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Top 10 car wraps of all time

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We have picked our favorite top 10 car wraps we have done and posted them here for you. Out of these which one's your favorite?
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Text Comments (279)
Joseph Archer (14 days ago)
Woooooooooooooooow.  Awesome!
Av63PNT0 (22 days ago)
you did a beautiful job but I just didnt like the color and style of the wraps there is wayyyy to much going on, money cant buy you style
R J (1 month ago)
Dean.. awesome work. I was looking to wrap my x type jag- Do you have any advice or suggestions? Brand wrap, paint prep or colors choices. It’s dark grn,light tan int now.. but I’ve been looking at it for awhile. Thanks for the video. 👍🏻
Phelissitie Milgate (1 month ago)
get good kid
Phelissitie Milgate (1 month ago)
G Brockwell (1 month ago)
ho I have black chrome wrap that I ordered by vivvid witch I plan to add to my Z please understand my car has a wide body kit the mastergrade on it and I'm adding the mercury z kit to it as well almost 20 grand in body kits. that's gust the tip of the ice Berg the whole car it custom!
G Brockwell (1 month ago)
I need a wrap in carbon fiber that looks like seabon for 350Z
Dan Reese (2 months ago)
Which is better chrome paint or a wrap and how much do both of them cost to have done
Dirk VdH (2 months ago)
With the exeption of the Pagani Huyara ....all UGLY, no taste !! How low can you go ?
andrew davies (2 months ago)
I would never wrap a vehicle, just knowing that it isnt paint would drive me nuts, has nothing on a good paint job.
Bill Smith (2 months ago)
There was no one on the other end of the phone, and he didn't notice the camera team on the other side of his desk. He seems to pretend he is in business and his attention to detail is appalling!
Djdrewdown Drew Down (2 months ago)
Alt is bad ass
T'airn'KA (2 months ago)
Would a clear wrap prevent the paint fading? Can a wrap be placed over a wrap? Yes but how many? What about a clear wrap with flames on it covering another wrap of flames (3D effect), repeat? Lame compared to those 10. ;-)
Carl Chaovski (2 months ago)
This guy looks like a shady crook. And a psycho.. Js
Donna Kristina (3 months ago)
Cringe intro😨😨😨
Donna Kristina (3 months ago)
Cringe intro😨😨😨
Entertainment gallery (3 months ago)
Do you need vehicle wrap design. If you need you can contact me on fiverr or inbox me in Instagram. My fiverr id is (tusidas). Thank you.
T S (3 months ago)
You should also tell the price as well
XelaProd (3 months ago)
I would love a wood wrap effect ;)
Sebastian Woot (3 months ago)
White boys can't wrap... 😎
HH Senpai (3 months ago)
No GTR :|
Teknakill (3 months ago)
How tacky would you be too, if you didn't know what to do with your money?
Jack's Blue Plate Family (5 months ago)
Yes #1 was the correct pick
Metta Suke (5 months ago)
Aside from the Huyara this is so tacky. This is douche art at it's finest.
DONOTREPLY SCAN (5 months ago)
"oh i didn't see you there" its like the start of a porn clip XD
Premo King (5 months ago)
2:45 viper...is the only car worth taking
Victor Sandison (5 months ago)
75.000 cars in 15 years that is some crazy arse work load
VIPER TA GTC (5 months ago)
2:53 that's my rich cousin so don't mind him
korshak grimm (5 months ago)
I like the #2 wrap how much ?
xXxBUNDIExXx (5 months ago)
From a custom body painter/finisher, these are just beautiful! Your detail is fantastic. Respect!!
erutyj 76ky88 (5 months ago)
Damn, i never thought i would see drama on the comment section in youtube
Kamal Gupta (5 months ago)
Trilobyte (5 months ago)
Best egg-salad breakfast wraps...
Mr. GAWN (5 months ago)
2 nice looking wraps.. the others, garbage
Omar Williams (5 months ago)
those cars look terrible.
Architeuthis Dux (5 months ago)
These guys are really tacky!
Rudy Rudy (5 months ago)
I hate shop that say hours it’s going to take 120 hours to do this it’s all bs that’s just tells you how much where going to overcharge you I know a guy that does the same stuff and he charges $4000 for same kind of cars too
the eye in the sky (6 months ago)
Team 😎Salomondrin here!!!
Jay Kriesel (6 months ago)
Do you have a cool wrap for a 72 Spitfire?
Mark Mexcur (6 months ago)
Dagzilla brofist (6 months ago)
hellcat looks stupid vipers look ugly both veyrons looks ugly McClairian looks stupid the lambo almost made me puke cant belive rich ppl want cars that look like shit.....y not buy a $500 beeter from a scrap yard, it would look the same
Dad E DuBose (6 months ago)
Number 2 is the best one
TheWantedMrP (6 months ago)
You look like a total FAGGOT with the way youre drinking that dick juice
Sascha Neumann (6 months ago)
dude, youtube, killed it for you, with ads!!!!!!!! wot a joke
Sascha Neumann (6 months ago)
sry, did you.tube, wrap you? wot a watse......
Sascha Neumann (6 months ago)
honest word brv!!!!!!
Sascha Neumann (6 months ago)
you tube ruined all of your vid, not just this one!! why did you allow this??
Nom 302 (6 months ago)
I love more the no. 2 than anything else
lordrockable (6 months ago)
You keep saying Dubai and all those plate numbers are from SAUDI ARABIA. An expert in cars that can't differentiate the two!
thecobaltroom (6 months ago)
McLaren is amaaaaaaaaaaaazing, # 2 should be # 1 ! :)
hecdaze1 (6 months ago)
That Cuban coffee looks great 😁😎
Jo boss (6 months ago)
OMG that p1!
John Webber (7 months ago)
Hey do y'all ever wrap a 18 wheeler
MrSn3akr (7 months ago)
Top 10 car wraps of all time... All done by... US!! Pretty easy to get to be worlds best if you exclude anyone but yourself from the competition :D Seemed more like self-promotion tbh
Deputy Sheriff (7 months ago)
Ugly all
Jay Manuel (7 months ago)
Arrogant bas****
Uppity White Man (7 months ago)
Some ugly cars.
John_BMW (7 months ago)
some of these are fugly
Red Rose (8 months ago)
sNstRchaOs (8 months ago)
Pernection (8 months ago)
Who would do that to cars like that? Police bait.
Zsavage1 (8 months ago)
Dodge push highend cars.. hahahahahahahahaha try Ford baby.. the Cobra Jet has been around long before the Viper and kills anything ya put it up against... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chAzHrM3eGg only car to come close is the COPOO camaro.. and that is not off the showroom floor like the Cobra is
Kudret Keskin (8 months ago)
not line all time avatar
Jay Chapman (8 months ago)
The white and aqua blue porch is amazing.
あかし (8 months ago)
Pagani looks amazing
evil Duck (8 months ago)
When does the first full oled tv wrap come.? those tv's are this as paper
deep bhavsar (8 months ago)
not dubai its "KSA" SAUDI ARABIA :)
Robert Ross (8 months ago)
Nice cars most of them. None of the wraps made an improvement in my opinion. Mostly comical
pixelasm (8 months ago)
That lambo just looks ugly compared to the awesome and intricate designs you showed before. Great stuff. Some of the designs that did not follow the car´s bodies just look stunning, although I suppose those are only meant for people who are willing to do a rewrap more often, as I would get bored of my own car maybe after half a year or so :P
六合圣斗士 (8 months ago)
New chrome paint
PatientMental (9 months ago)
Who is the model on the Lambo?
When I get a car I’m coming to your shop to get it wrapped
Below Average Cyclist (9 months ago)
Good God! These wraps look utterly ridiculous and make these super cars look cheap and cartoonish!
OnlineCarShow (9 months ago)
Wow i love your wraps. Would love a wrap on my camaro.
Fendi Zakaria91 (9 months ago)
OnlineCarShow no
Flip Keys (9 months ago)
All are different
DC AUTO WRAPS.com (9 months ago)
Beautiful work
Starvingdead7 (9 months ago)
The mc Lauren Is the only dope one in my opinion should've had the lambo crome and white and dark grey decals
Zane Kelly (9 months ago)
Anyone can weed out and lay down graphic prints
neosrt10 (9 months ago)
Viper yess...Zzzzz pagani was ...boring ..5 until the Buggati...Lambo yuck
ZN Gamer (10 months ago)
you wrapped a lot of solomondrins cars
Lord Shaxx (10 months ago)
I swear by god ,i have the same RC bugatti 😂😂😂
Karla Fitschen (10 months ago)
I sana take that pagani so bad😂
Amorphous Shapes (10 months ago)
they are all rank except the Huayra. The lambo looks like someone threw up on it after eating a paint shop.
Nicholas Dyer (10 months ago)
Isn’t the first car “Hellgato”
J. T. Trümpler (10 months ago)
Cool Wrappings, but have you seen the Porsche GT3 RS from Germany? This is my Fav Carwrapping. The Lego Company build a Lego Technic Porsche from the original. And now the Porsche Company in coorporation with Lego wrapped a real GT3 RS like the Lego Modell. https://scontent-frx5-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t31.0-8/18620647_670169086503633_4015327016608201523_o.jpg?oh=bb6b2c6277092e62d4397b430005aa4b&oe=5AFD4E23 https://www.facebook.com/PorscheLeipzig/photos/pcb.670169313170277/670169086503633/?type=3&theater
sangtea rspa (10 months ago)
p1 is dope bro..nicest p1 i've ever seen
Denesh Ramlall (10 months ago)
Can i give u my pagani to wrap
Roshan entity (10 months ago)
Also the 918
Roshan entity (10 months ago)
That's salomondrin's hellcat (helgato)
JB11 (10 months ago)
D Dingus (10 months ago)
koizora boy (10 months ago)
this bugati i think guy called yazed alrajhi he is an saudi .very nice job u did
zakash vlog (10 months ago)
This is awsome I love this job if u need helper please call me
Just Blazed (11 months ago)
They still make cup gang hats HAHAHA!!!
BeAsA Roze (11 months ago)
@3:19. Cuz he's a WRAP-god ☺ LOL!! ☺
SignsandWraps.ca (11 months ago)
Blown away, you have all the right people around you which is a gift, what a creation of vehicle art. I am old school hands on, love your new innovation in custom car wrapping. very impressive.
E Hicks (1 year ago)
Think you can wrap my Ford Pinto like the Lamborghini? I got 500 big ones to spend! :) . You do great work!
kobe star (1 year ago)
I wanna have an orgy with that McLaren and pagani 👅👅
aprather12 (1 year ago)
75000 cars in 15 years. Yeah no.....
Quality Auto Repair (1 year ago)
Who much to do a 2016 WRX STI?
Rapid Print (1 year ago)
Great work man.
DylValentine (1 year ago)
This stuff is gawdy af

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