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Great Jo Malone Combos

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[email protected] www.facebook.com/booksbagsandscents www.instagram.com/booksbagsandscents ph.carousell.com/booksbagsscents Viber: +639667481915 Combos mentioned: Basil and Neroli + English Pear and Freesia Blackberry and Bay + Wood Sage and Sea Salt Lime Basil and Mandarin + Wood Sage and Sea Salt Dark Amber and Ginger Lily with Orange Blossom Osmanthus Blossom + Star magnolia
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Khel Cruz (3 months ago)
Wow! I have jo malone blackberry and bay and jo malone woodsage and seasalt but i’ve never tried to mix it until i saw your vid thank you! It is surprisingly wonderful combination.
BooksBags andScents (2 months ago)
You are quite welcome! Thanks for watching.
whatthapumpkin (4 months ago)
Wow last combo sounds so great! Thanks so much for sharing~ I have my most beloved combo as well. Try Blackberry & Bay with English Pear & Freesia ;)
BooksBags andScents (4 months ago)
Yes, I've tried it and recommended it to some of my friends/viewers and most of them love it as well.
Josa Calzado (4 months ago)
Please make a review of fragrances from the house of Kilian if you can get your hands on it😇 just wanna know how wearable are those in the Philippines 🇵🇭 and people’s reaction when they smell. 👍🙌🏿 thumbs up BB&S! 👍☺️
Josa Calzado (4 months ago)
BooksBags andScents im 😆 excited, 🤣i love Back to Black🙌🏿
BooksBags andScents (4 months ago)
Sure. I will start with Back to Black. Ive already ordered it but will take probably 3 more weeks to get here.
Josa Calzado (4 months ago)
Yes, jo malone is a niche brand 🤗🙌🏿👍 blackberry & bay is a beautiful scent but on my skin it leans a little bit masculine 🤣🤣 I would love to smell that on a guy 🤟🏿👍 but im gonna try to layer it with wood sage & sea salt, thanks for the idea 💡 👏🏻👌🏻🤟🏿
Alethia Cherry (4 months ago)
Me gusto mucho el vídeo, gracias por las recomendaciones. 🙂
mariejoy0926 (4 months ago)
You can try their summer edition, is really good and i'm completely obsessed❤(Tropical Cherimoya).
hskerfan402 (4 months ago)
Great video! Does anyone know how much in the us this cost? Also do you sell samples of these scents to the us? Thanks! Morgan in Nebraska USA
hskerfan402 (4 months ago)
Hello! Thank you for answering. So you can sell samples or decants to me? Should I email you? I have been watching all your videos. You are so knowledgeable!
BooksBags andScents (4 months ago)
Hello Morgan! Jo Malone retails for around $100 to $130 in the US. As of now I can only ship bottles to the US as long as they are below 50ml per bottle. Air freight restrictions and what not.
Scents of Moon (4 months ago)
Im not familiar with this fragrances,wich one it a fresh scented one?
Scents of Moon (4 months ago)
BooksBags andScents (4 months ago)
Basil and Neroli, Orange Blossom are fresh.
Sharina Mac Gillavry (4 months ago)
I love you video parfum i love parfum 👍 😀 👍 😀 👍 😀 👍 😀 👍 😀 👍 😀 👍 😀 👍 😀 👍 😀 👍 😀 👍 😀 👍 😀 👍 😀 👍 😀
Lori Laws (4 months ago)
I will be trying some of these combos! Glad you are doing much better! :-)
BooksBags andScents (4 months ago)
Thank you Lori. Much appreciated.
Erika FS (4 months ago)
Omg your collection is everything 😍😍😍
BooksBags andScents (4 months ago)
Thank you Erika. Glad to see you here again.

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