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Demi Lovato - Cool for the Summer (Official Video)

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Text Comments (124745)
Brian Giacoppo (1 hour ago)
November 2018
Mihaella Stoykova (6 hours ago)
November 2018¿
ryan ng (7 hours ago)
listen something not make sense, then why talk to them or even listen again, seriously?
Salsa Verde (9 hours ago)
Nina bonina brown 😢
taetaesguccii (10 hours ago)
I’m straight asf but I fucking love this song istg
Greg Sansom (14 hours ago)
baby girl hope u got out of pathways ///watch your back//get your clothes going
MIGUELARAMIREZ1987 (16 hours ago)
Hsutheguard (18 hours ago)
She almost died man
_Yasemin_ (19 hours ago)
My favorite song 🎶 🎤💘
GoodGuy Dire (22 hours ago)
Love an other DIE FOR THE SUMMER
Sharon Blake (22 hours ago)
I want to see a Demi and Little Mix COLLAB!!!!
NSK krush (23 hours ago)
Vitoria De Brito (1 day ago)
Que musica linda
lara terissim (1 day ago)
November 2018?
Elı _Elıxanov (1 day ago)
Esq olsun Sumqayit usaqlarina 🇦🇿✴️
Melissa Imagines (1 day ago)
احمد صالح (1 day ago)
The song is very nice but the video is not good.
ryan ng (1 day ago)
do i feeling like getting psycho until said i am in it, that is why, without in it thinking how i get psycho everyday, then what is the meaning of telepathy, right?
Moon Wolfx (1 day ago)
This song is still so gooddddd!!!!
Jamcstar Sunnyside (1 day ago)
I don't care what you believe or what urall orientations are I don't care if you're bi, lesbian, gay. Oh you know the f word. Frick that. I don't care. Oh yeah he's gay. I like that. Let's all be gay you guys. Frick that.... I would guess that people chose that path because they notice someone. I look she's gay. He's gay. Maybe I should too. Let's show everybody what gay pride is all about. Put up ur flags everybody. If everybody was gay population would be irrelevant. Talking about China's one person per family rule... Society would become corrupted. U might call it a stupid statement to take it that far. Go head bash on me. There's a reason why there's two genders and nothing more. Oh yeah what do you call that other one? He was a boy and then he turned himself into a girl. Oh yeah it's coming back to me now. Those trans'. Stephen Crowder's awesome. Good luck with your gay life... And all ur followers. Nobody's born gay. But they are influenced by people or society. Gay people probly chose to be bi to give themselves and everyone else an excuse for them to make with both genders.... Oh I like guys now. Maybe I chose to be bi... Ya know all of that crap.
Tala Belanger (1 day ago)
Karen Hernández (1 day ago)
November 2018?
Gabriel Volatil (1 day ago)
Demusa Gostosa eu te amo música massa ❤
Zara Choudhury (1 day ago)
Why would you die for your fling, that's abit extreme lol
Sortaartist69 (1 day ago)
November 2018?
ThatmeJaden (2 days ago)
I love Cool for the Summer
Tiana Odden (2 days ago)
Reece Bates (2 days ago)
felipe collins (2 days ago)
Malhação quem lembra? sdds
Naraj 85 (2 days ago)
2015 wooooww I remember hearing this in junior high school ❤️❤️
dixy pixy (2 days ago)
Tell me what you want What you like It's okay I'mma little curious too Tell me if it's wrong If it's right I don't care I can keep a secret could, you? Got my mind on your body And your body on my mind Got a taste for the cherry I just need to take a bite Don't tell your mother Kiss one another Die for each other We're cool for the summer (Ha) Ooh Ooh Take me down into your paradise Don't be scared 'cause I'm your body type Just something that we wanna try 'Cause you and I We're cool for the summer Tell me if I won If I did What's my prize? I just wanna play with you, too Even if they judge Fuck it all Do the time I just wanna have some fun with you Got my mind on your body And your body on my mind Got a taste for the cherry I just need to take a bite Don't tell your mother Kiss one another Die for each other We're cool for the summer (Ha) Ooh Ooh Take me down into your paradise Don't be scared 'cause I'm your body type Just something that we wanna try 'Cause you and I We're cool for the summer We're cool for the summer We're cool for the summer Shhhh...don't tell your mother Got my mind on your body And your body on my mind Got a taste for the cherry I just need to take a bite Take me down Take me down into your paradise Don't be scared 'cause I'm your body type Just something that we wanna try 'Cause you and I We're cool for the summer We're cool for the summer (Don't be scared) 'Cause I'm your body type Just something that we wanna try 'Cause you and I We're cool for the summer Ooh We're cool for the summer
TheTormented Raiko (2 days ago)
we're coke for the summer...
Nadia Maslak (2 days ago)
I ❤the music!!!!!! Ps. I'm from Poland!!!
Anne Finke (2 days ago)
I am cringing cuz its so good
Nick Sandbrook (3 days ago)
1:05. Thank me later.
fytxj gg (3 days ago)
The gay national anthem cool for the summer
Rotcrawler (3 days ago)
Oh so that's where that vine is from.
Tannei Sarker (3 days ago)
don't worry demi, if I told my mom id be kicked out of the house
Stefa Powerfull (3 days ago)
Cool 😎 for this summer 2018 👒🌄
Daffa Dharmawan (3 days ago)
I drink bleach *why* (3 days ago)
Kiss one another *DiE fOr EaCh OtHeR*
marlon costa (3 days ago)
RedKey (3 days ago)
Absoloutly favourite song. Always and forever
Meagan Grace (4 days ago)
Meagan Grace (4 days ago)
And also because I’m super gay, FOR YOU ;) (see what I did there babe?😉😉😉😉😉😉) Demi reference😂
Mayara Priscila (4 days ago)
João Figueiredo (4 days ago)
queen of the summer 😍
_Beqst (4 days ago)
❤💛💚💙💜 ❤💛💚💙💜 ❤💛💚💙💜 ❤💛💚💙💜 ❤💛💚💙💜 Get it
Aria Destiny (4 days ago)
this song has so much freedom attached to it for me, when i finally accepted i was bi i blasted this song for like 2 weeks straight
The Auifuwa Family (4 days ago)
November 2018
Shirley Butler (4 days ago)
Oh hell to the yeah! ! how about November 13 2018 Some songs are just too great for words AMEN! !
stewarsurham (4 days ago)
this is so gay
Möhrchen K. (4 days ago)
This make me gay. Actually I'm gay 🌈
ooo top (5 days ago)
This deserves 100 billion views
Medo Wael (5 days ago)
Nov 2018 ??
Mohammad Khan (5 days ago)
Who loves her voice give a like 🎤🎤🎤
Katarina Todorovic (5 days ago)
November 2018 ?
forvever aborrecente (5 days ago)
Bien golosa ha sido la Demi 7u7
Salomao Gomes (5 days ago)
Espero q ela deixa para trás as drogas 😢 ninguem merece isso
shynami (5 days ago)
Im here from episode Oops
Sumant Mhamane (5 days ago)
me too!
Caitlin Likes Chicken (5 days ago)
Three years later and my gay self is still quaking
Kylie Senpai (5 days ago)
tricia mozingo (5 days ago)
0:00 that piano tho❤
Adam Bz (5 days ago)
i fuckin' miss u. so much! I NEED ANOTHER BADASS SONG ASAP!
Sarah Pye (5 days ago)
20 gay-teen
Yusuf Kozcuoğlu (5 days ago)
Chrissy Jones (5 days ago)
What a queen tho
Noviembre 2018 👏🙊
bruno starks (5 days ago)
Please take me down into your paradise 😈🙊
William Conner (6 days ago)
Beach life!!!!
Yazid Bouaoued (2 hours ago)
Yeah MEN 😘😘😘😘😘😋😍😍😋😘😊😍😊😘😂😘😘😊😍😂😍😊😊☺️☺️😄😁😂😅😁😍☺️😊😍😘😉😄😉😅😀💚😁😅💚
Viccy P0tato (6 days ago)
anyone remember: *got a taste for KEHLANI* ?
There's girl who has tomado the heart
Harmonizer News (6 days ago)
I could never get sick of this song
I love demi. So sexy 😍
Harmonizer 12 (6 days ago)
November 2018 ?
Olivia Carrizoza (6 days ago)
Linda Rockey (6 days ago)
Falling in love with you Demi lovato
Olliver Berry (6 days ago)
Sponsored by forever 21
Soul (6 days ago)
This song is still fucking perfection 👌👌👌
Ilove you
terminalcommand (6 days ago)
It is fascinating how Society in general now pushes faux-lesbianism onto women. Somehow if it wasn't glamorized, attention-seeking, socially pushed, I doubt as many women would cite being "bisexual", not that it doesn't exist in percentages, but it's popularity contest of current trends. Young girls are now taught it's cool to be "kinda gay, but not too much" and like many trends people will follow. This song is about making $ that is all.
Park Jimin (7 days ago)
*D I E F O R E A C H O T H E R*
punith punith m (7 days ago)
October 2018 (india)😍
John Contos (7 days ago)
white tyank tpo
Luís Guilherme Silva (7 days ago)
November 2018?
Darko (7 days ago)
Letícia S. (7 days ago)
My favorite song from Demi
Mia Erbe (7 days ago)
NOVEMBER 2018?!??
Matthew Jones (5 days ago)
Mia Erbe it’s really no problem I just feel like if I think someone is beautiful or pretty then they deserve to be told that 😊
Mia Erbe (5 days ago)
Matthew Jones thank you so much!
Matthew Jones (5 days ago)
Mia Erbe your very pretty
Nati VLOG (8 days ago)
November 2018???
Shane Sigua (8 days ago)
I was brought here because of Demi Lovato Story in Episodes app.
I love that game! ;D
Paulo Vitor (8 days ago)
2018 br?
ShadyMix (8 days ago)
Latest Status video (8 days ago)
PumpkinManPie (8 days ago)
For a song about experiences with girls, she sure does have long nails...
Chicken Nugget (1 day ago)
PumpkinManPie there’s still eating out and tribbing... oh or you masterbate her... okay I’ll go gay somewhere else
Lala Lili (3 days ago)
PumpkinManPie lmao true 😂
Gabriela Radeva (3 days ago)
Oh, c'mon...she is a bottom!
LaPil4roid (3 days ago)
jaja, you made my night
_Beqst (4 days ago)
TheGamer555 (8 days ago)
Jeremy Herrera (8 days ago)
Not giving up on her
Diana Henriques (8 days ago)
8th November 2018 ❤🎶😍
TheMisbahuddin (8 days ago)
She is beautiful

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