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1.5 Introduction and Research Rationale

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Text Comments (20)
Samia Sany (1 month ago)
Thank You :)
ch talha (1 month ago)
I could not hear u....bcz of poor voice
Jan B. (2 months ago)
Thank you 💛
Shaola Cabrega (3 months ago)
faitful fatima (6 months ago)
thank you great help
Falak Naz (6 months ago)
Please suggest some brief tips on hiw to write a summary report of single chapter. Your response will be appreciated.
Kenesha Adams (7 months ago)
The most helpful!
Somebody toucha my sphaghett!
Krishna Devkota (1 year ago)
what was the problemof your bear mine also same space
NassaKB (1 year ago)
Love the Video !! any way you could increase the volume though?
Angela Moore (1 year ago)
NassaKB i
Narenikka (1 year ago)
Thank you so much.
Xavier Clark (1 year ago)
Thank you Very Much mate!
ℛiadh ℂhohra (1 year ago)
this did help me so much thx man !
javier lopez (1 year ago)
whats up with your beard? Makes it hard to focus ngl
MeanThat (1 year ago)
javier lopez no worries :) I am used to questions as its quite rare :)
javier lopez (1 year ago)
thanks!!!! I just read my first comment and it sounded a bit harsh :( There was no mean to offend in any way
MeanThat (1 year ago)
nice to hear! Good luck with your studies! :)
javier lopez (1 year ago)
Feels bad man, btw your video helped me a lot with my English Essay, Thanks!!!!
MeanThat (1 year ago)
javier lopez it is an immune system condition....I worked too much and due to stress, my immune system started to attack its own skin cells :) sorry about that...when I was recording the course, it was just the time when it started :)

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