits can enter this way. Not to scare you but just wanted to share what my take.
Gary Williams (1 year ago)
It depends completely on WHO the clairvoyant is, excellent, middle of the road, or no good. This is no different than a lawyers you go to see. You may find a good lawyer to represent you or a lousy one. The same is true of doctors. You can easily say "you are giving your power away" when you place yourself in the hands of a doctor. I have been to some awful one. I went to a urologist who put me on alpha blocker medicine that could have killed me. The point of your video is you just like picking on the subject of the paranormal, probably for religious reasons, and have had no experiences, positive or negative with a medium or a clairvoyant who has a born gift, so it it easy to just sit there and tear the subject to pieces. Obviously future events are planned ahead, many times years ahead. There is massive documented evidence for this in the chair tests with Gerard Croiset, the work of Dorothy Allisy, the Dutch psychic Dykeshoorn and Hurkos. But you have a bias with no homework to back it up
Azul Callejon (1 year ago)
This is very true.. I am naturally psychic and also used to practice cartomancy with spanish cards didn't fully learn with tarot cards. And although i am super attracted to tarot cards i had very bad experiences with all this stuff. I had numerous experiencies with paranormal activity but i think that mainly happened because i have the gift of being a medium. But i rejected that because i couldn't stand the feeling of spirits manipulating my thoughts.. I love this stuff sooo much! But i couldn't be at peace ever. My personality would change often! Anyways dependng on tarot, horoscopes and all that slowly takes away your power of desicion and your will power as well. Then it really leads to a low self-esteem because it comes to a point where you stop believing in yourself. You stop beliveing in your own intuition. You stop beliveing that you have the power to choose. And you slowly forget what it feels like to have faith in yourself and in god. And then you turn into a victim of everything... You end up having a life that is controlled by the external circumstances. You start to believe anything people tell you and bbecome easoly influences or manipulated by others.. This could lead to a very depressive life!
chillonaychingona (6 months ago)
I'm really glad I came across this, because I am currently struggling with what I think may be an addition to tarot readings. I have watched readings on youtube for the last two years. I usually watched them to hear about love predictions. I remember there was a time about a year and a half ago, when I would watch so many. I was eating terribly and I even went to see a therapist at that time. Later on I started to see numbers and then get deeper into readings, and I don't know anymore. I feel so trapped because I don't know if I should watch readings cause I ask myself "why do you feel this urge to watch them?" "What answer are you seeking?" It's like i'm afraid someone (a reader) has an answer I don't have about my situation. Like I said, i usually ask about love or look for answers around love. And man, I've met a guy who is a great human being and I think I want to create things with but bruh i'm so unsure or scared to go with the flow.
redheadedfreckles2 (1 year ago)
Azul Callejon could you talk to me about this?? Please .i can send you my email ..i just need clarification..
Natasha Iszler (1 year ago)
This is so true!! Tarot cards are not good, the best is to listen to your own guidance. We have free will there is no fate or destiny...thank God
Natasha Iszler (1 year ago)
No I don't believe this, God gave us free will and nothing is written in stone. We project with out intentions and that's the energy perceived by pshychics , our intentions. It's wonderful and freeing to recognize we can create, change and transform.
Gary Williams (1 year ago)
If you think there is no Fate or Destiny you must have been hiding in a cave all your life. Now, you must realize that as God is the Creator, the Great Master Builder, He knows what shape the life of the individual will take before that individual is born. He knows exactly the nature of the unborn babe, how he will develop from the hour he leaves his mother's womb, where his tendencies will lead him, the manner in which circumstances will mould him. For the great picture of all creation has been conceived in the imagination of God before ever the babe has evolved out of what we call the void. For instance, the future of the earth is imaged already in the imagination of God. It has happened because He has already thought it. But what has not happened is the change in the individual soul, the manner, for instance, in which it reacts to the trials and the joys of life. The reactions of the soul are all that matter in connection with your earth life. Will sorrow embitter you? Will ruin but nerve you to fresh effort? In the latter instance, you create within yourself in that you increase the power of your will, increase your courage. Or will you give up hope and sink into penury, thus increasing the weakness of your character? You have, in short, free will only in the sense of creation, only in the moulding of your own soul. Now that is the important and vital factor in connection with your earth life.” As difficult as this concept is for people to grasp, I have accepted this as the true one for many reasons. It accords with my experiences as an astrologer, making predictions with a definite timing. It accords with my experiences of going to mediums and clairvoyants who read for me and in which the predictions came true, sometimes with accurate timing. Think of Creation this way. Everything that is going to occur has already occurred. Your life, others, the events in the Universe, they have already happened, we just haven't arrived there yet. Creation is as a giant movie reel. The Creator has already made everything and all the events that are to occur. Each of our lives are in the reel. The reel runs at a set speed (time frames). What will happen in your life, say next year, is already on the reel, you just haven't arrived at that point yet. Call it destiny or whatever. The Creator can look backward or forward in the reel as HE pleases. HE can stop the reel if so desired. Our lives, from birth till death are already fully contained within the reel. The reel runs at the set speed (time) of the universe, as far as we are concerned. Everything you do throughout every moment of every day is already contained within the reel of life. Everything.
{ Ebony } (2 years ago)
If you use tarot cards and get an indication that the most likely thread of possibility is negative then you shouldn't stop there as it isn't written in stone. You can always ask more questions from different angles to find a manner of action that is more likely to lead to a better result. Also, even if someone's visions often do come to pass there will always be times when they don't because influences have changed and that path previously seen no longer is the one that reality takes. Then there is also the fact that the very act of checking and reflecting upon what one's visions or tarot cards have suggested would happen could change the probabilities. In sum, I do agree that it is important to not get into the victim role, as that is giving up. If anything, a vision of potential problems should be taken more as a sign to be more vigilant and involved in the care and management of one's own life.
{ Ebony } (1 year ago)
Chris Flejter If you live from the belief that there are predetermined forces that govern your life then you will surely find it to be so, but through your collusion with these forces to govern you, not simply from their ability to do so. When we think we have no choice it is often because, from our own vantage point, from the perspective we take on life, we find ourselves unable to move but in one direction. It is not that we are truly stuck, but that we believe ourselves to be, and so we make it so. But in these moments it is us ourselves who hold the key, for were we to shift in ourselves, were our vantage point to change, then the choices available to us would shift as well. What didn't seem possible may become possible.
Chris Flejter (1 year ago)
{ Ebony } Unfortunately life.doesnt work that way Fate is a power that controls the events and lives of others, predetermined by forces stronger than ourselves, fate is what leaves you no choice, something you cant control no matter how hard you try to change it. Yes you can always change the outcom of your destiny but not fate.
Phila EC (2 years ago)
Very correct. I am an intuitive. claircogniscant, clairaudient and am close friends with 12 psychics or people of various abilities. I became friends simply to learn about my own experiences, but stayed objective and simply observed their stories and experiences. Over 18 months, I noticed that each of them, though positive inspiring people on the outside, were suffering on the inside. Why? Each was "reading" their relationship partners, then assuming those readings would become reality, self sabotage the relationships over and over. They had such confidence in their "powers" that, their egos started to compete, then project evil onto one another for fear one was more powerful than the other. After 18 months of friendships, I walked away, determined to simply rely on my own intuition than allow people who project their own experiences and energies into reading me. I learned by realizing that people who over-rely on psychics and tarot are miserable people, sub-consciously creating their own misery by believing in it.
chillonaychingona (6 months ago)
holy shit. i think i self-sabotage my own relationships this way. I watch readings and think what they say is so true and I believe them or think they are right. I don't know what to do anymore. It's like I feel such an urge, like the reader will have an answer for me but they never really do. i remember i would watch videos saying this guy i used to like would come back but he never did. i spent so much time believing it because there were times when the readings were accurate. how do you let go of something that can be right but can also ruin your chances of being happy?
Lindsey Wells (2 years ago)
This is exactly what happened to me. I saw a psychic she told me I ha a curse on m, she said she could remove it for 300.00 I didn't pay her, so she put on on me. My life has been destroyed career destroyed, lost my sanity, relationship with family friends. Beware!!
Gary Williams (1 year ago)
Since there is no such thing as a curse you were an idiot to spend one second worrying about it.
NoMoreMissNiceGirl (2 years ago)
But the thing that dont make sense about the Christian view of tarot cards and what I find hypocritical is that the Bible also makes prophecies. Granted they may be more accurate because its supposedly the word of God (although thats debatable) but it causes the same destruction, well actually worse most of ths time. Tarot users may be worrying about whether the guy they like has feelings back but Christians are worried about Hell and doomsday! Whether they are doing enough, pleasing enough etc.
jazz b (7 months ago)
Gary Williams These prophecies are of God and come from one who knows the future for sure, rather than a network of demons that calculate an outcome. The difference is major. The former is meant to prepare and to give propper warning about the trajectory of man, and the other is meant to defame and desecrate, to rob man of his agency, be it the divine or the customer/subject.
Studio Inez (9 months ago)
Prove it
Gary Williams (1 year ago)
Brian Rubbish! The bible is a book of psychic events and predictions. Nothing else.
Gary Williams (1 year ago)
Nomore missnice girl You cannot tell religious people anything. Religion is an illness.There are more psychic events in the Bible than anyplace and if you took them all out there would be no Bible!
Brian Merritt (1 year ago)
No, The Bible is written in a much more complex way than people who haven't read it think. The prophecies in The Bible are more philosophical, and have to do with human nature as a force, but telling the "future," like Anakin Skywalker, no, that's not what The Bible does.
Michael Gray (2 years ago)
Michael Gray (2 years ago)
Though I don't agree 100% with what you say (i agree with about 75% of it), I do appreciate the fact that you stated, from the beginning, that this is your opinion. I appreciate that much more (and apt to pay more attention to you) than the zealous that state they have the only truth.
chillonaychingona (6 months ago)
mredstriumph (3 years ago)
You are not going to listen, but still you will hear. Here's the TRUTH. There's NOTHING you'll predict from a "tarot card" or "spirit guide" that's going to benefit you. Sure.. ok maybe you'll receive the "benefit" of seeing a "confirmation" that your whatever is "legit", and therefore everyone who ISN'T getting the "real world" other worldly council, "confirmations", and experiences you are getting must be "misguided". But once again, here's the TRUTH. NONE of these things you are doing, ZERO, NONE is - EVER - going to BENEFIT you in a real or sustained way. Instead what you'll see is the characteristics of ADDICTION. Chasing that high. Over and over. Finding some "new" way of chasing that first exciting "confirmation", and weird mysterious "you know they're real" experiences, going from one "promising path" down to another, from one dead end to another dead end. How many "new age" books and websites have you been on already? If you mess with this garbage, I guarantee you are going from one "spiritual science" to another one, never really getting the results you want, getting SOME results, but much more experiences where you are not. You've just fallen away from that hot streak in the beginning, and now you're getting just enough success, and enough new bad ideas to keep you going.. frustrated but with just enough hope to keep going.. if you'll just push through.. and of course you'll be getting the "you're just not doing it right... yet..." speech from whatever evil spirit that you're listening to. Go ahead and deny what I'm telling you now, but you WILL believe me later.. there's NO GOOD that will come from this. And the only question IS.. will it be too late? Or will you save yourself before the trap is sprung. Yeah, go ahead and say it. I don't know what I'm talking about. Just another "crazy" Christian. This time it's different. And you know better than me. But I'm telling you, I wasn't ALWAYS a Christian. It was a long time ago now, but once I was just like you and had many of the same "experiences" and "beliefs". So here's my only proof to you. You've caught the LIES. I know you have. They like hurting you - just a little, whenever the opportunity arises. These things COULD help you (supposedly) and give you (supposedly) what you want - just to show you how and show you how enlightened THEY are. But of course they CAN'T. And they wouldn't even if they could because secretly they hate you. (I know you've seen it too.) And if THEY can't show you they can do these things themselves, why do you keep believing THEY can teach you what THEY themselves can't do? And of course you could confront them and ask them, but you're terrified by now they'll run away from you - and even though they're probably plenty sick of you, you desperately desperately want them to stay because they are the "confirmation" of your new occult faith. Jesus Christ is the Passover Lamb and the *only* begotten Son of the LORD God. You cry out to Him in that last moment of decision. If you cry out to any other, you WILL be lost. When that day comes, remember I told you it would. And I know this because once it came for me as well.
redheadedfreckles2 (1 year ago)
Hi could you message me ...im having trouble in this area ..
DOT DOT DOT LADIEE (1 year ago)
I know that and I get that so basically we need to learn to do it on our own and stop waiting for something or someone to rescue us. Perfect. So I guess my question will be at what age or time does this hate take place? And this so-called high begin? It would most likely be traumatic events? Then our minds space out we create something to protect us and are not even aware! Is what your saying! Then spiritual bullies/ people see were fucked up its there chance to fuck with us and we become lost in a vicious cycle because we forget who we are before the traumatic event!! is it hereditary? Why and when do THESE BLANK FACE WHITE PEOPLE WAKE UP AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR SHIT!! That's all it is!! I guess when we the people start standing up for ourselves humanity in general. Meaning whites need to apologize and blacks need to accept it. But if whites fuck up again! Which I think they did with Trump! Like now.. Ok so there is nothing to stop this because Nature is involved now ok I get it!! Wewwww I'm tired this is hard😰😰😰
rob see (1 year ago)
the fact that you stated "no benefit" with no uncertain terms, proves to me you have no idea what you are talking about, because you at least have to account for the placebo effect if nothing else.
Gino Velazquez (1 year ago)
I have had abilities since age 5. I had a near death experience. I have met my angels. I never charged to give advice. I speak to ones that have crossed over. God is very real I definitely don't need that book to tell me who my God is. please don't speak of things you have no knowledge of. this is my religion your mocking. not sure where you got that info but I can tell you if it don't feel right it is not right. that right there is your intution. I also do reike and natural healing s. I am a massage Therapist. well take care and please study our ways so you will understand. thanks
Anita Valentin (3 years ago)
So deeply true and an insight for those who can be lead astray without knowing the Power they give away!
Gypsy G (4 years ago)
hey there, you hit on a very important point so many ignore when going to readers and psychics (who all to often prey on instead of illuminate). i am a reader and intuitive myself, however i can NEVER stress enough that it all lies within the seeker individual. THEY make their own choices and destiny. i am only a messenger peeking in to show options.
Cleia Barreto (5 years ago)
Love this!

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