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5.3 Unstructured, Semi-Structured and Structured Interviews

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Text Comments (26)
Al Reza (1 month ago)
can you provide any video about questionnaire structure for structured interview
Laura Jane van Balen (1 month ago)
Thank you so much for your videos! They are really clear and help me so much with my thesis
Manek Narzary (2 months ago)
its very clear to me
Esra KURTULDU (3 months ago)
It's clearly explained, thank you!
Federica Raffo (7 months ago)
You're so clear and your videos are helping me a lot! Thanks :)
Auxilia Mashonga (8 months ago)
thank you....so useful
mi mi (9 months ago)
Thank you so much
hamza mohammad (1 year ago)
Hi Robert, I am phd student and I would like to thank you about all your helpful YouTube video. i have a question about interview my reserch design is sequential explanatory mixed methods research my question is can i use structured interview on the mixed methods or it should be semi structured. Thanks and regards
mulalo nefale (1 year ago)
No, you cannot use structured (quantitative) interview on mixed methods, it should be semi-structured (Quanti & Qualitative)
dilani lanka (1 year ago)
Thanks a million
Erfan Ahmed (1 year ago)
Can I use semi-structured interview to conduct a deductive research, especially when applying the theory of Lean techniques into service industry?
Esther Ngulwa (1 year ago)
Thank you
Amr Mahmoud (2 years ago)
I need like some examples for analysis for interview data analysis how to find it
Amr Mahmoud (2 years ago)
Thanks so much
MeanThat (2 years ago)
I am very sorry buzt this is a whole new (and quite large) topic which I have not yet covered in the videos. So you will have to rely on the literature :)
Amr Mahmoud (2 years ago)
the other issue what are the main data analysis methods to analyze the answers ?
Amr Mahmoud (2 years ago)
the idea is I am living middle eastern country so meeting female respondants is a little tough and difficult so i want to give the questions and then leave my phone in case of they dont understand any questions they can ask me about it is it ok
MeanThat (2 years ago)
that sounds like a good solution to your case. maybe ask your supervisor about it but i think he should accept your plan :)
Amr Mahmoud (2 years ago)
but what if making a phone call is not suitable with the other part due to his personal conditions what is the alternative
MeanThat (2 years ago)
ahh. if there are some special personal or health conditions than of course written communication is alternative. you just have to mention this in your methodology :)
Amr Mahmoud (2 years ago)
in case the research can not interview the respondents is it Ok if he sen to them by email or do it by mobile ?
MeanThat (2 years ago)
making an interview through phone call or skype is alright. However by email it is not - it should not be written but rather spoken communication.
Tara Aden Faden (2 years ago)
Maha Alshorbaji (1 year ago)

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