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The Darkness - Get Your Hands Off My Woman (Official Music Video)

2811 ratings | 658235 views
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Text Comments (180)
GranTruismo4head (26 days ago)
Get yar hands off of my woman matherfaaaaaaker
Ree McLaughlin (1 month ago)
Excellent band.
Gadzinisko (2 months ago)
I wish my butt looked so great in leotard.
Pavel Mencl (3 months ago)
The censorship makes it better.
Orso northeastern (3 months ago)
The music is fantastic but will they ever make a more serious video? :P
Angie Bowman (2 months ago)
Love is only a feeling
William Bailie (4 months ago)
2018 and this song still blows my mind ! Possibly my favourite song from one of my all time favourite bands !! 🙌🏻😁
planetXXX (4 months ago)
93 octopeds didn't like this song
loucat76 (4 months ago)
Not sure who came first chorus has same chord progression as Lost prophets burn burn
Steve Perry (4 months ago)
I hate to say it.....BUT when you remove the COKE you take away something!!!
Mickey Dinardi Dinardi (5 months ago)
Nipples are on fire
rokridge (5 months ago)
He says "motherfucker" and then he says "cunt." Stop sanitising good rock with distorted lyrics. Its not like its the givin up track (track 6 I think but haven't checked) that music is hilariously happy for the subject matter but within that they make music the offensive thing.
SHANER (5 months ago)
clean version :(
Sergei Kritzien (6 months ago)
Yeah! That is exactly that rock and roll spirit that we saw in Freddie Mercury. I thought it was gone forever. Thank goodness it wasn't. Rock on, Darkness!
Drarry Rulz (7 months ago)
Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!
Steven Rothery (7 months ago)
Tribute to tiny tim dont know bout freddie mecury...super rock on darkness
Dead Juice (8 months ago)
Shout out to Dusty from Party Roll for making me die of laughter. Motherfucker when you sang this out of nowhere during season 1, I was on a forklift at work. I almost fell off the thing laughing.
Dead Juice (8 months ago)
Oh wait, no. That killed me, but it was when you acted out Techno Viking's paralysis that I almost fell off the forklift. I fucking love you.
Sean O. (8 months ago)
The real life dr rockso
connye p (8 months ago)
Rockkkkk vero
Katie Kat (9 months ago)
This song is one of my FAVORITES! I feel SO blessed to have witnessed them playing it on their Tour De Prence tour 2018!
Charlie Fernández (9 months ago)
Get your hands off my woman, MOTHERFUUUUUCKEEEER. And if you don't like it: FUCK you, Youtube.
mercuropheliac (9 months ago)
Censorship blows
Lori Pond (2 months ago)
mercuropheliac ……damn straight!!!!……🤘🎸
Marco Suárez Aguirre (9 months ago)
Get your hands off my woman, mother father?
Roots Rock (10 months ago)
Coconuts?! Nah fuck that shit. It's cunt. And we'll never hear "cunt" sung so well in a song ever again for that matter!
TomOlesen1 (10 months ago)
4th Darkness video, 1100th man-nipple
Ashley Harris (1 year ago)
Matt Rixon (1 year ago)
sounds like Urge Overkill - Sister Havanna : https://youtu.be/yzFlPdHt1Gk
Ro Cuevas (1 year ago)
The full album is amazing, you gotta have it
Ferrero Roach (1 year ago)
Love the song, but i was always surprised this turned out to be a concert footage vid considering this was at the peak of their success. You'd think they would've gone for a big budget vid.
eyelightangel (1 year ago)
Can’t enjoy this vid if it’s the clean version what’s the point
Keith nunya (1 year ago)
A girly man in a falsetto voice screaming"get your hands off my woman,m.f.er..."....mmm...might need another tactic
The Kurgan (6 months ago)
No falsetto, Its head voice and a high belt, this is from the man himself. Falsetto is a bit more breathy if that makes sense
Whatever happened to good music like this in 2017??????
they do rock! just a real badass band!
Coltsin14 (1 year ago)
This band is so important to music. Thank God they're still putting stuff out.
Rosie Grice (1 year ago)
Love this song. Says it how it is.
A O (1 year ago)
did he say mother farmer? rock on.....
Rev Eddro (1 year ago)
37 guys?????
Louise Adnitt (1 year ago)
When I went to see them live, instead of motherfucker, he sang "melon farmer"😂
Emily Gilbey (1 year ago)
You Cuuuuuuuuahaaaaauuuuunttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!! 🎸
Emma Caitlyn (1 year ago)
109 days until I see them live!!!
sillypinkewe (1 year ago)
Omg i can't believe i forgot about The Darkness! Going to buy albums now!! I must!
Jennifer Villarreal (1 year ago)
forgot about this song omg 😍😍😍😍😍so awesome 😂
jewcore666 (1 year ago)
you coconuuuutttt. that's the most ridiculous dub ever.
Happylee (1 year ago)
You are drunk and you are surly In Latino lover mode We all know what's on your agenda We've broken the code I've got no right to lay claim to her frame She's not my possession You cunt Get your hands off my woman motherfucker Get your hands off my woman motherfucker Octoped, you've got six hands too many And you can't keep them to yourself You're too fat and too old to marry So they left you on the shelf I've got no right to lay claim to her frame But you soiled my obsession You cunt Get your hands off my woman motherfucker Get your hands off my woman motherfucker Get your hands off my woman motherfucker Get your hands off my woman motherfucker Ow! Get your hands off my woman motherfucker Get your hands off my woman motherfucker
zoe holme (1 year ago)
Keifer D (1 year ago)
when I heard Queen doing a reunion, I rushed to the net to see if it was the singer from The Darkness. nope... he would make the best Queen singer! but I am sure he is heavy influenced by Freddy Murcury.
Saulo León (1 year ago)
Keifer D who's Freddy?
Glen Munro (2 years ago)
Top Stuff bloody good.
Craig Fisher (2 years ago)
are they really dubbing 'cunt' with 'coconut'?
Tash R (1 year ago)
See with any other band that would be shit but Justin is batshit enough that it works :P
yeah they did ! XD
FenderJunkie100 (2 years ago)
I don't usually listen to The Darkness. But when I do, my neighbors listen with me
Jo Koch (20 hours ago)
KAK funny comment. 10/10
Ree McLaughlin (1 month ago)
maurizio poluzzi (6 months ago)
Well done !!
Xa Agripha (7 months ago)
down the street or downtown?
Radek Skrzypczak (9 months ago)
Haha crackin!
DaftSwank (2 years ago)
Get Yer Hands Off of my Woman, MOTHERFAAAAAAHHH-MER!!!??!?!?!?!!
kyle J (1 month ago)
Shane Ellis (7 months ago)
Mellon farmer
Błażej Michalik (8 months ago)
Jack Morgan you don't say...
Błażej Michalik (8 months ago)
We are living in such curious times.
Christina Wood (2 years ago)
if i try to talk to you will you please drink water with ice just because we have ice normally and not ask lemon, like please it is okay to like ice in a beverage without having to ask
Christina Wood (2 years ago)
hi umm like so wrong cous cous looks at me like i am corn asking, thank you
Nevena Vujicic (2 years ago)
the first CD i have bought was this album! My brother wanted to kill me like WTF and I was enjoying listening LOUD!!! :-D
k sturmer (2 years ago)
William Webb Furniture (2 years ago)
Riffy McRiff-face
Jodi Gilar (2 years ago)
Pants (2 years ago)
This is the clean version. :(
Valerio Todisco (2 years ago)
A tribute to Freddie Mercury?
Delta Fox (2 years ago)
+Valerio Todisco Yes - actually, I think he's better - they should be cruising that highway with ease. Need/deserve better songwriting.
poptart6662012 (2 years ago)
did karaoke with them once. fucking blast.
awakeningcry (1 year ago)
Perfectly feasible. I sang it at karaoke last night...
Dirthole Tribune (1 year ago)
Incredible If true
celestial chorus (2 years ago)
so jealous! awesome!!!
Paul Colton (2 years ago)
Is this the radio edit? What's a mother fummer?
dani keefe (7 months ago)
weirdTedE91 (2 years ago)
And "She's not my possession, you coconut..."
Governor Sheldon (2 years ago)
as a poet i have loved this band from day one even though sadly his vocal power will always be misunderstood
BenJamin S (2 years ago)
Fu Bitz (2 years ago)
Totally agree! This was the first band to slip the banned words on to radio play in a long time. Truly brilliant.!
Lensflair (2 years ago)
I always laugh when I see adverts on TV using 'Unbelievable' by EMF - clearly not realising that the riff all the way through is asking 'What the fuck was that?’
Jim H. (2 years ago)
This song will make you drive really fast.........:- )The Darkness absolutely ROCKS !!!   ........So Under-appreciated in the USA.
Multi Strickland (2 years ago)
Debut album is a classic
dahalofreeek (2 years ago)
I got it for my 10th birthday. Listened to it probably 50 times. Probably not appropriate for a 10-year-old in hindsight.
Djordje Simic (2 years ago)
what happened with them? one of the truly great and last rock n roll bands..
Garrett Odom (2 years ago)
They put out an album in May and they are writing another one now!
Josh T (2 years ago)
I saw them live in Oz maybe 12 months ago.  they were incredible!
Steff Fleur (2 years ago)
Am I the only one who thinks The Darkness is a Wizard Rock band? I could easily see Fred and George jamming to this haha
missdelacerna (3 months ago)
Mark Coomber (6 months ago)
And replaces the C-bomb with "You coconut"
Bobby O'Schneider (2 years ago)
Jaime Díaz-Otero Núñez // mother farmer.
supercross junkie (3 years ago)
Tiny Tims son can rock
mellen ellen (11 months ago)
supercross junkie (2 years ago)
+Blade383210 noooooooooooooo
Blade383210 (2 years ago)
no weird al is tiny tim's son in terms of how similar they look like each other
supercross junkie (2 years ago)
+Dreadie Andy Oh its underground. In the 80's metal was king/ on the same level as pop rap etc no one who isn't listening gives a shit. If your over 40 you no better. If not you have no reference and need to research the facts  
Dreadie Andy (2 years ago)
+supercross junkie Rocks not dead entirely. Scandinavian countries actually back rock and metal bands and try to promote it. Many great rockers coming out of that scene plus the US and Canada has a few great southern rock bands on the scene right now.
white devil (3 years ago)
Funny song that I've laughed at for years, but this bitch can't sing for shit.
pasha6a (3 years ago)
8 people couldn't keep their hands off my woman. Motherfuckers.
Bernard Franke (10 months ago)
this comment wins
mr_lexa_k (1 year ago)
*Melon farmers!
Rick Stafford (1 year ago)
no need to talk about our mom that way.
make it 25 ! shes a hoe !
Billy Moore (2 years ago)
fuk that hooker !!
Amy Smith (3 years ago)
The Hawkins brothers are fucking amazing
Steve Christie (2 years ago)
I'm doing a documentary Amy. Please email [email protected]
MusicDude86 (3 years ago)
Forgot how kickass they are. Takes me back to junior year of high school (2003).
lol At the concert I went to, Justin pulled a bride and groom to be up on stage during this song.
Mac Haggis (3 years ago)
What an amazing band they were. Love their music and the fun and joy they give into it. Brilliant!
Rob Melrose (9 months ago)
pbasser2 I'm going this week to see them. I can't fucking wait!!! I've been gorging on their music for the last couple of weeks. I've gotta say their three best songs are: One Way Ticket, Love on the Rocks With No Ice, and Living Each Day Blind.
pbasser2 (10 months ago)
Seeing them for the 6th time in April 2018! They kick ass live.
Torestram Quiñonez (2 years ago)
+Mac Haggis Were? ARE!
Victor Ha (2 years ago)
+Mac Haggis I treated them more as a semi-joke band (that';s how they were billed), but today's rock makes me retch from witnessing how much it's missing the point, so I appreciate them even more in retrospect. The first album had a few songs that are classic and anthemic.
+Mac Haggis Saw them in Denver 3 weeks ago. They are probably doing even better now that Justin is clean. He is so vibrant!
Naughty Monkey (3 years ago)
Yeah. He likes women. Totally.
joel quinn (3 months ago)
I see someone is ignorant of Glam Rock
Wingnut Rocks (3 years ago)
We need bands TODAY that like The Darkness, bring back REAL Rock n' Roll!!
Matt LITC (3 years ago)
Talk about majestic vocals. Like holy shit. \m/
013456a (3 years ago)
Haha english translation for australians please
Adam Abbey (3 years ago)
you coconut ?
nrp66 (2 years ago)
+TheSandwichBox Lichfield and it's " get your hands off of my woman mother father"
Horazio Alarcón (2 years ago)
+matt876mma just happened to me!!!!!! True story
matt876mma (3 years ago)
I read that as it sung that part.... that made me laugh lol
Andra Patrichi (3 years ago)
so catchy!!!
Grop Rock Videos (3 years ago)
They did a live version of this on Sesame Street with Big Bird and the Cookie Monster. It was pretty cool.
Daniel Widrew (3 years ago)
+Grop Rock Videos the only mention of this i can find online is your comment. do you have the video?
Rhashel Shel (3 years ago)
+Grop Rock Videos Oh really? That's awesome gotta look for it anytime soon...Thanks! (:
Aaron Peters (3 years ago)
i like the urge overkill version of that riff better, but i still love this song.
Aaron Peters (3 years ago)
+samuel erneston yup. rocknroll!!!! both band are killer.
el buen perro (3 years ago)
+Aaron Peters you meant sister havana?
zorro kazorro (3 years ago)
Zabierz ręce od mojej kobiety skurwysynu! In polish ;D
Paul at PraxisDVD (3 years ago)
Mother Farmer... Tremendous
Bianca Panzram (4 years ago)
This song's awesome lol
Connor Kutach (4 years ago)
Nicholas Nevola (4 years ago)
Awesome song.
Bigby Bum (4 years ago)
Only about 6.5k while the usual fillers on the radio got millions of views? Wtf.. May The Darkness get the people!
Jeremy parker (4 years ago)
I was going to ask why this video didn't have more views.  Probably the censorship! Lol!
Sean Hayes (3 years ago)
Plus it was only uploaded last July for some reason and TD aren't as in the spotlight as they once were. Still going strong though!
Yuck Fooh (4 years ago)
Sings like a woman
The Kurgan (6 months ago)
Its Man rock! you punce
KALEIDO jess (3 years ago)
andrew vincent (4 years ago)
Get your hands of my woman mother(something).
joker86CJ (3 years ago)
Mother... Farter!
john labros (3 years ago)
Mother Farmer i suppose :-p
Simone Persano (3 years ago)
Mother-father probably...LOL
Jwill86 (4 years ago)
Supposed to be motherfucker..horrible censored version..lmao

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