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Minnie's Bow-Toons | Fashion Emergency | Disney Junior UK

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When a goat chews all of Minnie's outfits just before her big fashion show, she's forced to improvise! The result is a fantastic fashion statement made with balloons that turns out to be a big hit. head to http://www.disneyjunior.co.uk/ for more great videos and fun games! MINNIE’S BOW-TOONS Minnie Mouse and her best friend Daisy Duck are showing their love of all things fashion by opening up their very own special shop, ‘Minnie’s Bow-Tique!’ Minnie’s Bow-Toons is a sweet spin off Disney Jr series from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse following friends Minnie and Daisy as they learn what it’s like to run their very own shop! Accompanied by Figaro the friendly kitten, Minnie’s trouble-making nieces, Millie and Melody and a cute little cuckoo called Coca Loca, ‘Minnie’s Bow-Tique’ is always bustling with exciting and fun new customers and stories! So if you’re looking for a pretty new bow for your hair or a smart bow-tie to sharpen up your look, there’s only one shop for you! Head down to ‘Minnie’s Bow-Tique’ and catch up with Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck in the fun and most fashionable, Minnie’s Bow-Toons! MINNIE MOUSE With her smart dress sense, matching hair bows and love of polka dots, the sweet and kind Minnie Mouse finally realises her dream of opening up her very own shop with her best friend Daisy Duck! Minnie’s Bow-Tique’ is open for business! DAISY DUCK Daisy Duck is the talkative, caring and fashion-loving best friend of Minnie Mouse. She loves everything to do with clothes and fashion so working in ‘Minnie’s Bow-Tique’ with her very best friend is a dream come true! CLARABELLE COW Clarabelle is the fun-loving best friend of Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck. She is often on hand to help her friends in the shop when they need it. FIGARO Figaro is Minnie Mouse’s cat and close friend who likes to help her in the shop. Figaro is a curious, mischievous little cat who loves to have adventures. But despite his curious nature and love of exploring, his favourite thing to do is curling up in ‘Minnie’s Bow-Tique’ and having a nice long nap! CUCKOO LOCA Cuckoo Loca is Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck’s cute little cuckoo bird friend who lives inside a cuckoo clock in ‘Minnie’s Bow-Tique.’ She loves to pop out of her clock and see what is happening in the shop, helping her friends whenever she can. MILLIE AND MELODY MOUSE Millie and Melody are Minnie Mouse’s cheeky little twin nieces who are often up to mischief, causing trouble for Minnie Mouse and her friends.
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Sienna Pao (9 months ago)
Wow Minnie is such a smart mouse
Fadila Elzar (10 months ago)
Amazing,crazy,and nice
anita devi (1 year ago)
Ainun Prihatini (1 year ago)
Kassy Palacios (1 year ago)
KHIEV RATHA (1 year ago)
Kawaii BubblePup (1 year ago)
Lollipop is sooooo cute!
Komal Shinde (1 year ago)
I love video
ThatDIY Vlogger (1 year ago)
Minnie, your fabulous!!
Naufal Mukti Sadjati (2 years ago)
tolong don tayang lagi di tv
ma MICT (2 years ago)
Samer Salem (3 years ago)
محد يعرف يحچي عربي ههههههه
xavier theard (4 years ago)
Eloà Aimo (4 years ago)
Joshua Tripp (4 years ago)
Walaa Mourad (4 years ago)
Thu Vo (4 years ago)
Kam Kibson (4 years ago)
s rana (4 years ago)
Elsa Pérez (4 years ago)
Milly Tan (4 years ago)
Emanuel Sierra (4 years ago)
Hunny Bossy (5 years ago)
Hunny Bossy (5 years ago)
vereny11 (5 years ago)
themadmachine2000 (5 years ago)
78superkev (5 years ago)
Arisha Idris (5 years ago)
Prototype 7 (5 years ago)
Arisha Idris (5 years ago)
Michaelo Bayani (5 years ago)
My daughter is happy to you
Aivonos Johnson (5 years ago)
Aledin Berisha (5 years ago)
Raul SI (5 years ago)
janette chua (5 years ago)
That was awesome and so pretty
Israel Diaz (5 years ago)
Macarina Florez (5 years ago)
?la idea.
JöSé CrÜz NrJö (5 years ago)
Minnie's Bow-Toons - Fashion Emergency
Shane Ashley (5 years ago)
minnie your fabulous
It’s a fun……………….
babylyn agillon (5 years ago)
garfield807 (5 years ago)
I ķo0òk
splendida7986 (5 years ago)
Loris Nardelli (5 years ago)
Renata Carla (5 years ago)
Cfxggddxcygdv é a
Debbie RALEIGH (5 years ago)
Hb h
Quiana Wilson (5 years ago)
Adrian El Lobo Garcia (5 years ago)
David Llompart (5 years ago)
LPS 5sos (5 years ago)
lol cute
pecsimartina (5 years ago)
Km ,,j :-(
Lindsay McCarter (5 years ago)
Minnie is so awesome!XD!
Marcos Encarnacao (5 years ago)
Pm kmmollllo
Tejasi .,
I don't think this would be a very profitable business.
Holly Olivia (5 years ago)
Minnie fixes everything when a problem appears and I her saying ' theirs no business like bow business' Holly
Thảo Trần (5 years ago)
Amanda Spicer (6 years ago)
Nobody asked you.
Sheryleen Poh (6 years ago)
I prefer the normal dresses than the balloon outfits.....
Brett Killoren (6 years ago)
my little cousin loves this show.
Gwence Martinez (6 years ago)
so cute my baby sister like it
Chloe Casey (6 years ago)
my baby sister loves minnie
Roy Dole (6 years ago)
miyonnia zachary (6 years ago)
lol who tell watch this
Sonia Rodriguez (6 years ago)
chris colantuono (6 years ago)
jrponglovesmg rosario (6 years ago)
trixie the goat are ruinned the dresses
pb505m (6 years ago)
marie michelle (6 years ago)
Jessica Hoard (6 years ago)
chung hung hung (6 years ago)
Lilit Martirosyan (6 years ago)
andy hernandez (6 years ago)
Marcos Guimaraes (6 years ago)
Charlene Tanksley (6 years ago)
U n.
inovacontrator (6 years ago)
Yh fggfgggg iyy it ty t r
Rhea Ortiz (6 years ago)
i love this video... :)
Rolanda Nika (6 years ago)
DarkRising4388108 (6 years ago)
what the heck.?
Casandra Salazar (6 years ago)
Mohamed Bouchenafa (6 years ago)
sandeep989898 (6 years ago)
Gfddsa .......... hhhbbkkhfffdddss..&?!?,_$
Ariane Calle (6 years ago)
sisi deone (6 years ago)
Sandeep Gulabani (6 years ago)
@Elizabeth Zebra
1ewnet (6 years ago)
1ewnet (6 years ago)
My Teenage Years (6 years ago)
Way to go Minne♥ nice fashion work !
Princess Luna (6 years ago)
1st :D, anyway thanks for uploading these, I've never watched these but so far I love them :). I love Minnie Mouse and her sense in bows and fashion!
Nay Howard (6 years ago)
I love minnie mouse
Hà Nguyễn (6 years ago)
very good

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