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REVIEW: Garnier Fructis Style| Spray Gel

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Text Comments (90)
Donna Vasanth (1 year ago)
Love your hair beautiful
Melshary Love-Arias (1 year ago)
+Donna Abruzzese Thank You!
it is an awesome product
Emmy Jean (2 years ago)
I love the smell of it !!!!! and it works good in my hair too 😍❤
Jen-Jen Chubb (2 years ago)
+Melshary Love-Arias how long does it last?cuz I use it like for my hair cuz I have long fringes/bangs that are quite long and they are a little bit sticking out and I quite use a lot of hair spray and where can u buy it?can u buy it in Tesco's?Thanks.
Melshary Love-Arias (2 years ago)
How long does it last for what? And I don't know what Tesco's is. You can google where to buy it.
Fatima DaSilva (3 years ago)
I love this stuff as well. My hair is naturally wavy and this product makes my waves look more like curls. Love Garnier Fructis!!!
seblin rachel (3 years ago)
+Melshary Love-Arias  is it still available on the market , i've been using this too .. it works so well . but i can't find it anymore at nay drugstore? where do you get yours?
seblin rachel (3 years ago)
Yeah , I'll try online store. thanks
Melshary Love-Arias (3 years ago)
I haven't used this on n awhile because I can't find it in store. Try looking for it online.
VHalen69 (3 years ago)
Does garnier fructis make a fragrance? Something that you can spray on like a Cologne, I have their green puddy style for hair and love the smell, any help would be greatly appreciated.
May Walker (4 years ago)
Btw you're extra cute love your attitude! I actually love their shampoo as well I use fall figh when I need to clarify and it give awesome slip and detanglimg while shampooing. Can finger comb through my hair right after even before conditioning. Like you said there are a lot of I only use natural ingredient product naturals or these products aren't 'for is' but I believe use what works for you and garnier works great for me!! My beau has a curly fro hawk and he also loves there leave in & mouse
May Walker (4 years ago)
Just bought was looking to use as kind of a setting lotion for a perm rod set. Hope it works am def more confident after this thanks!
Brittnae Heart (4 years ago)
My hair is very difficult I been natural for 5 year I use that by it self and it give my hair life I try so many different curl gel spray mosses and none work they all leave my hair dry or uncurled but this product is great
JeiCris777 (4 years ago)
I just purchased this lastnight. Hope it works for my curls!
NaturallyNajwa (5 years ago)
I think I may try this your hair looks great. I use their Pure & Clean Conditioner and I love that stuff. Here are the ingredients for the spray gel if anyone is looking for them. Garnier Fructis Style Curl Shaping Spray Gel, Strong $4.59 - Aqua/Water/Eau , PVP , DMDM Hydantoin , Iodopropyl Butylcarbamate , PEG 40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil , PEG 192 Apricot Kernel Glycerides , PEG 70 Mango Glycerides , Amino Methyl Propanol , Polyacrylate 3 , Limonene , Linalool , Propylene Glycol , Citrus Limonum (Lemon) Fruit Extract , Amyl Cinnamal , Parfum/Fragrance , FIL
Tai Mc (5 years ago)
4 day hair!?!?! omgoodness lol! Beautiful Mel. Thanks :)
NaturallyStacey (5 years ago)
Your hair looks great and thank you for addressing the whole comment of "that doesn't work for our hair type" mess people say.  That to me is a cop out and I feel that you never know until you try it.  Can wait to watch your next video
Waterlily716 (5 years ago)
hahahah! with people wanting to know all the info about a product from a video review. XD 
Jaden Lankford (5 years ago)
I'm so glad u did a review on this product. I picked it up and used it and I love it. we have similar hair texture but my hair is very low porosity and hard to get moisture in so I was afraid it would leave my hair dry and stiff. instead it was curly soft and had movement and shine. I'm really impressed. thanks for the review.
Miko (5 years ago)
I'm  glad you like this cause I LOVE IT!
wanna benatural (5 years ago)
great! thanks for the video
Yonna Johnson (5 years ago)
I tried this a while back went I went natural and I hated it...because of your review I gave it a try with my eden's body works and I am in love!!!! Thanks Mel!!!!
Felisha Shugart (5 years ago)
I just bought his the day before I saw this now im excited thanks!
MzKinkyCurl (5 years ago)
I'm definitely looking for a product to achieve four day hair. Definitely will try it. Happy Holidays, Mel
EmJay Anieta (5 years ago)
i just started using garnier fruitis line and i must say its now my fav.. my hair loves it so soetimes its good to step outside the 'norm" yayy for trying new things
Mama Mona Luv (5 years ago)
It's on sale at Walgreens.com 2 for $8 :-) just bought some!
Piscesgirl03 (5 years ago)
You look beautiful and love the hair!!
SheRea DelSol (5 years ago)
Your hair looks amazing!!! You look amazing!! Merry Christmas
Melshary Love-Arias (5 years ago)
Merry Christmas and Thank You!!
miasmommy75 (5 years ago)
I totally agree with trying products....I have garnier products and it has made my hair amazing!!!!  I have gotten volume and shine etc.  I will be trying that thanks
Quill L (5 years ago)
alright melshary.. I will be @ Walmart 2 morrow. we don't have the same texture, but I am gonna try this... liked the video...
beautifullybliss (5 years ago)
I love your channel you look like we can be related.. How old are you? Let me find out I have a sister I never knew lol... Merry Christmas doll :)
WeekendNatural (5 years ago)
I love her face at 1:07. She really loves this product. I am glad that you used it on top of other products because it shows that it plays well with others.
angelstranger (5 years ago)
Thanks for doing this review. I often pass by it in the store. Because of you I will try it. :)
Naturally _ Me777 (5 years ago)
Hey Mel, your hair is always on point.. I'm not a wig natural but I do t/o. And sometimes I don't get a good hold. I love love love their conditioners the sleek and shine is my boo. I will give this product a go as well.. Happy Holidays.
nappilyevaafta (5 years ago)
Looking Lovely "Melshary"
Nazeeya (5 years ago)
Your hair looks great.
Erica Handy (5 years ago)
I'm gonna have to revisit this now that my hair is longer. I liked it when I had a twa.
DarkestChoclet (5 years ago)
My teenager loves this and uses it on her hair to enhance her curls a lil goes a long way now subbing!
Chanelle Pope (5 years ago)
Hello and Happy Holidays! I have tried this product and it was a staple in my wash and gos for a long time!! I have about 4A/B hair type and it provides great hold and definition as well as next day hair with some resetting (wetting). 
Melshary Love-Arias (5 years ago)
Happy Holidays!
sking3225 (5 years ago)
Yes, that does work great in your hair!! 4 days looks awesome!!
Wickkedstyle♥ (5 years ago)
Happy holidays I luv Ur hair
Melshary Love-Arias (5 years ago)
Happy Holidays! Thank You!
CTS Diva (5 years ago)
Mel.... Great video...., definitely going to try this spray gel. Gotta love convenient and affordable products... and as always ur honesty is priceless lol. I wish u a very merry xmas n a blessed new year....
Melshary Love-Arias (5 years ago)
Thank You and same to you hun..
Bobbie Bristol (5 years ago)
Love the review, will have to try it when I get past the TWA part of my journey. Have an awesome holiday season.
Saleina Bailey (5 years ago)
Your hair looks gorgeous!!!! Great review. I don't use gels on my hair but if I ever feel like I need one ill reach for this.
java watson (5 years ago)
I love your reviews.
Poetic Resilience (5 years ago)
Hi Mel, this is my first comment on your videos! Dec 31st is my three year anniversary of being natural and I couldn't be happier!  I used this stuff when I first went natural and loved it but it started to dry my hair out. I didn't use it under a curl pudding as you did though. I will definitely be giving this product another try but this time I will use it under a creamy curl definer as you did. I loved it but was sad because it dried my hair out. Garnier products are great though! I've used a lot of their products and always love them. Even the skin care products are great! Thanks for the review! Happy Holidays!
yahaira ayala (5 years ago)
Hair lookin fierce girl! I'm gonna have to try! ;-)
MyCrystalClearLife (5 years ago)
The hair is looking great, Mel!
Curly Mel (5 years ago)
Your hair has grown so much you look beautiful as usual. Have u tried the tresseme keratin treatment mask?
Ebony J Hardiman (5 years ago)
I love Garnier Frusctis products! But I have never tried their spray gel yet (: great video (:
Melshary Love-Arias (5 years ago)
Happy Holidays All!!
vanna shanell (5 years ago)
I'm gonna get this...
Stephanie Crump (5 years ago)
I like Gariner Fructis products. My daughter is natural but her hair frizzes alot. We have tried all type of "natural hair" products. But the garnier fructisanti- frizz curl calm down cream work wonders. Her twist out is BANGING!!!!! She loves the results and has had many compliments and people asking what she did differently. It made such a noticeable difference. I can't wait to try that gel
Melshary Love-Arias (5 years ago)
I'll have to try the frizz stuff out.. Thanks..
Nativia Powers (5 years ago)
You used this on a wash & go? Think I might have to try this. Txs for sharing;)
Nativia Powers (5 years ago)
Looks Awesome!! :)Txs
Melshary Love-Arias (5 years ago)
Yes I only do wash n go's..
Loulou Matou (5 years ago)
Great review. I loved this gel when my hair was longer. I had bought a couple of bottles in curacao as i haven't seen it here in Amsterdam. Your hair is looking lush!
Melshary Love-Arias (5 years ago)
Thank You!!
Danielle Harris (5 years ago)
Great review! Cant wait to try it.
Jenn Winston (5 years ago)
It is so funny you reviewed this. My son loves this stuff for his hair. He has a curly fro hawk. It dried my hair a little but I keep a bottle in the house for my son. :)
Melshary Love-Arias (5 years ago)
Yeah its good.. He should try mixing in just a bit of oil to help with the dryness.
Davia (5 years ago)
I love their pure clean styling gel and for me it works well with the shea moisture gel soufflé but if they sell this in Jamaica ill def try it I've only tried the herbal essence spray gel love that one as well
limlim481 (5 years ago)
thanks for this review! your hair looks awesome :) 
Melshary Love-Arias (5 years ago)
Thank You!
ahallm3097 (5 years ago)
Thanks good review, I will be trying this. Happy Holidays!!!
Melshary Love-Arias (5 years ago)
Happy Holidays To you too! 
Laurel Emmers (5 years ago)
Merry Christmas great review!
Melshary Love-Arias (5 years ago)
Same to you!
taredo3 (5 years ago)
It is $3.34 at Target
Melshary Love-Arias (5 years ago)
Not a bad price..
Caribella84 (5 years ago)
Merry Christmas!
Melshary Love-Arias (5 years ago)
Same to you!
Caribella84 (5 years ago)
Thanks! 😚
Melshary Love-Arias (5 years ago)
taredo3 (5 years ago)
I will try it
Eboni Curls (5 years ago)
Hey girly. Sold..I'll buy it and give it a try. oh let me tell ya. You put me on to the cantu cocoanut curl cream a few months back. They have a deep cond treatment masque, co wash, a leave in (not the old one in the big jar) but in the naturals line.  All products are amazing!! They work soooo well for my hair. I think you love them as well. xoxo
Melshary Love-Arias (5 years ago)
Hey Eboni.. You def should try it out.. I was surprised by how much I liked it.. Happy Holidays! 
Tannisha Gentry (5 years ago)
Thanks for sharing, your hair is beautiful.. In trying to get there.. Have a merry Xmas
Melshary Love-Arias (5 years ago)
Thank You.. Happy Holidays to you too!
Deb Bee (5 years ago)
Thanks for the review.  I think I will try it.
Reservechic (5 years ago)
Thanks for sharing your review of the product. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas! And, I can't wait to see more product reviews to come from you in the future!
Melshary Love-Arias (5 years ago)
Happy Holidays!
melynie Squire (5 years ago)
Thanks for the review. Walgreens has a sale now 2 for $7.00
Melshary Love-Arias (5 years ago)
Your welcome.. Must check out Walgreens now.. Thats a great price for 2.

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