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How Trans Men Have Sex : Gay Vs Straight (Ft. Kalvin Garrah & Storm Ryan)

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Transgender people have sex and date too. Kalvin is straight without a penis & Ryan is gay without a prostate. Kalvin : https://www.youtube.com/user/k7puppy Ryan : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfp3V2aOd-kPT8RgbpMpc8w Talk With Me 1 on 1 : https://www.patreon.com/ArielleScarcella Instagram : http://bit.ly/ArielleInsta Twitter : http://bit.ly/AriTwitter Facebook : http://bit.ly/ArielleFB BUSINESS ONLY : [email protected]
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Text Comments (273)
VenusLove (5 days ago)
Why am I always attracted to the gay guys? Maybe because they always adorn themselves nicely. lol
Jia Kim (7 days ago)
Was Kalvin high during this
Manuela E. (24 days ago)
Straight cis woman here - can confirm, don't care that much about dicks. What I love about men are other things... how they smell, how their skin feels, their beards, their deep voices, their body hair... etc. Dicks.. it's cool if they have one and if it works, but other than that, I don't care.
IdaPida (27 days ago)
Ooooouf, Kal so hot ❤️
Devil's Advocate (1 month ago)
Kinda funny that she said that trans dudes don’t have a prostate lmao, everybody has a prostate, trans dudes and cis women just have really itty bitty ones.
Jay Is Gay (1 month ago)
0:55 kalvin sounds like me talking to my therapist
gabujita • (29 days ago)
Same tho.
Kit (1 month ago)
It’s really interesting to me that Ryan enjoys bottoming the way he does. Obviously more power to him!! It’s just interesting because, for me {also a gay trans guy}, just the thought of anyone touching or looking at that part of my body induced so much dysphoria wow. I would only ever let a guy fuck me in the ass. Again tho, everyone is different, so, whatever works for ya !
loveisanopendoor (1 month ago)
Would Ryan need to be on birth control?
Mollyplayz_rolblox (1 month ago)
The one with curly hair is a boy
Zahid Khan (1 month ago)
Black shirt boy is very beatifull
Shamaneika Johnson (2 months ago)
Three women .
adeline wurzer (2 months ago)
ryan is so cute
Blaze Wolf (2 months ago)
Omg okay I thought it was maybe rude that I'd only have sex with a trans girl pre op but I guess it's normal considering what he said
XxJayxX YT (2 months ago)
We all knew Ryan was a bottom 😹
Stormy Lovely (2 months ago)
2:55-3:04 kalvin messing with his nipples😂
eth3realdivine3 (2 months ago)
Pansexual pride 💖💛💙
Avi S. (2 months ago)
I'm a transwoman, and this was very enlightening! Im attracted to transguys, but I'm not aware of how their sexuality fuses with mine. I'm happy to know there's compatibility there!
X O (3 months ago)
I feel bad because I don’t want to make it sound like a “kink” but I’ve been attracted to trans ftm for so many years
X O (27 days ago)
Bonidee Lee thanks
Caleigh Tilson (3 months ago)
Yas! Ryan is back!
Thrift God (3 months ago)
A gay FtM twink bottom transman is such an interesting thought to me, I bet puberty / figuring that out was a mind fuck haha sorry bro.
Thrift God (3 months ago)
He's NEVER been turned down by a girl?? I have trouble believing that...
Nesson Gaite (3 months ago)
What the fuck, it's so confusing!
Angie S (3 months ago)
What’s top and bottom??
ZachPositronic0 (3 months ago)
8:20 clit twiches
TTuoTT (3 months ago)
Wait I thought they would transfer the old nerve tracts from the vag to the new penis during surgery. Is that not possible?
SandaBoxing (3 months ago)
The one who looks most manly, is the middle one in purple.
SandaBoxing (2 months ago)
+Grandma to Oliver&Lila Bitch, calm down.
Grandma to Oliver&Lila (2 months ago)
SandaBoxing that’s not even cute. Act like an adult or leave. Simple.
jeff8565 (3 months ago)
800$ to 1000$ the medical community really rips you off
Gideon Joshua (3 months ago)
Am so confused 😐
nested bird (3 months ago)
Absolutely true gay cis man have a lot of self hate
Aish Tuli (3 months ago)
I've had SOOO many girls reject me cause I'm trans oof...I'm 15
Aish Tuli (3 months ago)
Kalvin is definitely is a bottom
Élio Perreault (3 months ago)
Is Aryn tryna live stealth? Ryan said he was cis?
Erik Stevens (3 months ago)
2:56 kalvin playing with his nipples
white salt (3 months ago)
The one on the right reminds me of Steve-O so much lol just me?
Sarita M_ (3 months ago)
You must be nuts if you think that I will believe what you are saying makes any sense. This shit is just getting wearder and wearder. I hope you will find true fucking meaning in life. Go educate your self with some serious subject's.
trans resources (3 months ago)
Kalvan is totaly a bottom 😂
Lúkas F (3 months ago)
i prefer dating bi/pan men it makes me feel a little bit better about not having a dick
I love Kalvin's hair <3
Aug 101 (3 months ago)
Wow this was really informative! Thanks!
LydiaE Harty (3 months ago)
Omg when I saw his face next to Ariella's I was like omgggg yess
* McManus (3 months ago)
kale looks high. is he good??
Zeth (4 months ago)
wheres the vid of ariella and ryan talking about the strapons/prosthetics I was really interested it that I can't seem to find that video did he delete or not upload it?
what T (4 months ago)
8:37 “It's the same as a cis guy doing it, but I’m better!” I WHEEZED. GET IT.
Hoseoks Dimple (4 months ago)
All three are hot... *sigh* the problem of being bi
jenn fontan (4 months ago)
I just want to start this by saying i am not trying to be rude or insensitive at all. I am being serious but i dont understand. I guess i dont completely understand all the terminology cause more stuff is added all the time. So here is my question..... how can you be born a woman and then be a trans man but be straight?? Please no wise ass remarks cause i really am asking sincerely
Tiggy Hunter-Gilbert (4 months ago)
Gender and sexuality dont necessarily correlate so although typically those who are assigned male at birth and identify as a male will probably be heterosexual, they could also be gay or bi etc, a trans male could also be heterosexual however just like cis people, a trans male could gay or straight or whatever as their gender and gender identity is arguably an irrelevent factor to their sexuality
Rat (4 months ago)
I mean but what if its unsafe for them to say their trans I mean...?
I am hungry (4 months ago)
if you're planning on being in a relationship then you need to tell them.
Natasha Tercera (4 months ago)
arielle is so tiny!
e22378 (4 months ago)
Kal them sholders tho...
BearFlipsTable (4 months ago)
Is that why I’ve always craved dick and being fucked? Cause I’m a trans man? I always thought girls liked dick too
vanessa issaka (4 months ago)
I'm straight and I'm cis. I love getting the pussy licked before sex! :)
Oh K (4 months ago)
Yeah straight guys think girls love dick but majority of women can’t even orgasm from penetration... we just pretend to enjoy it tbh. Oral is where its at😉
Val_i (5 months ago)
So how does not having a prostate effect anal? Does it make it less enjoyable or mean you can't have orgasms? I've never really gotten how it effects everything.
Speaking Truth (4 months ago)
UnoriginalValol Stimulating a male prostate (which you can feel in the anal region) causes arousal in men. Women don’t have a prostate. Therefore for women anal is generally not as enjoyable (and/or needs to be done along side other types of stimulation)
ohohvalerie (5 months ago)
Yeah girls don't crave it like that. We just appease men so they stop whining.
logo (5 months ago)
3:02 kalvin just feeling his nipples tho
xXMooffinXx (3 months ago)
Lila Prince (5 months ago)
2:55 2:55 2:55 2:55 2:55 Kalvin touching his nipples 😂😂
Lila Prince (5 months ago)
Luv ya Kalvin 😂
Dixie White (5 months ago)
"One, you're ugly" 😂
spooder doodle (5 months ago)
When she said time out and Kalvin was like "uhwah-.."
Cloud Train (5 months ago)
I see 3 women
sumi carper (5 months ago)
Republic of Braveland I see an asshole who can’t accept anyone for who they want to be. Let them live your life and focus on your grades or sum. There are more things to worry about than ppl who identify as who they want.
FBI (5 months ago)
8:52 what is he saying here?
edgy spoon (1 month ago)
He said "I would never let a girl suck my bottom growth"
Greys Rays (5 months ago)
Omg I just realized Ryan and Arielle look related
twinkcultleader (5 months ago)
ryan is so cute i have a crush
Kimberly Lozano (5 months ago)
Sorry if tmi but im on the topic here... but I love dick, the foreplay is all good too but I might be the rare one that actually loves dick just as much.🤷 my husband has to keep up which is normally the other way around.
Trombone for LIFE (5 months ago)
Kalvin top
Peggy White (5 months ago)
“Girls don’t crave dick as much as guys do” FUCK. truth.
Troy Matthews (5 months ago)
A man's dick and balls is like a meat bag and has vines that feel the tissue with blood. The vains are like wires that make it stand up . a man may swell up inside before he cums and his Johnson will twitch and plusate woman thend to like grurth over langth
Jay Reno (5 months ago)
What a bunch of degenerates lmao
Kalvin looks just like my cousin lmao
Zoey’s World (5 months ago)
Kelvin is top
Ram Ra (6 months ago)
I'm just curious but is ryan's boyfriend trans? since arielle asked him if he wears a strap?
yikesonbikes (3 months ago)
Ram Ra i dont think he wants to be out because when people ask ryan if aryn is trans, he always says no, but he’s posted pictures of his surgery and now ryan said that he wears a prosthetic.
SuwucideBoy445 (4 months ago)
Ram Ra He is he posted his top surgery results last year
Jasper Costello (6 months ago)
2:29 Kalvin, what are you doin there little buddy?
Lex Mor (6 months ago)
Yall so fuckin cute
Nikolai (6 months ago)
I'm a gay man. I don't know a lot about trans culture. Thank you for making this video. Very educational.
Chrisentiae Saint-Piaf (6 months ago)
Thanks, I shared such here: Trans Voices https://www.facebook.com/groups/transvoices/permalink/1435432066559488/
Amanda Payton (6 months ago)
Sooooo, if your a bottom and a trans female to male, but still with a vagina, you use the vagina for sex rather than the booty....or you use both equally??
I do stuff too (6 months ago)
This video helped sooo much
worthless (6 months ago)
Around 3 mins kale is just feeling his nips 😂 honestly me though once I get surgery
happy free (6 months ago)
I'm pansexual and proud. This means i don't care about the normal thing i just fall in love with your personality
dharmapunk5 (6 months ago)
I'd also be more than happy to talk to you about this subject. As you already know I'm an older transman. I transitioned 25 years ago, most of the transguys who I see folks talking too are such youngsters. I've been in a relationship with a gay man for 13 years.
J J (6 months ago)
Careful taking too much T bois..that Sh*t will Fuk you up
Jam Rock (6 months ago)
Why do Americans use the word 'like' as a filler word... It makes no sense....
Mad Ley (6 months ago)
That's why pansexual is beautiful. 💛🧡❤💚💙💜
Sawyer Averys (6 months ago)
can I ask something for a trans guy who still have their vagina do they still have periods and experience pms or no they don't becuz of the medicine that they take? just asking out of curiosity
Arielle Scarcella (6 months ago)
Sawyer Averys it usually (or always?) stops after being on T for a while
Jaiden Robert Harrison (6 months ago)
You can see how awkward kalvin feels 😣
Beth Williams (6 months ago)
Any advice for dating a trans guy when I am also a trans guy? We are both pre op and testosterone
Kellie Ruimveld (6 months ago)
SayuriOxygen (6 months ago)
You're great Arielle 🙂
furkan furkan (6 months ago)
FS7_H X (6 months ago)
الي عربي لايك
Chase Cooper (6 months ago)
This is the realest it gets, no one ever talks about this stuff which makes it hard for transguys like me who are virgins. I’m really glad you guys decided to make this video it’s very educational. Also I wish kalvin could be my wing man because he knows how to talk to girls, I’ve tried to get a girlfriend but it’s really hard for me and I’m also really shy.
нαяв sɑ (6 months ago)
Eww I hate gay
matemahe (6 months ago)
But you look gay
Bianan Titheist (6 months ago)
@3:00 Kalvin playing with his nipples. Why? lol
Garcia Jaime (2 months ago)
Bianan Titheist Ya. You’re. Right
Ethan (4 months ago)
He had top surgery a few months before this was filmed so maybe they were still numb or something
hall0w33nb0y (4 months ago)
When you bind ur nipples get hella itchy and weird I gotta itch mine sometimes
jenn fontan (4 months ago)
Bianan Titheist What the hell was that all about?!?!?!? Super uncomfortable. Did he already have top surgery? Maybe his nips were super sensitive. Thought he was gonna start moaning...... hahahaha
Arielle Scarcella (6 months ago)
Bianan Titheist lmaoooo I texted him that when I saw it when I was editing Hahahaha cuz he’s gross 😭😭😭
MooAe St☆R (6 months ago)
Hearing Arielle describe sides and thinking to myself "wth is a side and who the hell is making a category just for me?!?" 😂😂😂
koutashinji (6 months ago)
Arielle lives with her foot in her mouth, but at least her heart's in the right place. 😂
koutashinji (6 months ago)
'Kal, get off your phone' Arielle is such a mom. 😂
Aubrie Benefield (6 months ago)
Tbh Kalvin you are really handsome for real
Bowie Is Really Gay (6 months ago)
why does kalvin seem stoned whenever someone else is talking, he’s just staring off into space lmao
carolbuzelim (6 months ago)
Cis males are obcess with dicks, don't matter the sexuallity
carolbuzelim (6 months ago)
+Arielle Scarcella yeah haha but they talk about dick ALL THE TIME
Arielle Scarcella (6 months ago)
carolbuzelim hahahhaa their own
Maggie Ann-Mae (6 months ago)
I got a lube commercial before this lmao
Still Alive (6 months ago)
Arielle I love your videos but please stop interupting your guests when they talk!!
Alexa George (6 months ago)
How do you have a good conversation with someone who feels uncomfortable with trans people using the restroom of the gender they identify with? How do you better explain that giving them their own bathroom makes them more uncomfortable and is like how it was before the 60’s with POC that they are separate, but equal?
Alyssa May (6 months ago)
Ask the person if they can tell if the person is passing or not and if they say no then respond that you wouldn't know anyways since I'm sure they have been in the washroom with a trans person before and never noticed. I know plenty of passing people and people who have said the same thing and I asked if they knew x was trans or not (only if they're okay with me mentioning it obviously) and they said no and I said well you went to the bathroom with them so and the person usually starts to question their own opinion

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