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Akon - Angel Live at The Victorias Secret Fashion Show 2010 (Full HD)

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Sara Khan (22 days ago)
I wonder what happened to the creative team of vs these days. The standard outfits accessories and wings back then is awesome
find my fav song
Shelia Overbey (1 year ago)
he's old songs are always the best
miss elfy (1 year ago)
you can tell that he wasn't lip synch , the "thank you at the end " was also offset . meaning: there was a general voice technical issue
chuck deemo (1 year ago)
Haha I remember watching this, best part is vin diesel fist pumping in the background 😂
Candice swanepoel 😍😍😍😍😍 she's a masterpiece all of them are they are so beautiful
Ilan Mello (1 year ago)
3:42 Adriana ALWAYS A STAR. Minha rainha.
Amihan A.M. (1 year ago)
i loved how everyone looked as if they were having fun here, everyone was so happy, I didn't realize it, but I was actually smiling while watching this. Something about their positive vibe, just shot me with happiness...
donghao yuan (2 years ago)
Song with video is very good
Mihir Kansagra (2 years ago)
Whoever recorded has the audio messed up. Look at the original, he isn't lip syncing. That's why half the artists get bad rap cuz someone has shitty recording software.
Pablo Gutierrez (2 years ago)
Who is at 3:18 ?
Anna Idzan (2 years ago)
lip singing 100%
Geneviev Maban (2 years ago)
Candice should've worn her harp-like WINGS!
ecwinste (2 years ago)
Who wouldn't want females to see these models as having the ideal form? They totally do.
Kalonseok Seok (2 years ago)
nice song and Akon did a great performance but his lip syncing was soooooooooo bad
Helena Høiberg (2 years ago)
akon got a boner ;D hahahahaha
kyle timpson (2 years ago)
stop lip lynching , learn how to dance, and buy a suit that doesn't look so cheap
alejandro banegas (2 years ago)
Favorite Candice moment ever! Everything was on point skin,makeup,outfit,song. Everything was just perfect
張達智 (2 years ago)
amor L (2 years ago)
Akon - Angel
rony carreno (2 years ago)
whats name the song
hussein335 (2 years ago)
rony carreno ....
thoms utomo (2 years ago)
flavia walk at 2.46 sooo good..
Mackenzie Nolan (2 years ago)
Can I get a lipsinc?
DRAGONXxQUEEN (2 years ago)
last outfit was so ugly
80's man (2 years ago)
who is that tool thinking he so fu**cking cool wearing just a t-shirt.  What a dic**head !!!
Shannon (2 years ago)
His character shunned fashion in The Devil Wears Prada as well....
Sergio Ortiz (2 years ago)
Daiana Diaz (2 years ago)
Why that girl always trynna talk to the camera 😂😂
Bubble Monkey (2 years ago)
mitchella surin (2 years ago)
he used auto tune duh
MMaya (2 years ago)
2:06 lol that pour girl... can't walk... not saying it's easy in that outfit tho...
HindsightPOV (2 years ago)
Britney needs to give Akon pointers on how to lip synch like a pro.
hussein335 (2 years ago)
HindsightPOV a lot of the song wasn't lip syncing. Listen closer
Roman Sakunov (2 years ago)
The cLOWN!!!!
Terence Thong (2 years ago)
is akon having a god damn boner?
Fairmaiden65 (2 years ago)
lol I wondered that too, poor guy
Ian Love (2 years ago)
so pretty and great Angels !
fuhsha0924 (2 years ago)
Who is first model ? A Sense of Rhythm is good.
Maria Maló (2 years ago)
+fuhsha0924 chanel iman
addis11100 (3 years ago)
akron bakon
Lucie Bergeron (3 years ago)
Could he make it more obvious that he wasn't actually singing
maik fischer (2 years ago)
+Littleathquakes nope wtf dude, the video is asynchronus, not the lips.
Littleathquakes (2 years ago)
+maik fischer no. he really was lip syncing.
maik fischer (2 years ago)
the video is asynchronous
Andrea Coletta (3 years ago)
is he in playback?
JAVIER PALACIO (3 years ago)
Adriana Always the Star
Aditya Das (3 years ago)
Who's the guy at 2:00?
Tadeáš (2 years ago)
+Aditya Das adrain grenier :)
Corey Pimper (3 years ago)
bad lip singing
hussein335 (2 years ago)
Corey Pimper most of it was NOT lip syncing
Corey Pimper (2 years ago)
o ok mate
McJohnrae Ampil (2 years ago)
lol, mate...
pinche playback
Go Paolo (3 years ago)
The angels were probably like... bruh, gtfo the way
Antonella Romero (3 years ago)
no es lipsing the image is not in cordance with the sound if you see at the final when he speaks, His mouth is still incordinate
music videos 2015/2016 (3 years ago)
He is lip singing people no he probably isn't
dsorvita (3 years ago)
Out of sync
Unknown (3 years ago)
who's the odd body anorexic at 433
Dalisha Silva (3 years ago)
I love This Song So Much!😍
JAVIER PALACIO (3 years ago)
Adriana Always The Star!
Cléo Santos (3 years ago)
candice g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s!!! E ESSE CORPO LINDONA? ME DÁ
Minh Nguyen (2 years ago)
cant agree more
maimuna khan (3 years ago)
lol akon is all over the ramp..
Jonathan Zegarra (3 years ago)
Adriana I love you <3 <3
Gustavo Lourenço (3 years ago)
poor victoria secrets
Ana Terra (3 years ago)
BEEEEEST PART "Adriana always a star" oh yeah
Simon Niklaus (3 years ago)
Who is the blonde one at 3:31 ???
Meme KWEEN Penelope (3 years ago)
Candice Swanepoel 💕
T A S H A (3 years ago)
For everyone saying he's lip singing the audio is off but there's till auto tune in the song
Karen Rvs (3 years ago)
And Alessandra? :(
Iry Wallenholm (3 years ago)
What a nice video! :) Keep up the good content ;) Hugs from Sweden
Anne Ramones (3 years ago)
" Adriana always the star" <3
Go Paolo (3 years ago)
+Anne Ramones she is peerless
'Adriana always a star' <3
Lucas Ludd (3 years ago)
Lip sync sucks ass akon please!
gianfranco nomberto (3 years ago)
jajajaja i hate the playback
Cherry Spears (3 years ago)
Love Adriana ..
Hakan Altınçubuk (3 years ago)
+905418092662 whatsnap or tango
diya krishnan (3 years ago)
Akron is Lip syncing
KELLY SOTELLO (3 years ago)
Renee Lin (3 years ago)
victoria's secret should have a museum to showcase all of their costumes and have sections for the different years.
AGbaby235 (3 years ago)
Lip-syncing much lmao.
SoundSpark (3 years ago)
+AGbaby235 no lip-syncing, just out of tune singing.
Funeral Giggle (3 years ago)
+ҒℓυҒҒℓƎ ƤυҒҒ "trying" is right.
Alanie Padia (3 years ago)
+AGbaby235 just playbacks. hes singing with them
Victoria levy (3 years ago)
Hes singing over it i hear it but the actual song has a lot of autotune so it doesnt sound the same
No u could you hear him actually trying to sing
ranan Alyan (3 years ago)
lip sync dammmmmmmmm
Marcela Filova (3 years ago)
Akon´s moves are so fresh.
meer uddin (4 years ago)
MeerUddinKingWorld - Meer Uddin Live Show.
Diesel 993 (4 years ago)
Candice!!! *-* <3
Isaias Classen (4 years ago)
not even a live performance
Noturno Scott (3 years ago)
+Isaias Classen slow video
Magda Kowalska (4 years ago)
Anja Rubik is not a good Angel... :(
Anna Danielson (4 years ago)
love how you can see the lip sync
ANGELIQUE (4 years ago)
+Anna Danielson Not necessarily lip sync, because there is a glitch/gap between the video and the sound. The sound is way behind the video.
Joshua Fakunle (4 years ago)
ewww...what is akon doing????
chris green Philly (4 years ago)
I can no longer watch Akon without thinking of him singing, 'I just had sex.......'
Guypetch Singsuwan (4 years ago)
Lily, Flavia and Candice lol
Eli de Araceli (4 years ago)
Who's the second model? (1:15)
Eli de Araceli (4 years ago)
Thank you sooo much +Rebecca Li !
Rebecca Li (4 years ago)
that's Magdalena Frackowiak
luyengoctuan (4 years ago)
3:03 who is she????
Alice Castro (4 years ago)
Flávia de Oliveira, a brazilian top model.
Jeremiah Shum (4 years ago)
the sound doesnt look synced up with his fat lips
JAVIER PALACIO (4 years ago)
Flavia The best!
sara sgr (4 years ago)
before i thought was behati prinsloo,but it's flavia de oliveira,they look like sisters!!!!!
Jaianna Carlene (4 years ago)
Hahaha nice lip syncing Akon 
Russo Tricking (4 years ago)
Ufff Flavia destroyed me on this segment ^^
shegwa1 (4 years ago)
was he singing?
NM 12 (4 years ago)
no!it  was playback
shegwa1 (4 years ago)
+Ashlyn Styles i  meant it looks like he is lip syncing
Ashlyn Styles (4 years ago)
fogsvans2 (4 years ago)
Malin Åkerman at 02.01 I think : ) 
Carlos Kuan (4 years ago)
My all time favorite VSFS! <3
Diana Buffamanti (4 years ago)
How the hell can they breathe
Dominique Porchi (4 years ago)
That's what so impressive about the show... And fashion shows in general :)
Vousie V (4 years ago)
More importantly, how so they walk with those high heels? The PAIN they must be in...
mckayxx (4 years ago)
in my opinion adrianna is the most beautiful woman ive ever seen
boom panes (4 years ago)
What a funny adventure. From a video about guns in games to this.
aizada tolumbekova (4 years ago)
Tessa Ana (4 years ago)
why playback?
moodear4147 (4 years ago)
Candice!! OMG She's perfect.
Sessa Notebook (4 years ago)
i came here coz of akon yr ma love 
Lozza1996 (5 years ago)
who's at 3:24 xx :) ??
snecaman (5 years ago)
the one and only Adriana Lima
thingatchu (5 years ago)
Chanel is beyond perfect.
Jim J.C (5 years ago)
This is 99% Lip-syncing + 1% playback.So fucking fake,nigga
Melange S.I. (5 years ago)
Victoria's Secret Show
you can hear it that he is playbacking, at 3.13 at example you hear him really singing

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