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Volvo XC90 (SPA) Full Walkaround

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Magic Blue / Amber Leather Momentum Plus Package $900 Full LED Headlights with -Active Bending Lights (ABL) -Auto Highbeam (AHB) -Thor’s Hammer DRL Headlight High Pressure Cleaning Dark Frame Birch Wood Inlays Illuminated Sill Plates Interior High Level Illumination Apple CarPlay and USB Hub Vision Package $1,950 360 degree Surround View Camera Retractable Rear-view Mirrors Automatically Dimmed Inner and Exterior Mirrors Blind Spot Information System and Cross Traffic Alert Climate Package with HUD $1,950 Heated Washer Nozzles Graphical Head-Up Display (HUD) Heated rear seat, outer positions Heated steering wheel Convenience Package $1,800 Pilot Assist – Semi Autonomous Drive Adaptive Cruise Control Grocery bag holder Homelink 12V power outlet, cargo area Compass (Interior Rearview Mirror) Park Assist Pilot + Front Park Assist Protection Package Plus $520
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Text Comments (33)
Just got my 2018 XC90 inscription black and it’s nice. Beautiful car
John Joshua (1 year ago)
How has it held up? Any issues with reliability?
Luv1234 (1 year ago)
What does the protection plus protect, the leather?
theclutch (1 year ago)
Luv1234 no, it's not for the leather. It's just better floor mats and this metal strip on the bumper to prevent scratching
Bob Sullivan (1 year ago)
Just use the ash tray to store coins
Reza Zamani (1 year ago)
Looks super stylish
J High (1 year ago)
I love my 2017 R-Design. I'm surprised you didn't opt for the Bowers and Wilkins premium audio system. The sound is unbelievable. I believe it's available in your Momentum trim level.
theclutch (1 year ago)
J High I didn't need the B&W to listen to The Wiggles or Dora. 😀
Jay Polo (2 years ago)
Now this is my dream truck beside the mercedes g wagon but I have a 06 Volo S60 2.5T love it Volos are really nice vehicles
Steve Wilson (2 years ago)
A stunning looking vehicle, externally and internally.Great taste in your colour choice.
Loser (2 years ago)
You breath too loud in my opinion. Maybe next time you could breath a bit quieter? :)
Have you taken this in snow or off-road yet? I just test drove one last week and I need to make a choice. I am used to 4Runner capability and I know that the Volvo won't be anywhere near that good but it needs to be capable. Nice truck!
XGGaMeRGX (2 years ago)
Adam Reichl With air suspension it raises to 10.5 inches of ground clearance, should have you covered on gravel dirt roads.. I live in the Colorado Rocky Mountains and I see quite a few of these.
theclutch (2 years ago)
Nope, no snow yet and definitely not planning to offroad the car. I don't even like it (or any of my other cars) to get dirty!
Arnav Agrawal (2 years ago)
there is a cd slot in the storage compartment on the side of your seat, and thats the 2016 by the way Stop baiting!!!
J High (1 year ago)
Arnav Agrawal CD player is only available with the upgraded Bowers and Wilkins audio system.
Just some random guy (2 years ago)
i love volvo so mucccchhhh
siemenssx1 (2 years ago)
i hate touchscreens on a car...even the perfect ones are hard to use when driving, this one looks laggy as hell.
Just some random guy (2 years ago)
+siemenssx1 no it won't
siemenssx1 (2 years ago)
+Nineq 96 i suppose with all the self driving tech in development using it won't be too bad
Just some random guy (2 years ago)
+siemenssx1 get usred to it... thatd future m8
siemenssx1 (2 years ago)
+Nineq 96 whatever, i still hate touchscreen while operating a car
Just some random guy (2 years ago)
+siemenssx1 no.. we all know apple does not lag
Omar Velez (2 years ago)
I prefer the charcoal seats for the obvious reason.
Ethan Leavy (2 years ago)
What dealership in MA? How much did they take off the sticker price? Nice color combo!
Kris Rifa (2 years ago)
DamnBigAss62 (2 years ago)
I saw your video about your xc90 delivery
DaMaxchi (2 years ago)
Congrats and enjoy! I agree...Magic Blue/Amber is a really nice combination especially now that the headliners are black. Thanks for sharing.
Daniel Sadjadian (2 years ago)
Do you still have your C63S?
Daniel Sadjadian (2 years ago)
+M3Armand Haha awesome :D
theclutch (2 years ago)
Of course... silly question... :)

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