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How Trans Men Have Sex : Gay Vs Straight (Ft. Kalvin Garrah & Storm Ryan)

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Transgender people have sex and date too. Kalvin is straight without a penis & Ryan is gay without a prostate. Kalvin : https://www.youtube.com/user/k7puppy Ryan : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfp3V2aOd-kPT8RgbpMpc8w Talk With Me 1 on 1 : https://www.patreon.com/ArielleScarcella Instagram : http://bit.ly/ArielleInsta Twitter : http://bit.ly/AriTwitter Facebook : http://bit.ly/ArielleFB BUSINESS ONLY : [email protected]
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Ram Ra (1 day ago)
I'm just curious but is ryan's boyfriend trans? since arielle asked him if he wears a strap?
Bonidee Lee (2 days ago)
Kalvin is a female and a lesbian.
Tony Rodriguez (3 days ago)
What is a the point of a woman sucking a fake dick? Why would either of them enjoy that?
Jasper Costello (3 days ago)
2:29 Kalvin, what are you doin there little buddy?
Lex Mor (6 days ago)
Yall so fuckin cute
Nikolai (7 days ago)
I'm a gay man. I don't know a lot about trans culture. Thank you for making this video. Very educational.
Thanks, I shared such here: Trans Voices https://www.facebook.com/groups/transvoices/permalink/1435432066559488/
woah kys (8 days ago)
Why does Kalvin look bigger offline?
Amanda Payton (8 days ago)
Sooooo, if your a bottom and a trans female to male, but still with a vagina, you use the vagina for sex rather than the booty....or you use both equally??
king tidye (9 days ago)
This video helped sooo much
Antoine SIMONNET (9 days ago)
Does it worrk???
worthless (10 days ago)
Around 3 mins kale is just feeling his nips 😂 honestly me though once I get surgery
happy free (11 days ago)
I'm pansexual and proud. This means i don't care about the normal thing i just fall in love with your personality
dharmapunk5 (11 days ago)
I'd also be more than happy to talk to you about this subject. As you already know I'm an older transman. I transitioned 25 years ago, most of the transguys who I see folks talking too are such youngsters. I've been in a relationship with a gay man for 13 years.
J J (11 days ago)
Careful taking too much T bois..that Sh*t will Fuk you up
Jam Rock (11 days ago)
Why do Americans use the word 'like' as a filler word... It makes no sense....
Mad Ley (11 days ago)
That's why pansexual is beautiful. 💛🧡❤💚💙💜
Sawyer Averys (12 days ago)
can I ask something for a trans guy who still have their vagina do they still have periods and experience pms or no they don't becuz of the medicine that they take? just asking out of curiosity
Arielle Scarcella (11 days ago)
Sawyer Averys it usually (or always?) stops after being on T for a while
Jaiden Robert Harrison (12 days ago)
You can see how awkward kalvin feels 😣
Beth Williams (12 days ago)
Any advice for dating a trans guy when I am also a trans guy? We are both pre op and testosterone
Kellie Ruimveld (12 days ago)
SayuriOxygen (13 days ago)
You're great Arielle 🙂
furkan furkan (13 days ago)
FS7_H X (13 days ago)
الي عربي لايك
Chase Cooper (14 days ago)
This is the realest it gets, no one ever talks about this stuff which makes it hard for transguys like me who are virgins. I’m really glad you guys decided to make this video it’s very educational. Also I wish kalvin could be my wing man because he knows how to talk to girls, I’ve tried to get a girlfriend but it’s really hard for me and I’m also really shy.
нαяв sɑ (14 days ago)
Eww I hate gay
matemahe (9 days ago)
But you look gay
Bianan Titheist (14 days ago)
@3:00 Kalvin playing with his nipples. Why? lol
Arielle Scarcella (14 days ago)
Bianan Titheist lmaoooo I texted him that when I saw it when I was editing Hahahaha cuz he’s gross 😭😭😭
MooAe St☆R (14 days ago)
Hearing Arielle describe sides and thinking to myself "wth is a side and who the hell is making a category just for me?!?" 😂😂😂
Barrier Boy (14 days ago)
"straight girls dont crave dick" say the the three lesbian/transgenders.
Barrier Boy (14 days ago)
this is all totally, psychologically normal
koutashinji (15 days ago)
Arielle lives with her foot in her mouth, but at least her heart's in the right place. 😂
koutashinji (15 days ago)
'Kal, get off your phone' Arielle is such a mom. 😂
Aubrie Benefield (15 days ago)
Tbh Kalvin you are really handsome for real
Foster Echols (15 days ago)
why does kalvin seem stoned whenever someone else is talking, he’s just staring off into space lmao
carolbuzelim (15 days ago)
Cis males are obcess with dicks, don't matter the sexuallity
carolbuzelim (15 days ago)
+Arielle Scarcella yeah haha but they talk about dick ALL THE TIME
Arielle Scarcella (15 days ago)
carolbuzelim hahahhaa their own
Maggie Ann-Mae (15 days ago)
I got a lube commercial before this lmao
Still Alive (15 days ago)
Arielle I love your videos but please stop interupting your guests when they talk!!
Alexa George (15 days ago)
How do you have a good conversation with someone who feels uncomfortable with trans people using the restroom of the gender they identify with? How do you better explain that giving them their own bathroom makes them more uncomfortable and is like how it was before the 60’s with POC that they are separate, but equal?
Alyssa May (14 days ago)
Ask the person if they can tell if the person is passing or not and if they say no then respond that you wouldn't know anyways since I'm sure they have been in the washroom with a trans person before and never noticed. I know plenty of passing people and people who have said the same thing and I asked if they knew x was trans or not (only if they're okay with me mentioning it obviously) and they said no and I said well you went to the bathroom with them so and the person usually starts to question their own opinion
Ptubes (15 days ago)
Im a chick and absolutely love penetration
J D (15 days ago)
Kelvin makes dating a trans guy sound so depressing.
J D (15 days ago)
+Storm Ryan "weird and forcefully quirky" for trying to be kind. Damn.. Cant win!
Storm Ryan (15 days ago)
...no, unless "everyone" has gender dysphoria, I don't think your weird and forcefully quirky reply made any sense.
J D (15 days ago)
+Storm Ryan guess thats with everyone! 😜
Storm Ryan (15 days ago)
J D it’s not exactly fun. won’t hide the fact that some of us come with a lil extra baggage🤷‍♂️
Petteri Tuovinem (15 days ago)
never heard a term called side, I am definetly one I don't like anal sex but I loove oral sex :DD
민ji (16 days ago)
i identify as a male, i know i'm a trans boy. but what confuses me is that i still like to be a bit feminine. i'm okay with light makeup(though i don't wear it much), skirts, and some typical 'girl' clothes.(everything is fot everyone, there is so such thing as 'boy' things or 'girl' things) but is it okay that i. am. a. male. but i still like some feminine things?
Hanne Nettum (5 days ago)
I think it's because even though many girls are feminine, being feminine isn't something that is exclusively a girl thing. Some girls are more masculine, some boys are more feminine. So feminine=/=girl. You can be as feminine as you'd like while still identifying as a trans guy(:
Jay Jay (15 days ago)
I guess you're in between?
BF TE (15 days ago)
Yes there's feminine men, masculine women, feminine gay, masculine gay, feminine lesbian, masculine lesbian, feminine trans men, masculine trans men etc. No such thing as for girls or for boys stuff .. they're only physical things to help us enhance our true authentic self
#Luke (16 days ago)
Arielle for president. She really knows what the community needs to talk about.
Honest Alex (16 days ago)
I use a pack n play that was only 25$ its called Suave and it actually does the job well too for way less than a prosthetic but a prosthetic is obviously better lmao
angel24 name (16 days ago)
It's so unfair that all of you looks so gorgeous. ❤❤❤ to all of you and more power.
Zaira Contreras (16 days ago)
i needed this
Kayla Nichole (16 days ago)
I feel better knowing I'm not the only lesbian who would be uncomfortable dating a trans girl pre op. I'm a trans ally, my cousin and one of my best friends are trans men. But being in a relationship with someone with a penis makes me uncomfortable. I was in a straight relationship before I came out and I was fine kissing, and receiving sexual acts but i hated touching his dick. Actual intercourse wasn't fun either (he was kinda small but thats beside the point) Penises just aren't it for me :p Ive been scared to say something like that for a long time bc I didnt want to be called a terf...
Andrew Greydays (16 days ago)
Trans men on gay male dating sites: yas queen werk Trans women on gay male dating sites: Bitch get the fuck out
Aye Jay (16 days ago)
What is he even tryna show off in the thumbnail? There's nothing there lol
Ezra arriaga (16 days ago)
Aye Jay and what about it?
Stephanie Smith (16 days ago)
Is not having a prostate a problem? Is it that it makes it less pleasurable doing anal? If that's the case, I'd add that my good mate and I have both found that orgasming anally with no stimulation elsewhere was relatively easy, and very much so enjoyable lol
Jen Lucille (16 days ago)
The prostate loves stimulation
Andrew Greydays (16 days ago)
Stephanie Smith Well he’d be experiencing anal the way a female experiences it, some girls like it, some call it a “downgraded version of vaginal” and some hate it. But I guess what he’s missing out on is the ability to experience the sensations as a man. Women having orgasms from anal is usually through their g spot, men getting anal will have prostate orgasms. It’s a little easier to like anal if you’re a guy since it’s your only hole and the orgasm you get from it is exclusive to anal, women can have the same kind of orgasms from both holes.
Vic (16 days ago)
Crap Im late xc
shae dawson (16 days ago)
We already knew Ryan was a bottom
Maggie Ann-Mae (15 days ago)
right it's not like it's not obvious or anything
Keiynan Carter (16 days ago)
Such a great educational vid. Thank you ❤️
Roxy (16 days ago)
Loved the video and the boys. Very informative. Found it funny how Arielle was so surprised about the "twitching" of a penis when a guy comes though... The same thing is happening to a clitoris, it's just smaller and thus a little less noticeable.
nuclearpeacex (10 days ago)
That became a lot more noticeable when I started T and it grew. I can see how some women especially lesbians wouldn't know.
TamilSelvi P (12 days ago)
Chaos Untold (16 days ago)
"Kal, stay off your phone, say goodbye" Aunt Arielle doing her thing :p
Calamity Natalie (16 days ago)
Kalvin's hair...Omg it is stunning!
Alexis Brown (16 days ago)
Can you make a vid like this, but about trans women? i think that would be cool
Alexis Brown (16 days ago)
+Arielle Scarcella oh my goodness, Just wanted to say you're my idol and I probably wouldn't be comfortable with my sexuality if it weren't for your videos. You reach so many people of different backgrounds it's crazy. You give me lots of hope for the future. Thank you.
Arielle Scarcella (16 days ago)
Alexis Brown yesssss
Sarah & Sofia (16 days ago)
Where are these other collabs they talk about at the end of the video? :o
Sarah & Sofia (16 days ago)
+Arielle Scarcella Ouuuu yay I'm excited and looking forward to them!! 😁😁😁
Arielle Scarcella (16 days ago)
Sarah & Sofia coming soon!
Bacon Skies (16 days ago)
Kalvin's voice is going through another period of dropping.
Kai Berman (16 days ago)
bruhhh this vid help a lot!
This is wild
Lee Mancini (16 days ago)
I love your channel it’s so eye opening
Eli Otis (16 days ago)
Why would you tell that guy to limit his sex life to oral ? That was bizarre and offensively ignorant. Sheesh
Eli Otis (15 days ago)
Storm Ryan thanks for providing that context . I thought it was so rude, lol I was shocked. I'm curious, were u always attracted to guys?
Storm Ryan (15 days ago)
Eli Otis it’s honestly something i would be 110% down for, arielle knows i like oral more than actual sex. sorry for not giving you that background information though.
Eli Otis (16 days ago)
Oh Christ, speaking over your guests yet again. So irritating !
Thisname (16 days ago)
Interesting topic... I used to be on two datingsites for girls who like girls. And honestly what annoys me so much is that there are trans GUYS on there?? Like ok, most of them mention that they are ftm but still, what are you doing on a datingsapp for girls? I get that there might be bisexual people who might be open-minded, but also for ur own mental health, why would you do that? I had this one guy, he looked like a butch lesbian but I already had my doubts. He also had a genderneutral name so yeah I just didn't know. But I found out later that he was ftm but he just didn't say anything. He also wasn't on T yet and his voice sounded neutral too so yeah... x) Like I get it, it might be hard to find someone but at least be honest mate. I feel so sorry tho that Ryan gets such harsh reactions on Grindr../= My ftm friend also had Grindr and he didn't get so much hate, maybe it's the place you live..?
Andrew Greydays (16 days ago)
Thisname We have the same problem on gay male dating sites, there’s trans women on there. And I seriously don’t get it. I mean, you’re trans right? Are you implying you aren’t the gender you say you are or... idk, this phenomenon confuses me. And how they don’t get kicked off confuses me even more
Eva D (16 days ago)
your channel is beautiful and i become so educated from it thank you
Kek Gaming (16 days ago)
Ok, A, what THE FUCK is cis? B, I'm a top, I don't give A FUCK about your penis, show me your ass or move on. Why tf are people so obsessed with penis, and oral? Oral is garbage, a big hairy male ass on a man with a small bit of a belly and a hot face with facial hair is where it's all at. Sexy bears and cubbies, daddies too.
Ruri Hiwatari (16 days ago)
Im a gay trans guy, it’s super hard :0 I don’t have the courage to get into gay dating apps for that reason. U,u
Jackson Unger (16 days ago)
Testosterone isnt as big a factor as you think. My sex drive went down. Its all relative and doesnt affect the way someone has sex. The only difference is the bottom growth
Ady Rojas (16 days ago)
whats botton?
Bruce Wayne (16 days ago)
I know some girls who are super into dick but more who aren't like crazy excited over it. Its more of a connection thing for girls, not the genetalia.
S (16 days ago)
What you're calling 'gay' is actually straight. PIV is straight, not gay.
nuclearpeacex (10 days ago)
awww are you upset that Arielle didn't meet all of your TERF fantasies this time?
Andres Leyton (12 days ago)
I think something needs clarification. I am a homosexual man, but I don't identify as a man. Me being a man is not a matter of self-identification or a feeling within telling me I am a man; I am a man because I was born biologically male. I clarify this because self-identification is a subjective idea in your mind about yourself, but being a man or a woman is an objective biological and physical reality regardless of how you feel inside or what you identify as.
S (15 days ago)
I have no idea how your last sentence is relevant to this discussion. I do understand 'how he feels' but I don't agree that he's gay ('he' being Storm).
S (15 days ago)
There wasn't really any substance to your comment. If you're asking me how I'd describe the sexual orientation of someone like Storm, I'd describe it as heterosexual.
Raederman85 (16 days ago)
Thank you for another great video! It drives me crazy that as a man, I find you irresistible and you would have no interest in me obviously.
Willis (16 days ago)
informative video!! love you arielle!
Zachary Prosser (16 days ago)
I'm a cis gay guy but tbh i dont want my dick. Its not that it's toi small it's that it isn't something i want and just want ti get rid of it. At times i can be feminine and even though im a guy i have a fairly high waist and pelvis. Idk what is going on or anything.
Collin Andrews (16 days ago)
I are the gay guy that watches you!
Gang Of Four (16 days ago)
Gender dysphoria is a mental condition not a physical situation. Reference DSM-III ! Maybe you are confusing dysphoria with dysfunction. QUESTION: What is the difference between cis-men and a MAN ?
Andrew Chandler (16 days ago)
That guy looks like Russel from Deadpool 2
soilgrasswaterair (16 days ago)
So many says guys and girls/ girls and men. What happened to talking about adult females as women? You don’t hear adult men being referred to as boys. I’m not a native English speaker but in my country it’s deeply problematic to refer to men as adults but at the same time refer to adult females as girls it’s considered to be infantilizing the adult female to refer to her as a girl. As if people take adult men seriously but adult women will forever be viewed and referred to the same way as a female child no matter how old she will get and how much life experience she will have. Is there a specific reason why this is so common in the States (I see it all over youtube and tumblr)?
Austin (16 days ago)
Chris Christian (16 days ago)
Thank you.. as a transman who identified as a lesbian for long time before I had the terminology of trans... I still have sex like a lesbian.really love tribbing. and I'm versatile so it's a bitch to find a "straight" woman top... and now I'm too manly for lesbians.. dating sucks
Grant Santos (16 days ago)
"there's a lot of gay guys that watch me" shit ive been clocked
Livmylifelivi (16 days ago)
Joana Balcani (16 days ago)
Hey, Arrielle. I am a lesbian who get's off by imagining dick when making sex with a woman. I know girls, lesbians, that get to orgasm by imagining a dick go inside them.But they are lesbians and do desire only women. What do you think about that?
Shannon Davis (16 days ago)
Hey Arielle, just want to say, thank you for being you. I learn things I've never even heard of before, and I have a broader range of things I knew but have more knowledge about. Love you. Stay strong, healthy, and beautifully blessed.💕💕🍻🍻
We all knew who was the top and who was the bottom, haha. We love us some trans edu-ma-cation.
dead inside (16 days ago)
Arielle collabing (and being friends) with trans guys and trans girls, educating herself and her audience on trans things but people still want to paint her as this big evil lesbian demon lmao
SayuriOxygen (13 days ago)
dead inside she's the best
Drew Saintjames (16 days ago)
Good luck with that. Having assisted in OR with gender reassignment surgery, your penis will never look normal.
Storm Ryan (15 days ago)
Drew Saintjames lmfao i’m praying that’s not you in the thumbnail🤪
Kalvin Garrah (16 days ago)
Drew Saintjames it will probably never look 100% cis but have you seen results from different surgeons all over the country? or any COMPLETED surgeries? stages 3/4? It's pretty damn close.
Corrine & Matt (16 days ago)
Love how these guys are so open! Love u guys x x x
Cinnamon (16 days ago)
Arielle needs tumblr (again) ;) … the good thing of finding this channel late is that there are soooo many cool videos that are new to me. thanks for your content
Arielle Scarcella (16 days ago)
Cinnamon thank you!!!
Anime Artist (16 days ago)
I am loving and learning so much from your channel my dear <3 Thank you because I learned something new every time I see your channel
Lynn Moorhead (16 days ago)
Shannon Davis (16 days ago)
Ditto 💟
kip (16 days ago)
im on Grindr too as a trans guy, really never get any hate, only things like 'I lOvE tRanSGeNdErs', thats more annoying than hurting.
Sarcasticpanda 666 (12 days ago)
Dude I relate but I'm a trans girl so I get "LOL HUw BIg is IT?!?" Or I get alot of messages like "wow I never been with a trans girl hehe it's something i always wanted to try" like boi bai
Speckled Sweetie (14 days ago)
kip just be grateful no one is like eww tranny
Dai Ghost (16 days ago)
Storm Ryan (16 days ago)
missing y'all even more now!! :-(
Arielle Scarcella (16 days ago)
Storm Ryan I miss youuu both
Romy VDD (16 days ago)
They’re both so cute
666ihavenolife666 (16 days ago)
You all look so good
Daisy Jayde (16 days ago)
I'm gay but I'd be open to being with a girl who's trans, either pre-op or post op.
uwuCat (15 days ago)
Daisy Jayde i am bisexual so idc what i am dating
Daisy Jayde (16 days ago)
Llewellyon i don't think that there's anything wrong with arielle's response. I think it's respectful. I just felt like it'd be cool to voice that I love all women. I have a really deep, strong urge to protect trans people, and to help people understand/accept people who are different. As a gender neutral person who's dealt with gender disphoria, I've seen and felt a very minute amount of what it's like, not knowing why you're not internally comfortable. It's upsetting and angering to hear about the transphobia evident in the world, despite it being 2018
Llewellyon (16 days ago)
As a trans woman, I have no problem with Arielle's response. I just hate the characterization of trans lesbians as some sort of predatory men, which I've gotten from this channel before. We just have to remember to not judge ALL trans lesbians by a few of the problematic ones out there whom Arielle has railed against before.
SolEmeralds18 (16 days ago)
I would be fine with a trans woman as my girlfriend, but I think I'm more with Arielle on it.
mati maks (16 days ago)
Is Kalvin high
Jude Dimatteo (16 days ago)
mati maks kalvin is higher yhan hell and fucking drunk
Arielle Scarcella (16 days ago)
mati maks no lol he was just tired
666ihavenolife666 (16 days ago)
mati maks probably 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
KaleKid (16 days ago)
I love how educational your videos are and how you bring in trans, gay, bi etc people into the conversation
Brandin Stephens (16 days ago)
Brandin Stephens kiss White Girl!!!
Quanterius smith (16 days ago)
I love you guys!
Arielle Scarcella (16 days ago)
Quanterius smith we love YOU

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