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What turns women on? Apparently everything including animal sex. MESSAGE TO LESBIAN MEN : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eo_IKJJ609o LESBIAN ADVENTURES! : http://bit.ly/SubscribeToGirlfriends TWITTER : ‪‪‪http://twitter.com/arielleishammin‬‬‬ FACEBOOK : ‪‪‪http://facebook.com/arielleishamming‬‬ T SHIRTS : ‪‪‪http://www.districtlines.com/arielleishamming SNAIL MAIL : Arielle Scarcella P.O. Box 280154 Brooklyn, NY 11228-154 _______________________________
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Text Comments (3367)
NESova.RAR (5 days ago)
from boys: tall guys with many manly features that are bossy to everyone except me from gals: girls that dress in punk style and act rebellious
Murp 63 (3 months ago)
Wen someone lightly touches me OH MY GOSH
Brandy Flores (3 months ago)
the sound that women make when they put their hands down on a table or whatnot the sound of their fingernails grazing the counter or wherever they're at that tapping noise is a turn on
Brittany Kelly (4 months ago)
Also in the tv show supernatural, where Charlie and Rowena and how alike they are and the odd chemistry between them.
Brittany Kelly (4 months ago)
I get turned on when girls talk about sex
Patrick S (4 months ago)
I got turned on by climbing up a rope, cos it was rubbing against my penis.
I get turned on by asmr
melisa caceres (8 months ago)
Once i was at a school field trip, at 16 years old and my bestie (who was my crush) had the brilliant idea of biting my shoulder when we were at a kind of museum...i moaned. Literally it was the only time i remember moaning and sadly it was in public.
smokem 365 (8 months ago)
u r ur fun real dork. i love women who are 5 real enough to speak as u do. grr u tight beautiful. thnx for information
C Piasecki (11 months ago)
She said hair between your buttcheeks 😂😂😂 lmao
imdunwiththis wørld (1 year ago)
Robert Stark (1 year ago)
That was hotter than porn.
The Shockholm System (1 year ago)
When a woman kinda get touchy.
Dog collar don't judge pls :'/
chimchim park (1 year ago)
Weird turn on :fat ass on a girl
Skylar Sword (1 year ago)
Sporty girls turn me on
Kali Kiel (1 year ago)
I notice that I get aroused whenever there is an earthquake. If it's a good enough jolt, I orgasm. I'm not kidding.
Shi._.Thead LOL (1 year ago)
Talking to people shorter than me
Marissa Ashby (1 year ago)
Hip bones
Kari Spiess (1 year ago)
A book slammed on the table
Weird turn on: people who are much older/younger than me... I'd consider my self, at 13, a teleiophile, but find myself attracted to girls ranging from ages 7ish to in their thirties.. sometimes I go to the bathroom to piss and realize I'm SUPER wet lol
Maria Irimia (1 year ago)
Um. My bottom of a gf thinking she can top
Skyler Sniveky (1 year ago)
when a girl licks her teeth OH MA GAWD
Kenda Nicholas (1 year ago)
Venture Out (1 year ago)
I'm a bi male and I really get turned on by long bangs or fringes over the eyes! To me it's so unbelievably sexy!
:.It's ok To die .: (1 year ago)
Seeing hair dye turns me on
Lucie Davies (1 year ago)
One weird turn on for me was whispering in my ear and then kind of biting or nibble on the cartilage part of the ear
NeeTheFox ^_^ (1 year ago)
Yiff turns me on XD
Savannah Woods (1 year ago)
omg when you're sitting on your legs and the heel of your foot accidentally rubs on your cliiiiit omg so awkward
Smile wolff (1 year ago)
I get turned on by neck kiss, or a waist grab from behind
CepFins (1 year ago)
I get turned on by collarbones
MollysMiniStuff (1 year ago)
Well~.... I have to admit that yaoi (and shotacon, woops) turns me on the most. o-o
Lucas the Lemur (2 years ago)
good personality.
Danni Mills (2 years ago)
candle wax
moto serra (2 years ago)
wow... So much crap... Jesus!
Anton vdM (2 years ago)
where did that huge plug of cheese come from..
Maria Carter (2 years ago)
honestly I get turned on randomly like I could be walking then all of a sudden I'm tingly btw I'm a girl and 16
excop360 (2 years ago)
sticking my own head up my ass and eating my shit.
Big_ Daddy69 (2 years ago)
I was watching porn with a friend and I went to the bathroom to pee and I saw my panties soaked and was like well shit and then asked my friend what happens and she explained it
Turn on: when someone looks into my eyes and boobs😝
Ask Me (2 years ago)
I'm bicurious Turn On: Dick Pics Turn On: Boobs
Turn on: a girl's eyes or lips.
T.K Donjuan (2 years ago)
Oh my gosh, I can't believe I'm admitting this. Tell me some freaky shit and stick your tongue in my ear.
Solace (2 years ago)
my weird one is a really soft makeup brush on my wrist
Paris Gamer (2 years ago)
I get turned on by ppl hugging me behind my back... and nipping behind my ear... also biting my neck
DINGUS ouch (2 years ago)
a really sexy neck turns me on
Schokomuffin189 (2 years ago)
I'm really into men's butts and groping them and also fingering them... That's a pretty weird turn-on I guess (I'm a female)
steven payne (2 years ago)
horses tends to stimulate me in odd ways
kissing .. my turn on. good kissing.
JACK RUSHEN (2 years ago)
I get turned on by dippy lesbians with youtube shows.
macey (2 years ago)
Sensual voices
Taylor Sullivan (2 years ago)
tbh when another girl winks at me, I just fucking loose my shit (14, bi girl btw lol)
Clorox Bleach (2 years ago)
Watching feral cats fight outside my window at night is enough for me
Join The Progress (2 years ago)
So, getting wet, etc...what the *fack* is that supposed to be at 0:37 ...
NotOrdinaryInGames (2 years ago)
Maybe women can find the very idea of sexual pleasure arousing? Just a man guessing.
Undertaletrash (2 years ago)
what turns me on is maybe a lot of touching or seeing my girlfriend's ass in underwear 😐 enough said
Clorox Bleach (2 years ago)
bleach Greetings, kindred spirit!
Cherry Boy (2 years ago)
When someone I like touches my hand or arm
CuFFs (2 years ago)
Lip biteing 😜
Eryck Stratton (2 years ago)
when a girl touches my knee
hannah Gunn (2 years ago)
I'm lesbian and I get turned on when people talk about condoms
Nat Cook (2 years ago)
Some perfume on someone else will do it or holding my pee before going to the bathroom
Bunny Clique (2 years ago)
I'm Getting Turned On By People Saying How They Get Turned On 😂
Kesheena lily Davison (2 years ago)
Touching my clit
feliciathe_goat b (2 years ago)
when someone sniffs my neck, anything to do with my neck, my back, lick my p**** and my crack
Krystal Nichole (2 years ago)
when someone plays with my hair or if someone smells really good lol
Ss Sd (2 years ago)
boobs and stomachs
Brandon Dowdy (2 years ago)
you should do a video about the faucet trick
Brandon Dowdy (2 years ago)
you should do a video about the faucet trick
heledd williams (2 years ago)
Making out with a girl and getting really romantic
phoenix (2 years ago)
I get turned on by funtime Freddy's voice.... Don't ask
No Stop (2 years ago)
Even on a lesbians channel all I hear people talking about are guys XD
Heller86 (2 years ago)
this reminded me of that Derek and Clive dialogue 'Getting the horn', look it up
Someone You Don't Know (2 years ago)
I get turned on by yaoi (=anime male gay sex)and worst is the fact that they represent countries (that anime is called hetalia) so I get turned on by America doing it with England for example x'D
Swag Machine (2 years ago)
I get turned on by garden gnomes...
Neil Horahn (2 years ago)
just touching and flirting mainly lol
Mieo 12321 (2 years ago)
Weard turn on confessions: I'm a gay furry.... Enough said
Paul Gaudet (2 years ago)
yeah me too.....
lydia french (2 years ago)
When someone nuzzles into the crook of my neck...
Kylie JoLynn (2 years ago)
When someone I find attractive smiles/ laughs and tries to cover it up with their hand
TMHOutdoorsman (2 years ago)
Walking behind a girl going up stairs
shelby deshazo (2 years ago)
anybody from Alabama? i'm not looking to talk to guys tho so stay away thanks girls only under 18
Cyborg Kitten (2 years ago)
Pretty much anything, but if you kiss or touch my neck or whisper in my ear then that is an immediate turn on for me.
Art of Free Speech (2 years ago)
ASMR must be really confusing for you. ;)
Chevelle Amaranthe (2 years ago)
I really like ear whispering, idk some people hate it... Just the feeling of warmth from another body, male or female... Or anything overly intimate really. I remember I was dating a girl not long ago and we were relaxing, intoxicated and watching a comedy. She couldn't handle her alcohol and laid down on the sofa with her head in my lap and her hand hooked around my inner thigh. I remember turning off the television and sitting there in the darkness, watching her face until my eyes adjusted and I could make out some of her features and could see her chest rising and falling. I smoothed her hair out of her face and watched her for a while, and that was the most aroused I've been in my entire life tbh... Crotch was burning at that moment. Lol I'm so sad
Alex Hamilton (2 years ago)
I get turned on by 50 shades of grey style things, you know, all the really kinky shit...don't judge me...
Nell Rodrgz (2 years ago)
Robert Balboa hahaha same
Kayla Daniel (2 years ago)
My turn on is my best friend who is bi curious rubbing my leg
Isabel Ruz (2 years ago)
This made me laugh sooo much
Garden of Travail (2 years ago)
your lips
Milkiee Way (2 years ago)
Wait she has a twin?
lilly pas (2 years ago)
I like it if someone traces my back with there hand. I am a baton twirler and my outfit is backless and girls like to trace the indention of the spine. Yeah I'm pretty gay but no one knows
Beep Boop (2 years ago)
Lamps they turn me on //// XDD
Kanjo (2 years ago)
I get turned on by everything.. Like, everything
Undertaletrash (2 years ago)
heh same
nenafelix (2 years ago)
CombatWombat The Royal Guard omg fr
Jordan Blenkinsop (2 years ago)
Welp. If there's a hole there's a way.
Jordyn Ince (2 years ago)
Taurus Girl (2 years ago)
I get turn on when someone slap me or touch my back of my body..hahahaha..i'm bi
Tylah Bazzi (2 years ago)
Turn on: a good dick print in sweatpants lol
redrum5389 (2 years ago)
I'll slap your ass ! that would turn you on?
DINGUS ouch (2 years ago)
Tylah Bazzi oh yeah
heartbeat Rowe (2 years ago)
true that same here
Paul Gaudet (2 years ago)
Igorephony (2 years ago)
I get turned on by yaoi but i sware im only into girls
The burnout girl sameeee yaoi is life~^^ (I also like guys but mainly girls)
Rubber Chicken (2 years ago)
I'm not alone then
Taylor Anonymous (2 years ago)
One weird turn on for me is big hands.....i dont know why!!!
choco pao (2 years ago)
2 girls kissing or making out.either fiction character or real girls (teenage girls to 20's of age) haha!
girlsdrinkfeck (2 years ago)
men are more fussy naturally because they are the seed givers ,to reproduce the male must only spread seed to those worthy to them ,females are just eggs in a nutshell
Shakira Bear (2 years ago)
I'm m2f trans and im more of a lesbian than I am a straight girl cuz of something that happened to me last year but anyways 1 thing that turns me on is my vibrater
Ray (2 years ago)
I think it's amazing that LESBIAN videos come out on the SUNDAYS usually considered religious days. I would do that, too 😄
i.mariam sheikh (2 years ago)
holding my pee so hard while doing dirty monologue ... ;)
i turned on once while riding a horse.
Soso _ (2 years ago)
Neck kisses turn me on

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