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Curious George | English Full Episode | Funny Cartoon For Kids Double-Oh-Monkey takes on his most important case yet - to prevent Steve's well-intentioned (but always disastrous) "good luck present" from ruining Betsy's dance recital! ► Subscribe to the Curious George Official channel for many full episodes every week: http://bit.ly/2fNhwJS ► Watch Curious George Official Video here! ► Watch All Videos Curious George Official Full Episodes: http://bit.ly/2yIkYZR ► Watch More Curious George Official Full Episodes: http://bit.ly/2yYjAmZ ► Watch More Curious George Official Season 4 Full Episodes: http://bit.ly/2xYI3tK Curious George Season 4: George becomes a personal trainer for Professor Wiseman, goes on a Junior Sprout field trip, helps restore a classic movie theater, and is the special guest monkey at Allie's kindergarten! Curious George is a sweet African monkey who can't help but run into trouble. George's friend, "The Man in the Yellow Hat," tries very hard to care for George and is always saving the day. The show's themes are about learning, forgiveness and playful curiosity.
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Ewan9875 0 (9 days ago)
I love curious George
Kids Media (9 days ago)
so good video
Darren Andrietto (10 days ago)
cool video
Zachary Olsen (10 days ago)
I love your movies
Ultra Boss man (10 days ago)
João De Oliveira melo (10 days ago)

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