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Victoria's Secrets Fashion Show 2018 Full HD

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Victoria's Secrets Fashion Show 2018 Full HD #vsfs #vsfs2018 #victoriasecret2018 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Victoria's Secret is an American designer, manufacturer and marketer of women's premium lingerie, womenswear and beauty products.[1][4][5] With 2012 sales of $6.12 billion,[6] it is the largest American retailer of women's lingerie. Victoria's Secret is wholly owned by L Brands, a publicly traded company ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank for watching!!!
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Text Comments (180)
Polina Suslova (8 hours ago)
is it full show?
u k (22 hours ago)
Liar but I didn't report the video cuz I wanted to watch 2017 show. Change the title.
gelaben26 (22 hours ago)
What a way to open the show.. Damn Candice 😍
Joan Racelis (23 hours ago)
This 2018, if it’s held on 2017 then it’s new collection for 2018 that’s why the video is named Victoria secret 2018.
Omega Omni 666 (1 day ago)
Who wants to see that guy? :/
Bella Cecillia (1 day ago)
I don't even mind the fact that it's 2017 instead of 2018, but this isn't even the full show-_- and the songs are dubbed with different ones wth-_-
Mihail Escobar (1 day ago)
Music 15:12???
Arianna Woodman (1 day ago)
The only thing that has changed in the fashion industry is the diversity they are all still twigs
Posey (1 day ago)
I wish I had a body like theirs but I also love chips so much.😥😥
Posey i think that everyone relates to that😂
Denise Thompson (1 day ago)
Harry acts and looks, more like a a girl, than the models do.
Chile. Me fascinan los desfiles victoria secret. Sobre todo las chicas tan wapas me encantan. Pero este desfile fue mucha tacha, mucha chaqueta,mucha cosa ensima, incluso muy vestidas. Y no se apreció mucho la lenceria.
Kuya Magpayo (2 days ago)
Who was that singer when the beautiful Chinese lady fell down? He should run and help her. There are no protocols on accidents. The lady was hurt. But she was still beautiful.
Love Kai (2 days ago)
click bait this is not 2018
Just an Albertan (2 days ago)
so glad they aren't adding fatties and trannies to these shows to be politically correct
Lara Khoshnaw (23 hours ago)
You jerk ass x100
Lara Khoshnaw (23 hours ago)
You jerk ass
Francesca Paradiso (1 day ago)
You sick fuck
fresh kiwi (2 days ago)
+Sara Nicole probably seen too much sjw stuff got annoyed
Sara Nicole (2 days ago)
Just an Albertan what the fuck is wrong with you
Lauren and Ayla Show (2 days ago)
When I heard the Chinese girl singer and I heard the beat I was like DESPACITO!!!
Jason Michael (2 days ago)
No black women, please.
u k (22 hours ago)
Um sorry but why? Only white people should win the world? Don't be so rude!
Viet Nguyen (3 days ago)
Love Harry Styles and Gigi <3
13:27 I'm crying!
Agridoce (3 days ago)
Fucking bait click.
FoetusInYourNoodles (3 days ago)
I'm just here to say THANK YOU to Victoria's Secret, for not giving into pressure to force a transgender model into the show. #NoDongs
FoetusInYourNoodles (1 day ago)
+Francesca Paradiso Hahahahahahaha. You either love chicks with dicks or you're distasteful? You are such a fucking moron lol.
Francesca Paradiso (1 day ago)
FoetusInYourNoodles how do you have the om symbol as your profile picture when you’re such a distasteful fuck?
劉軒彤 (3 days ago)
This is 2017 Victoria Secret show
Nicole Nicole (3 days ago)
I feel so bad for that girl who fell :( didn’t she say earlier that her family was there or was that another girl
Chi Tran (2 days ago)
Yes, it's her
Fly by night (3 days ago)
Annoying as hell song. I think harry should hang up any solo career. Can't make it on his looks alone.
fresh kiwi (2 days ago)
your opinion is sister irrelevant 🍵
Perri Jones (3 days ago)
You’re title is the wrong year! Jeez why do ppl beg views so bad these days it’s cringe
Gabriela Rios (3 days ago)
Violette Wellington (3 days ago)
No curvy thick women just bone racks when will it end ?
bojan hercegovac (3 days ago)
All of them together weigh less than 200 pounds;)
samtoy zenew (3 days ago)
Fuck u if u want view u should beg us instead of facking... It's 2017 not 2018
awesomepplz 1990 (3 days ago)
THIS IS 2017 not 2018
Manu Ela94 (3 days ago)
Who is she? 19:02
Jeje Jenner (3 days ago)
MANNNN 2018?
Phhh L.N (4 days ago)
Я одна здесь которая на рус.яз пишет???
Phhh L.N Нет) ты не знаешь будто именуется песня которую пела китаянка в ее версии
홍수 (4 days ago)
withchhd paap (4 days ago)
withchhd paap (4 days ago)
withchhd paap (4 days ago)
mhs ch (4 days ago)
4:16 who?
YANG SU (4 days ago)
The music for chinese singer Zhang is changed !! Shit!
Christene Joy Cuadra (4 days ago)
What's the name of the model at 12:08? 🙂
Laura Celine (1 day ago)
Christene Joy Cuadra Sara sampaio
이아영 (4 days ago)
you liar
Jonnes Bezerra (4 days ago)
Report this video guys!
Jonnes Bezerra (4 days ago)
Report this video guys!
Angel Myers (4 days ago)
U need to change ur title this is last years of 2017
Cole (4 days ago)
Harry was amazing!!
Hijairo Silva (4 days ago)
Elvin Singh (4 days ago)
🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄this 2017!look at the stage
Emi (4 days ago)
They always put the year before on these videos since theyre finally available
MacOnYT -ROS (5 days ago)
sending our hearts with so much love to the Chinese Angel ❤❤❤
marina renthlei (5 days ago)
my hazza!!
Shalini Sharma (5 days ago)
Aaron Summers (5 days ago)
guys please report this trash
Magalang Manglait (5 days ago)
corndog1868 (5 days ago)
Search here for (Sucker For a Pretty Face) by Rockcandy. It's a great album! Also search for (Sinful Demo Album 1985). It features Jose Anes B4 Rockcandy and Nuno Bettencourt B4 Extreme! Enjoy
Athena Fairley (5 days ago)
It’s 2017 I was so excited
hannah grace (5 days ago)
wowee clickbait I think yes smh
Teona Shashiashvili (5 days ago)
Omg wtffff brooo what is thiiis oh god
Some Girl (6 days ago)
14:08 Who is she?))
Some Girl (6 days ago)
+ariadee muhammad Thankyou 💕💕😘
ariadee muhammad (6 days ago)
Karlie kloss
Janna Alexandra (6 days ago)
It's 2017 wtf
Sunlee Singpho (6 days ago)
Why the songs r chnged?? That too wit such a bad song
This is 2017 idiots
Arianna Garay (6 days ago)
lone263 (6 days ago)
China girl coping western music, why I'm not surprised!
Tú Nguyễn (6 days ago)
Lieeeeeeeeeeeee fu
Andrea Perez (6 days ago)
this is 2017 not 2018 but I still think it was entertaining to watch plus harry styles was there. what's not to love about him?
rossy herbozo (6 days ago)
This is fashion 2017
Emily Therese Calda (6 days ago)
Harry was awesome here..
Emily Therese Calda (6 days ago)
Harry was awesome here..
Katherine ASMR (6 days ago)
This is Shanghai not New York lol
lostandafraid (6 days ago)
Wtf you changed some of the performances
Fausto Banderas (6 days ago)
Ok what a damn lie
EllaSofia (6 days ago)
This is 2017 not 2018 idiot
SporadicallyCombust (6 days ago)
Martina (6 days ago)
Guys report it (three dots )
Martina (6 days ago)
kristi_ kollinz (6 days ago)
It's 2017
Kayla Garcia (6 days ago)
Soy Cathy (6 days ago)
esa chica no está cantando despacito
VCA 01 (4 days ago)
Aún no creo que lo halla cantado!. 😂😂
Firstnanda (7 days ago)
Shanghai is 2017 not 2018🙄🙄 please change the tittle!
Jonnes Bezerra (4 days ago)
Report this video guys!
ella huang (7 days ago)
Marilena Ciobanu (7 days ago)
Who’s the actor at 8:11?
Letana pesão (7 days ago)
Thís is 2017
Illustrator J. (7 days ago)
What the hell was the song playing while Jane Zhang was singing???
Chaki El_mzr (7 days ago)
panda hugs (7 days ago)
Symbolism. When they had the black and white girl in the same room as the men practicing their tradition dressed in the yin and yang clothes... The very model that's from Shanghai coincidentally falls in this very segment? Everything is hidden in plain sight.
Melanie López (7 days ago)
Qué asco Despacito, sea en chino o en español.
Ariangmei Panmei (7 days ago)
Are they playing another song? This is so annoying..
freetv3000 (7 days ago)
this is 2017 you stupid pigs. dont watch. FAIL
Guilherme Soares (7 days ago)
does anyone know who's the model ate 12:33?
lyannechu (7 days ago)
bruna lirio
Kween V (7 days ago)
Bitch this is 2017 not 2018 gurl...
37lauren (7 days ago)
Worst show yet! They use to be so beautiful! Now they all look the same.
Toxic Rosé (6 days ago)
+白晨 Haha, this made my day.
白晨 (7 days ago)
Toxic Rosé trust me some audiences will throw out some eggs to him when walk on the stage
白晨 (7 days ago)
Toxic Rosé 👍👍
Toxic Rosé (7 days ago)
This is rude. You expect them to have a completely new face when that is impossible unless, you got plastic surgery. These models do diets, workout and train so, you think this is horrible? I'd like to see you walk the VS Runway and do it like these amazing girls do.
Daniel Santos Batista (7 days ago)
It´s 2017!
Vitória Carmelio (7 days ago)
Danny G (7 days ago)
This is 2017 damn it
Vahe Khachatrian (7 days ago)
its fucken 2017
capitan de castilla (7 days ago)
And Darwuin wanted us to believe that such a beauty comes from a hairy monkey ¡please!
capitan de castilla (4 days ago)
+T Dwhere is your sense of humor? Are you coming from a hairy and unmanerly ape ?
T D (4 days ago)
You are so stupid. Go back to middle school.
capitan de castilla (4 days ago)
+Ziad Ghosn grumpy
capitan de castilla (6 days ago)
+Ziad Ghosn Grumpy
Ziad Ghosn (6 days ago)
capitan de castilla (7 days ago)
Y Darwin nos quiso hacer creer que semejantes bellezas, descendian de una mona peluda ¡por favor!
Rocking2Shay xXx (7 days ago)
16:36 50,000 followers? My dog has 50,000 followers..... I can't fucking believe the bullshit they chose to perform during the "Pink" line? WTF? I had to mute that horrible shit. The first 2 performers and their songs were a goddamned joke. Is this the kind of horrid noise that passes for music these days? "NaNaNa" NOPE! Once again. WTF? Shit hurt my fucking ears for what little I could listen to.
Rocking2Shay xXx (7 days ago)
Well, bet I can guess what 99.9% of this comment thread's content is gonna be.....
Raymond Kim (7 days ago)
Wat name of the song at 10.10s?
Asmaa Itri (7 days ago)
Raymond Kim Akon Right now
Lauren Rose (7 days ago)
This is 2017?
sarah filipovic (7 days ago)
The 2018 show is on December 2ed I belive
Jophet Levy (7 days ago)
misleading caption and worst VS ever.
Gabriella Borges (3 days ago)
I think this year's VS managed to be even worse
This is 2017!!!!!!! What a lie

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