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The Story Behind The Only Stab In The Dark Board That Broke

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If Stab In The Dark is the main event, then please consider the Shaper Series as special features. Presumably you’ve already watched our 36-minute film, in which Dane Reynolds takes 13 of the world’s best (unbranded) surfboards to South Africa for 10 days of rigorous and unbiased testing and flexing. In the Shaper Series, a joint with our pals at SWELL, we delve a little deeper on the other side of the coin; we step into the shapers' bays and syphon their thoughts and reasoning around their art, and the board they shaped for Stab In The Dark 2016. see more at: stabmag.com/
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scarypotter777 (2 years ago)
I wanna shape a board now FUCK

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