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Men on Scandal Vermont Is for Lovers Too (made with Spreaker)

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Source: http://www.spreaker.com/user/menonscandal/men-on-scandal-vermont-is-for-lovers-too A recap of Season 3 Episode 8.
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MegaDCDIVA (5 years ago)
Men on Scandal. You guys got it going on. I hope Shonda Rhimes and ABC feature you guys sometime this season as the super fans to follow. See you guys over at Scandal-Real Talk on Facebook.
awesomeone382 (5 years ago)
Y'all are so funny
sijjiin sijjiin (5 years ago)
LOL! James GOT a job? From those pictures it looked like he GAVE one!
sijjiin sijjiin (5 years ago)
LOL! A Slim Jim!!! Y'all are nuts! Love this show!

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