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EPIC ROCK | ''I'm Dangerous'' by The Everlove

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Buy this amazing album here: https://apple.co/2NtSZEB The Everlove Name: I'm Dangerous Album: Walk Through Fire Composer: Matthew A. Thomas (BMI) 50%, Ryan Keaton (BMI) 50% Instruments: Piano, Drums, String Label: Selectracks Song Catalog Publishing: Hatton Road Music (BMI) 100% http://www.sunstonerecordings.com/ https://www.facebook.com/SunstoneRecordings/ http://www.selectracks.com/ https://soundcloud.com/everlove https://itunes.apple.com/fr/artist/the-everlove/id443730689 http://bmgmusic.sourceaudio.com/#!explorer?b=3396388 Image: https://wall.alphacoders.com/big.php?i=965313
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Text Comments (436)
Lachlan Crawford (15 hours ago)
I clicked because of the Epic rock tittle means the best kind music
carlos caceres (1 day ago)
Edric Jones (1 day ago)
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Colombian Mammoth (1 day ago)
Clicked because of Battlefield image, stayed because of awesome music
Eslyn Clarkson (2 days ago)
Sounds like a battle call for PUBG ... 🔫💀
dannosaurusrexx (2 days ago)
Why does the volume keep changing?
TheGoodOl'Days (4 days ago)
i had unsubscribed because i wasn't liking most of the music. This song was enough to make me subscribe again
NoT 00 (4 days ago)
Dangerous 🚫☢️
Mae Vanz (5 days ago)
out of the blue, he sounds like a little like Shawn Mendez. oh well.
Ero Sennin (6 days ago)
guy sensei, god of tai-jutsu
Martin Buchka (4 days ago)
I, Madara, declare you to the strongest!
xnet fusion (4 days ago)
Silent_Q 7 (7 days ago)
Everytime I see your name I hear. Jenny... Jenny... By nothing more. But this is an AWESOME SONG!!!
Evan Johnson (7 days ago)
listen to this at 1.25x speed, it's great
Exile152 (7 days ago)
Lonely_GamerHD Server (12 days ago)
I like his SNAFU Helmet ;D ( Situation Normal, All Fucked Up )
eL CkOtOrOtE (12 days ago)
these song have copiryght?
lucas verheyen (13 days ago)
very gooooood
BigBadMan55 (15 days ago)
BigBadMan55 (15 days ago)
if you get offended by this then im sorry to say that you need to toughen up
Cody Miles (15 days ago)
Thicc boiii (17 days ago)
Anyone wondering what the picture is, its a helmet from battlefield 5 if you level medic up to lvl 20
Donald J. trump POTUS (16 days ago)
Thicc boiii take a joke ^_^ WELCOME to the internet if not I advise you to kys. Like keep yourself safe! Look a joke! Horray!
Thicc boiii (16 days ago)
+Donald J. trump POTUS its your own taste of games, play whatever you want
Donald J. trump POTUS (16 days ago)
Thicc boiii Don’t like it Don’t buy it ( ◠‿◠ ).
this is not rock. pop maybe but not rock
Iron maiden, ac/dc, Rammstein, Metallica , megahertz . evidence enough. fact not opinion
The Golden Atlas (14 days ago)
would you please show evidence for this opinion
Abdelaaziz laiouar (19 days ago)
Its very nice song guys , keep it up !
vazak11 (19 days ago)
Brett Lipsitz (20 days ago)
X2 actually sounds pretty cool lol
JackOps (20 days ago)
Gosh I NEED the instrumental version...
Lau C (21 days ago)
Okay, I just found the best playlist ever
David Liang (24 days ago)
Bettina Lykke (25 days ago)
Reminded of Ace from One Piece. RIP
Kezangh Zederozen (22 days ago)
:( poor ace san
Gamer Simpson (26 days ago)
Was GT1030 after RTX2080ti
Попса блять
ads asdsda (26 days ago)
Accidentally clicked on the video. Not disappointed. You may continue.
Juan Cruz (27 days ago)
This is so good, when playing Witcher 3 or Dark Souls
perplex mantis (9 days ago)
What about Dungeons and Dragons?
L Lawliet (9 days ago)
With witcher3? I dont think so
Luca Dina (1 month ago)
CrazyAaronWayne (1 month ago)
thanks for introducing me to new great, clean rock bands! new favorite channel.
Lord Cuck (1 month ago)
Just by seeing this image, I can tell all cosmetics that were used
GJ TY...1.25 ..... AND DANCE with ur br****ers....!
nerdneh132 (1 month ago)
HOLLY HECK!!! Watch at 1.25 Speed!!!
Zły Ananas (1 month ago)
Hey-Ooh! Hear the sound! We are the underground Hey-Ooh! Rising Up We're not afraid of fighting, <3 best part
Ben Bair (1 hour ago)
IKR!?! I don’t know why but I get chills every time I hear that part
Tom Eddie (1 month ago)
Omar Arman (1 month ago)
don't stand on my way ,I'm Dangerous
Damian Creed (17 days ago)
Name of the song is "I'm dangerous" and the image is a Marine. You can tell from the collar. Marines from WW2 had reinforced collars and were called leathernecks because of it. The leatherneck collar was designed to help protect against knife strikes and glancing shots from guns. Then again, I could be completely wrong about the image being a Marine. Thank you to the first person to like my comment on this song!
Damian Creed (11 days ago)
+Richard Black Google, my friend.
Richard Black (12 days ago)
+Damian Creed I didn't know that..
Damian Creed (12 days ago)
+Richard Black yes, really. Marine combat uniforms had a stiff leather collar to protect the neck from bullets, knives and small pieces of shrapnel in the early 1900's.
Richard Black (13 days ago)
Wait, really?
Richard Black (1 month ago)
100%, SNAFU.
Good song for AMV's.
Cheese Bunz (1 month ago)
holy shit !!!!! WTF is this !!!!! fucking love this song !!!!!
Birgkitt (1 month ago)
I broke my replay button, can someone give another, please?
Cpt. Modi (1 month ago)
0:00 There you go
lol lolington (1 month ago)
i know what you mean, but there is also a loop function
Eduardo Santos (1 month ago)
▶ enjoy
Jennymusic you have some seriously great taste in music, which translates into money spent on itunes for me. I am not sorry at all. Thank you.
Casmere Sabo (1 month ago)
I created a playlist of EPIC ROCK songs here is a link to them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfl9MuN_bN8&t=0s&list=PLozEw3uCTd0PKzFwjSsX0fpTLUi7nJqPn&index=2
Spartan_Gaming1A07 (1 month ago)
The second this song played while is was playing Titanfall 2 the whole enemy team died
Keynardi (1 month ago)
Dailyn A. Baez (1 month ago)
This music is free? Can i use this?
Toki Zensekai (1 month ago)
This song is exactly how I feel after finally completing the Last Word quest in Destiny 2.
Deadeye AfterSync (1 month ago)
this song... its too good already repeated it like my 25th+ time!
EyeCandryMovies (1 month ago)
at first i was afraid... I was petri- oh.
Abigail Johnson (1 month ago)
Homeboy in the pic looks like Dean Winchester
Mike L (1 month ago)
This was.... AWESOME!!!!!!! Loveit
Dahmus 19 (1 month ago)
One of the best songs I've heard in recent memory
ButHow (1 month ago)
Did you ever hear a song That so beautifully, that so perfectly was built for Beat Saber? I have
Corbin Strong (1 month ago)
I don’t suffer from insanity, I enjoy every American moment of it, anyone else smell napalm
Bruce Meyer (1 month ago)
You can also get this song on amazon!
The equip of music This is very loud
LILITH Goddesses 93369 (1 month ago)
david becker (1 month ago)
fickt euch doch ;lieber ein Soldat als eine Verkleidete nutte macht iht nur weiter mit den bla bla bla. Ich Persönlich Freue mich darauf Stärker zu werden. haha, wiest ihr eigentlich warum? Naja weil ich euch dann auch endlich  ficken kann. Never Vogiven.
rad mad lutz (1 month ago)
Raise an up raise an up now I'm dangerous
R W (1 month ago)
Another awesome song from EPIC ROCK Cheers man👍
game shocker 2.0 (1 month ago)
I haven't heard this band ever since "cities in dust"
DLTAFORST (1 month ago)
Oh yah..HELL YAH! This is what it means to be a fighter😼
Redwood (1 month ago)
Very good song ! From France ! Allez les gars continuez comme ça
Deathwolf Darkwolf (1 month ago)
wait they r from France i did not know that
Skye Viper (1 month ago)
This song sucks.
FireOccator (1 month ago)
Any one else hear a clicking sound on the left?
Socorro Palma (1 month ago)
Yoooo song is good then bad wolves
Blue Truth (1 month ago)
Sexy boy
Litmus (1 month ago)
1.25 speed is god tier
Genesis Rhapsodos (2 months ago)
I found another gem. Anyone know any songs which sound similar to this?
Genesis Rhapsodos (2 months ago)
Other than all good things(already listen to them lol)
Guives (2 months ago)
Master 99 & Dark Knight (2 months ago)
Thank you!👌👍
Sanjib Chakraborty (2 months ago)
Stop the boobs privilege then come...
Keltic Nord (2 months ago)
It wouldve been cooler if he said "through my own grave"
체르베르 (2 months ago)
I recommend that you listen to this song at the speed of the ship.
Steven jr (2 months ago)
Play back speed 0.75 i think is pretty good, see what you think
Steven jr (1 month ago)
+Dallas Oliver yeah I already did and it's pretty good
Dallas Oliver (1 month ago)
Steven jr try it on 1.25
Exsodius XD (2 months ago)
NIce !!
thebloodraven .13 (2 months ago)
Nice song.
the man (2 months ago)
peaky blinders
VirtualDream (2 months ago)
Captain Levi (2 months ago)
Vibes of Band of Brothers 😁
Ly Lee (2 months ago)
Wow! Perfection!
Christos Antonopoulos (2 months ago)
Cant be as dangerous as the darkness itself when you look darkness in the eyes. At the start it presents you with yourself it seems, after all how can you face something else when you cant even fact yourself. Makes you discover if you are truly a sheep or someone whom carves their own path in everything rules, morals, beliefs everything that makes you what you are. Ready to jump into darkness well lets jump trouble is I jumped quite some time ago, funny thing with darkness is when you think you have it beat, you don't, it seems to decide when to let you go, you have no say in letting it go, and the darkness knows everything about you knows where to push where not to and knows exactly how to test you. Makes you feel things you never wanted to feel.
Christopher Hilte (2 months ago)
I'd make out with Ryan's voice
Ryan Keaton (2 months ago)
you rock Jenny!
RockTheRoll (2 months ago)
if you have the last titan in last titans standing
楓之季 (2 months ago)
Carlos Aguilar (2 months ago)
How is the name of this song, i can find on spotify
Game Box (2 months ago)
Any man who must say ‘I am dangerous’ is not truly dangerous at all.
Anthony Polonkay (2 months ago)
For any man that must. True. But what of a man that has no need to? But states it anyway?
2Foldri (2 months ago)
I can't believe I disregarded this song. It's fucking awesome!
SKYTHEKIDRS (2 months ago)
put the speed to 1.25 and enjoy XD
Legend Edits (3 days ago)
0.75x is better
Jeremy Thorpe (18 days ago)
.75 sounds good too, much darker
Aonir (1 month ago)
i usually hate speeding songs up but this one is perfect
Zły Ananas (1 month ago)
The song is making shittier.
Lukke McIntyre (1 month ago)
Beau Reveal (2 months ago)
Nick Foles theme song
Daniel Sora (2 months ago)
it sounds fucking niceeee
ALExtreme (2 months ago)
Alexis Bridgeforth (2 months ago)
Love this song 👿😎 love the beat! I feel comfortable now.
Kappaonly (2 months ago)
This shit soo good... make some more of these.....😍😍😍

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