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Our Rare Volvo V70R Was Almost Torn Apart And Sold For Scrap

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Click to subscribe! https://goo.gl/5JdIrC No, seriously. This nearly happened because someone in the system messed up. This car nearly started with disaster, but turned out alright! Thankfully this was just a clerical error by someone at the national titling service, but it made for one hell of a story. Check out Blue Sky Performance and Restoration: https://www.instagram.com/blueskyperformancejesse/?hl=en https://www.instagram.com/blueskyperformancejeff/?hl=en http://www.blueskyperformanceandrestoration.com/ Buy our t-shirts to support our builds! https://teespring.com/stores/shifting-lanes Support us on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/ShiftingLanes For business inquiries email us: [email protected] Follow us on social media: https://drivetribe.com/t/shifting-lanes-VVn8ij7JRqa6z86AEhxv-w http://facebook.com/ShiftingLanes http://twitter.com/ShiftingLanes http://instagram.com/Shiftinglanes Intro - "Bow and Arrow" - T-Mass http://ncs.io/BowandArrowNS
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ShiftingLanes (11 months ago)
I want to make perfectly clear how amazing Alex Spinner was during this whole process. We were in contact the entire time and he even offered to buy the car back if NJ rejected it, or have it titled in my name at his own house in NY just so that we could have this car. The guy is seriously an amazing person and goes to great lengths to make things right with his cars and parts that he sells. He had no idea about the junk status because it was the NMVTIS clerk's fault that the car was junked, not his, and it showed up on exactly ZERO reports until the NJ DMV told me. We will never know when the junk status was put on this car, but I'm guessing it was when Alex bought it from the Michigan owner and someone put it in the NMVTIS system wrong. Don't always trust CarFax, it never tells the whole story! Feel free to email me with any questions about this whole process and how it was resolved specifically. Cheers guys and thanks for watching! -Gregson
Korruptionen (10 months ago)
I'm actually tearing down my manual swapped 2000 V70R, and sending it to the scrap yard. Bought an 06 Manual S60R as my project car, and you guys have inspired me to put an 8eight full exhaust into my build. Thanks guys!
ShiftingLanes (10 months ago)
Thanks for watching and glad we could influence you 🙂 you won’t be disappointed! -Gregson
John Callaghan (10 months ago)
Here this would clearly refer to a sort of 'tax evasion move', didn't think of that, but here in Europe, I pay €600/year, 'road tax' for a 2.4 T5 S60. In Holland, they pay €1200 per year for the same car!
James Haydon (10 months ago)
Greg, you have owned V70 with stock suspension setup, and now this car has coil overs. Can you tell me what it drives like on coil overs compared to stock suspension? Love the project. Keep up the good work.
Bertil Karlborg (10 months ago)
Hey Greg ! You have all my support back home in Sweden. It´s very intreasting  to hear all about  Your story .I will follow You !!Good luck in  the future with Your Volvo !!
BigpoppaKC (11 months ago)
As one who has owned many p2's, v70r's, xc70's... most should have came with a junk status from the factory... lol, i still love them though!!!!
Darrin Ray (11 months ago)
Keep talking our V70R's up, hopefully they will go up in value one day :)
jokrj (11 months ago)
I found another 05 Im trying to buy right now. Its Silver but an automatic. I've been having coil problems with mine they last a couple days when I replace them and then it starts running like shit again if anybody knows what this problem could be......Ive replaced the same 2 coils twice.
Darrin Ray (11 months ago)
jokrj : try buying the coils from IPD, they have a lifetime warranty and they have OEM and excellent Aftermarket parts.
jokrj (11 months ago)
Its funny you posted this. My car was hit by lightning and had a salvage title. I talked to the dealer that worked on the car several times the insurance company spent like $11,000 trying to correct everything that was wrong with it he said all the major electrical components have been replaced like the computers etc and then they finally got tired of spending money on it and totaled it.
Dougal Lewis (11 months ago)
I'm selling my 2004 V70R Volvo..108 thousand miles on...Lewis
youtubasoarus (11 months ago)
Wow, what a story. Glad you got it sorted and the car is now safely registered and in your hands. :) Looking forward to the mods you guys do with it.
DaBossk (11 months ago)
12:54 RIP headphone users *WARNING*
Jared K (11 months ago)
That's a crazy story, now track down the previous owners and see why none of the panels line up lol.
ShiftingLanes (11 months ago)
Haha noted. I’ll see what I can find out, but I largely don’t care that much since it’s a project car and cosmetic stuff will be fixed with the exterior restoration. Would still like to know. I’ll keep you posted. -Gregson
therightnuke (11 months ago)
can you compare the new xc40R design vs your V70R also you need the titanium exhaust josh just created ITS 13 LBS!!!
ShiftingLanes (11 months ago)
We have one from Josh going on this week! Not titanium, but holy hell will it be awesome 🙂 Stay tuned. -Gregson
Polisen (11 months ago)
He talks too much
Doug Kolar (11 months ago)
just like you he does what he wants, you can always click off.
Polisen (11 months ago)
Daniel Andersson din lilla hora
Daniel Andersson (11 months ago)
käft din lilla bög, rofl
Didier Lannoy (11 months ago)
Gregson, maybe you should grab the 4C suspension from the old VR before selling it.
3DBlockBuster (11 months ago)
Ah, beautiful Volvo, I'm so glad that you sort out the problem! Now, when you you going to make a vid of things you like and don't about this one. How does it compares to previous one(suspention and 5spd) and the other cars? Case in point "Money Pit"(BMW) and Subi? Keep 'em coming!
ShiftingLanes (11 months ago)
Thanks! Me too. Was a bit of a nail biter there for a while. Not sure I’ll do the hate/love video. I think a full review might be a better way to go with this one since a lot of those other 2 videos carries over. Either way, I’ll give a full review and comparo soon! -Gregson
Didier Lannoy (11 months ago)
What a crazy story!!! I would have been completely pissed off!!! Glad that everything turned OK! Cheers!
ShiftingLanes (11 months ago)
Thanks Didier! Was a bit scary there for about a week, but so glad it turned out alright as well. Cheers! -Gregson
Mr P (11 months ago)

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