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Doctor Who - Cartoon Heroes

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Using clips from seasons 2-4. Yep, it's Cartoon Heroes by Aqua dedicated to the tenth Doctor and his friends. Although not the first I ever made, this is the first video I've posted here. Made in a rush and for fun only. Doctor Who is property of BBC No copyright infringement intended And so on.
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inthemoment875 (6 years ago)
So I was listening to the Cartoon Heroes and thought, what of someone put up a Youtube video of this song with Doctor Who? AND THEN I FOUND THIS. Perfect!
kristina tollefson (7 years ago)
i so lvoe thsi videoitos cool and sweet.
HeroOfCanton98 (8 years ago)
I love the clips, the song, the timing, it ROCKS!!!
MasterFiggy (8 years ago)
hey nice 1, wer did u get ur clips?

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