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4.2 Probability Sampling Techniques

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Text Comments (12)
Anh Dang (24 days ago)
Thanks a lot, this is easy to understand and so helpful
nnam tracy (1 month ago)
Thanks very much, this have been so helpful
Sin (2 months ago)
I’m a Counselling student, and in our field, understanding research methods is necessary too. It was pretty information-heavy for me, but thanks to you, I’m beginning to really understand the key terms behind research methods, sampling etc. Thanks, man.
Juran Mezka (8 months ago)
sir can you explain me about MERIT and DEMERIT of NON-PROBABILITY SAMPLING?
Zonah Oracion (9 months ago)
Thanks a lot. God bless you
Zonah Oracion (9 months ago)
Thanks a lot. God bless you
juda ato (9 months ago)
thanks dude
Zeinab Ab (11 months ago)
Thank you so much, could you please issue a video about how to report analysis data. REPLY
Jose Erwin Borbon (1 year ago)
Thank you so much. Thi is so helpful.
farooq346 (1 year ago)
Your are very good teacher and you have best methods of teaching too
KING Arthur (1 year ago)
very slow... but good slow pace creates boredom sorry
Brian Tabu (1 year ago)
Margin of error part really incisive

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