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GTA 5 FAILS: BEST MOMENTS EVER! (GTA 5 Funny Moments Compilation)

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GTA 5 Funny Moments & Fails! Grand Theft Auto V Funny Moments Best GTA 5 Stunts EVER! ► Watch here: https://goo.gl/LY42Gd ►Gaming Tees/Hoodies: http://goo.gl/V8SeHo◄ Thanks for watching! This is the best GTA 5 Fails from the last 10 episodes! ►Subscribe for more!: http://tiny.cc/subnow ►Store - Gaming T-Shirts/Hoodies: http://goo.gl/V8SeHo ►Social: Facebook: http://tiny.cc/21604x Twitter: http://tiny.cc/wz604x ►Submit a clip! GTA 5 FAILS: http://tinyurl.com/failsgta GTA 5 WINS: http://tinyurl.com/winsgta ►Players in this episode: *YouTube won't let me credit everyone due to the character limit :( If you are in this and want your channel credited please Tweet me! Vinesauce: https://goo.gl/UW6jla DriftStuntman: https://goo.gl/5CJpyN Ivanowski: https://goo.gl/dTAqSk Reezeyy: https://goo.gl/AXHxUj Cyborg_Warrior: https://goo.gl/NSWNSK R8W8: https://goo.gl/fxPWE4 Frannah: https://goo.gl/tujXEG Xx Daringtester5 xX: https://goo.gl/PpKjHb GearsofHaloWarfare: https://goo.gl/KsNQqN Yaschi: https://goo.gl/Z2Ra3d SimplyJarvis: https://goo.gl/kdWLY9 FlamE: https://goo.gl/krRQ7u AGB Gaming: https://goo.gl/kKw2wJ NeatMike: https://goo.gl/OS8lNV Jack_1011: https://goo.gl/lWT5zR Furygaming_YT: https://goo.gl/DX58IE ThatGTADude: https://goo.gl/HMvFHk Beanbag1992: https://goo.gl/XW7JP5 Sudhirrules: https://goo.gl/gH7GTE The Fuzz: https://goo.gl/B9Z6j0 AvatarSucks41: https://goo.gl/wIQ8wG ►Tracks: COMING SHORTLY! ►Note: Prestige Clips has permission to feature the clips you see. Extra edits are done by Prestige Clips. Thanks to everyone who submits their clips to make these videos possible! :) Thanks for watching! -Marcus, Prestige Clips
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Text Comments (8954)
Nexcron Yuri (1 day ago)
8:46 leap of faith in a nutshell
MaVe Predator1910 (2 days ago)
16:30 jak to zrobic
Eryk Kalita (2 days ago)
sanguis (2 days ago)
5:48 *SONG* <3 please
Destiny Quashie (2 days ago)
11:18 had me dying ao hard
juuzou suzuya (2 days ago)
"I C A N D E F E N D M Y S E L F"
Question_Mark (2 days ago)
In my opinion, this would have been a LOT better without the stupid bits, clips, noises, music, etc. It detracts from the humor of the funny physics and happenstances that happen naturally in the game.
Joao Paulo Reis (2 days ago)
N consigo me inscrever no seu canal
Sportsmia32 (2 days ago)
what is the song at 28:34 ?
Fakir Mobile (3 days ago)
Fakir Mobile (3 days ago)
Ruri Kurosaki (3 days ago)
1:15 so that made me laugh like hell
ファン洋楽 (3 days ago)
Kroneaux Schneider (3 days ago)
25:33 😂😂😂
Kroneaux Schneider (3 days ago)
22:47 what the actual fuck? 😂😂😂
BlueWolf 63 (3 days ago)
4:05 music?
weedluvababe 420 (3 days ago)
16: 20😂😂😂
zain ali (3 days ago)
8:44 assasins creed:)
JUZEF B10 (3 days ago)
What is the kazoo song 4:09
Jake Giggles (4 days ago)
Pit Rat T.V (4 days ago)
Corey Balsom is Ass Hole 4 Posting this
Pit Rat T.V (4 days ago)
iHypezzz X7 needs Jesus
Pit Rat T.V (4 days ago)
TREES are not your friends
Leticia Genuino (5 days ago)
Bro lol
Thediamondpig 10 (5 days ago)
15:50 I literally almost peed my pands
iSwifty FTW (5 days ago)
7:43 9/11 if they picked the wrong plane
very.sad.noodle (5 days ago)
The laugh at 1:11 lmaoaoaoo
Prakhar Pandey (6 days ago)
17:53 that looks like Emma Stone
Alpha Wolf (6 days ago)
Rip balls
Mr. Flamingo (6 days ago)
5:23 32 32 32 32 32 32 32 32 32 32 32 32 32 32 32 32 32 32 32 32 32
Tinsel Fox (6 days ago)
aminu_mb (7 days ago)
16:21 Cocaine is one hell of a drug.
Pratap Singh (7 days ago)
EpixFire Games (7 days ago)
The don't fuck it up one was hilarious as fuck
Harrison Schofield (8 days ago)
Choco Crunch (8 days ago)
19:17 Well I guess luck is not in your mother before he got birth
Mika Hikyuu (8 days ago)
1 Watch video in 2018 2 enjoy some of the music 3 click on the More drop down section 4 read that the Tracks are: COMING SHORTLY! 5 suffer a false sense of hope 6 notice the video was uploaded 2 YEARS ago 7 lose false sense of hope 8 Despair
Mika Hikyuu (8 days ago)
What is the music sampled @20:37 please? it sounds like a snip from Mombasa Chase — Inception to me.
Loldude 121 (8 days ago)
4:47 i need ʷᵒᵗᵉʳ
Mustang 54 (8 days ago)
R.I.P balls 😖
1:14 - 1:26
Raven _Iked (9 days ago)
5:08 Music is in Beyond good and evil ?
Licensed Rock4 (9 days ago)
1:20 that's was nuts first
Stanton Cole (9 days ago)
Lol 8:45
alina msp (10 days ago)
16:15 -16:44 LMAO
Potérix 666 (10 days ago)
6:36 Music name?
sTone ForesT (10 days ago)
16:11 my alarm clock.
Kawine (10 days ago)
1:00, if I cant have you no one can!
Öküzbaş Alyon (10 days ago)
12:00 Hahaha xD
Shay (10 days ago)
That shit at 16:30 is straight fuckery. Haven't laughed that hard in a long ass time lol
yeeet bacon (10 days ago)
Team rocket. Blasting of agin 😂
I-Rxnnr-I SIYA (11 days ago)
Yeah fucking Yeah Stay down xD
Aiti 10 (11 days ago)
15:19 Picasso is shaking
BRANDON KIDD (11 days ago)
2:39 Wtf was that 😂
Gabriel Divine (11 days ago)
7:00 .. what job is that?
top10 officiel (11 days ago)
Paloma Cruz (12 days ago)
Paloma Cruz (12 days ago)
Yup my kids think its funny
Giroux dragon XD (12 days ago)
0:16 when a deveant wanna die because of what he did..
SkiTTles 11 (12 days ago)
SHAUN RICHARDSON (12 days ago)
I just never knew how much I needed these in my life
Jason Mills (12 days ago)
1:21 dat's gotta hurt guys don't try it!
MrPiggyIsPro (12 days ago)
7:23 music?
SirAngelous ! (13 days ago)
Nombre de la cancion en 22:13? Name of the song on 22:13?
Kenda Suhendra (13 days ago)
Bahayanya fuck
Mark Tiongco (13 days ago)
1:11 best laugh ever hahah
Alex Gaming (13 days ago)
Well the dog technically has the ball
Oblitix (14 days ago)
2:39 Neymar
Gunther (15 days ago)
1:18 balls of steel
Nicholas Romo (15 days ago)
#rip balls
Bannana chaotickid (15 days ago)
Julian Johnson (15 days ago)
22:44 Hilarious
malik osama (15 days ago)
hello everyone please visit my channel for content like gta v and ace combat please like and subscribe
Always Crying (15 days ago)
😂🤣💀⚰️ The blimp exploded
CTvideojuejos crack (15 days ago)
Me cagué de la rosa en el 17:53
PÃNŹÇAKĘ (16 days ago)
When your crush touches u 3:07
Paty Moreno Santos (16 days ago)
JHCD gamer (16 days ago)
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e monster (16 days ago)
My body can't move because of this
alexis esquibel (16 days ago)
is is une mi**** ok lo del aivion is in thug life p*** jajaja lol
Mr. unknown (16 days ago)
I died at 5:40
Elizabeth A Thies (16 days ago)
* attempting to get up while trapped under thing * * dink * * dink * * dink * *wasted*
NeoN (17 days ago)
4:04 XD
PUBG Master (17 days ago)
You are big mental man
Iliana Petrova (17 days ago)
5:22 like 👍👌
B5R Rengar (17 days ago)
Itim VIRAPHANTH (17 days ago)
Wow 😳
Ultra Goku (17 days ago)
27:38 my team almost had it first try and the pilot A LVL 5 KILLED ME AND MY PARTNER WITH THE MOWER then he got hacked and lost his account (I wish)
Ultra Goku (17 days ago)
Uganda Knuckle (17 days ago)
5:36 killed me lamfao lol xd
Yuri Manzato (17 days ago)
7:45 11 September
Iliana Petrova (17 days ago)
15:27 min 👃👍
Iliana Petrova (17 days ago)
Vanoss 2.0 (17 days ago)
7:46 nine eleven
Vanoss 2.0 (17 days ago)
you will remember balls
Velfox (18 days ago)
21:54 what's the name of that song? (I looked in the description, but there's no name of any song)
meme studio (18 days ago)
1:17 rip ball :c
Sans (18 days ago)
1.27 polska

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