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McClelland´s Theory Of Needs | Organisational Behavior | MeanThat

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Text Comments (14)
Indrajit Neogi (1 year ago)
Fuck use Hahhaaa
Dan loo (1 year ago)
HAHAHAAHA..thank man!
Mo Ali (1 year ago)
out fuck-use lol 0:20 and later on in the video he says the biggest fuck-use
Raja Rb (1 year ago)
this was well explained thank you very much
Raja Rb (1 year ago)
love your accent
gala clouds (2 years ago)
Thanks alot
laubredelcosmos (2 years ago)
Really amazing analysis. Great job!
John Doe (2 years ago)
Just curious, are you south-african?
Lenka Michalinová (3 months ago)
MeanThat hneď z prvej som si hovorila, že toto je veľmi slovenský prízvuk ! btw vďaka za nápomocbé video
John Doe (2 years ago)
Aha, you have the same "r" sound atleast, hehe. Thanks for the video!
MeanThat (2 years ago)
+Randomize Oslo does my accent sound like that? :) Actually not, I am from Slovakia, living for a couple of years already in Sweden :)
Tuaha Attiq (2 years ago)
good vid though
MeanThat (2 years ago)
thanks for that :)
Tuaha Attiq (2 years ago)
24% block D

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