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Heathens Twenty One Pilots (ROBLOX MUSIC VIDEO)

108311 ratings | 28514621 views
original upload date; 22nd july 2016 (uploaded on my main channel) join my fan group https://www.roblox.com/My/Groups.aspx?gid=2895852 Disclaimer; Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use
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Text Comments (12006)
Herson Fajardo (1 hour ago)
i love it
Mr Doge (5 hours ago)
Who seen the message at 2:19
MangleFoxVideos (7 hours ago)
this suks
LoloChase (16 hours ago)
How can you even get arrested in a cell if you in it?
David Aguila (16 hours ago)
Chris Webb (18 hours ago)
Chris Webb (18 hours ago)
Please watch the vids or else......
Mr.BlazeTM (1 day ago)
the music is very good, the animation, no
Kas zaidziam toki zaidima roblox
Carina Sanchez (1 day ago)
Kayla Belcher (1 day ago)
You should make a Maui you're welcome song out of Roblox
Maksoud Ali (1 day ago)
Roblox phantom forces go live for me
Eu amei
Hassan Ali (2 days ago)
I love the red dress girl
Hassan Ali get out of here.
Umit Akdag (2 days ago)
Çok saçma
Кто на талкане😂😂
milli life (2 days ago)
!!! Не трогай его
Pixcell (3 days ago)
Emma McCormack (3 days ago)
They actually have pretty spacious spells actually I wouldn't mind spending a bit of time in there lol
Abena Garnett (10 hours ago)
I would too i bet the food good
Juliana Alves (3 days ago)
LOVE Procon life
Yaşar Kanat (3 days ago)
2:39 hahaha
Sihirli Dolabım (3 days ago)
İ love
Julieann Goss (3 days ago)
Anaida Baltic (3 days ago)
Your the driver
Top Secret (3 days ago)
Justas Sakalauskas (4 days ago)
Regina Guzman (4 days ago)
Roblox 🌷🌷♥️♥️
Nancy Neira (4 days ago)
Is creator kavra bakhup cool
Nancy Neira (4 days ago)
Mi sister is
Nancy Neira (4 days ago)
A mi herma na le recuerda mi primo ver el video por que vino a mi casa ise fue estuvo 3 dias
Bikram Bhattarai (4 days ago)
Diana kopiloviene (4 days ago)
Violent Faith (4 days ago)
my gray did
Violent Faith (12 hours ago)
i make vids
Jackie Norris (5 days ago)
Is a song
Heather Stone (5 days ago)
Heather Stone (5 days ago)
M M My SONG 😧😦😧😦😧😦
There in prison!!!!!
Polina Romashka (5 days ago)
Polina Romashka (5 days ago)
Mariah D. (5 days ago)
Jade Gbgdrdsyrsy
Jermiegail Navarro (5 days ago)
Jermiegail Navarro (5 days ago)
Дай мне изволь 100 ботов
Soy Cami (6 days ago)
Me encanta
naomi piovesan (6 days ago)
I have the same hair on my roblox girl
Mary Alfa (2 days ago)
Mary Alfa (2 days ago)
遊戲女孩Arzania (3 days ago)
naomi piovesan about 1M people do too. Your not special honey 😑
Борада Nazaruk (6 days ago)
Belinay Bozkurt (6 days ago)
Das Lied ist schön und geil 😍
Lisa Streich (6 days ago)
Love me
Phuoc Bao truong (7 days ago)
Ghost man 9326180
Я российская! Перевод: все мои друзья входят во вкус, когда кровь косаедся их уст, Отступников манит твой ужас, что с болью ишак в наших сердцах!!! И конечно я перевела что знаю. Пиши мне если ты российский!
ryśni x (7 days ago)
idiot animation
Deborah Donnell (6 days ago)
Ina Valentina (7 days ago)
Bestes lieb
maley fraternity (8 days ago)
Hey it's the red dress girl
Gunnslaughter Art (8 days ago)
i love it
PanoKolano (8 days ago)
this is what happens when you mix bath salts with weed
Siri Ne (8 days ago)
Belinay Bozkurt (6 days ago)
Yes das Lied ist gut und schön und cool
кто российский лайк и песня крутая я её слышала на глас малыши
Scrubz World (9 days ago)
I have been trying to find this for years
veronica valdes (9 days ago)
veronica valdes (9 days ago)
nop plis
•SmartCookie• (9 days ago)
0:28 Why is she bleeding?
Ashley Noble (9 days ago)
Red dress girl is trying to kill the police at first. But what did noob do to get to jail?
Rudy Garrett (9 days ago)
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Super Diego paul rios (9 days ago)
All my friends are here
Super Diego paul rios (9 days ago)
I LOVE this song
Emandilek Pajdicova (9 days ago)
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Ahend Henderson (10 days ago)
You ruined a perfectly good song, way to go... 😒
Judith Torres (10 days ago)
De gudihj rjty fjcudid hfjdujdfj 36936&[email protected]#6378’’546
XxxAnanasiQxxX ! (10 days ago)
The Red Dress Girl !!!
Vivian Acevedo (10 days ago)
SPADORMEN ISA GIRL (10 days ago)
Robson Nonato (11 days ago)
Roblox Roblox💝💝💝
Robson Nonato (11 days ago)
Jazmin Estrada (11 days ago)
Jazmin Estrada (11 days ago)
The king bacon is me (11 days ago)
This is actually the most famous roblox video 27M views more than cookie swirls video with 21M views
Daddi Chill (11 days ago)
so you're telling me she was having a pee
Daddi Chill (11 days ago)
Is anyone else completely confused as to what is going in this video?
Clementine TWD (9 days ago)
Daddi Chill yes lol
Jeremiah Blake Jr (11 days ago)
Jessica Hamlin (11 days ago)
you. are. the best
STRANGER 818 (11 days ago)
on cool
BonnieFANF FANF (12 days ago)
The company and I am not able to make an appointment ishsjshis
minişler seviniyor tv (12 days ago)
jay mendoza (12 days ago)
I think they super cool🤩🤩🤩🤩
juliemulenex (12 days ago)
abella akanou (12 days ago)
I like blue boy
Ahmet Yunt (12 days ago)
İ love it.😍
Yves Damette (12 days ago)
The message on 2:19 sais "she had hidden the knife in the toilet, she wasn't having a pee lol just in case you were wondering" EXACTLY
Cheese Doggy12 (7 days ago)
Thank you, I was gonna pause that but it's too fast xD
nicole harney (12 days ago)
I hate her so much and she is not a good listener
ery ery (12 days ago)
Vip. Noob
Слишком крутое видео чтоб поставить дизлайк 👍👍
Ivano Ivanic (12 days ago)
No she is noob escaped

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