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MONO INC. - Children Of The Dark (feat. Tilo Wolff, Joachim Witt & Chris Harms)

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Subscribe to our channel: http://bit.ly/2i1eLUY Taken from the album: Together Till The End - https://mono-inc.com/shop Follow MONO INC. on: Facebook http://facebook.com/monoinc Twitter: http://twitter.com/mono_inc Instagram: http://instagram.com/monoinc.official Official website: http://mono-inc.com +++ Lyrics +++ Children Of The Dark We’re nothing like you a wall in black we’re nothing like you and you don’t get who we are we’re nothing like you we dare the flow we’re nothing like you and you don’t know who we are In a land of seals and sorrow we kept waiting for the spark so hail your kings and hail your queens we’re different we’re the children of the dark We’re nothing like you we’re true and free we’re nothing like you but you can’t see who we are we’re nothing like you and all the rest we’re nothing like you and you won’t guess who we are In a land of hate and horror we set an exclamation mark so hail your kings and hail your queens we’re rigid we’re the children of the dark For a new beginning for a turnaround our heads are spinning and we won’t calm down we’re a wall in motion oh a change is now walk in the park what comes around goes around better watch out we’re the children of the dark We’re nothing like you, we’re true and free we’re nothing like you but you can’t see we’re nothing like you and all the rest we’re nothing like you
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Text Comments (2092)
Zevran Arainai (4 hours ago)
0:20 was that girl Ciwana Black ?
Ian Campbell (10 hours ago)
Nil point........
Medouza Liz de moraes (12 hours ago)
Carmelo Gutierrez (12 hours ago)
Me gusta mono inc
aquamarine ancient soul (13 hours ago)
I live in iran, its tough to be a fan of this kinda music and liking goth people, cuz those are seen as signs of worshiping satan(let alone the fact that people bere still firmly believe the devil exists, they just need an excuse for being horrible i guess) And those kinda people, much like homosexuals, are hanged or bullied, or u may end up finding their beaten up dead body in an empty alley. This just proves to me how much more problematic these "god worshipers" are, feeling the need to defend a god they deem unbeatable. Sorry, just need to vent to some one, so i dont punch my damn pillow again.
Omarsaurio Jordan (17 hours ago)
Que disfraces más geniales de la gente en el concierto!
Jazyk Jedovaty (1 day ago)
I Love this music, lyrics, and beautiful people in this video!!! Probably more civilized and earthy than most everyone else. MONO INC is incredible! Keep up the dark!!
Bruno Boncini (1 day ago)
uncle foster is that you
Ghost ship (1 day ago)
Тёмная четвёрка 1)плешивый-грабитель 2)Блондин-похититель 3)мужчина с шапкой-некромант и 4)седоватый дед-чернокнижник. ---------------------------------------------------- Не а что ! реально весьма похожи.
J Ray (2 days ago)
I need to go to Germany to be with my family I haven’t seen them in four years and also this song describes who I am inside I love it
Jane Doe (2 days ago)
Hahaha! Thanks that vid really made my day!! Four overdramatic grumpy old men try to convince the audience that the "children of the dark" are so super special and something completely different than anyone else in the world while these "oh so dark children" give the biggest smiles to the camera enjoying life and the concerts as any other person. This concept of the cheap shot video is so ridiculously inapt!! I think you take yourself a bit too serious, guys.... still laughing though! :D
Aaron Tuplin (2 days ago)
Music is good, the backup vocals were nice, but I don't really care much for talk singing
KORVUZ32 (3 days ago)
A W E S O M E!!! Greets from Mexico!!!
Filmflicker Cinema (3 days ago)
This song is too good to be a guilty pleasure but too cringey to unironically like...but I don't care I love it.
Rammgau (3 days ago)
I Love You All !!!
Gerald Hartig (3 days ago)
fassen *wir* es mal zusammen. Da hat sich wer gefunden und gesungen lol Daumen ganz hoch
Sokratis ELL (3 days ago)
Friends Greetings from Greece!!!!
Ricardo Vega (4 days ago)
Lobo Solitario (6 days ago)
Tilo Wolff the best Lacrimosa Forever😎👑
A G (6 days ago)
Patricia Godoy (6 days ago)
Não consigo parar de ouvir 🖤
Seelenstripper (7 days ago)
I fucking can't stand Tilo's voice ... may trigger some but I just think his voice is too smokey and cranky. He kinda annoys me in this song ... hm.
Zhiri ESO (7 days ago)
tilo wolff klingt wie doro pesch :D
Mikayla Edelstein (7 days ago)
I feel at home 🖤🧛🏻‍♀️
Andres Gutierrez (8 days ago)
Grande tilp wolf, like si eres hispano pero reconoces el buen arte
Katherina Munoz (8 days ago)
Very good... Awesomeness.... PTY (507)🇵🇦💋💋💋💋💋💋🥰🥰🥰
Arachnid_5 (8 days ago)
Man wünscht sich dass der Song nie aufhört und ewig weiterläuft. Ein Meisterwerk, das fesselt und einen nicht mehr loslässt. Ich könnte jedes mal vor Freude heulen wenn ich dieses Lied höre. Gratulation zu dieser Leistung.
Karl Troll (9 days ago)
Karl Troll genial das Lied der Sound macht Laune auf mehr...
-Angel Alexi (9 days ago)
Hab Mal zum Mera Luna Urlaub bekommen, bin dieses Jahr wieder dabei.
Explizit Einsam (10 days ago)
sehr gelungen! eine schöne Hymne an die Nacht!
dunkel herz (10 days ago)
Esta súper chingona !! Excelent song !
Justin Seber (10 days ago)
The people in this video are so happy.. I love it and it makes me smile.
marichu rodrigo (10 days ago)
Omg ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ perfecto
Klaus Wergin (10 days ago)
langsam wird YouTube bescheuert.
Yulia Orlova (11 days ago)
Атмосфера Mera Luna и готикфестиваля!!!!
Jule Walenta (12 days ago)
Unsere Hymne 😍
jesusrt500 (12 days ago)
Que canción tan chingona la neta
darthkrautass (12 days ago)
So this is what happens when Michael Chiklis, Johnny Depp, Wes Craven, and David Bowie decide to get lit and start a band.
cosmic cosmo (4 days ago)
Cosmic Cosmo finds your comment humorous.
ooo ooo (12 days ago)
Satanisten, euer Herz ist Tod, von dieser Welt der Materie versenkt, habt ihr lieber den Tod geliebt als das Leben, so wird euch das Leben auspeien in die Erde, die ihr gewählt habt.
wendy Schneider (12 days ago)
Uwielbiam tę piosenkę, ten list jest doskonały.
Andre Stolze (14 days ago)
Minute 2:58 thaht Girl <3
Heike Jung (14 days ago)
Einfach geil👍Hätte nie gedacht das Joachim Witt es nochmal schafft.Chapo👍Sage nur Neue Deutsche Welle....war ne geile Zeit.😎
Ted bundy (15 days ago)
Tan guapo tilo😌🌚❤️
Livia Macedo (16 days ago)
Хоть готика уже 100 лет не в моде, считаю что это одна из самых увлекательных и эстетических подкультур. Спасибо всем кто продолжает создавать в этом стиле
Satyrical Charr (17 days ago)
You know I'd like this better if it wasn't so gut-wrenchingly politically motivated. It's actually kinda gross.
AnonymousUser (17 days ago)
Something tells me that this wasn't supposed to make me laugh like it did.
ArtTzu music (17 days ago)
It's such a catchy tune, still singing it in work. Damm you MONO!!!!!!!!. Damm you!
La Novia De Morrison (18 days ago)
Tilo ❤
Der Tot (18 days ago)
Ich liebe das Lied
Conrad Playz (18 days ago)
Dude with the small mauxhawk looks like if Ivan Moody and Bill Murray had a lovechild.
Andreas Meyer (19 days ago)
Bin ein Alleshörer.Von Schlager bis AC/DC. Aber das ist echt ne geile Mucke...!!! Respekt
R. K.2019 (19 days ago)
UPS,Wart kurz,hab vergessen meinen Hut vor euch zu ziehen!Hol ich irgendwann mal nach,wenn's genehm ist?!
R. K.2019 (19 days ago)
UPS,Wart kurz,hab vergessen meinen Hut vor euch zu ziehen!Hol ich irgendwann mal nach,wenn's genehm ist?!
R. K.2019 (19 days ago)
UPS,Wart kurz,hab vergessen meinen Hut vor euch zu ziehen!Hol ich irgendwann mal nach,wenn's genehm ist?!
Kasyade (20 days ago)
Do you Know who i am?
Loki (21 days ago)
Saw Chris Harms and instantly nutted because I knew this was gonna be an amazing song!
AsesinoKiller (21 days ago)
so generic
Hein Mück (21 days ago)
kann bitte jemand dem Typen mit dem Iro das Haar am rechten Ohr zupfen ;-)
Euer Song ist Hammer Geil 😎Gut gemacht 😍😘
Like from RussiHa
Albert The Hun (26 days ago)
At one party that was badly timed with some holiday the DJ insisted on putting this song over and over because we were enjoying it!
Peter Gaming (27 days ago)
This was FUCKEN PAINFUL to listen to. I mean, truly FUCKEN PAINFUL.
Manu Plamplam (27 days ago)
Black is beautiful
Просто супер, песня весьма классная мне приглянулась, видео роскошное, браво👏.
Jason Young (29 days ago)
This video screams a good F N time in my opinion lol , music melodies are amazing, people enjoying it . Makes you wanna party with them lol 🤘😎
jesusrt500 (29 days ago)
Está chingona
Tilo wolff ilove
athelstan harold gonam (29 days ago)
Aun la escucho y me emociona, trasmite la hermandad del movimiento, la alegría, la pasión por la música, una forma de vida de luz en la oscuridad, nose.... Es muy tierna y emociona
Dark Angel (29 days ago)
I love this
Renan Victorini Vaz (30 days ago)
Don't take this as an offense, but I wonder if all of this is true or it's just because of the camera.
We Are (30 days ago)
Twice as longas it needs to be/
best song ever
Alastis Alastis (1 month ago)
Joseph Nehemiah (1 month ago)
Somewhere out there, someone can say their grandpa is in a Gothic/Pagan Electronic band. Lol
Uwe und der Wolf (1 month ago)
!!!es gibt sie noch hoffentlich noch lange. Diese von niemanden verdrehten Menschen! !!!!!
Atom Smasher (1 month ago)
This is epic!
DARKETO M (1 month ago)
Mindeer (1 month ago)
So.... The sequel to fear of the duck Random youtube finaly got it right!
very nice song
HaFF (1 month ago)
Ésto es un himno para todos nosotros! Mil gracias! This is a hymn for all of us! Thank you!
Me facina esta cancion, excelente para estos momentos y relajarme y olvidar tanta cosa q publican en you tube del fin del mundo.....
acougarscub (1 month ago)
The woman at 1:21 is absolutely gorgeous.
весьма потрясающе класс
Jijo De la Vasconia (1 month ago)
Por que demonios la voy encontrando hasta ahorita está canción...ah, ya se, por que los pendejos de YouTube a huevo me quieren meter en is mierda del reggaeton..
Jijo De la Vasconia (1 month ago)
Is really Tilo Wolf or is a waxwork?...He looks like 20 years ago >:->
Karlamar Castro (1 month ago)
Stefan Damann (1 month ago)
Einfach geil!!! Jaaa!
Asgardian Protector (1 month ago)
Probably one of the better ads, I've had in a while
Psychopai195 (1 month ago)
**TRUE FEELINGS** wie beim "wavenden" Paar in 2m23s....that's it✌😎✌
MANO CELIOSO (1 month ago)
Glória a deuuuss!
amv minato kamikaze (1 month ago)
wooooow this is beautiful!!!!! like like!! 2019!!!!! uui
The Mind of lears (1 month ago)
Uff Tilo ich liebe dich! Awesome and powerful song!
PureTrueMetal (1 month ago)
The dictionary brought me here, found the link under examples for cringe 😈
pushpop2002 (1 month ago)
Like "We are the World" Goth-edition ^--^ F*cking love it!
tcheupika (1 month ago)
This song is cheesy as fuck but it does lift my spirits :D
Denisse Ormeño (1 month ago)
Comienzos 2019 desde Chile Temazo 😁😈 @aranislobos

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