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Google Pixel 3 XL - The BIGGEST Notch!?

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Text Comments (1100)
xorkatoss (2 months ago)
the era notch should die already it's so ugly!
otto dharmawan (4 months ago)
I wish I have your hair :-/
HashySlash (5 months ago)
This phone is straight fugly. Google doesn't know how to make phones sexy at all. They always come up with these designs that make people question if their design department was full of people who were rejected by Apple.
Kyle Cantu (6 months ago)
Does anyone remember cars when stopped including cassette players? The HORROR! Do you even know what a cassette is? Not too long in the future no one will remember the 3.5mm hole in your phone.
MP Lovecraft (7 months ago)
Excellent host. Well done!
ShamblerDK (7 months ago)
"EA" and "moral compass" in the same sentence? The only way I could see that being realistic, is if you put a "completely lack a" in between.
Keeffe (7 months ago)
Riley doesn't even have a switch!!! He obviously doesn't get payed enough!!! lol
JubaL VW (7 months ago)
I love the shirt
Trivial Reflex (7 months ago)
Boring video.
Eddie P (7 months ago)
The biggest notch? It looks smaller than the iPhone X......this notch on my screen is wide as hell in comparison to the pixel
EDDI (7 months ago)
can somebody give me a switch for free pls im broke XD
ElectronicControl3R (7 months ago)
had seen this channel in months. turns out I was unsubbed. thanks youtube! hope you choke on your guts after getting rammed by a howzer barrel.
Alex Gorabe (7 months ago)
I love this humor!:'D
Sidhant Megh9 (7 months ago)
Anyone knows 3 android apps which can help to Access Dark Web ????
murderdogg (7 months ago)
Top notch episode!
michael jeacock (7 months ago)
yeah EA treating your customers like brainless morons with bottomless pockets of cash to buy shitty products. who do you think you are, apple?
Luke R. (7 months ago)
I simply don't understand the hysteria surrounding notches.
Gav The Stick Man (7 months ago)
You spoiled Harry Potter for me *disliked*
Leo Modzz (7 months ago)
Meme Pikachu (7 months ago)
When you see how big his notch is O.O
Alan Y (7 months ago)
That is really a top notch phone
illitero (7 months ago)
Nice try, but even Star Wars fans know that Star Wars fans can't NOT throw away their money on anything STAR WARS.
Robbedem (7 months ago)
While I haven't watched the latest Star Wars movies, from what I hear and see, it seems to me that Solo isn't really that bad. It was The Last Jedi that was so horrible, that the fans became angry. So angry, that they didn't want to see a movie made by the same director and script writer anymore. This caused Solo to flop.
AEP-World (7 months ago)
USB C to A? Don't you mean USB C to C?
Nigel Smith (7 months ago)
It saddens me that I’ll have to buy a Switch only more Smash
Geri Limanaj (7 months ago)
bro you ruined the film i wanted to watch harry poter and i now know that he killed him ,, shame on you :(
5:30 I have never laughed harder in my life
PC TechTips (7 months ago)
I need more cringe \>.</
3gsFreak (7 months ago)
Waluigi As Playable Character or RIOT!!!!
Smash Nerd (7 months ago)
Google. Get your act together. We don't want notches. We want headphone jacks. No one will buy the pixel 3 if you keep this up.
Andrive (7 months ago)
this channel is a tech-related version of DramaAlert
Turan Kaya (7 months ago)
Will cost $ 1000 and end up after a year at Bootloop
Steven Madden (7 months ago)
I could imagine a world without you being the host of tech news
Nic Lastname (7 months ago)
EA.... A company that had to _create_ their moral compass... That compass is $20 DLC though.
Nic Lastname (7 months ago)
I'm actually surprised it took this long to put King K Rool to be honest. He could have been a mirror of Bowser all this time, if nothing else.
2017 y (7 months ago)
surprised nintendo is letting this remain up nintendo is cruel fickle mistress if you post a single frame from a trailer
Vladimir Byazrov (7 months ago)
Any notch is ugly but this ugly notch is monstrous, hideous. How Google can live with itself after crapping on us like that?
JRS TV HD (7 months ago)
How come you advertise pia with 28 countries when you show a screenshot of there website showing 30 countries
Mark Perugini (7 months ago)
Padraic McDonnell (7 months ago)
Can someone explain the t-shirt?
biocybernaut (7 months ago)
Notches and Dongles, no thank you.
Ragnarok (7 months ago)
Disney is killing Star wars. I hope you agree too.
Mohamed (7 months ago)
I like the shirt
Erbert Van De Steen (7 months ago)
So..... Still no WALUIGI?!
Flames Tornado (7 months ago)
the worst 2018 phone so far
snckrr (7 months ago)
Wtf its just as bad as the iphone x
pr0xZen (7 months ago)
You know you can wiretap string cup phones with a piezo right? 😉
DarkPhychic (7 months ago)
Minecraft was made by notch..dont know why people have problem with notch.
FoxTopia Minecraft (7 months ago)
the biggest Notch made minecraft, your argument is invalid.
Weardo (7 months ago)
ShroudedWolf51 (7 months ago)
Oh, great. Another Smash. I don't suppose Nintendo will make the game fun again, the way it was in Brawl, hmm? Yeah, that's likely a "no" and that's likely a hard "pass" from me.
ShroudedWolf51 (7 months ago)
We get it, Google. You want to be Apple. For fuck's sake. Fuck you and your damn notch.
rbaleksandar (7 months ago)
I have the feeling that some episodes of TechLinked are way too cringy...
rbaleksandar (7 months ago)
EA talking about "moral compass".... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
Jaime Carvalho (7 months ago)
Nice T-shirt
Hamad_91 (7 months ago)
Nice shirt
Dennis Dowd (7 months ago)
Like Google always does, it is a follower, not a leader and this phone is boring. It is low on real features and high on price. It is amazing to me how much Google can't get simple things together. Instead of looking to itself for design options etc. it is playing it safe and just follows Apple’s example. I mean who doesn't want to be a trillion-dollar company? Today's tech companies have mostly lost their way as far as I can tell, and this need to come out with a new phone, not a better phone, just a new phone each year is getting crazy making. But so many people are living on this happening now that it is almost like it can't stop. The problem is people should stop looking at their phones and maybe start looking at their lives around them. It is like eating today. Just because there is food there doesn't mean you should eat it!
Jesse Exner (7 months ago)
should have just taken out the notch and made it a black bar all the way across
Daniel Orozco (7 months ago)
*I thought Keys was lost somewhere in the internet, but suddenly I found this YouTube channel with him on the thumbnail, awesome, I still feel sorry about NCIX though*
roshan kumar (7 months ago)
Linus tech tips😅😂😂
Vishal Kumar (7 months ago)
That's Why Samsung Is The Best!
Siddhartha Verma (7 months ago)
That notch is thicc
HypotheticalPizza (7 months ago)
I love this man so much
Carter Gleason (7 months ago)
Google: "We've become all that we hate..."
Charleston Velas (7 months ago)
I keep on looking for tech news hoping to hear about a phone without a notch aside from Samsung's.
Rocket Raccoon (7 months ago)
I puked seeing that notch
Chris N (7 months ago)
Dick Nickler (7 months ago)
Yep, fuck off. Until switching bluetooth connections becomes as convenient as pressing a single button, i'm not getting a single fucking thing without a headphone jack.
richard ratner (7 months ago)
Notch important!
Mooshi Moo (7 months ago)
At this point I'd just get an iphone.
Taloot B (7 months ago)
Ugly notch was going to buy but nope , I will keep my note 8. Ugly ugly notch
PSYCHO (7 months ago)
Does Samsung make any 4TB Sata III SSD's that are SLC instead???
Bryan Arnold (7 months ago)
Riley is the only reason I watch these videos. His sense of humor gets me every time.
BlackEagle352 (7 months ago)
You were supposed to defeat the notch, not join them.
Tolik Gercberg (7 months ago)
i guess 266 ppls didn't know about the Harry Potter thing
Modern Game Network (7 months ago)
Software tricks? Google's sleeves? Noooo, really?
I like turtles! (7 months ago)
Notches are so fucking ugly. I think I would rather have a trusty pixel 2 rather than a dumbass ugly notch pixel 3.
Filip Gurczyński (7 months ago)
What about android pie or note 9?
Slappy The Dummy (7 months ago)
Nice Shirt
Demetri Menaitreau (7 months ago)
This is my first video from this channel and it has made me a subscriber lol. I love your screen presence and personality. And you are cute too. 😘
Aviv Gannon (7 months ago)
First time in this channel. I think i've just found real life emmerich.
D1V15OR (7 months ago)
Jesus Christ, the Pixel 3 is everything I don't want in a phone
Plus12 Gaming (7 months ago)
Ew, notches.
Rob Santiago (7 months ago)
Google women: We Want BiG Notch
MAGA MAN (7 months ago)
Save you some time here: Google doesn't want people to buy their phone, VR/AR is still useless, Nintento is still regurgitating the same games over and over, someone "accidentally" published something they shouldn't have, Social media is now even more invasive of your privacy, someone released an overpriced toy, bigger, slower, more expensive ssd drives coming, EA is trying to not look like the garbage they really are/Not all Star Wars fans are idiot.
Braheem Hazeem (7 months ago)
Belfont..... wtf, your fired!
ir4kk (7 months ago)
4 GB of RAM?????? PPPPPFFFFFFFTTTTTHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah IS THIS 2013??????
MrVipitis (7 months ago)
so Google is doing the Apple trend? screw them. and looking at their recent leaks in Google Photos app, looks like they do steroscopic images(dual front?) again - remember project Tango?
Polemicist Contrarian (7 months ago)
Unless Google does the old switch-er-oo and releases a phone without a notch. [Dump the front camera, I don't care] I'll seriously jump on the iPhone band wagon, at least they managed to ditch the chin bezel.
Ian Dave Manguira (7 months ago)
everything ugly and google mix it together
Cool Moo5e (7 months ago)
welp nintendo sold me im getting a switch.
THE16THPHANTOM (7 months ago)
social mapper, can it follow you online period? like just track every comment on every website (like reddit and such)? or just follow your every internet request? i know program that does that is like government spy level of complicated and probably exists and that social mapper sounds like a new feature for such a program.
OdgeBodge (7 months ago)
ok this phone is revolting. its got nothing i want and everything i dont
AL AL (7 months ago)
✌ 🙂 👍 📹 👍 👍 Tech Linked 👍 Thanks You 👍
Evan Justice (7 months ago)
So no mention of Emuparadise shutting down?
destrierofdark (7 months ago)
Yet another group of people that say the names of Icelandic artists wrong.
Roddy Evans (7 months ago)
Everyone knows you're not a real YouTube channel unless you make the most retarded face possible in every thumbnail.
Lazarus The adventurer (7 months ago)
Insta like
Seby Studios (7 months ago)
If you make a joke like at 4:50 next techlinked i will like the video
Peachy Litchy (7 months ago)
Is he from Linus tech?

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