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How to make a ragalan tunic / sewing jersey stretch fabric / how to sew T shirt

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http://www.izzymeimsaab.com/ Ragalan Tunic Pattern - http://youtu.be/2L_VE0wDRFU Paid Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZcV-5pyB5GRFdF5ftBtpjg Basic T shirt Tutorial - http://youtu.be/hGGTWfYKeAs Hey guys.. here the sewing part of the raglan top.
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Olivera Castro (1 month ago)
thank you so much for this video , on the binding around the collar this is a very clean look.
misstina7660 (3 months ago)
I love this top... such a clean finish with the binding... where did you get that pad you are ironing on it looks so portable... thanks
AMAZING!!! Your are awesome girl, simple yet perfect!!!
Dianna A (1 year ago)
So here's my question. Why must there be ear pounding music? I could not get past the 1st 15 seconds. Cute top tho.
Gwendolyn Flowers (1 year ago)
You have to be an professional sewer to do this.
Gwendolyn Flowers (1 year ago)
Too confusing for me.
ffstew (2 years ago)
very neat & tidy work.
Bev McMullen (3 years ago)
Where can I get the pattern. Lovely tutorial thanks Izzy.
Izzy MEIMsaab (3 years ago)
Patterns will be shortly avaliable to buy on my website... hopely early march - www.izzymeimsaab.com
Harpreet Kaur (3 years ago)
Your videos are so helpful. Thanks
Maga CuellarMonraz (4 years ago)
Hi!  What type of sewing machine do you use?  I have never managed to sew jersey nor stretchy fibers with mine:  Singer Curvy 8770  (very expensive by the way) .  Thread always tangles below and just cannot sew at all!
catem1984 (3 years ago)
this is a problem with tension - check the instruction booklet that came with the sewing machine. I had the same problem until someone showed me
Ibidun Omisade (4 years ago)
Just found you, your videos are awesome. I just began sewing a year ago. Your videos are so helpful.
Sophia Grabman (4 years ago)
what fabric should i use?
Izzy MEIMsaab (4 years ago)
+Sophia Grabman jersey stretch... is best
Peggy Shirley (4 years ago)
HI Izzy, what is that pressing board made from please?
Peggy Shirley (4 years ago)
thank you so much.
Izzy MEIMsaab (4 years ago)
+Peggy Shirley hi its not a board.. I made this with jeans fabric.. here is the link to the project. @j5yFoVIj77I
Rosalind905 (4 years ago)
Very well done video and so very helpful, I have some beautiful jersey and have never used it for fear of failure, now I will.  Can you please tell me what the board is that you used to press on and where I might obtain one, I very much need one?  Thank you so much for your terrific video.
+Izzy MEIMsaab
Izzy MEIMsaab (4 years ago)
+Izzy MEIMsaab @j5yFoVIj77I
Izzy MEIMsaab (4 years ago)
+Rosalind905 sorry for the late reply, I am only now catching up with comments and emails... here is the tutorial to make the iron mat - @j5yFoVIj77I
milagros velazquez (4 years ago)
Hello Izzi I am interested in your new channel I am from Puerto Rico I would like to know if it's available down here.And how much is the subscription.Thanks I hope your doing fine.
Izzy MEIMsaab (4 years ago)
HI Milagros, I just replied in the other comment, if you need a quick reply email is the best way to contact me, via my website... sometimes I wont get to these comment replies for a while... I am doing well thank you, let me know if you need help...
Arpana Jain (4 years ago)
Iam from India...plzzz can u say how to watch videos of paid channel...really I wanna learn
Arpana Jain (4 years ago)
Heyy izzy...thanku so much...u explain so nicely...all ur videos helped me a lot to learn...but iam upset that Iam unable to watch ur paid channels...I feel happy if I could watch those all videos...one more thing izzy...u always inspire me..luv u izzy:)
Izzy MEIMsaab (4 years ago)
Hi.. Not sure why you cannot watch the paid channel... which country are you based in?  thank you for the message... :-) luv you too...
Joan Elkins (4 years ago)
Thank you, again, love it, was having trouble with neckline on another pattern, but you made it easy and understanding. <3
Varthika jain (4 years ago)
hai izzy.. its so easy and so nice... lots of thanks for sharing...this video..!!!!!!
carol fiegenbaum (4 years ago)
Once again Izzy, you made it so easy!
Izzy MEIMsaab (4 years ago)
Thank you.. glad you like it :-)
Marlene D'Rozario (4 years ago)
Love your work so neat and the blouse flows so beautifully thanks so much for sharing God bless u my girl
Izzy MEIMsaab (4 years ago)
Yes I was very pleased with the result... I am wearing it every where.... soon I must make a few different colours...absolutely love the fit...:-)

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