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Shit Butch Lesbians Say In Bed

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Butch lesbians aren't always what you think in bed. MORE ARIELLE VIDEOS : http://bit.ly/SubscribeToGirlfriends TWITTER : http://bit.ly/AriellesTwitter INSTAGRAM : http://bit.ly/ArielleInstagram Butch Lesbians Hate Their Boobs? : http://bit.ly/1q4oCas Merch! T SHIRTS : http://bit.ly/ArielleTShirts NECKLACE / BRACELET : http://bit.ly/GfBfBeads Where To Find Arielle! INSTAGRAM : http://bit.ly/ArielleInstagram TUMBLR : http://bit.ly/ArielleTumblr TWITTER : http://bit.ly/AriellesTwitter FACEBOOK : http://bit.ly/ArielleFB SNAIL MAIL : GirlfriendsTV P.O. Box 280154 Brooklyn, NY 11228-154
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Text Comments (502)
olivia joelle (4 months ago)
Phabz Torcs (6 months ago)
Arielle wat a nice pussy..u have there can i fuck that..baby
M.J. Meece (7 months ago)
"Nah I'm a touch-me-not." Bitch me too.
Liv Sings (9 months ago)
i'm wheezing, this is hysterical
Boldeeri (1 year ago)
I’m sorry but the cat hair thing has happened to me
3llie mitch3ll (1 year ago)
“Your name is Vanessa” is my response to anything a butch lesbian has said to me now
Kate Horn (1 year ago)
Don't look at my boobs. Haha.
Jackie Masqaued (1 year ago)
HA!!! most of those things I say..
Kristy Melinda (2 years ago)
in my experience, they can sometimes be like the lesbian version of fuck boys. just in the way some of them pose for pics, and how easily they can break your heart. Not all of them ofcourse.
birds are real (2 years ago)
I've never been in bed with someone before but this is so tru
Lizzie Bowen (2 years ago)
I am gender queer and have been wanting top surgery for some time. I love women (and men I'm bi) and I love boobs a lot. I just don't feel like they're supposed to be on MY body. But I don't think a lesbian women would want to be with someone who doesn't have boobs.
Tony Bigtony (2 years ago)
Lizzie Bowen lmao wtf is a gender queer. You need a serious mental evaluation. Just because you make up a name for a mental condition doesn't make it normal or right.
Lizzie Bowen (2 years ago)
I feel the breasts on a personal level. I wanna get intimate with a girl but I don't wanna take my shirt off
No Name (2 years ago)
Ok I really need to get laid
Elishka Ghostley (2 years ago)
OMG! Just like my girl:'DD
hanzojinn (2 years ago)
Sandy Grungerson (2 years ago)
yuck. all 'round, just yuck.
Hospital Eyes (2 years ago)
Sounded like my trans ex-boyfriend in bed tho lmao
Ty Cat (2 years ago)
Lol not really me. But yes to the boxers for sure XD
Jorge Uchiha (2 years ago)
youre just fucking horrible sick bitch
Hospital Eyes (2 years ago)
+Jorge Afonso that's gay
Jorge Uchiha (2 years ago)
+Meijer Bleach fuck u 😀
Hospital Eyes (2 years ago)
So are you
Caitlin Thomas (2 years ago)
how do I get one of those shirts Arielle? I like them.
Panda 6929 (2 years ago)
lol none of those are me
I'm Dead (2 years ago)
pussy muscle! XD
Lucy Dawn (2 years ago)
"don't look at my booooobs"
Smh. (3 years ago)
omg 😭 so true lmfao
layla Fields (3 years ago)
I hate her
layla Fields (3 years ago)
is this chick a freaking lesbian
layla Fields (3 years ago)
+KeeKee Autumn OH NO WONDER!!!!!!! THAX!!!!!👩👭👫👵👴💩👶🙀👰👸
Keely Rae (3 years ago)
your name is Vanessa 😂😂😂 I died laughing
Mark Stockman (3 years ago)
LOL! I love masculine, powerful women- but that is just taking every negative stereotype about males (most of which are accurate) and rolling around in them like a dog rolls in. . . whatever it finds. SO funny. Reminds me of the time I asked this really cool "butch" lady out, and she didn't just shoot me down- she said (and I quote) "I wouldn't go out with you; your face is too wide and your tongue is too short." O_O We actually ended up being pretty close friends- she was planning on transitioning F to M, and we got into some long discussions about (ahem) the essentials of being a male. Her partner was really cool too.
Brianique Ishere (3 years ago)
Katarina (3 years ago)
Jo Pestorius (3 years ago)
"Your name is Vanessa." Killed it with the delivery.
Anna shagrath (3 years ago)
ahahahahahahaha you always make me laugh... especially this video was the best!
chaosdream1 (3 years ago)
and its all such a major turnoff. screw that, fem for life.
chaosdream1 (3 years ago)
+Leanna Shahbazian noty, but you gogo gurl .. or boi
No Stop (3 years ago)
+chaosdream1 butch for life
chaosdream1 (3 years ago)
+Leanna Shahbazian x)
No Stop (3 years ago)
XD oh my lord....I'm done.
Kimslim (3 years ago)
I can't stop laughing !!! 😂😂
Pierre Farah Aubin (3 years ago)
Lmao 😂
why are we making fun of sex ? it does not matter what people do in bed, gay or not. Straight people have issues with their dicks in bed too, they don't make videos like lesbians does. So why lesbians putting themselves out there like sex is so important and how it is play out in bed between a butch or a femme. I am baffled by all of this.
sorry that I ignited  the fury in you. It is merely just a conversation. I honestly don't care much about what people do or say, it has nothing to do with my real life. take care.
JESS MOO (3 years ago)
This video is a poking fun of butch lesbians, it is an indication that lgbtq are making fun of themselves, that if they are not joking in this video. But , since they are laughing and joking, this video just just for entertainent only and it does not hold true to nothing . Not all femme act this way and not all butch talking like what Arielle mentions above. So maybe  they have encountered these things personally and they are putting these statements in a nontrue basket. Everyone and every group is different based on sex, gender, sexual orientation and their culture ( as from Japan, China). The world is big girl. Not like what you think in your little perimeter of life. So I take this video is for entertainment only and it makes me laugh. That is all to it. Got it Jess Moo?
I said, why lgbtqp people like to do a  comparison between   butch vs femme on sex, I don't see straight folks do videos about a man on the bottom or a women should be on top comparison. LGBTQP are putting themselves out there educating about sex between a butch and a femme is doing extra stuff. I don't see straight people out there categorizing their gender identity; so my opinion is that, why in the hell does sex between a femme and a butch matter? let put this way, LGBTs are a small subculture and focus on small subculture issue (sex) dealing with the least important which is sex in bed. I still like other videos pertaining lgbt issues and etc... but I still think that homosexuals shouldn't care too much about how a femme and a butch do it, we are so diverse and  fluid that this video does not explain, hold truth or contribute to other major groups of lgbtq  and how they interact in bed. It does not apply to all and it is certainly a stereotype. Straight people watching this will have a stereotypical view on a small percentage of lgbtq private life. Which does not hold true. . 
JESS MOO (3 years ago)
+ANNCOCONUTVIETNAM Saying that straight people don't make videos like these is not an opinion, it is making a claim. asking a question about why gay people make videos like these is not an opinion, it is a question. I have no problems on people stating opinions, but literally nothing from your original statement was an opinion so no, I am not tracking that.
Ashley (3 years ago)
Jeb Hampton (3 years ago)
OMG i want to bang a butch chick soo bad i love short haired women ! like i just want to be taken over by a stright up butch female have her ride my cock and tell me dirty things and no not all men are like me im weird like that !
Aintza Sukhon (3 years ago)
I'm butch and I can say, this video hurts my feelings. I still don't understand why pplz dnt like butch lesbians. okay.. never mind.
Bade Karakaş (1 year ago)
It has been two years since your comment but I couldn’t pass it. I think you are very brave. It is very hard to be butch in turkey as much as I have experienced in with my girlfriend. She is also a butch and usually mistaken by being a boy. Umarim guzel bir hayatin vardir su an sevgiler♥️
Aintza Sukhon (2 years ago)
+martin stratton shit dude i'm a women and i like my boobs no need cock. im NOT a TRANSGENDER I'M A LESBIAN
Aintza Sukhon (2 years ago)
+DEZI oh you are so kind:),
DEZI (2 years ago)
I truly doubt that this video was intended to hate on butch lesbians. It was meant for comedic purposes only, the same goes if it were a video on lipstick lesbians or pillow princess, etc. I am sad that it hurt your feelings but please don't let something that was meant to be light-hearted burden you down.
Aintza Sukhon (2 years ago)
+martin stratton ok, let me tell ya something about LGBT history then. There are butch lesbians because in history, lesbian couples can't live comfortable like today. So one of them just pretend like a man because of the stay away from the "lesbian witch hunters" And yes, we have equality now(almost) but we still do it because we dont want to forgive this pains in the history, i dont know why other lesbians do it but i do it because of this. And in my country, we dont have equality at all.(i mean its legal to be gay since 1780 but no marriage) .
C C (3 years ago)
Completely inaccurate. Im a stud and I don't approve this video smh I'm just saying, are any of these ppl even gay themselves. Did they really jus throw on a basball cap and a team lesbian tshirt to portray a "butch". Do better
LewIs (3 years ago)
Really?? Lol! Funny..
I'm Watching You (3 years ago)
And my pussy muscle !! hahahahahahhaha  lol :D
Mika Albornoz (3 years ago)
this is really offensive dude, for sure. I've been watching a lot of your vids because I think you are funny, but there's often a lot of like unconscious joking to masculine of center people that can be kinda hurtful. Idk, just sharing some thoughts.
GHOSTCHASER01 (3 years ago)
Corrine Dixon (3 years ago)
I mean are these videos ment to be funny?? im quite the feminist but I dont see 'gay' I see people but the way you portray the lgbt community is very stereotypical from a person who wants to help people ?! I just dont get it?
Ray Exodus (3 years ago)
This is more of a trans comedy than butch. I'm transgender and I find this hilarious... XD The best part is I'm submissive and don't tell any of this shit in my bed, in fact why the hell would I use any sort of cock, even plastic, if I'm gay? Fingers are enough in my opinion But still this is funny and anyone getting offended should google the meaning of comedy
Gigi Dk (3 years ago)
I just started watching ur videos, love them! They're honest and funny. Tnx for making them.
Clark Kent (3 years ago)
Butch lesbians are hotter than straight girls, There.... I said it!
broke Locke (2 years ago)
+Keely lol
No Stop (3 years ago)
+KeeKee Autumn good!
Keely Rae (3 years ago)
we know😏
No Stop (3 years ago)
They're sexy as fuck
lil li (3 years ago)
omg i'm no lesbian or anything but damn that was the funniest shit of life. catch that pose lol
Christy T (3 years ago)
"No, I want to leave my shirt on!"
Solitary As Always (3 years ago)
Whut? :D
Kayden T (3 years ago)
"I'd be so hard right now if I had a dick" ok that's me 😂😂😂😂
fanaticgirlanon (3 years ago)
Half the things on here just made me go: Awe. Or: Oh, honey. *shakes head*
DanneyJ27 (3 years ago)
She sexy
Tommy Cascell (3 years ago)
lol wtf omg not gay
Redbandit (3 years ago)
Look at this muscle, look at this muscle, look at this ***** muscle!!! Don't look at my boobs
Eylül Alara (4 years ago)
117MCT (4 years ago)
doubt this hooker ever even looked at a butch girl... pfft  this is stupid
Marisa Brown (4 years ago)
to the ladies wondering if all butch girls are like this; no. to all the people offended by this; it's comedy.  i am butch, (usually lmfao) and actually a total bottom. 
Liliya Petrova (4 years ago)
I love exactly those kind of women. ^.^ And I would be so happy to call her Daddy if she also like it especially in the bed...(blushed)  ^.^ Nahh...I m quite serious. :))) But this video is fun  hahh :)))
Echo Satya (4 years ago)
Rae T (4 years ago)
"Call me daddy" "Your name is vanessa" OH GOD THST MADE ME LAUGH OUT LOUD...why am I typing in caps? Oh well, great now I sound dumb.
][ (4 years ago)
LOL this is so funny
Brett Summers (4 years ago)
Wow.  Talk about being obvious that you dislike butches/think they are ridiculous or something.  Totally making fun of them.  Not cool.
Denea Msmith (4 years ago)
Spicy pussy (phillpina) is the best, there is no bad pussy flaver
elliot xo (4 years ago)
I'm Dying
aryana deleon (4 years ago)
I like that sharks hat.! ahha
veronicajade20 (4 years ago)
"Call me Daddy!" "You're name is Vanessa!" That is so me!!! I love butch women, but some of them *DO* take that shit a little too damn far, lol.
No Stop (3 years ago)
I love calling butch girls or tomboys "daddy" lol
Regan Byrne (4 years ago)
I think I just realised I'm butch haha 
Cejae Ree (4 years ago)
Kayla ann (4 years ago)
That was super funny
itskierajessica (4 years ago)
ahhahaha :') so funny!
Ronnie Z (4 years ago)
Hilarious! !!!
Dark Chimera (4 years ago)
That's not a butch lesbian. That's a trans guy. Source: I'm a trans guy
Kala K (1 year ago)
That's a butch lesbian. Source: I'm a butch lesbian
Andy Hobbz (1 year ago)
most butches aren't super comfy with their female bodies either. This is why it's taken me a decade of debating whether I'm butch or trans...because literally the only difference involves whether we want to move through life appearing as a man to the world, or moving through life as "a woman 'trying to be' a man." Also, most females are uncomfortable with their bodies. Just food for thought. It's more nuanced than the current narrative wants us to believe. (if it were as simple as the 'I knew I was transgender because I've been gender nonconforming since childhood/uncomfortable going through female puberty", ALL butches would be transmen.
Martalieo Norwood (1 year ago)
+Dark Chimera ikr
Dark Chimera (2 years ago)
I just want to clarify: The only parts making me think transguy instead of butch lesbian is that the character seems to have body dysphoria which means (s)he's uncomfortable with their own female body
No Stop (3 years ago)
+KittyKraz13 thank you!
LezbroBrite (4 years ago)
If i could like this shit a million time I would OMFG!!!! now I know some are meant to be jokes so is it sad the a handful or more has been said too me before .... Idk whether too laugh harder or do one of these :/ lbvs :p
PIma River (4 years ago)
I know some fe
Peacelover1212 (4 years ago)
Jake Reynolds (4 years ago)
xxtheprettyreckless (4 years ago)
hahahah I laughed hard at this one
Soft Bun (4 years ago)
I am not afraid to admit that i'm a butch but i'm also a submissive bottom xD
Flying mint bunny OuO (3 years ago)
Spider Man (3 years ago)
+SinfulSweetie We are a dying race. ; A :
Caitlinmorrisxx (4 years ago)
Work it 💅
Shou Desco (4 years ago)
I have a feeling butch lesbians are exactly like that at least once in bed. Though I don't know if I'll ever get to have that experience seeing as my current relationship is going really well and I'd rather not cheat on my partner even out of curiosity... BUT this is at least half true for all lesbians out there. Fact.
Th'kaal (4 years ago)
The "butch" seems more like an ftm.  Especially with the body issues.  Wanting to hide her breasts and avoid them being seen. Yeah, this is way too similar to some of my ftm friends.
Cellar Dweller (4 years ago)
I don't get how lesbians who are not "butch" are attracted to the really butch ones? especially if they have strap-on sex lol. if you're attracted to male characteristics like that how can you be not at least be kind-of Bi, I get it's not that simple and I kindof "understand" it but idk. I mean you kindof make it seem like they want to physically be a man. I find hard to understand if a girl is only into that type and not into guys or lipstick lesbians, though i'm accepting of it of course. It's just kindof odd still maybe because it's still not too mainstream for me. And with gay/bi people you can throw the whole trans thing into the equation and it just gets more complicated, you can be a girl with male characteristics who's attracted to a male who is now a female who's in turn attracted to you, what to you call that?(and then there's the fact that they both could also be attracted to[and not to] a bunch of other types of people). That's just the tip of the iceberg in complication.
Oh Hamburgers (4 years ago)
It's really simple when you just realize that people just like what they like. 
Sals Zerker (4 years ago)
omfg i started dying at 'don't look at my boobs'
WhatAShane (4 years ago)
Omg haha! I love this
I y a n a (4 years ago)
When you were making the duck lips and not smiling I laughed way too hard. xD
Shaun Roberts (4 years ago)
Lmao Arielle you rule!!! If i had a decent sized penis, i would so rock your world, Arielle 😃
Sidenote...can you do a video about late discovery lesbians? I'm 26 and have questioned my sexuality for about 15yrs now, even married a man, until finally realizing (and coming to terms with) the fact I'm gay (rather than bi or pans like I've labelled myself for the last decade). I legit thought I was attracted to guys before realizing I just...don't. I not only prefer women, but exclusively.
Sidenote...can you do a video about late discovery lesbians? I'm 26 and have questioned my sexuality for about 15yrs now, even married a man, until finally realizing (and coming to terms with) the fact I'm gay (rather than bi or pans like I've labelled myself for the last decade). I legit thought I was attracted to guys before realizing I just...don't. I not only prefer women, but exclusively.
I just started watching your videos and they are all so funny!
Chloe Rivera (4 years ago)
I seriously hate her.
BornAgainHippie h (4 years ago)
Clarisa Rodriguez (4 years ago)
Hhahahahah "don't look at my boobs :O" LOL so true all the more reason to date femme's or bi-straight girls instead
Ϝ Romero (4 years ago)
Mainly liking because my name's Vanessa...
Nyjha Davis (4 years ago)
XD this sounds like me lmao
Kalee Heppler (4 years ago)
I listen to nickleback
Caitlinmorrisxx (4 years ago)
Luke Frohling (4 years ago)
Hahahaha! This is sooo funny!

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