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The 8 Fastest Ever Men to Run a Diamond League 100m - IAAF Diamond League

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Over the years, there have been some phenomenal 100m performances in the IAAF Diamond League, including winning runs from Ronnie Baker and Christian Coleman in 2018, Andre de Grasse's wind-assisted 9.69 in Stockholm in 2017 and Justin Gatlin, Tyson Gay, Asafa Powell, Yohan Blake and Usain Bolt 'opening up the throttle' through the years.
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Haters Hangout (6 days ago)
Why do they slow down before the finish line /:
Marius Bélisle (7 days ago)
good job degrasse
PTG Life (8 days ago)
I thought the flash was the fastest man
_.Nonso ._ (8 days ago)
Asafa's technique is soo good to watch still can't get over how well it is
Tim Newman (10 days ago)
tell me why Tyson Gay's runs are being included?..hes a multiple time drug cheat..can we have the top 8 non drug busted times please?
Badzz TV (10 days ago)
Go Flower Girl! ✌
Twelve yrsold (12 days ago)
1:20 Tyson *Gay*
LORD GUMSX (13 days ago)
Am i the only one who think thay bolt is way too much faster than powell?? I knlw it was just 1sec difference...😂😃
Owen Westerhout (14 days ago)
This is quality content
Legion (14 days ago)
It's nice how they always have a token white guy running so white people dont feel left out.
Rage_Tricks11 (14 days ago)
Where is big chungus
Alta Ice (25 days ago)
Gatlin, Bolt, and Blake are the greatest ever.
Clive Vaz (19 days ago)
The fastest time ever Bolt, Blake/Gay then Powell and Gatlin.
Clive Vaz (19 days ago)
What happened to Tyson Gay and asafa Powell ?.
Scott Waszak (1 month ago)
Bolt. The greatest track athlete in history.
Kay Pietersen (1 month ago)
Wanna be like u bolt😱😵😵
VISHNU BALRAM JHA (1 month ago)
I like Usain Bolt
Dev Das (1 month ago)
Tyson Gay is a cheater.. Don't show his name in the fastest man of the world..
strattus99 (1 month ago)
Gatlin's style is perfect!
Enoch Elewa (1 month ago)
2:45 Astrid Ingebrigsten ( Filips wife)
Chisom Ochibulu (1 month ago)
6:08 it was actually 9.73 not 9.74 seconds just saying but nice editz
Chisom Ochibulu (25 days ago)
Oh ok thanks
Jonathan Peele (25 days ago)
That was the first inexact measurement, it got rounded up to 9.74 because it was 9.736 or something like that
eu faço 100 metros em 11 segundos
OG Loc Beatz (1 month ago)
They are all Black... wow
Bruh (2 days ago)
+Kalevipoeg blacks just have better genetics for sprinting just shut up and deal with it
Koji Nakazawa (12 days ago)
Kalevipoeg dang, you got really defensive there😂
Kalevipoeg (13 days ago)
+Broccoli Wrong. That's not the reason. Try "blacks have nowhere else to go but sports and so naturally are more likely to produce a top runner when they have 99 blacks go into it -because they couldn't get into a college - for every 1 white" - also, white athletes have other options in life so they literally don't care as much about winning. The fast that some of these videos have some random-ass white sprinters who aren't THAT far behind Bolt himself should tell you something. If 10 times more white sprinters went into running than blacks, of COURSE the black people would lose because they'd have a huge disadvantage in numbers so the odds of producing a good one are much lower. Vice versa. BTW, *white* runner Lemaitre is a sub-10 second and faster than 99% of black runners on earth. I wouldn't call that "blacks are better" - again, it's more than 10x more black people go into the sport than white people because...well...to put it bluntly, they're on average poorer and less likely to have a 4 year college degree than a white person. So what other place do they have to focus their efforts? Don't confuse that for "better". Because if you do...it's going to REALLY be embarrassing for black people the day a white sprinter DOES break the world record. It'll happen. Why not. Europeans hold the world power lifting records, fastest swimmer is European...so yeah, actually...they can and will. It's only a matter of time. As Europeans become a minority in America, and are pushed to the back and no longer have such an advantage in society, they will be increasingly more likely to go into sports like this.
Broccoli (14 days ago)
Blacks are way better than whites in running, Especially Jamaica.
D Super man (1 month ago)
Except that Chinese
I like how they didn’t put Tyson gay 9.69 race !!!!!
Jonathan Peele (25 days ago)
That was in 2009; Diamond League had its first competition in 2010.
Renould P (1 month ago)
Bolt Killed back than, Great Job Men!
Khumo Mashapa (1 month ago)
I'm gonna miss these guys. Except Coleman and Baker, because they'll be around for a while.
Wilfredo Vazquez (12 days ago)
Jordan Warren Tho it's just a little bit. :/
Jordan Warren (1 month ago)
Yohan has some gas left in the tank
gakaface (1 month ago)
I'm disappointed the IAAF, headed by Lord Sebastian Coe, who lost a medal colour to a drug cheat, and who is now charged with cleaning up the sport after the biggest drugs scandals in history, would allow this video to be published in his name on the IAAF's official channel when it depicts several convicted drug cheats such as Tyson Gay, Asafa Powell, Justin Gatlin, Yohan Blake, and Nesta Carter, to name but a few. That is shameful.
ダリオ (1 month ago)
8th place should be Yokan Blake’s 9.82 race in Zurich 2011.
沙漠主频道 (1 month ago)
Bolt is the best
Kemy Bolt (13 days ago)
Time of Bolt, Powell, Gay, Gatlin and Blake is behind us, for me golden era of sprint is 2008-2012, since 2012 nobody run sub 9.7
Kemy Bolt (13 days ago)
I mean Blake
Elike Heh (13 days ago)
Kemy Bolt lol you said bolt twice
Daniel Jurisic (2 months ago)
2:12 it looks like when you go into character customization and make it as big as possible
Joshua Brown (2 months ago)
Songs names plz
Eisen Rulla (3 months ago)
SebastianM12 (3 months ago)
What about Tyson Gay's 9.84 in Stockholm in 2010? That one's important bc that was the time that he beat Bolt
Sergio García (3 months ago)
Song? XD
Thành Hồ (3 months ago)
All the greatest athletes, happy for them
Cubano Beats (3 months ago)
2020 Yohan Blake Will SHOCK THE WORLD......
colin mckenna (6 days ago)
+Kemy Bolt gatlin is a serial cheater but his records still stand is a joke, might as well put Ben Johnston's records in their as well as he was caught cheating the same amount if times as gatlin, Marion Jones was caught once but her records have been wiped, he already has the advantage of being a serial cheater to improve his training over a long period and he is now "clean" shouldn't make a difference, guy has probably found the latest superdrug that's not being tested for yet
Kemy Bolt (6 days ago)
+colin mckenna well everybody thought when Gatlin come back in 2010/2011 he will not be succesful. People have nothing to do with men coming from suspension and being everything but succesfull. Gatlin did the opposite
colin mckenna (6 days ago)
+Kemy Bolt once it's possible to forgive cheating, any more than that your a serial cheater and should be booted out and records wiped
Kemy Bolt (6 days ago)
+colin mckenna Blake was banned once in 2009. Doesnt matter
colin mckenna (7 days ago)
+Kemy Bolt Yeah and gatlin has been banned 2x for being a cheat already
Jakob Otondi (3 months ago)
How come usain bolt at 2:16 looks like a 7’7 350 2k18 center
Arahorn (10 days ago)
+Jonathan Peele He's 5'7. Still a lot shorter than Bolt though.
DrvppyMario (15 days ago)
Jakob Otondi right😂
Jonathan Peele (3 months ago)
Because Lerone Clarke is around 5'5", actually probably shorter than that.
らっこ (3 months ago)
Marlon Abner (3 months ago)
list flawed
Natie Vlogs (3 months ago)
2:29 that’s what happens when u go in front i Of usain when he finished a race
DON'T BE A HATER (1 month ago)
+Wombat to give the flowers to 1st place winner
Dirty Vic Inkorporate (1 month ago)
+D Super man dope
D Super man (1 month ago)
+Dirty Vic Inkorporate 27.8 mph ( 44.72km/h) was his topspeed Reached at 67m mark in his 2009 world record 9.58 100m race. Well, he has come close to his topspeed many times above 44km/h . Also when Bolt finished this race at the finish line he was decelerating , so maybe 30km/h or less when he crashed the girl
Dirty Vic Inkorporate (2 months ago)
Well why tf would she go out in front of the fastest man alive coming down from like 44 mph😂😂😂
Wombat (2 months ago)
You could see her just run out in front of him... Why though?
Jamrat S (3 months ago)
Usain bolt⚡... best is the world !!
Christopher Hylton (3 months ago)
What about powell's 9.72 in london
Max Sharpe (3 months ago)
0:46 awesome shot!!!!!
Jamrat S (3 months ago)
Golden era = Usain bolt⚡beats everyone.
シルバーステート (3 months ago)
前トリビアの種でガトリンが9.45を出してた 風速20mだったけど…
Jamaican Me Crazy (3 months ago)
Gatlin was very consistent wasn't he
Mad Dog (3 months ago)
5:51 You can see clearly the sparks coming out of Gatlin's ass due the use of steroids....
Randall Denison (3 months ago)
The Asian man blew all those black boys away!😁
Bruh (2 days ago)
he still lost
Rising Sun (3 months ago)
You seem surprised and happy. Yes, anomalies exist but the winner was a "black boy"
Kboy12 (3 months ago)
Bet you’re well happy bout that aren’t you ....
(3 months ago)
Su Bing Tian
FastMisha Official (3 months ago)
Degrasse with 4,8m/s wind is in the list, but Asafa with his 9.72 with wind 2.1m/s from Oslo 2010 isn't. that's not fair
Jonathan Peele (25 days ago)
+Pierre Deutschlander What about Trayvon Bromell?
Pierre Deutschlander (3 months ago)
But Trayvon Bromell.
Bruce Borun (3 months ago)
Degrasse shouldn't be on here
Anamasi Anamasi (3 months ago)
موز فوز
J Finkle (3 months ago)
Coleman n Gay Bolt same time
J Finkle (3 months ago)
Gatlin is right behind them running 9.74 every race
J Finkle (3 months ago)
wind assisted doesn't count.. Tyson Gay Bolt n Blake only ones to run under 9.70 but that will change
Riley Radford (3 months ago)
You forgot Justin Gatlin’s 9.78 at the Monaco DL (2015), his 9.77 at the Brussels DL (2014) and his 9.75 at the Lausanne DL (2015). Also, De Grasse’s “9.69” should not be in this list. Absolutely ridiculous. Get your facts right, Diamond League.
Robert Hejduk (3 months ago)
Riley Radford lol
Justin Gatlin (3 months ago)
Elaine + Usain 💑 👪 🏃
Pierre Deutschlander (3 months ago)
Make one for 200m?
Jamaica Bahamas (3 months ago)
This list is flawed. Why is Ronnie Baker’s 9.88 listed and Jimmy Vicaut’s 9.86 in the same race behind Powell’s 9.81 was not?
Clive Vaz (3 days ago)
There's highlighting the winning times in each races.
Jonathan Peele (3 months ago)
Well, the race was included and Powell won it. At least the commentary mentions Vicaut's performance.
Fanatic Chess (3 months ago)
2008-2015 is a Golden era of sprinting.... Miss those moments 😊
jere5700 (17 days ago)
TheManka For Gatlin it was a bit screwy because of his ADD or ADHD his medication was allowed then it became a banned substance. But then he was called a 2 time drug cheat though he had 1 ban its weird. There was a documentary about it too, and Michael Johnson talked about it too.
TheManka (17 days ago)
+jere5700 HAHAHHAHAH. Alright I see your knowledge. Testosterone isn't performance-enhancing right? 2006 Gatlin was suspended because of testo.. Please inform yourself. Bolt boosted athletics because of his show and his character in general. Thats why IAAF protected him. What about Nesta Carter ? I heard about a list with 10 jamaican sprinter that were positive tested. What about the rest? I am sorry mate, but this is not legit.
jere5700 (17 days ago)
TheManka Baker,Coleman,Bolt are clean but Powell had a cough same with Gay so the only reason they got suspended is because there was an illegal substance in there. They didn’t take a Performance-enhancing drug that’s what happens with most athletes in these situations. I think they’re all clean.
TheManka (17 days ago)
+jere5700 just the truth. Out of 10 fastest man only one is clean. Usain Bolt. IAAF probably protected him.. So how would you explain that? Coleman is "clean" as well.. we will see..
jere5700 (17 days ago)
TheManka haha very funny
TheFlash3237 (3 months ago)
DeGrasse's time had a hurricane of a wind behing him! Why put it in this list? 🤦‍♂️
TheFlash3237 (10 days ago)
+Tim Newman What the hell does your comment about the guys running 10.3 have to do with my comments about Degrasse's time?
TheFlash3237 (10 days ago)
+Tim Newman You're right. I wrote it wrong.
Tim Newman (10 days ago)
+TheFlash3237 its not 2 miles per hour. its 2 metres per second.
Tim Newman (10 days ago)
+TheFlash3237 how do you explain the 10.3,10.2 etc times ran on cinders in the 1930s then?..when the guys were fat compared to today, didnt weight train, and wore heavy leather and steel shoes?..seriously you are on the band wagon due to ignorance.
sydboski (19 days ago)
+TheFlash3237 I'm going to have to agree with you on that.
Fastest Man (3 months ago)
Robert Ferguson (3 months ago)
Wow! Awesome compilation. So much power and speed from these Masters...
?! (3 months ago)
3:30 Lane 8
Kerwin R (1 day ago)
Dude got smoked and he made himself look like a ass lmao two L's
Yvonne Shelton (1 month ago)
?! Haha 😂
RahmZ (1 month ago)
gakaface (1 month ago)
Damn, that was funny! Well observed!
Kiyoteru Chau (3 months ago)
Like a chicken
Bo Rood (3 months ago)
Blake was like Elaine Thompson, only good for two years.
Best Planet (2 months ago)
Markymark277 (2 months ago)
Bo Rood I don’t have any but that’s also why I’m not bumping my gums about someone who is an Olympic champion
Schuyler Orr (3 months ago)
yohan blake had the fear of injuring himself again so he had to get mentally prepared and that took a very long time
Jamrat S (3 months ago)
2011 - 2012 ??
Jamaica Bahamas (3 months ago)
Read up on the extent of the gruesome injury that Blake suffered and that would give some insight into his decline. Thompson’s issue is that she shouldn’t have tried to compete with the Achilles injury and let it completely heal.
Simon Atletiek (3 months ago)
Niet normaal
Fares Boina (3 months ago)
Usain bolt thé fasten man in thé world 🏆😃👏👑💪👍👌
Terry Baldwin (3 months ago)
Zalhata BEN ALI sooo?
Zalhata BEN ALI (3 months ago)
Fares Boina 🏃🏿‍♂️🥇🏆🏅👑🏃🏿‍♂️👑
Zalhata BEN ALI (3 months ago)
Fares Boina Christian coleman is the fastest. Man in tehe world usain bolt is the fastest time of all time
Prince Vegeta (3 months ago)
Im the next usain bolllttt
Prince Vegeta (14 days ago)
thats my run at championship 2017 100 meters
Prince Vegeta (14 days ago)
Prince Vegeta (14 days ago)
AverageGirl okay
Prince Vegeta (14 days ago)
AverageGirl see a video of me ?
Broccoli (14 days ago)
If your black you have an extra chance

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