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Sea Level Rise And What You Can Do About It!

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As part of the Educating Coastal Communities About Sea-level Rise (ECoAS) project, the EAC and DFO have teamed up with PLANifax to bring awareness to the issue of sea-level rise and encourage coastal communities to take it into consideration when planning for the future! We've also created an informative website www.sealevelrise.ca along with eye-catching and educational infographics in French and English which can be found on our site. Check it out! The ECoAS project is a co-led initiative between the Ecology Action Centre and Fisheries and Oceans Canada and is designed to translate scientific climate change research into useable information to educate coastal communities within Atlantic Canada about rising seas. The aims of this project are to: 1. Help communities learn about sea-level rise and how it affects them 2. Provide access to tools that have been developed locally with the latest climate change information available 3. Illustrate the need for incorporating sea-level rise into future plans This Project was supported partially by a financial contribution from Fisheries and Oceans Canada/Ce projet fut appuyé partiellement par une contribution financière de Pêches et oceans Canada.
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