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Top 12 New Upcoming Cars and Suvs 2019

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Top 12 New Upcoming Cars and Suvs 2019 -------------------------------------- Look Also : ----------------- Top Best and Luxury Sedan Cars 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SyTGEY12FRU -------------------------------------- Top Best Crossover SUV 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A42CiYCpxNg -------------------------------------- Top 7 New SUV 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ksi-BrBmOj0 -------------------------------------- Car List: 1) Audi A7 2) Bentley Continental GT 3) BMW 8 Series 4) Mazda Kai 5) Ford Mustang Bullitt 6) Honda Insight 7) Kia Sorento 8) Volkswagen Jetta 9) Mercedes Maybach 6 10) Aston Martin DB11 11) BMW X7 12) Audi E-Tron -------------------------------------- Music : ------------ Cinematic Epic No Copyright Free Music Youtube No Copyright Free Music -------------------------------------- The video comes under 'Fair Use' according to Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976. All the visual-content belongs to their respective owners.
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Text Comments (515)
Zakhariy Sappolenko (16 hours ago)
две реальные серийные машины , а остальное концепт кары которые вовек не увидим на дорогах
jack bruno (2 days ago)
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Breander Adams (2 days ago)
The music in the beginning reminded me of GTA Vice City
Anucha Bunkerd (2 days ago)
Mohamed Green (2 days ago)
هل تتكلم العربية ؟
Mohamed Green (2 days ago)
توجد اخطاء لغوية في عنوان الفيديو
CM Chiu (4 days ago)
anyone know the music from..
Mamoun Al-Hmidi (4 days ago)
Welche Sprache sprichst du?
simo 0600165306 (5 days ago)
Ivan Ivan (5 days ago)
Audi E tron ❤
hussein Arab (6 days ago)
the new a7 looks like kia stinger
Martin Moldoványi (6 days ago)
New BMW is awful
roko niko (7 days ago)
Ooooi pff
Patrick Chubey (8 days ago)
The Honda insight just looked sad just after seeing the awesome Mustang Bullitt edition, that's a tough act to follow.
YOUTUBE SHOW (9 days ago)
Бляяяяяя, я кончил...
Автомобилей и кроссоверов... кроссовер не автомашина что ли? Автор дятел
GenilsonMF (11 days ago)
A grade frontal do Jetta tá horrível. Acabou com o carro.
Kasian Danila (11 days ago)
Bmw e baza
Muaddin (12 days ago)
👍 💕 💖 💕
При чем здесь jetta и sorento ? Вообще ни к месту их впихнули
Dilek Karasu (13 days ago)
Audi arabamı https://youtu.be/-obQ8heqPUY
Enzo Merlino (13 days ago)
Comunque il Kia Sorento è già uscito da un anno
zed zaidi (14 days ago)
hai...ape kabor rodong...
Onofrio Verzicco (14 days ago)
In this video The BMW 8 is concept version, The 8series is quite differente.
Jagadeesan Anitha (15 days ago)
it super
Dreidrei Gabgab (15 days ago)
mazda cai😻😻😻😻
Bassam Ahmad Srihini (15 days ago)
سيارتي اعلى منهم ...صنعتها بيدي
loay lolo (16 days ago)
Ford Mustang
Dalbarin Jumaa (17 days ago)
라팡샷재성 (17 days ago)
대부분 컨섭트카....
NOSSA, para quem viu um vídeo, antes de VW gol 2019 de entrada, a diferença e gritante. 😱😱😁😁👍
Michael c Silver i (19 days ago)
Honda Civic 2016 was a new design and all car imitation companies for the Civic except BMW are a special design
Ginktom Videos prods (19 days ago)
the Jetta looks like an Audi A4
Alex Statham (19 days ago)
This car is ugly 9:20
Azat Muradyan (19 days ago)
Maybach is 👑 king
Phú Lâm Phạm (20 days ago)
Phú Lâm Phạm (20 days ago)
藤森千尋 (20 days ago)
Romain Baudouin (20 days ago)
I really do not know what is the poison they have with the kia that many do not want to add in their videos. the kia stingert is much better than some of those cars and has better design than many of there, of course in its line. Although many do not like the Kia and the Hyundai are filling the competitive market by bringing us the best advanced system which there are already many who expect to come out to be able to copy them. for not adding the kia stingert to this page I give it a 2 of 5
Edna Maria (21 days ago)
Alguém avisa para o cara o que é um sedan
Asia Daily (22 days ago)
Mazda xấu quá, mình k phải fan Mazda 😎
王鹏 (23 days ago)
Well, I'll have to wait until 2026 or later when these cars are actually affordable for the general public...
apix3 (23 days ago)
Mercedes Maybach 6 pu*ain !
Klaus Rudat (23 days ago)
Immer noch vorne Hui und hinten Pfui. Auch das Heck eines Audi's sollte Kraft ausstrahlen und nicht ein trauriges Gesicht machen.
Mac Silverio (23 days ago)
Viejo dejaste fuera una marca que compite con esas VOLVO
Rules Of VINCENT (25 days ago)
8 series and a7 very nice car
Thuan Pham (25 days ago)
Vinfast where are you?
Orxan Bayramov (26 days ago)
MERCEDES 👍 💕 💖 💕 💕 💕 ❤ ❤
Aras Alfa (26 days ago)
Omg !! Hey 2019 ist im 2 Monaten da
lima viagens (26 days ago)
Só máquina lindos 🤣
Evgenij Schmidt (29 days ago)
Майбах огнь ;-)
Pawel Grz (30 days ago)
Petri Koivuniemi (1 month ago)
Those are concept cars you stupid!
ion f (1 month ago)
This is not the future
محمود عطا (1 month ago)
المرسيدس ابدااااااااع #Justwow#
felix guti (1 month ago)
muy buenos y bonitos pero el precio para un obrero va ha ser que no.
Kids TV (1 month ago)
nice car 2019
Abc Abc (1 month ago)
guess what car is it??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mb8OxphxMJU
Wei YN (1 month ago)
OMG BMW so sexy
Иван Иваныч (1 month ago)
Мадах круче всех
Z J (1 month ago)
AudiKia ? BmwKia ?
몇개 빼고는 죄다 컨셉트카 같아요.
Andrei JDJJF (1 month ago)
2019 it's like 2006 the industry of cars takes a Big changes thé future is here After All these concepts they are finally here, when i see All thèse cars i think IT Was just concept cars but no
I just realized...why am I even watching this video? It's not like America is going to have any of these cars anyways.
Daniel Dautry (2 months ago)
If that Mazda at 3:10 is coming like this, it's going to be one of the all time greats for sure...
Tran Vanman (2 months ago)
SUV 2019
أبو ليلىٰ ! (2 months ago)
انه الثراء الفاحش 💔😢🤲🏼
Nongnapat Nunsombat (2 months ago)
bdnd nfkdk (2 months ago)
Where Vinfast ???
Ernesto Hidalgo (2 months ago)
I cannot get over how they destroyed the front of the A7!! Why?! Why😭😭😫
Nedi Shipi (2 months ago)
BMW x7 no🤮
Nedi Shipi (2 months ago)
Mazda 👌
DimKon Gaming (2 months ago)
Well, I'll have to wait until 2026 or later when these cars are actually affordable for the general public...
ben lachhab (2 months ago)
DimKon or just make enough money to afford them
Halik Halikov (2 months ago)
TOYOTA nerede
ANIMATION test (2 months ago)
Where is buggati divo?? It will be new brand 2019 car😢
AbdulRahman Hajji (2 months ago)
Audi tron .😍😍😍
Captivated Media (2 months ago)
Really enjoyed the music on this video. It added a feel of appreciation to the video & reminded me why I love cars so much 😍
Steven Lequette (3 months ago)
Mazda KAI c'est quoi cette bombe. Super mazda vraiment magnifique
Muharrem Kılıç (3 months ago)
begendim aldim paylascam admin
Gabriel De avila (3 months ago)
Tunyapon K (3 months ago)
Mustang Bullitt has nice
Saul Bazan (3 months ago)
Audi A 7 parece el Honda civic ... :/ :/
Adam Dragon (3 months ago)
Stupid video
Daani Software (3 months ago)
There are more cars of Honda that are comeing with updarges https:// bit.ly/2LOSMQk
Isamu Higa (3 months ago)
NICK XP (3 months ago)
So according to the title of this video, you think that SUVs aren't in the car's category
_썽 (3 months ago)
Spencer (3 months ago)
Mazda rear looks like alfa brera
Le Huy (3 months ago)
some cars look like a toy, have no classic and elegant look. and why is there nothing from toyota?
만추 (3 months ago)
니기미 씨발 광고 집어 넣네 광고들은 모두 불매...
Can Akçimen (3 months ago)
bunlara binmek değil görmek nasip olurmu bilmiyorum dur onun hayalini kurayım :D
Brandbazaarbd.com (3 months ago)
nice car
anh le (3 months ago)
2019 Suzuki Jimny Sierra - Best Car 🎉 🎈 🌹 🍀 ^_^ 🍅 🌴 :p https://youtu.be/QsfsD-b4MZs
chris dransfield (3 months ago)
idiot half of these are concept cars..... wont be on the road at all

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