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How Will Earth Change If All the Ice Melts?

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Text Comments (26541)
Musa Ozil (13 hours ago)
France just lost to a country that won’t exist in 80 years. Holland.
val91201 (13 hours ago)
A world without Kiribati is not worth living in
Nikki E. (16 hours ago)
Why does everybody always forget Iceland in these things?
Tristanpiek13 Piek (21 hours ago)
3:52 Waw thanks for just showing fuken half of Africa .I live in the bottom part of Africa. To by pricis South Africa
ChristianTRP (1 day ago)
4:25 That small ...pond..? Underneath that inland sea Looks like a mini version of the Australia with the inland sea
Zhero Zhero (1 day ago)
Totaloo Tuvalu! Maldives why you leave? Nobody on Kiribati! The oceans gonna ban the Marshal Islands.
Cameron Scheer (1 day ago)
Lol they said Vancouver... I live on Vancouver island, R.I.P. me 98,000 people in Naniamo...
Simon Høst (1 day ago)
I cant believe that my country will almost seize to exist its unbeliveable my entire kommune (a kommune is like a state but alot smaller and that)
PIZZA RAT (1 day ago)
Sounds like a you problem I'll be long gone
conlia (1 day ago)
But does it take into account that ice contracts as it melts?
Adam Hyatt (1 day ago)
We gonna die
Shadon (1 day ago)
So many people close their Eyes and don‘t believe in global warming...
Kshitij R. Soni (2 days ago)
Now I need to plan living in a city away from the coast, where my home currently is.
Alexander Mokin (2 days ago)
Tfw you live in Moscow and don't give a shit :)
Manh Dao (2 days ago)
Jon Parker (2 days ago)
what would happen to new zealand??????
Ayden Cetin-Allen (3 days ago)
Well London,we are dead.
Ayden Cetin-Allen (3 days ago)
Im glad most of Turkey is alive
Hayır knk birçok deniz şehrimiz (İzmir Mersin Muğla vb.) Suyun altında kalacak
Dream (3 days ago)
What? No Pyongyang? *F A N T A S T I C*
R2D3 (3 days ago)
Invest in scuba gear !!!
Don Berry (3 days ago)
We are doomed. I'm sitting in Mi. And there was a Glacier here that was a mile thick. Now it's completely gone, it did leave behind the great lakes and Mi. So warming happened before people did anything.
Ulla Overgaard (3 days ago)
Stop Fracking !!!!!!! Now!!!!!!
Husky lover 284 (3 days ago)
I will be very sad to see London go underwater because of the shard, big Ben, the London underground, the routemaster buses, the tower of London, London Bridge and of course my home which will needed to be transported somewhere else if this disaster happens. All those things i mentioned will go completely underwater.
Sitomicheleweb (3 days ago)
the way is mountain xD
Eric Brown (3 days ago)
How is Atlantic Canada effected?
Cristina Daian (3 days ago)
Sup dr Gibson
ROBLOX RULE (3 days ago)
Wait a minute, how can we trust you
Matthias zur Nedden (4 days ago)
You skipped Indonesia, the biggest island state in the world. Would have been interesting...
Thomas Barashukis (4 days ago)
Yep! Yep! The end of the World is a coming.
Gene Smith (4 days ago)
Such bs, Antarctica is actually expanding.
Chenen Zhou (4 days ago)
did you say new york? i guess ill die
XxTECHOxX 101 (4 days ago)
XUAN玄 (4 days ago)
...it’s actually kinda cool. Tbh it’d be interesting to see how Antarctica the archipelago gets settled :) and how cities would grow around the inland sea in Australia. I also wonder how the middle eastern countries no longer being land locked would affect their politics.
Gordon Woodroffe (4 days ago)
yes all ice is going fast !
B the Alchemist (4 days ago)
It wouldn’t change the sea level because the weight is already in the water, look.. if you have a glass of Pepsi with ice in it... and then the ice melts, it doesn’t make the level of the Pepsi rise because the ice and its weight is already in the Pepsi. Anyone follow what I’m saying?
Vladislavs Artimovics (4 days ago)
Click here
Vladislavs Artimovics (4 days ago)
Click bate
Someone Somewhere (4 days ago)
Yeah we’re “close to a energetic revolution”, only problem is that trump left the climate comission of Paris. Thumbs up to the USA for voting for that dick.
Neetu Kumar (4 days ago)
Good video
jovani calacar (4 days ago)
how about thailand ang the philippines?
Luca Grinyer (4 days ago)
No shit Africa by Toto just came on in the bus I’m watching this in
Ghostdog4 (5 days ago)
The statement about the 97% of Actively Publishing Climate Scientists is absolute Bull Shit. What ever follows a made up figure like that erases any credibility of the rest of the shuck and jive. Looks my house is safe-bring on the Global Warming
i like food (5 days ago)
Welp i live in Corpus Christi so I’m gone peace guys ✌🏼
Gering Gardener (5 days ago)
Absolute bull shit your facts are off begregusly your a fear mongering idiot the ruse in sea level was 3 centimeters from 1801-1901 and the next mesurment us 4 centimeters from 1901-2001 and your hottest yeas facts are way way off the hottest years on records are in the 70'S your such a fucking idiot here where I live the hottest year on record was in 1908 that is over 100 years ago and there is 0% proof humans have changed the climate ever no matter what we have done the mt visoovius eruption put more green house gas in the air in one day than humans have in 6,000 years that is fact cold hard fact and if the global climate went up as much as you say the ice would have already melted away oh and as far as the video you refured to all gors video movie what ever he sad the ice would have been gone by now it's still there but going any where maybe you should go to your geology expert and have them educate you on the Co2 emotions over the last 2 million years LMFAO your such a stupid fucker your video is totally shit and there is 0% proof of any if it if you climate alarmist where right before we should all be living in a place that looks like the Sahara desert go duck your sister and stay off YouTube
Joshua Hill (5 days ago)
Anyone know voltrons number so we can get some magic space crystals
Cute Girl (5 days ago)
I live in the North East of England and I wouldn't mind London going underwater
Robert Fitzwater (5 days ago)
The o zone is repairing and will finish about 2030
skeemag jr (5 days ago)
If it did, rip me.
so that means greenland is actually greenland now right
LQP (5 days ago)
Marjorie Hernandez (5 days ago)
I would be dead cause i live in NEW Orleans
Sweet Puff (5 days ago)
How about Indonesia? What happend to Indonesia if the ice melts?
The Pluppeteers (5 days ago)
We need more land.
The Pluppeteers (5 days ago)
4:46 But what about colonizing Antarctica?
Sandimals S.D. (5 days ago)
R.I.P. Freezers... Especially if you constantly refill your ice trays
stormboy (6 days ago)
If all the ice melted wouldn't the planet heat up so much it wouldn't support life! like a runaway effect! don't forget that ice helps keep the planet cool! when that's Gone will our oceans start to boil away
Hello David (6 days ago)
I hate it that Seoul would go to the sea
Hello David (6 days ago)
Nooooo not Seoul sorry I dislike
2:14 I live near Portland
Timothy Taylor (6 days ago)
4:40 or actually do research since it will most likely that'll never happen.
Timothy Taylor (6 days ago)
not every country is a part of the united nations at 1:34. mistake 2:46, not the entire state of Florida would be in water and the rest of the states wont be submerged in water entirely. its just a puny 224 feet, not trillions of feet. you do realize at 3:44 landlocked means almost or entirely surrounded by land; having no coastline or seaport, so basically no ocean touches it, do ur actual research and not having an over dramatic reaction to this plus, if it would be happening after OUR LIFETIMES. lemme waste more brain cells here for the last time, we are experiencing homeostasis; the earth is resetting itself to have its 7TH ICEAGE sure we might not live to see an iceage but global warming would not be in peoples heads, they'll wonder what to have for dinner to survive.
Mr Khan (6 days ago)
That nature ice melt on water what big deal but it take time to melt
Joshua Chapa (6 days ago)
well since Antarctica is going to be Colonizable. Why not put the refugees there.?
I will be under the water
Frédéric Letellier (6 days ago)
1:15 What about Micronesia and Palau ??
Max Pucher (6 days ago)
What complete rubbish ...
lucy (6 days ago)
australia uses like 100% of fossil fuels y'all aint fooling me
Varløya Geography (7 days ago)
1000 years later Uzbekistan: Boring earth. Where all countries? *RIP All Countries, except Uzbekistan*
Thomas The Bob (7 days ago)
anyone who does not want to help stop global warming and climate change and would rather waste their lives by using coal in factories and revving engines to death for no reason can go kill themselves
O Davis (7 days ago)
All the Doomsday people worries about global warming, because of what mortal scientists say. None believe in the DOOMSDAY God is going to bring, his GLOBAL WARMING. NO MATTER WHAT you do, you can't stop that... WELL, maybe if everyone Woke up? Make a better person of yourself.
sadberlin (7 days ago)
Malayo-Indonesia ball (8 days ago)
I hope internet lose never happens lol
Zoe Sendres (8 days ago)
People should be watching this! It’s a huge deal, SPREAD THE WORD!!
MTARKILLI N (8 days ago)
I hope people know that if u put every person in the world in texas it still wouldnt be as crowded as new york citt
8170youngwilliam (8 days ago)
Even the ice in my refrigerator? Damn thats harsh.
Hakai Art (8 days ago)
I feel pity for Bangladesh 🇧🇩
Warywolfganged 528 (9 days ago)
Rip Netherlands and Denmark
Lizz Drawss (9 days ago)
Where I live would be totally destroyed😭😭
rachelle newton (9 days ago)
Oof i love in Boston
Cody Hamilton (9 days ago)
Eat bugs! Save the earth
fine by me since tennessee will have a nice beach!
Lachelle9 Brews (9 days ago)
yep yay
BornToRunBarefoot (10 days ago)
We would have no more ice tea.
Figge Berglund (10 days ago)
This is the political conclusion. There is no money i blaming the sun and volcanoes.
Jay Kurzendoerfer (10 days ago)
Nothing we do or don’t do will effect what the climate will do so have fun live love and don’t worry so much
El Gran Freezer (10 days ago)
This will not happen soon, the sea level increases 1 millimeter per year, it would take hundreds of years to happen.
IAmTehTrueNub (10 days ago)
hmmm i wounder if its possible to get energy from a black hole hmmmm
winnerjf (10 days ago)
You say north america yet you only talk about the us, what about canada😢
Jonp (10 days ago)
Stick a couple of sump pumps in there, grab the family size of straws from Costco, send that shit through a desalination plant, then, after returning to Costo for more straws, run the the output of that mother fucker, to the desert.... or wherever. Not sturdy enough? Shut the fuck up and start a gofundme page. LOL!
Brett_Kendrick (10 days ago)
Its not if, just a matter of when
SVDRacing (10 days ago)
What happens to NZ
Bart Ives (10 days ago)
What can we do? Move to Mars! Anything else is just wasting resources and time. Never Vote for a Democrat.
ardit belegu (10 days ago)
Is Yonkers is New York City????
Tri Knight (10 days ago)
Rip Florida man
Sakdidet Phandhu-fung (11 days ago)
Rip bangkok
secure syria (11 days ago)
Great go ahead & up Thanks
Abel Richardson (11 days ago)
*B U T I T S C O L D O U T S I D E*
Bill Conserva (11 days ago)
The info on this subject is incredibility inaccurate.
Michael Molen (11 days ago)
Organization that estimates sea levels rising is called "NOAA." You know... like Noah's flood?
LuLu Bell (11 days ago)
Ummm.. No. Not all human activity.. How about all the underwater volcanoes in the Arctic folks.. Do your research!!

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