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NOAH: the TRUTH is BIGGER than you thought......the JourNey BeGins

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NOAH (FULL Noah Movie ~WATCH FULL JURASSIC NOW: http://godinanutshell.com/2015/10/19/jurassic-official-jurassic-dvd-real-jurassic-world/ "NEVER TRUST THE ENKI" OWN NOAH http://godinanutshell.com/product/noah-two-2-disc-collectors-edition-the-journey-begins-ends/ is a JourNey into the vast evidence of the Global Flood, Occult, Demons, Nephilim, Enoch, the Watchers, the Enki, Tower of Babel, Mystery Teachings of Fallen Angels, God, Satan, Heaven, Hell and the dimensions between.... A FULL documentary investigation into the science behind the supernatural. GOD Dimension: Is GOD REAL? https://youtu.be/6dmwzYL1rcg Entities: https://youtu.be/e86yOpih3eI NephS (NEW) : A TRUE Journey into the Dark Dimensions. For Nephilim 2 disc DVD http://godinanutshell.com/product/nephilim-two-disc-dvd-bonus-disc-contains-two-extra-documentaries/ The Two Disc Nephilim Collector's Set contains 3 Nephilim Documentaries -- Two of which are not currently up for public view. Noah: Welcome to the JourNey. the Truth is BIGGER than you thought...... Noah, God, Satan, Occult and Flood are ALL now science fact. Noah: The documentary "Noah" takes a hard look, not just at the ancient beliefs, practices, demons, spirits, fallen angels, "aliens" & dark gods going all the way back to their source -- the Tower of Babel itself; but greater still, a sobering walk through some of our current "poor-man sciences" & "textbook mythologies" (such as 1859 Darwin-ism and Evolution-ism .... often debated as "Creation vs. Evolution-ism), to the growing finds of SOFT TISSUE & Dino DNA in dinosaurs... all the way to the controversial Dinosaur Ica Stones.... to the Neanderthal (Human) long-lifespans, to the evidence of a Global Flood (Noah's Flood / Noah's Deluge) all across the surface of the whole planet Earth itself. Noah: The documentary "Noah" also covers the ancient serpent worship on altars of blood by those creatures with elongated skulls that some call "Nephilim, Annunaki, the Races of Giants, etc.... Children of the Fallen Angels..... from the realms of hell and the underworld..... to the throne of God Himself, and cross of Jesus Christ.... and the boat that saved mankind...... from writings on stone all across the globe. Noah: A true JourNey from the cells to the stars.... to the rage of waters from Noah's Flood..... the Epic of Gilgamesh..... pages of Revelation..... and the dimensions of the unseen... and that which lies between. Enjoy Noah...... ~trey smith Noah: Special Thanks to: Michael Donner -- Music for Noah https://www.youtube.com/user/MichaelDonnerMusic Jon Rovetto -- DVD production for Noah https://www.facebook.com/jrovetto Rick Hummer -- Voice Overs for Noah https://www.facebook.com/rick.hummer.1 Ric Viers -- Sound Effects for Noah http://www.ricviers.com/ Noah written, directed and produced by Trey Smith FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/pages/Trey-Smith/225928674108976?ref=hl YOUTUBE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCul300ELNnKXyxFosz1HyJA God in a Nutshell Project: http://godinanutshell.com/ Noah: Extra Thanks & Suggested Resources: Dr. Carl Smith (Mathematics & probability calculations) Dr. Don Patton (Dinosaur carbon dating, Dinosaur / Human footprints, Dinosaurs in same strata as humans) http://www.bible.ca/tracks/ask-creationist.htm Dr. Jack Cuozzo (Neanderthal Research / Long Lifespans) http://jackcuozzo.com/ Dr. Walt Brown (author of "In the Beginning" -- credited with Hydroplate theory) http://www.creationscience.com/onlinebook/ Answers in Genesis: https://answersingenesis.org/ Dr. Chuck Missler: http://khouse.org/ Noah: Links to other Trey Smith / God in a Nutshell videos Noah: Theory of Everything by Trey Smith.... Enjoy a FULL debunking of Charles Darwin's 1859 Theory of Evolution which spawned today's popular textbook Evolution mythology. Evolution dis-proven using EVERY SINGLE SCIENCE known to man.... An Easy Step-by-Step video for those who want EXTREMELY EASY, Basic & Practical ways to disprove evolution to their friends. http://youtu.be/mtBz1roiQR8?list=PLEA099CE59F0A0322 Noah: Evolution Debunked (one hour video) http://youtu.be/Gjvuwne0RrE?list=UUul300ELNnKXyxFosz1HyJA Noah: Nephilim by Trey Smith http://youtu.be/1zz8_MxcnzY?list=UUul300ELNnKXyxFosz1HyJA Noah: Enoch by Trey Smith http://youtu.be/BZGN6EKjvAo?list=UUul300ELNnKXyxFosz1HyJA Noah: the Choice by Trey Smith http://youtu.be/TVbJHaK7Tvc?list=PL51223A92C1C8E130 Subscribe to God in a Nutshell project: the most unusual news, entertainment and information website on Earth http://godinanutshell.com/
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Michael Martin (5 minutes ago)
My name is Michael Martin and I'm asking for prayer that you would pray for me for restoration healing and mostly restoration of my soul I feel that I've been attacked by the enemy trying to put me in a evil reward and I've been fighting for Jesus for 35 years one and people that Jesus is coming I need to be prayed for because the devil is literally wore me out I need strength healing and restoration y'all please pray for me they said they wanted the United States under the EU rule in 12 years we got to get to harvest in I ask for your prayers seen it on the news we got to get to harbison and get them filled with the holy ghost God bless you
I truly enjoyed it.
WeekndWarrior (6 hours ago)
This guy is like the Joker's religious uncle. Heath Ledger's Joker. Not saying he's crazy. Seems somewhat sane, but had odd mannerisms.
DevInvest (11 hours ago)
1:21:30 What is that music? Anyone please ..
J19 Games (15 hours ago)
1:36:09 watching this at 1AM. This is gonna give me nightmares possibly 😂
Keith Frederick (17 hours ago)
The sickle moon and star. Interesting. There is a religion that has that symbol that originates from the fertile crescent that's causing all kinds of problems and blood shed.
Dawn Adams (1 day ago)
This is by far the best video I have watched. I want to thank you Trey Smith. Looking forward to watching all your stuff. Sharing with my family and friends. God bless you my friend.
bill c (1 day ago)
Graeme Hacking (1 day ago)
GIANTS NEPHILIM TITANS ARE ALL REAL THEY WERE KILLED IN NOAH'S FLOOD CHECK OUT mudfossil university website "" DNA-Tested Mudfossils of Ancient Giants Found All Over the Earth ...""
Anthony Pavlik (1 day ago)
Like the Pyramid..... not the camel....🤣🤣🤔🤔🤪🤪🤪
smilus joel (1 day ago)
Oh my gosh! I never doubted the Noah account but this is amazing. And I'm a double degreed engineer. Evolution defies physics- done! The math for the animals brought me up tears.
robert mclaughlin (1 day ago)
justin case (1 day ago)
Why is it these sickos keep trying to plead with the word of God trying to make their own twisted view of how they think the world should view them, I mean listen how this creepo sounds, like some type of slithering thing climbed up in his ass an is doing the mc hammer dance on his colen. These types of ppl are so annoying with their retarded drama like that retard on Saturday night live show who was left home alone one to many times by his adopted parents,"look what I can do, look what I can do,..fkn moron. I mean really guy you don't get out to much do ya?, I can't imagine why,.... ok I lied,.. is it that every time you go out there's these two same police officers that just keep fuckin with you, making you spread um, bend over an make your Chin touch your balls squate an say hyl hittler, ok look take a number it's happened to the best of us. Or is it those little bad kids around the block, who keep chasing you into traffic, life's just so hard.look Jimmy do yourself one last favor for all of us YouTubers put the noose slowly around your neck an the other end of the rope to a sterdy tree limb, pull your pants down, stand on a chair barely supporting your wieght an jurk off, make sure you video record yourself so that you disgrace your family when you die, tanks for sharing
Jayk Roach (2 days ago)
Flat Earth
vincent reinard (2 days ago)
you should just do commentary on other peoples videos
Lewrene Lamse (2 days ago)
God is in Control of everything. ❗️ even climate control ,if there is problems with our climate , it is man-made , with pollution and it will make people sick and kill hundreds of people , cause lots of fires all over the wold, our plants , animals are being destroyed, we need to get rid of HHRP and all other man made climate control programs, they are out to destroy humanity and Our planet called earth ,
You are GREAT...much love your way...Im fascinated by the you tell the TRUTH...may GOD BLESS YOU and YOURS....I'M WAITING FOR SOME MORE...THANK YOU
LeeAnne Phillips (2 days ago)
I can tell you for certain, I could comprehend a whole lot better, deeper if you didn't have the music in the back ground Trey. It is highly distracting. This information needs to be understood.. I am a fairly bright gal and even I have a hard time hearing and keeping the words your speaking together. In fact, I already know and comprehend the truth. I am on a continual thirst for more. So I can further teach. Please do this without the music!! Please let me know!!! Aloha 🌺 🌺 🌺 🙏
Andrea Dorethy (2 days ago)
He's definitely got a problem my God he's nuts
George Horner (2 days ago)
didn't hear a word, did you?
stephen nelson (2 days ago)
Bro way too many retarded hand motions
Eilene Kellogg (2 days ago)
Your forgetting about The Almighty God Jehovah active energy force. This force can accomplish. What he wants . His own name means caused to become.
steven houghton (2 days ago)
Cannot listen to your whining voice for 3 and half hours doesn't matter how good the video is you make religion more boring than what it already is sorry
One Thought (3 days ago)
The hell is this toxic bullshit? Noah's flood has been debunked by geology, palaeontology and zoology a number of times.
Amanda White Fields (3 days ago)
Lottie Ephendah (3 days ago)
Sure wish you'd learn to read faster.
Richard Nolan (3 days ago)
I really enjoy your s*** but you're f****** Hamilton really annoying dude little much your work day enough you don't need The Dramatics
W. George (3 days ago)
Do you think its possible that, if you go small enough, the particles become two-dimensional?
Tiffany Sims (3 days ago)
This is so interesting to me! I took me a minute to get used to the hand movements....but now I like them!
Echad Lev Shtim (3 days ago)
People arent paying attention to modern science and genetics and even the science community leaves it up for interpretation when the information is definitive. The Out Of Africa theory is no longer theory and what we are seeing is an evolved chromagnon African, where the ancient blacks went north and turned white, still carrying the old Neanderthal gene. New Man in the bible scripture are the next generation of black albino born with the Blue Eye and replace the OCA2 with the newest mutation; the HERC2, an adaptive melenation that blocks the Albino gene, which is specific to the blue.
Christina Zacco (3 days ago)
Trey, thank you so very much for your amazing video. I have watched so many videos, so many. I can confidently say that no other video has given me multiple chills or touched me so much. Yours is an amazing brain - thank you for sharing your gift with us. 🙏🌈
Ja De (3 days ago)
the Ark, God's Unsinkable ship
Brandon Dunn (3 days ago)
I like this guy
lolo Lolo (3 days ago)
You are a trip.
Neil Friedel (3 days ago)
I can't put my finger on it but you make it awesome to love God. To know God loves me. Listening to you and your work makes it effortless loving my creator with ease. As in without fear or dissapointment or shame for who I am. Love you brother. Love to all my brothers and sisters. Love to the almighty. Love to king Jesus. Praise God. Thanks trey
Why is it that godinanutshellcom translates to me as God be in my head God be in my looking God be in my understanding God Be in my Heart Etc
Redexs.A mcc (3 days ago)
The Noah story(where ever you choose to accept it from) and all the Torah was created for the future generations who so far seperated in time had no memory of the truth and compared to their tecnology only a god could be responsible. Verry clever. The whole structure of the Torah seems sloppy. Far from it. It's just how the truth could be encoded the easiest way, just waiting for human development to reach a point that it can decode it properly. The basis the beginning of 3 great religions have sod all to do with god. It is a gift from a human culture who travelled the stars. À warning and some pointers to help survive the cycles of pole and spin shifts our earth is prone too a dozen k or so to various degrees. Turn off utube an hour a day and sit with a Torah & alpha numeric code breaking for dummies ((yes real books they still work)) and fiddle about. You will be amazed what turns up when you get the hang of it but you will quickly realise GOD isn't even god it's a quantum computing code. Once we have an atomic quantum computer and feed the first vowel free space free Torah txt in things will change more by several orders of magnitude than Richard trevithic and his steam powered tool. China are on the verge. Interesting times. Well that or the atomic quantum computer will instantaneously become concious and we won't need another flood.
G 4 D FLOW (4 days ago)
The swastika symbol was actually a comet that would pass by earth that , released gasses that would form that symbol and poeple got the image of it yet used it in the wrong ways.
G 4 D FLOW (4 days ago)
I had always said greek mythology was not greek mythology its actually GODS IDEAS and Beasts theres adescription in GIDS BIBLE describing a half man and some creatures that worship GOD for eternity , and another thing I believe that Atlantis might had been build by the fallen Angels and used all GODS ideas or were using that might of got GOD UPSET to desyroy that Atlantis. I bet my opinion might be accurate. Its like if a person invents something builds it not even half way , just like a replica lamborghini car yes it turns on works runs fast and all yet its a replica a some what sample but it will never run like the real Lamborghini that was build by its makers , GODS work is far supeior to just be held or handed to anyone or anything except our LORD JESUS CHRIST is only one who knows how GOD works his things ,
Stacee Baltazar (4 days ago)
GOD bless you Trey. Thank you so much for this...and all the work you do to get this information out.
John MacMillan (4 days ago)
If I didn’t look at this, I could enjoy .... but the circus theatrics and weird music detract from the message.
O Go (4 days ago)
Good video great facts I like the narration what's up with his hands I've never seen somebody so animated it's a little over the top there would be better to not have him on screen and still have his narration
Sharyn Leato (4 days ago)
Trey, thank you sooo very much. Thank you.
The dopehead again? No thanks! Have my dislike and f**k off!!
JxKITCH (4 days ago)
Wow. This man is crazy
Roger Morton (4 days ago)
Awesome. Keep explaining the truth in detail. Just awesome. Much love from Another Christian brother.
Roger Morton (1 day ago)
Most people that understand we aren't of this world, we are just in it, are thought of as different, and I can vouch for God using those who others count as lesser or outcasts. I've been literally saved time after time from death by the LORD Himself, from drug addiction, alterations ,wrecks, other injuries that I won't include or glorify but even physical infirmity, and He still has a plan for me or I wouldnt be here. I still have yet to discover the calling God has set before me, but I am fervently searching and trey I'm with you on hey I've been considered an outcast for years and years and branded by society as untouchable and I have to say I honestly think this is how it is always going to be, which I have partly accepted , but it says that the world will hate us for who we are and our love for our FATHER and for our brother. And they surely do that. God bless you trey and keep preaching the gospel and the truth like you do so well. You.have the gift of words and God has certainly blessed you with this. In Jesus name I send you love and blessings trey. Take care man .later!
Celeste Roney (5 days ago)
Your WIERD hand motions DISTRACT from what you're saying!
Michael Yates (5 days ago)
Truly amazing work and research, not to mention the leading of The Holy Spirit!! May God bless you in many ways!!
Stefny Na'ad Windsor (5 days ago)
Trey, I dig your work. I'm curious about the little purse things the ancient kings and gods carry in their hands. Have any been recovered and analyzed? Have the powers that be recovered the handbag things and kept that information from We The People? stay safe!! xo.s
s a kauvaka (5 days ago)
good message, good production too
Christy Cridlebaugh (5 days ago)
Trey, thank you for this program. I DID download it, but I will get rid of it as soon as my youngest son watches this. He's in the E.R.! He's been opening his cynical mind to the truths of the spiritual realm, so it's terribly important that he sees this asap. I PROMISE I'll (what's the word for UN- download??). Thank you again! Your sister in Christ~♡♡
It says in the Bible on the mountains of Ararat plural with an s
MUSIC FOR HIRE: (5 days ago)
GOD IS STILL ALIVE https://youtu.be/2vZ_82rXBSk
Lilac (5 days ago)
Wow, that’s all I can say. Trey you are one of a kind
woody ahh (5 days ago)
Man you need to cut back on the shrooms
Michael Mehevic L Jr (5 days ago)
Thank you so much for taking the time to create this video. This video has literally renewed my relationship with God and made me realize how beautiful and wonderful we are made. Much love brother, God bless you!
maggie ma (5 days ago)
cool video but would been a lot better with the background music was too loud hard to hear you in many spots, I think you would get more views without the loud music,thanks for making this
alan vale (6 days ago)
This would have been Interesting- however hard to take you serious with all your LSD high like movements .. you discredit your own work
Robert Caraher (6 days ago)
I stopped watching when trey lost himself and said that there is only one wisdom. He , yet is clear ,that there is another wisdom other than Gods Wisdom and a knowledge of darkness witchcraft rebellion trey knowledge . Other than Gods trey knowledge how you learn Micky. You gonna learn something you want to unlearn fool.
Declan Bonnell (7 days ago)
i love your in-depth studies .but could you please please lower the music in the background it is very off-putting for studying.Blesssings
Ronald Miller (7 days ago)
All of my life I have felt that I am here to learn something that always seems to elude me. That some smiling trickster offers to show how his magic is done only to find that my pocket has been picked. The bible warns us to be wary of tricksters, false profits. With Mr. Smith's presentation of "NOAH" I get no indication that he is anything less than sincere. And he presents non-biblical history along side biblical. This presentation in my opinion drives a stake into the heart of the new religion of the "ancient astronauts
RHRichie (8 days ago)
Your actions take away from the video, just speak and remove the theatrical hand movement.
screwsinabell (8 days ago)
Dude needs to take up smoking or something. Needs to keep those hands busy.
Scott George (8 days ago)
Great video ! . I like the dragon's that you talked about and think if you read a Holy Bible ( Christian one) and earnestly believe and follow through and become a believer and are baptised and are reborn you will be safe .
Lol Br (8 days ago)
Very cool, thank you...
Robert Miller (8 days ago)
Trey Smith that was fantastic. Enjoyed every minute. God bless you
Michael Ferraro (8 days ago)
Adam was the first cuck I would have thrown Eve right under the bus
NeNe M Wright (9 days ago)
Your hand gestures put me to sleep 💤💤😴😴
Kael Zildjian (9 days ago)
'Sons of God' aren't a reference to fallen angels.. They're men who are in fellowship with God. 'The daughters of men' are thought to be possibly pagan. So followers of God mingled with women of those who weren't followers of God. Angels are described as gender neutral (even tho referred to in the masculine). How are they reproducing without.. yea. Think ab that for 3 mins..
Ezekiel Immanuel (9 days ago)
Enough with the hand gestures!!! The content was good without it!! Youre not a magician displaying some grand trick!
killerinstinck (9 days ago)
why does he have to point at fucking everything he show on the screen, annoying
Michael Ferraro (9 days ago)
Isak Olsson (9 days ago)
I didn't know all of this goes so deep, thank you for the video
My Nephilim Giants finger https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkdl8ZXcvIo
Joe Zyzyx (10 days ago)
Amazing video, wish everyone would watch it. Liked the way so much was exposed and tied in together, and the Bible connections too of course.
Lalawmpuia Tinthe (10 days ago)
I can't help but a little frightened by the narrator. I thought throughout the video that he was going to suddenly yell or change shape or do something frightening things. Great video though....
Prodigal Son (10 days ago)
love it trey keep it up your brother in jesus, from ireland
Gene Hubbard (10 days ago)
That eye hand creeps me out so baddddd
Gene Hubbard (10 days ago)
I want to be a carpenter
Catherine Binford (10 days ago)
Thank you! Answered a lot of questions. God bless.
Ben Enright (11 days ago)
Charles Was (11 days ago)
We been on earth for millions of years, are Ancestors were very intelligent. This is how we get are technology. Giants existed
Leo Roberts (11 days ago)
You know this guy is a YEC. He believes the earth is 6000 years old. You'll be kicked out of the club!
Charles Was (11 days ago)
The only problem I have is, we have been lied to about "Everything" not a globe spinning in a void of darkness on a path of destruction. Are Creator has Everything under control under the firmament which you forgot to mention. This is how the flood worked. Religion creates division.
Stella Lush (11 days ago)
I like the trippy hand movements, Trey is trying to get point across, and he does, it's his own thing, leave him alone, why do people always want to nit pick on YouTube, at least he's making these vids, he does the research, the lay out, the recording, the editing...etc., etc. if you think you can do better, go for it, until then you really should stop judging the man, it's boring. One thing's for sure, Trey's not boring, a little odd yes, boring he is not. Keep em coming Trey, you got my attention. Cheers...!
Randall Tufts (11 days ago)
There are far too many writings many thousands of years before the Bible even came into existence that show that the King James versions we have today are nothing more than borrowed from history fantasies, folklore and facts from other lost civilizations that have come down thru the eons of time. People act as if the Bible is the only holy writing ever produced. Nothing could be farther from the truth. But before all these attempts to pigeonhole people into being controlled by "religion" history of the time before the flood is now being found and exposed showing reliegous beliefs are nothing more than fairy tales and beliefs based on a belief in faith that has no merit on it's own. Is there a Good, master of the universe, I believe so. But. It's nothing like what's written by man many hundreds and or thousands of years after the fact , plagerized and modified by writers who were flesh and blood men who had an ajenda. To control man. Twisting history is not just the venue of religion, science and archeology has a tendency to do the same thing. I firmly and based on facts not "faith" believe that very little contained in the Bible to be an accurate assessment of historical evidence. It's mostly a romanticized version of condensed things only some of which actually took place as written. Many tales in the Bible are meant to be understood as symbolic in nature to explain certain points of interest in socially acceptable behaviors of a time long past. I think a lot of people are going to be suprised to find when thier spirit (soul) leaves this body that things won't be as we have been taught or have been led to believe. Like this nut job. Beware who or what you believe at your own peril. It's your spirituality. Don't allow anyone even him teach you anything. Following the advice of any man is foolish. Do your own research. This man's nuts. Zero evidence means zero credibility. Guys like this prove that people will believe bullshit before they'll believe the truth or thier own eyes. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH
Been watching your videos for awhile now Trey. I enjoy the way you express yourself. Solid communicator! The road less traveled for sure ... stay on that road my friend even if you have to skinny up to fit through the eye of a needle my friend!
7R320 (11 days ago)
michael rausch (11 days ago)
* 1 Timothy 4:1-6 * The Spirit clearly says that in recent times some will break faith and follow misleading spirits and doctrines of demons. Such teachings come from hypocritical men and liars, who have consciousness cauterized And forbid the marriage and consumption of food that God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and know the truth. For all that God has created is good, and nothing must be rejected, if it is received with thanksgiving, For it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer. If you convey these instructions to the brothers, you will be a good minister of Christ Jesus, nourished with the truths of faith and the good doctrine he has * DEVOTIONAL * We must stay connected always in God and his word, because we are in the last days of this earth and what we have done for our We must have humility and recognize that we must always improve to be able to help our Everything God created is good... even me and you then stop giving one of poor things and go up fight for God's goals. Jesus came for a goal and did not really astray suffering all that horrible pain of the cross that was for me and for you
Viktoria S (12 days ago)
Thats one rich video.
kbaxter777 (12 days ago)
Trey, this was wonderful. God bless you as well all of your future projects. KB
Did anyone see Ron Wyatt found The Ark of The Covenant? covenantkeepers.co.uk
CURTIS ROBERTS (11 days ago)
Ron is a big liar!!
I think Trey is Brilliant and True ❤️
latoya reginald (12 days ago)
Those hand movements are so annoying
pat mourassa (12 days ago)
What a load of crap,so Noah,must have traveled all over the globe in order to capture all the other animals that are not native to where he was living at the time or let me guess God brought them to him,you people are full of shitttt,is there something wrong in saying that we don't KNOW..As intelligent as you want to sound you seem to be as DUMB as a ROCK,EVEN DUMBER THEN darwin,WHO BELIEVE IN EVOLUTION,so tell me how did noah manage to capture T-REX,and other dinosaurs THAT ONLY fly,god must have put them all to sleep and have noah tie them up
Charles Was (13 days ago)
The Giants helped Noah build the ark. Giants were intelligent with technology like today.
Micheleahmed Tunc (13 days ago)
Not truth "no life jacket is needed while watching this video" because i was drawn in your accurate vision of the reality of this realm we are living in. Sorry för my english.i am a french speaker.
JOHN WILCOXEN (13 days ago)
Fuckin Wierdo
JOHN WILCOXEN (13 days ago)
LSD, maybee some shrooms or peyote.
JOHN WILCOXEN (13 days ago)
Is that Summarian sign language?
JOHN WILCOXEN (13 days ago)
Dude, what kinda shit are you smokin. Where do these idiots come from. Just took a trip and never came home.

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