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Real Time with Bill Maher: Dr. Michael Mann on Climate Change – August 7, 2015 (HBO)

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Subscribe to the Real Time YouTube: http://itsh.bo/10r5A1B Bill Maher and Penn State meteorology professor Michael Mann discuss the “settled science” of climate change and the lack of public engagement on the issue. Dr. Mann is the co-author of "Dire Predictions: Understanding Climate Change.” Connect with Real Time Online: Find Real Time on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Maher Find Real Time on Twitter: https://twitter.com/RealTimers Find Real Time with Bill Maher Official Site: http://itsh.bo/HttKcM. Find Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO GO® http://itsh.bo/iioY87. Find Real Time with Bill Maher on Connect: http://connect.hbo.com/real-time-bill-maher Find Real Time on Instagram: http://instagram.com/realtimers The Real Time blog: http://www.real-time-with-bill-maher-blog.com/ It's HBO. Connect with HBO Online Find HBO on Facebook: http://Facebook.com/HBO Follow @HBO on Twitter: http://Twitter.com/HBO Find HBO on Youtube: http://Youtube.com/HBO Find HBO Official Site: http://HBO.com Find HBO Connect: http://Connect.hbo.com Find HBO GO: http://HBOGO.com Find HBO on Instagram: http://Instagram.com/hbo Find HBO on Foursquare: http://Foursquare.com/hbo Check out other HBO Channels HBO: http://www.youtube.com/hbo Game of Thrones: http://www.youtube.com/GameofThrones True Blood: http://www.youtube.com/trueblood HBO Sports: http://www.youtube.com/HBOsports HBO Documentary Films: http://www.youtube.com/HBODocs Cinemax: http://www.youtube.com/Cinemax HBO Latino: http://www.youtube.com/HBOLatino
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Text Comments (867)
Cheryl Lawlor (7 days ago)
No it’s not! settled.The Nobel Laurette , Ivar Giaever, A brilliant physicist, has called this “pseudoscience.” He said he was horrified by it and has come out of retirement to point out that Climate Change is by no means a proven, settled, science.
zdcyclops1 lickley (20 days ago)
The thing that no one talks about is that the only thing that is sure is that humans are adding CO2 to the atmosphere. All of the "changes" are speculation. For almost the entire history of the planet CO2 levels were higher than they are today. Doomsayers predict more bad storms, but can't say how much worse or where they will occur or how much of an increase there will be. They leave out good things about CO2, plants and animals both need it to survive. The optimum level for plants to grow is 4-5 times current levels. More plants mean more ground cover, energy that could increase temperatures gets used to create forests. It is not as simple as you have been led to believe. Besides humans cannot agree that nuclear should be banned. Why would you think there is going to be agreement on CO2.
Michael Hibbs (27 days ago)
"What do we have to do to get people to care?" …….duhhhhhh…..science!
Matteo Posani (1 month ago)
I was thinking if solar panels are cool to put on your house but I hear it’s like in the thousands of dollars to have in the long run.
stapme (1 month ago)
Sooooo embarrassing, this Mann guy is a sham. See Richard Lindzen.
jmuld1 (3 months ago)
settled science but we need to erase the me devil warm period/
Don Fox (4 months ago)
Also the solution to global warming is that when we are all dead no one will call pres. Chump an idiot.
Don Fox (4 months ago)
I'd rather listen to Pres. Chump on this because he is such a credible scientific authority.
Paul Jones (6 months ago)
Actually, Maher is wrong; Mann is wrong. Since the above interview, Mann has been found guilty of pedaling fraudulent data and conclusions, as well as being found guilty of Contempt of Congress for refusing to show the Senate his fudged data and modeling. Republicans, in this case, at least, are NOT waging war on science. They are attacking "science" that looks for facts, making facts up if necessary, to fit their beliefs. Mann, as well as Hansen, are merchants of deception.
Paul Jones (6 months ago)
Actually, Maher is wrong; Mann is wrong. Since the above interview, Mann has been found guilty of pedaling fraudulent data and conclusions, as well as being found guilty of Contempt of Congress for refusing to show the Senate his fudged data and modeling. Republicans, in this case, at least, are NOT waging war on science. They are attacking "science" that looks for facts, making facts up if necessary, to fit their beliefs. Mann, as well as Hansen, are merchants of deception.
Cold War Jesus (7 months ago)
Mann has been knocked crazy by his own hockey stick !!!
Rob Manzoni (8 months ago)
Bill Maher needs to go back to school...
Rick TD (10 months ago)
Michael Mann is in violation of judges orders to produce his data for the BOGUS hockey stick graph. He will be the first to pay for the global warming climate change HOAX.
Rick TD (10 months ago)
Coal is outdated but windmills aren't ? Bill Maher is so clueless to the global warming scam, why ?
Colton Gatrell (11 months ago)
There is nothing wrong with coal screw you for thinking that there is you libtards
Johnny Flyover (11 months ago)
Bill Maher doesn’t do himself any favors by having this grifter in his show.
annie lane (1 year ago)
If it's settled why doesn't he show his data or debate.
Ivan Kinsman (1 year ago)
The 2 big hate figures for climate change sceptics are 1) Al Gore and 2) Dr Michael Mann. It is amazing the amount of vituperation is against them. Anything they say is decried by the sceptics as a huge conspiracy to shaft the average working man, that it will impose huge taxes and the poor will become poorer. Yet for these same sceptics Donald Trump is their saviour who will castrate the EPA and all the environmental initiatives that are killing of US industry. However, in my view they are like the Luddites trying to make a last stand against new green technologies and international efforts to combat global heating.
AgeOfSuperboredom (1 year ago)
Please don't call them "skeptics." These morons are the antithesis of skeptical.
TheWolfsan (1 year ago)
Is this the same michael mann that is being attacked by everyone for massaging and making up data? yes it is.... doesn't matter to the leftards though..the propaganda is all that matters.
AgeOfSuperboredom (1 year ago)
Wrongfully attacked. He didn't make up anything, you moron.
Sam Ihli (1 year ago)
Here is a pretty telling statistic.  The number of persons employed in the energy-producing industries per thousand gigawatt-hours per year in the U.S. is:  nuclear                100 geothermal         112 coal                      116 solar thermal      248 wind                     542   Bill Maher proudly quotes that wind "creates" far more jobs than coal. What a ignorant method of looking at society. Solar and wind are presented as favorable because they "create more jobs".  Apparently without recognizing that the amount of labor required is the most basic measure of a good's social cost.  Using an shovel "creates" more jobs than using a bulldozer, but working only with shovels dooms us to near-subsistence living. Solar and Wind combined currently provide less than 2% of the world's energy.  In 2006, wind energy produced enough electricity in the U.S. to serve more than 2.4 million households. Although this is a fairly large number of households, it is only about 0.4% of the nation’s total electricity consumption.  That percentage is not going to get any higher for a lot of technical reasons.
Kevin Saunders (1 year ago)
Wow, tiny Bill Maher makes Mann look microscopic!  No offense to microscopic organisms.  In any case, the catastrophic manmade global warming theory (AGW) has never become a scientific fact like gravity or our solar system.  That is why everyone naturally says "I believe or you don't believe".  The proper way to challenge someone would be to say "I know or you don't know".  You don't believe in gravity?  You don't believe the earth revolves around the sun?
Matthew Bradley (1 year ago)
Yes. climate change is real. But human activity is so far down the list of causes it is simply not funny. There is a very large object for everyone to see...if they would look...that is the number one cause. Most call it the Sun. Second, there is a very much closer object that is the number two cause of climate change. It is called the Earth. Our planet is a very powerful, dynamic planet. It is changing ALL THE TIME. Mountains rise, seas move and new land masses arise from the bottom of the oceans. One volcano spews more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere in minutes than a million internal combustion engines. For anyone to think that all of this change happening on this planet does not have an effect on the overall climate is a fool.
AgeOfSuperboredom (1 year ago)
The sun has been cooling over the last century, yet the air is warming up anyway. The scientists have an explanation for that. What's yours?
aloha maui (1 year ago)
LMAO global warming is a hoax
Sonny Torres (1 year ago)
"We need to be tapping that..."
Chino780 (1 year ago)
Michael Mann is a fraud. Look it up. Maher should have picked someone with some integrity instead a self aggrandizing slime ball. I guess it doesn't really matter because Maher is part of the Climate Cult too.
Jollyprez (1 year ago)
They closed with how wonderful Germany was doing with renewables - and we see now - 18 months later - that Germany's energy is a basket case with skyrocketing costs and needing to use France's nuclear power to keep their lights on. Smug Mann will, no doubt, forget to mention that in future soft-ball interviews like this. Maher is a joke.
John Callaghan (2 years ago)
Water finds the easiest way downward, we're 75% water based, so ... . We think 'scientists - who sold themselves pretty well - will wake up one morning and find a solution to all of that, implement it, and it will all be solved. Everybody's looking at each other and everybody's waiting. It wouldn't matter doing sth about it and not be prepared for some astroid coming our way. The latter seems eminent and will destroy us for certain and quickly. It's the same reason, but the opposite mechanism that has people driving cars, and not trusting it when stepping into an airplane. 'The miraculous work' will be done by others, and will be sudden. But 'being flown by a pilot' as opposed to 'to drive a car yourself', where the first is 'out of control' and the latter is 'in control'. Our psychology works with averages and self-proclaimed (in)certainties. The mixture between those, is the sum of our actual behaviour.
G Graham (2 years ago)
Check out the misdirection, when we here that the opposition agree or disagrees with a topic the natural thing to do is take the opposing view, and this is often done without investigating the facts. The next thing is to question people on loyalty, do you care if the world ends, kind of questions, this is a simple trick to alter the perception of what is to follow in the questions it's called Neurolinguistics and how to change the narrative to follow a particular path or designed out come, a sale if you will.. Then open questions to reinforce uncertainty of an outcome, then offer the solution in an easy to digest format giving credit to the manipulated for coming up with the idea even though before the question was asked had no opinion on the subject, but now you do, if you did it was just cemented as fact. Simple and effective. Used countless time though out history to manipulate the masses into accepting an idea even if it means killing millions for the outcome desired, welcome to the new world were the powerful and rich will tell you all these deaths are a necessary part of the future of man kind and the health of the planet.. and if it does happen this way, how will people who peddled this crap be judged? Like criminals I hope, as that is exactly what they are, nothing more. Edit; that like/dislike should in all seriousness be the other way around, seriously.
fenderbender12 (2 years ago)
Smells like Phlogiston.
markman manmark (2 years ago)
Clark Magnuson (2 years ago)
Mann is the lowest of the low in climate liars. I am very disappointed in Maher sitting down near him.
farrelco (1 year ago)
Are you serious? Michael Man is a complete fraud. The only thing saving his ass is there are enough people like you and Bill who are too ignorant on climate to realise it!
Clark Magnuson (1 year ago)
Mann is the one who faked the tree rings and got caught. He faked the hockey stick curve.,... that only wikipedia believes.
You're a liar & a fraud & a terrorist to insult a great scientist like Dr Mann for telling us the truth.
Bertie Blue (2 years ago)
How pissed off must Maher have been when Mann let rip with the old side splitter - "settled science" - christ doesn't he know the gags are Maher's job. Odd how you never see such interviews about magnetism, thermodynamics, light refraction etc etc - they must be super, super, SUPER "settled science". HAHA!
MrJohndl (2 years ago)
Mann is an idiot. Global warming is natural. CO2 has no effect at all on the climate. The IPCC is a fraudulent group of money grabbing parasites. The Sun controls the climate.
MrJohndl (2 years ago)
+Danny A No they don't actually. Thousands of climate scientists do NOT accept the CO2 hypothesis. Do some research. I suggest reading ''A Disgrace to the Profession''. It will change your mind.
Danny A (2 years ago)
Climate scientists disagree.
todd poland (2 years ago)
I'm glad that common sense common people aren't buying into this government funded religion. have faith in the hockey stick graph and the great prophet mann.
TheChemist (2 years ago)
I stopped watching after he said it's a settled science. Just nonsense.
Farmer Frank (2 years ago)
+Professor Moodz Short answer: No the rapid swings in local and regional climate variability may be outside of the slower swings for the last 14,000 years or so that has allowed for human civilization but are still well below thw norm of 20 degree changes in as little as 3 weeks infamous for causing mass extinction events for the last 4 billion years Again, rapid and intense Climate change leading to all the pass mass extinction events for the last 4 billion years is the norm.....14000 years of relatively stable climate change that allowed humans to create civilization and reach 7 billion in number is the "fluke" in the scheme of things....the current progressive climate change and a switch to sudden rapid climate change that causes mass extinction events would just be the earth going back to normal regardless of what humans do
TheChemist (2 years ago)
+Anomaly Nobody is denying climate change who works in the field. Climate has been changing for billions of years. What's being debated is if the current climate variability is natural and if not, is it due to human activity? 97% = humans are impacting the climate. Ants, dogs and gold fish impact the climate.. 97% is an irrelevant number.
Farmer Frank (2 years ago)
What year? When I was in Grade School we learned about why the sky was blue and why it rained in Kindergarten (I learned it when I was about 3 from Encyclopedia Britanica...which my family always had in the house...and we went to the library 1/2 day on Saturdays as a family event well into high school...I loved the Sciences section) The sister of my tenant was excitingly telling my mom about how she learned the Sky was blue,,,,in 6ith grade (Me and my mom was just shaking our head on how ass backward and behind the US education system has become)
TheChemist (2 years ago)
I stopped watching after he said it's a settled science. Just nonsense..
Farmer Frank (2 years ago)
+Adam Smith Doesn't matter....the issue is dead politically cause "Obama Solved it" in Paris last year and it was never alive outside of political Activist university Academica in reports and articles in University sounding boards and political activists club journals and shuffling across politicians desks that never saw a actual Journal of Science to be verified,tested,and replicated (aka going though the full spectrum of the Scientific Method through the Scientists in labs and not through political activists playing Scientists like Mann on panels at government associated/sponsored agencies like Mann was rattling off)
Adam Smith (2 years ago)
i really hope you never wander into a voting booth one day.
Farmer Frank (2 years ago)
Science, or the pursuit of Knowledge, is on going so it can never be "settled" or "absolute truth" Anyone telling you that is either lying or trying to sell you something...in this case taxation and regulation of "fossil fuels" that will increase the cost of living and doing business Obama signed the Paris Framework as did the Chinese Prime Minister and thus the "world has been saved by the politicians"....so why the fuck is there sill whacky weather in the Midwest causing 12 tornadoes to hit earlier this morning (Oh yeah, taxes and laws against fossil fuels has jackshit to do with Climate Change WHICH IS NATURAL!!!)
TheChemist (2 years ago)
I stopped watching after he said it's a settled science. Just nonsense..
Yukon Cornileus (2 years ago)
This great "doctor" tried to rewrite history by his hockey stick graph which wiped out the midevieval warm period. Pop didn't happen. He is also suing a few people who disagree with him, "you can't say that!" Can you imagine the great scientists like Madam Currie suing those who disagreed with her??
nadnarf (2 years ago)
Is it possible that the weather has been conquered and weaponized?
Mark Atkinson (2 years ago)
look up michael mann and the hockey stick fraud!
Sean Murphy (2 years ago)
#23: Sticky Lint Roller
Deacon Verter (2 years ago)
Mann is a modern day prophet, come to warn the world that if they don't change their ways Nature is going to pour her wrath down upon us. When I vote next year...Feel The Bern!
Jorge V (2 years ago)
Is global warming settled science? Yes, climate change is........(what?)
Vins Web (2 years ago)
Forcing people off oil and coal will kill 10's of thousand if not millions of people, maybe billions. Why do they never talk about the implications of higher energy prices on the lower classes. wind and solar are expensive and inefficient. maybe that s the goal? F Michael Mann, Bill Mahar and their ilk.
Alpha Zed (2 years ago)
Al Gore and his new company have created an atmospheric carbon sweeper they plan to market first in Europe then in the U.S. They claim now that the Sun is actually cooling and that by 2120 it may stop producing heat altogether, so the plan is to collect the CO2 from Earth's Atmosphere and redistribute it near the Sun. They claim with enough countries onboard they can save the Sun just in time. Rounding up the usual prospects France, Germany, UK, and Austraila have already formed political committees now working with the World Bank loans the U.S. Will borrow and repay with a new planetary care fund over seen by the IRS. Speaking to his million Facebook friends Gore said the time for discussion is over we must act now or risk total distruction; so tell friends and family alike the Sun is dying,a solar freeze, and we must save it at any cost.
Austin (3 years ago)
The world needs to wake up and realize that renewable energies are needed for the future of humanity. Fossil fuel emissions are only harming the planet, and they'll eventually run out! People just don't want to think about the future and only care about the now. Bunch of mindless materialistic zombies.
Hellohithere Yep (3 years ago)
I think Bill Maher should have "Dr. Richard Lindzen" on Climate Change. Then you can have a real debate on Climate Change being man made or not.
petebacon (3 years ago)
Climate change is bullshit! Obama even said today he wants a carbon tax! That is basically taxing the air! Look up all the democrat Liberals looking to capitalize on climate change garbage!
bademoxy (3 years ago)
like the planet's climate has ever been unchanging. did the ice age or the end of it come from mankind's activities? so there was no species extinctions before humans evolved? sure humans need to cut the gross POLLUTION (not just carbon) in ALL NATIONS-not just north america AND not by using tax-by-any-other-name schemes which does NOTHING but line the pockets of corporatists and governmental slush funds. why the fuck does china and russia -the absolute worst violators in every respect-get off scot free in initiatives such as Kyoto? the political solutions are nothing more than wealth redistribution grabs by marxists in power. we have many technological alternatives available such as thorium reactor power to replace coal, bullet trains to replace regional air travel,etc, to actually help but all these scientific organizations seem to do is try guilt tripping the G20 peoples into entrusting thieves with schemes rife with corruption.
nelson fernandez (3 years ago)
We all need to plant more trees and stuff like that
Goldpenny1 (3 years ago)
I believe it is wise to protect "our" planet. The reason why the Climate Change is total BS is because I have been watching military planes spray chemtrails (not just contrails) all over the place in my state of CT for well over a decade that I have noticed. If (these) people (in charge) are so concerned about polluting our skies and raising the earths temperature - then how about easing up on these chemical trails that can be seen from time to time in various patterns in the sky and creating a haze that can even block the sun. The amount of planes used and the amount if fuel they (militaries) uses to cover the skies all over the world has to be expensive and polluting and energy wasting!!!! THAT'S WHY YOUR CLIMATE CHANGE COMPLAINTS ARE TOTAL BULL$H!T. Now Stop whining and do something about this waste before you try to fleece America and the rest of the world on climate change. FRAUD LIARS!
Andrew Paczuski (3 years ago)
Stalin had his Lysenko, Obama has Michael Mann  for his super pillar of his idiocy.
Brian Lane (3 years ago)
Predicting the climate is almost impossible
AgeOfSuperboredom (1 year ago)
It's impossible for you, perhaps, because you're completely uneducated. Not so impossible for people who actually know things about science.
Ray Quintana (3 years ago)
the climate is supposed to change. that's mother nature. human activate cause a minimum of change. humans cause pollution and that's what needs focus. every scientist that has objected to the global warming scam has been fired. Billy is just a propaganda machine and he is not funny.
Will Quarton (3 years ago)
somewhat off-topic, but has anyone ever considered the idea of a oxygen credit?(aka opposite of a carbon tax?)
AgeOfSuperboredom (1 year ago)
Oxygen content is not the problem.
geologist100 (3 years ago)
Climate change is a fact of life.  Humans may have some contribution, but it is far less than natural causes, like leaf decay or just the lost static noise of human contributions.   All the planets in our solar system are warming.   Climate changes, we have nothing to do with this.
AgeOfSuperboredom (1 year ago)
Every scientist in the world says otherwise. What do you know that they all apparently don't?
inanimateit (3 years ago)
It is quite gratifying to watch Bill Maher do his usual smug, self-satisfied, "only people who think like me are clever" routine while ingratiating himself to the guy who invented the now thoroughly discredited 'hockey stick' graph that started all of this  climate change hysteria. Maher makes a fool of himself by looking to Mann for confirmation about the "settled science" when so many of Mann's own peers are distancing themselves from him and his dodgy science.
Bit Gamer (3 years ago)
meh, been hearing about global warming for 20 years............. still has not affected me. Show me something.
MegaMementoMori (3 years ago)
Germany has one of the highest costs of electricity (since the start of Merkel's green obsession they rose twofold) and companies are moving away for this reason.
Jake Wojcik (3 years ago)
Its literally just the greenhouse effect we all learned in middle school. Burning hydrocarbons releases CO2, which is a greenhouse gas. Greenhouse gases trap heat in our atmosphere causing global warming. Simple. That's it. No way to refute it. Stop arguing.
Jake Wojcik (3 years ago)
+inanimateit Then enlighten me. What is the issue?
inanimateit (3 years ago)
+Jake Wojcik You have just proven my point that like many on your side of this argument, you don't even know what the issues are. You write: "Its a consensus in the scientific community that greenhouse gases warm the earth. You will never read a peer review article published in a scientific journal that says otherwise". Here is the problem... no one is arguing against that. You however, are clearly convinced that this  is the issue. Like I said... you don't even know what the issues are! And yet you are convinced you are the informed one representing objective scientific thinking. 
Jake Wojcik (3 years ago)
+inanimateit False. The whole point I'm trying to make is that is a simple concept that needs no critical thinking. I'd argue that you don't know what this debate is about. Don't just assume I get my information from the media. That's a joke. Its a consensus in the scientific community that greenhouse gases warm the earth. You will never read a peer review article published in a scientific journal that says otherwise. If you won't believe me listen to one smartest people on our planet right now.
inanimateit (3 years ago)
+Jake Wojcik The logic is that unlike you, he has applied critical thinking to the issue. You on the other hand, have simply taken press releases of the climate change establishment as unquestionable truth because those press releases told you it is unquestionable truth. The fact that you keep repeating your line about "greenhouse gases" as if that was what is being debated demonstrates that you don't even know what the issues actually are. That is common with people on your side of this question. The amazing irony is that you, like so many others who share your opinion, are convinced that simply believing without question or investigation what you have heard in the media makes you the champion of the scientific method, rationality and reason.
joeyjojojunior1794 (3 years ago)
At 4:20 "We need to tap that."
Redneck Ninja (3 years ago)
one more thing, I believe in climate change but I don't believe in man-made climate change. The climate has cooled and heated up l000s of times over the history of the Earth and we have only been here for a small part of that and I think it is arrogant to say we are changing the climate. We will never stop it we should adapting to it, spending money on that. I hate the dooms day politicians and celebrities. And there no consensus on the science. If the sea levels are rising then why did climate change Guru Al Gore by a big beach house.
Wayne Coogan (3 years ago)
I recall that Michael Mann was proven to be a dirty liar with regard to temperature data manipulation.
Aanthanur DC (3 years ago)
+Wayne Coogan no he was not. he was cleared from any wrong doing. their reconstruction has been confirmed over and over again by every single global or hemispherical reconstruction. more than a dozen now.
DestroyerMariko (3 years ago)
2:00 "I worry that the people think that someone's going to invent a super carbon sucking machine..." Watched this last night. Today on my Facebook feed, I see this... http://bigthink.com/design-for-good/giant-fans-will-soon-suck-out-co2-from-the-atmosphere-and-turn-it-into-fuel LOLWAT!!!!
softminimal1 (3 years ago)
Coal is soooooo last century.
Redneck Ninja (3 years ago)
this same old shit. it is a hoax because there is are many other scientist who disagree. Bill Maher has invested in some kind of renewable energy business so he wants to make a killing. Climate change is not man made it is sun made. Co2 is needed in the atmosphere for our vegetation and if we didn't have global warming we would all freeze. the biggest threat to the us is Islam not Climate change.
Redneck Ninja (3 years ago)
How hot has it gotten. and where is all that melted ice gone. That is what I am saying about the sun. The sun is hotter we are and if the sun is cooler it is cooler. Co2 does not control the thermostat. The planet hasn't warmed it has gotten cooler over the last decade and the polar ice caps are record level since they have been taking averages since the 1970's. That is why most Americans and the rest of world rank Climate change very low on priorities list.
Aanthanur DC (3 years ago)
+jarrod harrington you are totally wrong. the vast majority of experts accept AGW. and no, its not the sun, how can decresing solar activity since the 1960's cause the planet to warm? when it is the sun, how come the stratosphere is cooling?
Internet James (3 years ago)
Hemp is a super carbon sucking machine.
NUR67676767 (3 years ago)
The Holy Quran mentions . Climate change . clip the below link if interested to know. https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=sites&srcid=ZGVmYXVsdGRvbWFpbnx3d3dxdXJhbm51cnxneDoyZjFlOTM2OTg1Yjk3YWYx
MrApplewine (3 years ago)
If and when Bill Maher ever finds out that Environmentalism is a religion and that man made catastrophic climate change is a religious belief he is going to be so pissed because he hates religion so much. I suspect he will never figure it out though. It is so ironic the joke is on him.
Aanthanur DC (3 years ago)
+Cristi Dracea  the warming, changes in rain patterns , sinking water security., sea level rise. it was never warmer in the past 11 000 years. CO2 was never so high in the history of homo sapiens. Did you ever bother to read any scientific report on the impacts of AGW?
Cristian Drăcea (3 years ago)
+Aanthanur DC But what are negative efects? The "increase" in natural phenomena Iven if that were the case nobody hase been able to link it to global warming' so what the planet is getting warmer we are very adaptible and so are most palnts and animals and i like animals to but a lot of species die everyday either way for lots of different reasons and you can look at it from an evolutionary perspective. Ive seen documentaries, articles etc where they say wheve had warmer times, the climate has always been changing both ways. Olso i would like you to elaborate more on the negatives of CO2 if you can. Thank you!
Aanthanur DC (3 years ago)
+Cristi Dracea you seem to look at only the CO2 fertilisation effect and ignore the negative impacts. science looks at both. that is why i go with science.
Cristian Drăcea (3 years ago)
+Aanthanur DC And am i missing something tell me where i am wrong please thank you.
Aanthanur DC (3 years ago)
+Cristi Dracea i am living 10 minutes away from germany := Basel. i am pro nuclear energy because of AGW. AGW is an observed fact.
D Lll (3 years ago)
whoa....hold the phone. Mr ClimateGate himself says that the science is settled? First emails get leaked of him trying to massage historical temperatures by "hiding the decline" to create the perfect Hockey Stick Global warming graph. Then when people file FOIA requests for his public research emails, some kangaroo court shields those emails from the public. Move along. Nothing to see here.
Aanthanur DC (3 years ago)
+D Lll  what? i know exactly what country i come from. Switzerland.
D Lll (3 years ago)
+Aanthanur DC So you dont know what country you are from?
Aanthanur DC (3 years ago)
+D Lll  LOL. yeah, its OK. when you cannot accept that AGW is actually happening, and you are too fucking lazy to actually read any scientific sources on it and rather parrot WUWT, Monckton and Alex Jones on a scientific topic. it is you that is destined to be a sheep.
D Lll (3 years ago)
+Aanthanur DC "but even if 9/11 was an inside job. what has that to do with AGW?. " If you cannot accept something that is CLEARLY a major inside job and admit it to yourself, then you are forever destined to be, for lack of a better word, a sheep. Discussing much more complex topics like AGW is pointless. What country are you from?
Aanthanur DC (3 years ago)
+D Lll "Used to be a 9/11 Truther? Do you now accept the NIST report and Government narrative now?" yes , especially after the Building 7 report. "My point, which I may not have made clearly, is that any solutions you hear from the government that infringes on your liberty is almost 100% false." when a solution is proposed that infringes with my liberty, for no good reason. then i vote against it. i am living in the only direct democracy on the planet :) " They are in business to Grab Power and Money. The bigger they get the worse off the people are" i don't care much about politicsters, they are not very powerfull in my country. but still one has to watch every step they do, even the little power they have in my country, they try to abuse. but then again. i listen to scientists about scinetific topics, to experts and research when it comes to what is the solution etc. "Governments all over the world have been creating crises so they can react and save the people by taxing/controlling/"protecting" them." i don't know any such case in my country. but with every real crisis the different parties try to sneak in their agenda. "So sorry to the men who were maimed, died, and screwed up. So sorry to the hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese we killed. Oh well. We are the USA and we are "exceptional" so there is no need to punish anyone or even have the mainstream media report on this." if you give so much power to your government and then don't hold them accountable for what they do, it is your own fault. "Getting to your conspiracy. It is absolutely possible for for tens of thousands to be involved in cover ups/disinformation.  They may not even know they are involved." no. we are talking about over 60 000 experts that have published on this topic. they would have to be in on it. " They kept the Manhattan project secret for a few years." for good reasons, easy to motivate people to shut up about that. that was not a hoax. it was a secret project. how would you motivate scientists to lie about such an important topic? and why does even the fossil fuel industry's own research come to the very same cocnlusion? they have to loose most in this. the conclusion is we have to leave 80% of the known fossil fuel reserves in the ground. that means some of the reservoirs we already tapped into, those companies already inversted alot of money, they will have to leave it in the ground in a few years. so that is one of the richest industries on the planet, and they would NOT let them be screwed over this way. "If you can admit that the official 9/11 story is fiction, we can talk more about AGW" that has absolutely nothing to do with the science of AGW. i accept the "official" story. maybe not every detail, it may even be a let it happen event. but i am convinced that it was not an inside job. i have spend several years informing my self about this, and even watched lots of AJ stuff. but even if 9/11 was an inside job. what has that to do with AGW? you think the US is pushing the alleged AGW hoax? makes no sense, it is the only governemnt i know that has AGW deniers in them with the exception of Australia. so that makes no sense at all if it was a hoax by the US gov. the hypothesis for AGW was published in 1906. and it took decades of data untill scientists finally went public and informed the people that we have a problem. and the evidence for AGW is overwhelming.
i`m farting (3 years ago)
i hate this bastard
Sierra Davis (3 years ago)
Renewble Energy Idea. An exercie bike atatched to a wind-turbine-like-turbine. get america fit and renewable energy. it's like a hamster wheel.
ooDirtyMickoo (3 years ago)
exponential population growth is so fucking scary. things are going to change so quickly, within this century there isn't going to be enough potable water to sustain everyone. please stop having children. please. humans are destroying this planet.
DazeOfWar (3 years ago)
Americans won't do shit about climate change until their water starts drying up and their houses start flooding. They won't care until they see their forsaken little babies drowning in a pool of Atlantic Ocean floodwaters and see their entire livelihoods destroyed by nature. Even then it won't be enough. Most of those stupid fucks will just turn to GAWD and Jaysus to solve their woes and for the ones smart enough to actually want to act, it'll be too little too late. We're fucked.
Goldpenny1 (3 years ago)
Global Warming is a SCAM! PS: I am a Christian and believe in learning Science, Math, keeping our planet clean, protecting wildlife, women's rights as well as a baby's rights, even gay rights as long as everyone can be treated fairly, etc. but this Global Warming thing has SCAM written all over it!
er ha (3 years ago)
The reason the republicans didn't mention Global Warming in the debate is because society at large has been completely enviro-terrorized over the subject.  They are now claiming that the Global Cooling that is well on it way is because of Global Warming? How intellectually void does a society have to be to accept this? Are there schools in the USA, or just Centres for Indoctrination?
Toughen Up, Fluffy (3 years ago)
“Corporation, n. An ingenious device for obtaining individual profit without individual responsibility.”—Ambrose Bierce
hejustleft (3 years ago)
Record rains- climate change. Record drought- climate change Record high snows- climate change Record low snows- climate change ISIS gains in the ME- climate change Tsunamis- climate change Record high hurricanes- climate change Record low hurricanes- climate change Record heat- climate change Record cold- climate change Record ice melt in the Antarctic- climate change Record high ice shelf in the Arctic- climate change Record high temperatures- climate change Record low temperatures- climate change Record high birth rates by muzzies- climate change Record low birth rates in the West- climate change Record high fish catches- climate change Record low fish catches- climate change Record global warming- climate change Record climate change- global warming Record hand wringing but clueless- climate change Festering boil on my ass- climate change
F Freeshy (3 years ago)
+D Lll Oh sorry my bad, I thought you were making a causal link between C02 rise and crop yields.  I now see that you were not.  Unless you were going to provide some scientific research providing evidence of a causal link, which you have not.
D Lll (3 years ago)
+F Freeshy I'll help you get started with this link. Then you will have to strain yourself and do a little reading on your own http://bfy.tw/2Awe
D Lll (3 years ago)
+nick alford Still waiting for one mainstream media article that blames something good on Climate Change. My guess is you are not going to find it. Because their agenda is to make Climate change BAD BAD BAD. Just like Every war has its evil Devil that does nothing good that we must mobilize to defeat, AGW makes EVERYTHING worse.
F Freeshy (3 years ago)
+D Lll Sources for NET global record crop yields?
D Lll (3 years ago)
+hejustleft Ever notice they never blame anything good on climate change? Record crop yields - Climate change ??
Michael K (3 years ago)
of course the republicans are ignoring climate change: the democrats are now ignoring it! when it ranks 22nd on people's list of problems, the problem isn't just the one party. it takes two to tango
BUFU1610 (3 years ago)
Being German is actually awesome!
Lucian MacAndrew (3 years ago)
+BUFU1610 Well, it is an awesome country, I try to visit as often as possible. (But you have zero feeling when it comes to amount of food on the plate, hehe)
Stonemansteve II (3 years ago)
Congress even voted, the Senate anyway, a few months ago, 98 for and 1 against that Climate change is real!!!  Why there was a vote is beyond me, but all but one admits it exists!!
jon Q (3 years ago)
A 'super carbon sucking machine' already exists, it is called a tree.  We can plant a lot of them and choose to not cut down the existing ones.
gasdive (2 years ago)
Oh, and even if we did invent a giant carbon sucking machine, it would need to be invented and put to work today. We would need to pull 1.1 Eg of CO2 out of the atmosphere and then store it safely. It would need to finish the job within 10 years to have any real hope of saving us. So it would need to pull 110 Pg of CO2 out of the air and then do 'something' with it. World oil and coal production combined is about 1.5 Pg per year. So we're talking about an industry that's about 100 times the size of the oil and coal industries combined. We don't have any model for any industry or group of industries that makes or moves 110 Pg of stuff every year, but to have any chance at all, we need it up and running today. Not 2030, not 2020, not 2018. Right now. Hug your children.
gasdive (2 years ago)
+jon Q TL;DR It's too slow to be helpful. I'd love trees to be the solution. I really would. I'm probably going to be killed by this problem, so I'd love there to be a solution. If you think trees are the solution, you'll need to show me the maths. Here's the problem to which we need a solution. The icecap north of Siberia has largely melted and has begun to emit methane. The permafrost has begun to melt and is also emitting methane. So far we've emitted about 300 Pg of carbon (1.1 Eg of CO2). There's somewhere more than 2 Eg of Methane that's coming out of clathrates and permafrost over the next couple of decades unless we can return the climate to pre-industrial levels of CO2. Methane is about 100 times more of a greenhouse gas than CO2 so that 2 Eg equals about 200 Eg of CO2, or over 150 times more than we've emitted in history. As you can imagine, making the greenhouse effect over 100 times stronger than it is now over a period of a decade or so isn't compatible with human life. There's also the issue of the West Antarctic Ice Shelf which is unstoppably melting, and under that is an unknown but probably very large store of methane. So the solution we need must include dropping the CO2 levels to pre-industrial levels fast enough that the current accelerating methane release doesn't undo our good works and sustain the release. We optimistically have about a decade to do that. Within a decade methane levels will be effectively higher than current CO2 levels. Current world wood production is about 4 billion cubic metres. That equals about 1 Pg of CO2 removed from the atmosphere. So at current rate of wood production we'd need to coke and bury the entire world's wood production (this includes heating and cooking wood) for about 1100 years to get back to where we need to be within a decade or less. Even if we could cut and coke wood at that rate, it seems unlikely that we can increase the growth rate of trees by a factor of over 100.
jon Q (2 years ago)
+gasdive You can troll better than that man, try again.  Listen to a Rocky training montage in the background and get back at it!
gasdive (2 years ago)
+jon Q If we don't cut them down, they'll die, rot and the CO2 goes back in the air. To suck out the carbon we'd need to cut them down, coke them and bury the coke deep underground. Like reverse coal mining. Trouble is that we'd need to cut down far more trees, far more quickly than there are trees in the world. There isn't the slightest hope that anything could be done that way.
I like to watch all climate change & global warming videos
Donald Kasper (3 years ago)
Two clowns.  One hat.
Shawn Parks (3 years ago)
I like Bill's point about people needing to believe that they are going to solve problems themselves rather than hoping someone else is going to do it.
Washington Strong arm (3 years ago)
You have headache's = climate change You have a diarrhea = climate change You can't pay your monthly Bill's = climate change Don't want to have sex= climate change Wars around the world= climate change Peace around the world = climate change Nobody buy's your global warming= climate change It is so funny that you can use "Climate Change" for everything under the sun.
Goldpenny1 (3 years ago)
@polachee. Only you would be so easily persuaded in believing in such a global inconvenient lie. our planet must be watched over and everyone must do their share to take care of places that really pollute; but I am not buying this bullh*t one bit. have you noticed that the "global" leaders are doing everything in their power to strip certain nations of power and wealth - or is your head so far into the sand you can't see this?
SteveWrathall (3 years ago)
Maher still thinks the constructor of the infamous "hockey stick" is anything but a shameless huckster-pitiful. Why didn't he ask this shyster why he wouldn't release his methodology until he was busted by McIntyre & McKitrick
IThinkWithMy Dick (3 years ago)
Yes, Maher!  We DO need a WAR ON COAL!
IThinkWithMy Dick (3 years ago)
Polls prove nothing. They mean nothing. They are unscientific. The words in them can mean anything.  Bill: stop reading & stop caring about Pew polls or any kinds of polls.  Proof is all that matters.
Resurrection (3 years ago)
I can stop this. If you would like to help me save the planet and perform my first miracle. Please hurry. Time is running out my children. I can stop this. And all other man made disasters.
Levon Guyumjian (3 years ago)
The sad part is when things reach to catastrophic level, republicans will turn around some how blame general public and democrats. Some of the rich people the ones paying republicans to deny global warming, they don't realized all the billions they are collecting from dirty fuels it will not save them when our atmosphere no longer will be able protect us from suns harmful radiations. Stupid people like them, they always live in denials until they take their last breath from what they were denying.
Glibert McGoven (3 years ago)
many times it is stated that carbon fuels are harmless but even though it is a lie, they still do it.
Ben Barlow (3 years ago)
Couldn't have chosen a worse advocate, Bill.
IThinkWithMy Dick (3 years ago)
+Ben Barlow Why? You have some problem with somebody having the courage & knowledge to speak the truth & point out serious problems in this nation & world?
NIK (3 years ago)
science is settled?   I thought science was always being questioned? Why is this one topic so unreasonable to question?  Human's are not the cause of the climate of a planet changing... we are really full of ourselves.
D Lll (3 years ago)
+fearlessway I'd love to see Barack Obama say "in order to help stop Carbon Emissions, the USA and all its allies will immediately stop Bombing the daylights out of the Mid East and dismantle our million man army that uses C02 emitting weapons to kill people.   I doubt he will ever say that. Because we have to kill the evil boogman that we created called ISIS. Please do not refer to them as Islamic Terrorists as that is no longer politically correct as we are trying to let millions of them into western countries and we don't want people fearing Islam.
william santos (3 years ago)
+fearlessway Why do you lie denier? If you cant answer a simple question why would anyone believe you Koch sucker :)
william santos (3 years ago)
+fearlessway According to you: Do you remember? "The developing nations scientists do not follow the theory of AGW, they say the science is still unsettled." The national academies of Russia, Brazil, India and China disagrees. http://www.scribd.com/doc/148044717/Joint-science-academies-statement-Global-response-to-climate-change Why do they disagree with you?   Care to respond?
NIK (3 years ago)
+william santos   Read above
william santos (3 years ago)
+fearlessway According to you: Do you remember? "The developing nations scientists do not follow the theory of AGW, they say the science is still unsettled." The national academies of Russia, Brazil, India and China disagrees. http://www.scribd.com/doc/148044717/Joint-science-academies-statement-Global-response-to-climate-change Why do they disagree with you?   Care to respond?  
thompson haire (3 years ago)
Just saying that bringing up Lincoln is kind of a stretch.
smolkafilip (3 years ago)
I am not going to weigh in on the climate science but when it comes to energetics, mister Mann is simply full of shit. Germany indeed is getting 30% of its energy from renewables but they didnt use them to replace coal. They used them to replace nuclear power (which emits zero CO2) and since renewables are not a stable or even controlable source of energy, they had to build controlable sources that you can switch on/off to stabilize their grid. Such sources are fossil fuels and fossil fuels only. Coal and gas are having a renaissance in Germany because of renewables and that is the only way they can be used if you want them to produce significant portion of your power supply (also, their grid is insufficient to handle the peaks in energy renewables cause so the power is flowing through our, Czech, grid which could cause a blackout, thanks Germany). If we are ever going to have low-carbon industry (assuming we need to), nuclear power is the only way and we need NOT to tap into solar and wind. Also (Bill), the purpose of energetic industry is to create electricity, not jobs. America having less jobs in coal is an argument for coal because it means coal is more efficient and those people who wont need to work there are free to do something else.
smolkafilip (3 years ago)
+IThinkWithMy Dick First of all, I am not a conservative but doing that wouldnt be a good idea. If we chose to do it in the Dark ages (to only make work those who are needed to maintain out current standard of living) we wouldnt have electricity today. Those who dont have to work in energetics can go work on something we dont have yet, thats called economic growth and that is where true progress comes from, not from the government. Government can only slightly alter the distribution of what we have now but it cant increase the grand total. Only science coupled with free market can do that.
IThinkWithMy Dick (3 years ago)
+smolkafilip "the purpose of energetic industry is to create electricity, not jobs." I agree with that. Well, then, allow more people to be given the benefits of that energy without forcing them to get a job just for the sake of getting a job. But, conservatives hate that idea & think it is evil: that somehow not everybody in society in work, regardless whether that job is useful or not.
smolkafilip (3 years ago)
+william santos As you may have noticed I havent denied climate change in that post, I merely said solar power is not a viable option.
william santos (3 years ago)
+smolkafilip vide an argument next time denier :) 
smolkafilip (3 years ago)
+william santos Oh, I see... Sorry to bother you then.
Mark Brown (3 years ago)
Hey Bill, fix your tie!
Gary wood (3 years ago)
So why  don't these AGW   people  name just 1  of those scientists   that keep citing as  agreeing with Al Gore.         Mann is misrepresenting  the  information  on the NASA's   website  where  the  support for Global  Warming  which he asserts for the Org.'s was that they did NOT deny  that humans  had an affect for co2 .  But NASA  itself   used the earth's orbit and   23.5 degree axis   along with the Sun's solar  cycles   as  98% +  factor for climate and weather  over the history for earth once it settled  into it's  current state   with liveable conditions.   I'm glad the Bill  pointed out those  people  and Org's   that supported Mann  were not in the room to prove it.
gasdive (2 years ago)
+Gary wood Wait... 'I'm acting arrogant'? You've decided that several entire professions, composed of thousands of people who've spent decades working on this are wrong and you're right, but I'm arrogant? I asked you what your point was by saying "So carbon is now a gas". How about you quit the insults and answer the question. What are you trying to say?
Gary wood (2 years ago)
+gasdive  Wow ,  it's too bad you people  are so quick to act arrogant and insult those   that don't live inside your reality  bubble.       Did you Google   what Carbon is  and  just   insert it in your retort  as if nobody ease on Earth   took Chemistry  in High School.      You remind me of the muslims that get  verbally abusive when someone  points out  that  islam is not a Religion of Peace   which  threatens their version of reality .        
gasdive (2 years ago)
+Gary wood Carbon can be a solid, liquid, gas or plasma. Atmospheric carbon is bound to other atoms, which makes it a gas at STP. What's your point? Or is your point "Look over there! a rabbit!"
Gary wood (2 years ago)
+gasdive  So carbon is now a gas . 
gasdive (2 years ago)
+Gary wood They don't 'prove Gore wrong'. They demonstrate a positive feedback between external forcings and atmospheric carbon. They actually show, if you care to think about them carefully, that Gore (well his advisers) are actually far too conservative. I wish things were are rosy as painted by Gore. The situation is far worse than that.
Brad Scott (3 years ago)
its the same as the war on Lead. people lose money. look it up thats the problem
IThinkWithMy Dick (3 years ago)
+Brad Scott Too bad for them. People made money selling cocaine & meth, yet those things are illegal.
VTV (3 years ago)
If future generations live to talk about it, they will discuss in disgust why we continued to dig up crap and burn it for energy, while at the same time cursed the heat generated from the sun.

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