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Reporter Breaks Down And Cries During Psychic Medium Reading On LIVE TV

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Hi it’s Matt Fraser The Medium. I am so glad that you found me! I hope that you enjoyed this video here on my YouTube Page. Please visit me on my website MeetMattFraser.com and also on Facebook at Facebook.com/MeetMattFraser for inspiration and to discover how you can connect with a loved ones that has passed on. Enjoy! About Matt Fraser: Matt Fraser is a gifted psychic medium and author of the best-selling book The Secrets to Unlocking Your Psychic Ability. His sold-out live group reading events, television appearances, and popular private readings have allowed him to bring healing and hope to a global audience of fans and followers from all around the world. Born into a psychic family, Matt carries on the legacy passed down from his late grandmother to help others by connecting them to their loved ones and delivering heartfelt messages from the Other Side. Matt’s special gifts are in bringing through validation with names, dates and details from your loved ones in Heaven. These powerful messages will show you that your loved ones are safe, at peace, and forever with you. Matt passionately believes that his job as a psychic medium is not only to help those connect with their loved ones, but to help inspire and encourage others to embrace and be thankful for all the blessings that life has to offer.
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Text Comments (410)
Harley Man (11 hours ago)
Generalized on everything. Of course you will hit on some things.
David Henderson (1 day ago)
Usual baloney , doesn’t stop talking but says nothing , should be in politics
Gianpaulo Francesco (2 days ago)
So dead people are just hovering around their living relatives waiting for a medium?
NexGenGamer (2 days ago)
Psychology is powerful
jenny jen (2 days ago)
nothing substantial
conor clarke (2 days ago)
I'd say he was told those few things earlier on that day, I don't buy in to these kind of things that easy
WeTube (3 days ago)
One Love
siemensohm (3 days ago)
"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."
just saoirse (4 days ago)
I bet this guy is jewish...
Nikita Hedarini (5 days ago)
If they are so good, than when someone dies to a violent crime the dead person certainly would try to let a medium know who & how they were killed !
J Daxx (5 days ago)
He researched her! I believe in the afterlife completely! This is BS!
Preme Singh (6 days ago)
Wish you can tell me about . My love one that pass away you is a God in your own way
N Vannote (7 days ago)
Fucking retarded.
Become Heroic (7 days ago)
You're not in communication with the dead you're in communication with spirits aka demons. These are not human spirits and they are not your friends.
Victoria Lowe (7 days ago)
Wow I am sobbing
Christina (9 days ago)
This is so sweet ✨
TheSheriRN (9 days ago)
Awwwwww ❤️❤️
Dana James (12 days ago)
Never ceases to amaze how people still believe in this.
Kilmaurs09 (14 days ago)
I do want to believe this, but the world is rife with charlatans. He didn't do anything amazing in here. The reporter looks to be late 20s early 30s, most likely has generations of family members who were born in America. There is a HIGH chance that her grandfather was a WW2 veteran. My mistake I thought he said WW2 veteran, but what he actually said was "MILITARY CONNECTION". Really? Most americans have a "military connection". The sheer vagueness is a RED FLAG. Dental hygiene for previous generations was obviously not like what we have today, so of course there would be teeth issues. I dont know about you, but as people get older MOST of them have atleast mild memory issues, without it being alzheimers. NOTHING he said was specific. But I do give him credit for being able to read people. Oh and another thing, are we really to believe that our dead ancestors are following us around as we live? That is just creepy. But to all you people who believe, I will be selling magical crystals that when rubbed together cures all that ails you.
Peter Wilson (14 days ago)
I don't agree with this kind of deception... :/
Peter Dickinson (16 days ago)
You may have a gift and you wanna share it. The best gifts don't always have the motive clear. Scripture tells us not to believe every spirit and the seeking guidance from clairvoyant or mediums is foolish to say the least! Do you just do those things that please you? Christ told Nicodemus not to be astonished and Nicodemus was a trusted teacher in Israel . You must be born again (anew from above) How can a man to back into his mother's womb? The flesh gives birth to flesh, the Spirit gives birth to spirit. Without discernment and the Bible you are an easy target for deceit. the devil himself can appear as an angel of light. No one comes to the Father except through me! said Jesus No cross no crown The message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to those who are being saved it is the power of God!
Grant Watson (18 days ago)
Bu bu bu bu bu bu bu bullshit.
Simon G (19 days ago)
Mediums have been proven over and over again to be fake, he's a con man, if he wants to prove me and the rest of the normal people wrong visit James randy and claim his million dollar prize.
Andre Westbrook (19 days ago)
He says he doesn't ask questions. Hmm. Did your grandfather have teeth issues? Is that not a question?
Jennifer Louise (20 days ago)
So he can talk with demons? And that accent jeez how annoying
MoVINGsoul Sarath (20 days ago)
Who is watching this in 2018 hit like
MoVINGsoul Sarath (5 days ago)
+Aiya Knight For those other stupids to read and comment like you..he he just kidding My father passed away 2 months before That's why I'm here in search of afterlife I still don't know if it exists.
Aiya Knight (5 days ago)
Why do people leave stupid comments like this who cares?
john Palmer (8 days ago)
Yup. And 2019 is just around the corner. Life is like a train ride. And we are picking up speed my friend. Stay safe
Melvin Tindal (3 hours ago)
I was a medium, now I’m An extra Large. No one saw that one coming.
aren nugra (4 hours ago)
Lol 😅
Ms B.B (14 hours ago)
heather dreese (20 days ago)
How do I contact him!? I need a reading from him! Trying to connect with my best friend
shaun govender (21 days ago)
He did research on her Grandfather and a couple of calculated common things that happens in peoples lives.
lonely star (21 days ago)
How many old ppl have all their own teeth and memory loss if your not there at hospital the first thing you do is ring someone you know... sorry I'm not convinced will keep watching tho xx
Diabolus_Musica (22 days ago)
The problem is, for every "real" medium like this guy there are a thousand fake mediums preying on vulnerable people for profit. If you watch so called "mediums" doing cold readings it's a lot different than what this guy is doing. This is not cold reading.
Camilo Bastidas (22 days ago)
Oh no... Please dont use Caputo's verbiage!
Rachel Brooks (22 days ago)
Do you do readings over the phone as I’m English
Terry Hayter (1 month ago)
any non believers take your blinkers off.
George (1 month ago)
It's like he's looking at the people behind them
ARAN (1 month ago)
Ok he seems really genuine but what is driving me mad about him is that he literally left the young women hanging by telling her dad was there gave her some teasers, then went back about promoting his shows and then the poor presenter has to dry her tears but, get herself together and get back on with the show understandably but i am sure she would love to know so much more. Sometimes i get angry with these mediums because it's almost teasing peolpe with stuff they want to hear and then are left hanging.
dj Jordan (1 month ago)
Wow so we still wear dentures on the other side? What else?
Lesley DeMattie (4 days ago)
If u listen he said he has his all his teeth back in Heaven
k slizzle (1 month ago)
but the marines aren’t on water the navy is
K.D. WELLS (1 month ago)
Spiritual Evolution/
SpookyHearts Boutique (1 month ago)
he's a asweety so cute I love Tyler Henry and John Edward and the twins
Kevin Green (2 months ago)
Hope he comes to the uk
Kevin Green (2 months ago)
An angel in our midsts who we can see hear and relate for us all
marshmello (2 months ago)
I wish I could meet this guy...
Winter (2 months ago)
Usually I'm a skeptic but this dude is the most legitimate medium I've ever seen (sure, not a high bar, but he's incredible). He isn't all that vague and he says incredibly specific things. It seems like he doesn't even put up safeguards. And the information he's given isn't something that could have been researched. He's truly incredible, I'd love to be able to put him in a controlled environment and give him a non-disclosed subject to work on. Crazy!
I can feel her happiness.. Beautiful video.... <3
Tamarin Smith (2 months ago)
Matt. You're incredible. Had me in tears. Xoxo
Basil (2 months ago)
That is like super hard to fake. The way he talks at super blast speed about the details he has access to, that's powerful.
ankurkkumar (2 months ago)
Patrick Jane
TruAddiction Subliminals (2 months ago)
He's the real deal.
Pennie Davis (2 months ago)
I wonder how much he charge??🤔
Julie julie (3 months ago)
I love your unselfish intentions
Ayub Bhai (3 months ago)
Matt I love your video. In Delhi India 11 family members die by hanging them self police, and it's been a week Police trying to solve this mast muder case. It's been all over on news and on YOUTUBE. I'd be very grateful if you can help Delhi Police to solve this murder case. Please look into this matter, because you can talk to death person. This murder video is on YOUTUBE it will give you idea what to look for. Please.....try and solved this case. Thankyou
Mark Levers (3 months ago)
WOOO HOOO!!!! The real deal!
Ms. Army (3 months ago)
How to break anybody: just bring a psychic medium to read them
CherryBlossom Bleach (3 months ago)
People need to understand that this universe is so much more than just the things we can see. Why wouldn’t you wanna believe that?
G R (3 months ago)
oh gosh! You are blessing!
TABBYFINSTAH (3 months ago)
I used to be so worked up with judging whether psychics were "real" or "fake," but after watching the effects you can have on people, I've realized that question really doesn't matter. You are seriously helping people, which is awesome to see. Keep up the good work man! Also, if you were like 2 shades tanner and wore big earrings you would look just like Ronaldo.
Steve Grant (3 months ago)
J.R. Esparza (3 months ago)
This makes me wonder if there is a medium in Houston.
Robert Serrano (4 months ago)
He seems legit
Kevin Lears Adventures (4 months ago)
I need your help, i am desperate
Liberty4ALL (4 months ago)
He doesn’t even ask questions really. He’s hitting you with a ton of information that you can tell is personal.
Mundie Bernard (4 months ago)
If a black man has such a gift he will open a church and tell people he prophesies
Maxi B (4 months ago)
I love him!!! And his accent. He’s just so sweet!!
Mitt Obama (4 months ago)
What time are tears?
O.Alden Productions. (4 months ago)
Aww what sweet people. Both of them 😍😍. Thanks for sharing.
Judi Christopher (4 months ago)
This is how it is done... Great video...
Kat Jasper (4 months ago)
Please come to Australia!!!
Kat Jasper (4 months ago)
Love this man so much!!! I could listen to his accent forever - can some one tell me where the accent comes from?
Kat Jasper (4 months ago)
Roberto M Ramirez - thank you! :D
Robert R (4 months ago)
Crotchet (4 months ago)
The same as the messages...his arse
trehugr4life (4 months ago)
That was beautiful
Eddie M (4 months ago)
He should ask them where hidden treasure is or safety deposit box numbers...
Eddie M (3 months ago)
Fantastic Dizzy tangible things are my evidence. Thanks
Fantastic Dizzy (3 months ago)
Eddie M there's more to life than those things. Best wishes.
Luke Lawley (4 months ago)
Ooow mooiii gawd!!!!
Stealyourlifeback (4 months ago)
What i never understood is, if you could talk to the people that had passed. Why all the people coming through never say or mention who actually murdered them. I saw one where a girls father was murdered and and they never found the killer and he came through to say “im at peace” thats all
Crotchet (4 months ago)
Because they are all frauds
TheFourth One (4 months ago)
Someone check the bottom of this guy's shoes...
0000 H (4 months ago)
could he do the world a favour and take a,look at Madeline mcCann case?
Imani francis pennant (2 days ago)
excellet questio
TheSheriRN (9 days ago)
E.V H Exactly.
Raw Primal (4 months ago)
Christians & Skeptics are sooooooooooooooo annoying!!!
Grace Sequeira (4 months ago)
I so much want to hear from my mother, father and family who have passed I miss them so much
Kenny Murenzi (4 months ago)
I wish you can tell me what my mother is saying now I’m grown. She passed when I was young.
david charles smith (4 months ago)
He's Good ...no Great!!! Man on a Mission ! What a life purpose !!🌞
Rebekah Brewer (4 months ago)
I had a very vivid dream about my dead husband a couple years after his death telling me that it didn't hurt and he could still see me through portals...I've always wanted to know if that was really him or just a dream. I've been telling myself this entire time that is was him...I wish so bad I could tell our kids something that he wants them to know. It hasn't been easy for us at all....
DATERIA HOLMES (14 days ago)
Bless you guys
amber4778 (15 days ago)
Just know that was him communicating with you through a dream. He wants you to know he is ok and is still with you. Before you go to sleep ask him to come into your dreams and give your children a message. Have a pad and pen next to you when you wake up to write down what you remember. He loves you and wants you to heal.
21xxx21 (4 months ago)
This makes me rethink my masturbation habits... never know who's watching
SHORTIEJOY (4 months ago)
Fe Dup (5 months ago)
Lilith C (5 months ago)
I cried for her... it's so hard, I can never get over a death 😢😔
Donna Dossett (5 months ago)
I'm glad your getting a bigger following,best of luck and love to you
Ariana Krokidas (5 months ago)
Raw emotions from watching all his videos, I don't know you Matt but I do believe in you. I wish I could hear from my mom who passed away when I was just a baby...
Bikram Dhillon (5 months ago)
Children coming through too? Nice!
Dana James (5 months ago)
One of the saddest parts of the human condition is our inability to accept that when we die, that's all there is. It's final and we will not only never see each other again but life is not an audition. It's all we have. What's even sadder is these so called "mediums" prey on our vulnerabilities and religious fears. I'm not saying that Matt Fraser is a bad guy. For all I know he could be a very nice person. But he knows what he's doing and while it can be uplifting to make someone dealing with grief feel better about the desperation of it all, it still strikes me as taking advantage of a person's feelings and using it for entertainment.
powertoconquer (5 months ago)
SOROS SOROS (5 months ago)
I have a question Matt, does my dad know the truth about troy?
Johnny DH (5 months ago)
Just curious Matt, but do you ever get anything wrong?? And if so, how often does that happen (in approximate percentages)??
Robert Bright (5 months ago)
Noumenon John (5 months ago)
Athiests and Fundamentalists both hate this sort of thing. Haaaaaa!
Shannon Williams (5 months ago)
Tell me the power ball numbers ass hole
jesus (5 months ago)
This really shows how everyone really is a person and has emotion I love this ❤️
No mad (5 months ago)
I wonder if he gets visited by the angry ones too... coz that would be scary stuff
Lori Mendoza (5 months ago)
Hello lady he researches this stuff with the aid of modern technology
Ron Gee (5 months ago)
If someone had been killed/murdered, would their spirit be able to tell a loved one who did it and how? Sounds like a lot of mysteries could be solved.
Charles Fontanello (5 months ago)
I’ve been to a few medium group sessions and also one on one. People all around me including my friends were told things that just blew them away. I have no family and no medium has ever been told anything about me in any of these sessions. I would love to hear from anyone on the other side that knows me. I went to one group session in CT and there were ten of us, every person received validation except me. It makes me feel bad sometimes because not only do I not have any family here but I don’t have anyone on the other side as well. I’m a good person, never hurt anyone and have always tried to help people. There must be someone on the other side who must at the very least like me. I guess I’ll find out when I die, which won’t be too long in the future because I have many serious medical conditions. Wish me luck people and please Lord take me with you, I hate the heat...👍🏻😉
Simon G (19 days ago)
How can you have no one on this side and no one on the other side, that literally makes no sense.
Richard Cooksley (22 days ago)
The more you suffer in this life, the greater the reward will be. It's possible you even chose to go through this before you came here. Please stay strong. I hope things get better for you both in this life though.
TrickOr Trump (2 months ago)
I can relate to most of what you said. I know what it's like to not have family. I've spent the last three Christmases at home alone and the phone does not ring. Like you, I consider myself to be a good person who has done her best to help others. That kind of loneliness rots your soul huh? I'm so sorry you're in the boat too. I hope your medical issues are being managed. Take care.
Rosie Rosie (5 months ago)
Seems like a wanna be Theresa Caputo to me with the way he speaks , even though I don’t believe her either.
Mexlycan Lobo (5 months ago)
This is too fishy for me, I keep being skeptical.

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