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Memphis Zoo Double Lesbian Proposal

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https://www.gofundme.com/share-the-mcbabes039-wedding 💍💍👰🏻👰🏻 Becky McCabe and I got ENGAGED Friday night at Zoo Brew!!!!!!! I had no idea she planned to propose, and she had no idea I planned to propose to her! We were both so surprised!!!! We were surrounded by our friends and had the most amazing night. I am the luckiest girl in the world to be able to call her my fiancé. 👰🏻👰🏻💍💍 #TheMcBabes #MichelliaDesigns ***UPDATE: We had no idea this would blow up so quickly! But I can’t say I’m not thrilled, because all I’ve ever wanted was for Beck and the world to know how much l love her. We are overwhelmed with all of the positive responses. Really, you guys have no idea how much that means to us!*** This movie is copy righted by the owner Jessa Gillaspie.
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Text Comments (314)
ThePstjtt (18 days ago)
So AWESOME!! ❤🧡💛💚💙💜 Congratulations!!!
diamonddoctor10 (2 months ago)
This is the definition of the "Gay Agenda"
Frank Last (2 months ago)
It is so sad and disgusting... That is perversion in its clear form... Girls, repent until it is too late
ShockZone Striker (12 days ago)
Fuck off.
rrrickled (2 months ago)
Dirt Burger (3 months ago)
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA FUCK MY HEART!!! I'm such a hopeless romantic and this is making me smile so big!! I want them to grow old person married aaaaaaaaa Q U Q
Homo Internetus (3 months ago)
Johnny Hibner (3 months ago)
_cries_ thIS IS SO ADORABLE where do I find love like this
How can you be homophobic with this?
That is goals right there
Kyle Hasegawa (3 months ago)
I just saw this on Google's Year in Search 2018 video and had to find the original. Congratulations to you both! https://youtu.be/6aFdEhEZQjE?t=100
nanamikado999 (4 months ago)
They're so cute !!!
Jon Shipman (5 months ago)
Beat ya to the punch!
Orangeflava (6 months ago)
how do you decide whose last name to take?
loloz707 (3 months ago)
+Michael Granado I guess you take the one that sounds better or mash them up together. It's only as complicated as you let it be
Michael Granado (5 months ago)
oh. but what if they did?
Kevin Nguyen (5 months ago)
Orangeflava They don’t have to change their last name
Corbin Beltran (6 months ago)
"I guess that's a yes" lol
Malevolent (7 months ago)
This is absolutely wonderful. I wish you 2 a happy, happy life!
Chris Ra (8 months ago)
"So I hung a pretzel around my neck, which was the style at the time..."
Damiani (8 months ago)
Damn that was adorable. Where can I find this kinda love
Jillian Triesatlife (8 months ago)
This is my favorite thing ever
c a m p c a m p (8 months ago)
It’s so sweet even i cried ;3;
Jeffrey Owens (8 months ago)
That is so Cute
Mr. 90 (8 months ago)
The fuck is this dike ass shit I damn america's dumb ass for legalizing this nasty shit this why yall got terrorists and kids shooting shit up
ShockZone Striker (12 days ago)
You need to be put down.
Mr. 90 (8 months ago)
lizzie kobler Your ideas are fucking disgusting. You sick ass fucking people. This is why terrorists attack your sick ass country. Gay love is a disease. It's like fitting 2 puzzle pieces that don't fit each others.
lizziee (8 months ago)
Mr. 90 terrorists and kids shooting shit up? what the fuck does that have to do with legalizing gay marriage? get the fuck out of people’s business, they can marry who they want to marry dumb cunt.
Pacho Quepones (8 months ago)
Very funny but... Two girls are not a family!
Chris Pfannenschmidt (8 months ago)
Who’s chopping onions?
Locane256 (8 months ago)
God damnit I'm a 35 year old man at work I'm not supposed to ugly cry in an office
How is this even possible? I can't get it in my head How can a woman love another woman? White race is weird af Can someone explain this to me...what? How?
Shirokröte (8 months ago)
Sexuality is determined by genetics, regardless of race everyone has the possibility of being born gay. Gay people exists everywhere however, due to suppression from a majority of country most of them are terrified to come out.
Marissa Patchett (9 months ago)
So adorable congrats
kwantylek (9 months ago)
congrats :)
Windmelodie (9 months ago)
Aww this is just the cutest thing, I'm happy for them <3
TruiteTeam (9 months ago)
I dont get it, are they two girls or is it a man looking like a girl ? Or a man that changed sex, or both ? This video doesnt show enough information.
lizziee (8 months ago)
TruiteTeam two girls..
Maria Eduarda (9 months ago)
Me: I'm not lonely Me at midnight: *watching this on repeat and sobbing into a bowl of ice cream*
Merel Ubels (9 months ago)
béni frank (9 months ago)
quel malaise
Money Murderer (9 months ago)
Too cute to take😭😭😭❤️
Nikkie's momio&MSP (9 months ago)
Heavy T (9 months ago)
Frank Pansino (9 months ago)
Hello! Diply would love to feature your video on our social platforms! Would I be able to contact you via email?
happy Un (9 months ago)
It’s so beautiful 😍
Юрий Шляпин (9 months ago)
Alvin Hovasapian (9 months ago)
This is so wonderful !! Congratulations !!
eda396 (9 months ago)
Something is very sexy about lesbians
ShockZone Striker (12 days ago)
Dude... Stop.
The McBabes (9 months ago)
Hey guys! We are trying to hire a videographer to film the wedding so we can share it with the world! Here is our fundraiser link: https://www.gofundme.com/share-the-mcbabes039-wedding
Senne Reinders (9 months ago)
Lol they wanted to marry at the same time. Congratulations!
Siyao Yao (9 months ago)
Congratulations to you guys!This movies is so cute and sooooo sweet!
Jesnie Yang (9 months ago)
So happy for you two, Happy Pride♥
Francis Kuntz (9 months ago)
Congrats girls, fiançé--->fiançée (french word* "féminine" form) come from latin fidare/fidere to thrust/entrust. *Almost 30% of English language come from French.
ALIX XANDIR (9 months ago)
Leticia (9 months ago)
aw congratulations!
Vloggetts (9 months ago)
Jessica Robinson (9 months ago)
SO happy for you two! Congratulations!!
Lidianne Oliveira (9 months ago)
So beautiful!!! <3 (I cried a little... in like a cool way haha)
Anna Lin (9 months ago)
Congratulations! 願天下有情人終成眷屬!
MazeMouse (9 months ago)
Both with the same plan. That's when you know it's the right decision :D
Rikske Leys (9 months ago)
I love how they both are super nervous and then everything goes smooth and spontaneous!
Rikske Leys (9 months ago)
Women do everything better!
Natalia T (9 months ago)
soooooo cute, omg <3
Cornf1ake (9 months ago)
Very awesome, congrats to the both of you
João Gomes (9 months ago)
This is honestly the sweetest thing I’ve seen in a while. Congrats to both of you! :)
Gwydion Stone (9 months ago)
Congratulations you two! This is one of the sweetest and most adorable things I've ever seen.
Omotola A.Lawal (9 months ago)
I'm grinning😁.
TheAndante1977 (9 months ago)
Oh, how wonderful is that ? May you be happy !
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Nastja Dvorsek (9 months ago)
So sweet, wish you 1000 lifetimes of love, passion, kindness, respect and happines;)
Victoria J. Palmer (9 months ago)
Congrats! This was freaking adorable that it was a double proposal! So cool! Wishing you both the absolutely best! I was shocked when my girl proposed to me too because I was planning on proposing but she got one up on me! We are getting married in a few months! Have a fun planning!
ea4gfhyxhq (9 months ago)
ea4gfhyxhq (9 months ago)
Sui Vien (9 months ago)
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! May the both of you have a wonderful life!
Gee s (9 months ago)
OMG this brought a tear to my eyes - I NEVER CRY - best of luck to the both of you. SO CUTE <3
Thiên Crazytong (9 months ago)
George Brown (9 months ago)
Hey guys, George from LADbible here. We love this video, could we pleas post onto our page? We will fully credit you, thanks!
eternal8song (9 months ago)
this is the purest, gayest shit I've ever seen in my life. congratulations!
Anonymous Poster (9 months ago)
Lol... they haven’t had a mix up like that since the last time they were trying to decide who was gonna wear the strap-on!!!!
Olivia LeDonne (9 months ago)
Hey ladies my name is Olivia LeDonne and I am starting a youtube channel about all things happy news basically and I came across your story and loved it so much I would love to have it in my first show if you are willing to share the video my email [email protected] ! thank you!!
michael eli (9 months ago)
talk about "meant to be"
kzerosqre (9 months ago)
congrats!!! i cant stop smiling cos yall are so adorable!!
Nan ZHENG (9 months ago)
Congratulations!!!! makes me cry!!! but so warm and happy!!!!!!!
Alfred Lindbæk (9 months ago)
Hey Jessa, I work for VGTV in Norway and we would love to use your proposal video. Please let me know if that would be possible, we will creditt you in our video ofcourse. Alfred, VGTV.
Armaturam Dei (9 months ago)
ShockZone Striker (12 days ago)
Grow up.
Alí du lado (9 months ago)
Lindo! Felicidades ao casal! ❤ fico feliz em saber que amor ainda existe😘
Talik (9 months ago)
T Griff (9 months ago)
Congrats to y'all both..... I hope y'all have many more happy moments together like this one!
romanovitch75 (9 months ago)
#lovewins !!!!!! where are you ladies registered? congratulations!!!!!!
Caleb Chicohay (9 months ago)
amazingly cute proposal!
Moon Cat (9 months ago)
Patrick Brookings (9 months ago)
That was too damn cute! Congratulations and be super happy together! <3
Pete Betts (9 months ago)
Congratulations to you two adorable ladies! I wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness. Blessed be!
EponaRose DragonHawk (9 months ago)
Soooo happy for both of you. Congratulations. May you have many joyous years together.
Marco Giulio Camurri (9 months ago)
I've been laughing for a few minutes after seeing this. Fantastic! Congratulations to you both and good luck!
Jack Collins (9 months ago)
Hi I work for the Mirror in the UK. We were hoping to use this video on our Facebook page. We were just wondering if you'd give us permission to do that? We'd of course credit you in the video. Thanks.
Jean Struyf (9 months ago)
Lick pussy :)
ShockZone Striker (12 days ago)
Get a life.
Laura Elvin (9 months ago)
Hi Jessa and Becky, My name is Laura Elvin and I'm a reporter at a press agency, SWNS, in England. We are the biggest independent press agency in the UK. First off - congratulations! Secondly - thank you for making me smile with your incredible video! I'm a reporter and we do stories for the newspapers, websites, and magazines, mostly in the UK and US. I was wondering if we could write a story around your amazing video? I can explain a lot more and answer any questions, but just wanted to reach out. I suspect you have been inundated by journalists and comments, but we would just write a short story to go with your video. With your permission we would make sure that any publishers who use it pay you a fee for the privilege. Every little helps with a wedding to pay for! Many thanks and congratulations 🙂 Laura Elvin [email protected] 0117 9066 500
Guy Clapperton (9 months ago)
I'm going to have a silly grin on my face all day after watching this. My wife and I reached 25 years last year - I wish you the same happiness we've had.
David Brider (9 months ago)
Saw the video on Facebook yesterday, and I just wanted to thank you both for bringing so much happiness, not just to each other, but to millions of people the world over. You both rock, and I’m sure I’m not alone in saying this - I wish you both every happiness in the decades to come. Yay!!!
Christian Depunkt (9 months ago)
Gratulations form Germany https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZgPNWffaok Translation in English: https://lyricstranslate.com/en/willst-du-do-you-want.html
릭을 믿으세요!! (9 months ago)
Congratulations!! I hope your future will be happy❤ 이 영상이 원본인가
john richings (9 months ago)
Brilliant... I hope you have long and very happy lives together xx
Marcel Douwstra (9 months ago)
This is ridiculously cute! Congrats!
Lucy Quaggin (9 months ago)
Hello! We would like to use this video on www.heart.co.uk and also associated social media channels with a credit back to you. Could you please get back to me asap and let me know if this is ok? You can also contact me on [email protected] Many thanks! Lucy
tvee (9 months ago)
I'm in tears....true love!!! It's so beautiful! Congratulations to both of you!!
Untildawngiveitall (9 months ago)
Congratulations guys!! xx
Pigjes (9 months ago)
Congratulations to both of you! <3

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