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Sony: A Tale of Innovation, from the Walkman to the PlayStation 4

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Support us on Patreon to get early access to our future videos: https://www.patreon.com/business_casual Join us at our subreddit and on social media: Reddit: https://reddit.com/r/businesscasual Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/business.casual.yt Twitter: https://twitter.com/BusinessCasual0 Eighteenth video of the Behind the Business Series. Sony Corporation is one of the best-known names in consumer electronics, famous for innovations like the Walkman and the Playstation. Since its establishment shortly after World War II, Sony has introduced a stream of revolutionary products, including the transistor radio, the Trinitron television, the Betamax VCR, the CD player, the Walkman portable cassette player, and the PlayStation game console. In addition to audio and video products (Walkman, Betamax), televisions (Trinitron), personal computers (PCs), monitors, computer peripherals, telecommunications devices, and game consoles (Playstation), Sony generates considerable revenues from its entertainment businesses. These include Sony Music Entertainment, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Sony Digital Production, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, and Sony Pictures Television.
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Text Comments (473)
Nick Parker (12 hours ago)
Back to basics Sony you'll be on top again!
rambo rd (2 days ago)
Sony moving towards Mirrorless Camera
Ps vita is a punchline... sad 😢
Petalbook Interactive (3 days ago)
It's a neat thing, but it seems to be missing a LOT of background information that could have been included.
MrWalker1000 (4 days ago)
sharp is even more innovative.
rizka arifiandi (5 days ago)
well, i still use my Xperia XZ
Paco Ruiz Arnal (5 days ago)
Its a shame that they canceled their laptop division they were the best of the best, in fact my uncle and cousin still uses their vaio computers for work
rambo rd (2 days ago)
Paco Ruiz Arnal they may bounce back in pc division. With surprise
Nasir (7 days ago)
3:21. Physics knowledge, ? is phosphorus falls under physics or chemistry, 🧐🤔
EnderDKid (7 days ago)
Ps2 will be and always be the best console ever made by sony
Volixer (15 days ago)
The=ze in your language
Sheldon Cooper81 (15 days ago)
Nothing is innovative about the PS 4 its a December 2012 mid Range PC with a Controller plugged in. Just saying but yeah the PS 3 was a innovation it had 8 processors in 2007. 3 years before that became the norm.
munkmegtube (17 days ago)
Sony mirrorless camera is killing others in the past 3years.
BIG Dave (17 days ago)
Like a lot of tech companies, they didn't see how ubiquitous smartphones would become. Essentially cannibalizing the mobile audio, camcorder, photography and gaming industries.
lakhwinder virk (17 days ago)
Who loves PS4!!!!!!!!! Like If You Do
Brendan (21 days ago)
Wait wait wait... why did Coca Cola ever own Columbia Pictures?
nematube (3 days ago)
They even owned Santa Claus... Insidious company that 🤨
loego (21 days ago)
Well made but I didn't like a lot of the silly graphics added in. Starting with the surprised man used early on during the World War II part of the story
chance nigel01 (22 days ago)
Do a video on Boeing
robertsmith (25 days ago)
Love my Sony boombox , mini disc, point and shoot camera ,mirrorless nex camera , power zoom camera/ headphones/psp/couldn't afford the xperia z ultra 6 inch phone or the z tablet , they should make a 3d camera that would fit into a vr viewer that can record attached to the viewer
Mafi Ripper gaming (30 days ago)
Sony sold 500Million ps4
Adam Mzaour (1 month ago)
Russia was not axis
Daniel Yu (1 month ago)
His voice kinda annoying
Yusuf mohmmed (1 month ago)
Sony is doing great venom made a bunch of money playstation 4 is getting to 10000000 units and r the leading console in the console wars the TVs r doing alright and they have the highest selling exclusives of all time like the last of us God of war and Uncharted 4v
Weilbockt (1 month ago)
Racist piece of shit. You took so many side hits towards the East Asian population, including the history, their pronunciation, their traditions and their language. Funniest part is that you have a terrible accent yourself. Certainly not gonna watch anymore of your videos!
Billy Batson (1 month ago)
Sony need to innovate a new OS for the P.C market, time to clap back @ Microsoft. Microsoft became a rival company with the introduction of their gaming "Box" back in 2001, Sony should return the favor with an introduction of a computer Operating System catered toward (Video & Audio Production) Content Creators. Relaunch the VAIO series computer line with Sony's very own Operating System.
Lapis Wolf (1 month ago)
PS1:innovative technology, has inferior processing power and graphics compared to the N64
Lapis Wolf (1 month ago)
2000 wasn't part of the new millennia, it was part of the twentieth century. learn to tell the difference
xnetpc (1 month ago)
Others have mentioned you left out Blu-Ray, which is pretty important. When Blu-Ray was still an up and coming format in competition with HD-DVD, Sony included a Blu-Ray player in the PS3. The PS3 was also one of the first Blu-Ray Profile 2.0 compatible players on the market. The price of the PS3 was on par with set top box Blu-Ray players at the time, most of which did not support Profile 2.0. This was the deciding factor that swayed me from buying an XBox 360. I know I am not the only one. Another thing worth mentioning, even though it was more successful in Japan than in the west, was Minidisc. Minidiscs introduced ATRAC audio compression, which went on to be the compression method for the first Digital Walkmans. A couple other formats worth mentioning are: DAT, digital audio tape. SACD, super audio CD Memory Stick, Memory Stick Duo, and Memory Stick Pro and UMD, Universal Media Disc probably deserves a shout out too.
Adnan Khan (1 month ago)
Amazing video. Subbed
Never look at communist china as Japan. Japan is great pioneer under democratic way and gave its population all the great qualities as human being. Communist china on the contrary is nothing as long as it is dictatorship state which control its people as pet like being. The under pressure population turn out to be hard to deal with. The two nation is example of the better and the worse.
Used to be Sony buyer until.......
NFerocious (1 month ago)
Nice work! I had enjoyed the video! :)
MakiPudding (1 month ago)
Best company in the world, so much RnD
bubble gum guy (2 months ago)
I just realized how much stuff I have from Sony in my home. From my sound system to my ps4
sonictimm (2 months ago)
Any recommendations on where can I go to read/learn more?
jerolvilladolid (2 months ago)
If any Sony executives are listening, the most sensible shot right now would be to collect the castaways from Steve Job's old Apple orbit and form them into a new company. The current Apple under Tim Cook is totally purged of exciting innovation. They are profiteering on old Apple magic even though their latest roll outs are boring and insensible. I haven't bought a macbook since the Macbook pro of 2012 and before that I bought a mac almost every year when Steve was around. This is a once in a generation opportunity so Sony please give us the first fully glass phone, or the first phone than can create holographic images in smoke or in air, since all Apple would do now is improve the camera resolution and call it the new version of the iPhone.
jerolvilladolid (2 months ago)
As a business owner, I can tell you with confidence that what happened with Sony was internal. With companies such as these, there are usually a handful of keystone people who drive the whole business forward and who force innovation. You might not see it, but enough retirement or resignation of certain key people will cause the whole business to grind down. They need to get these internal fights settled before they can take on their competitors. Because problems from the inside are infinitely more dangerous than problems from the outside.
ousi00 (2 months ago)
Sony is still afloat mostly because of their image sensor business as well. Nearly everyone uses them.
Robin (2 months ago)
Do a Samsung video
LoriYang (2 months ago)
Actual pictures of Japanese soldiers executing americans on american soil below
LoriYang (2 months ago)
Japanese invented mostly everything
King Ech (2 months ago)
The smart tv's were stupid....wow...🤣🤣
referral madness (2 months ago)
8:07 wait what , Coca cola owned Colombia pictures ??????? You could have made this video half an hour
Terry McKean (2 months ago)
10:07 LOL!!! :-D That's a good one!... that :\ face on the TV screen cracks me up every time I replay that time-link..LOLOL :-D ,,, great sense of humor you have... thanks for sharing, Business Casual. ... subbed.
Abdullah Khan (2 months ago)
What about Sony camera sensors? Almost every major smartphone manufacturer using Sony's camera sensors in their smartphones.. 😞
Toxically Masculine (2 months ago)
sony still makes great video cameras. no other company has made such high quality cameras at a price low enough for an independent filmmaker to actually own one. and even ignoring that the only better cameras are like... arris, and some bespoke cameras made specifically for scientific research. the kind of shit you can't buy even if you can afford it because the manufacturers only do rental
Angelo Olteteanu (3 months ago)
Great video! Thank you!
Larry David (3 months ago)
There’s nothing like turning around and benefiting from your former enemy, today even Japanese cars are among the most popular on US market.
Norman Osborn (3 months ago)
you didnt mention blueray
rjrex8 (3 months ago)
waiting for Sony PS5!
EspoJason (3 months ago)
If they had better leadership they could have been bigger than Apple
EspoJason (3 months ago)
You brought up the robotic dog but FAILED to mention that the Playstation 2 gave the DVD market the mass appeal it got and that The Playstation 3 ushered in Blueray. Without EITHER console these 2 formats wouldn't probably taken a foothold in the market... ROBOTIC DOG??? WTF
ancient child (3 months ago)
interesting video, psychotic music ;)
David Padilla (3 months ago)
What about mirrorless cameras and blu rays ? Would have hoped to see those in there
Tejas Venkatesh (3 months ago)
Do a Video on Tata Group of Industries. A small company started in British India which is today one of the most expansive and owns Jaguar, Range Rover and Corus!
Kuunib (4 months ago)
So I'm just just the uneducated fool that plays Playstation on a Panasonic TV
DrNazoo1983 (4 months ago)
The name "Sony" also took inspiration from the word "sonny", very used in america as a synonym of "kid" in the 50s, and in Japan the expression "sonny boys" became popular in the same time to refer to smart and well dressed young men, as the two founders consider themselves to be. This suggests that their products were marketed to such young men.
Ibrahim Jamadar (4 months ago)
Fornite psp pack
Roymond Szweda (4 months ago)
Interesting but I am not sure your explanation about improving the transistor is correct... the doping process enables device function as per the original patent.
Dario (4 months ago)
What about the PSP
Lake God (4 months ago)
Innovate by letting us have cross play you piece of shit
Pedro Silva (4 months ago)
The best video of the channel jesus... 💪💪👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
GamerBajan (5 months ago)
I am sure fortnite is more popular than every game on play station.
And there is the fact that you don't have to have ps plus too
Claymeister (5 months ago)
Ahh yes, the ps vita. The most important console ever!!!
The painful truth (5 months ago)
Lol @ the Bender gag
YeppyNope (5 months ago)
4:26 what does it say
Advait Vinay (5 months ago)
Also the Sony game development studios .....they make some phenomenal god of war games
Lapis Wolf (1 month ago)
Adverted playz (6 months ago)
Star lords music player the walkman am i right?
MoorLem (6 months ago)
Gay tape recorder. ok
Most Highson (6 months ago)
Sony is my favorite electronics company. Wish they had better phones to compete with Sammy and Apple. What about Sony's camera technology.
Saint of Bacon (6 months ago)
Coming from someone like me who's sold AV equipment, Sony TVs sold better than Samsung TVs did. This has to do with Samsung being overpriced, having worse resolution, and their interface is harder to deal with. Not to mention that Sony TV's, like their LG counterparts don't get returned as often as Samsung TV's do despite lower sales.
John Choi (6 months ago)
This YouTube channel - Numba Wan
frank avila (6 months ago)
They bought to many companies
Pat Beaudry (6 months ago)
Hey guys how about an American audio company.like Marantz or Macintosh. It would be cool to see history that is not rumor
Hashib Sadik (6 months ago)
dual shocks on ps1?
raredreamfootage (7 months ago)
Can you do one of Red Digital Cinema? The makers of the Red Cinema Cameras?
K-BYTE (7 months ago)
Michael Samonte (7 months ago)
Sony is my favorite of ps2 ps3 and ps4
Sathiya Balan Shanmugam (7 months ago)
Please do the reebok😊😊😊
The Introvert (7 months ago)
You forgot their headphones!
I’m a Blender (7 months ago)
So apperently my dad has had a walkman since the early nineties and never replaced it. And when I went from Nintendo to Sony, I relized the ps4 had near infinite oppertunity for development. If someone knows, can you give me an estimate price on giant sized xmen #1 and xmen #94. And they are not graded
mjxbox (7 months ago)
sony doesnt own MGM. Sony co-produces, co-finances, and co-distributes some of there movies. but other compares do too like Paramount and WB.
Munanga Munsaka (7 months ago)
Great Videos. Whats the Intro music called?
mariam mohamed (8 months ago)
Walkman to the PS4
ingmar kosmeijer (8 months ago)
İevgen Baida (8 months ago)
Sony is currently innovating the most among digital camera manufacturers. Nothing about that as well...
Joel Andres (8 months ago)
Good gob Sony
George Hernandez (8 months ago)
I love the VR. Awesome idea 💡
maximaldinotrap (9 months ago)
The whole Wii, Kinect, Playstation move stuff never took off. Everyone was rushing to do the motion control stuff before considering if it would take off. You rarely see anything for Kinect anymore, the Wii has become outdated by the Switch which isn't motion control anymore, and the Playstation move? Forget about it.
maximaldinotrap (9 months ago)
That moment you realize that Nintendo pretty much created their own big rival in terms of the modern video game market.
maximaldinotrap (9 months ago)
Made in Japan these days = HOLY SHIT HOW MUCH DID YOU NEED TO PAY FOR THAT? Made in China = Not yet there but seems to be getting better
maximaldinotrap (9 months ago)
1950s Japanese economic recovery is something I would like to think that Godzilla was partially responsible for. Dear lord is that franchise awesome.
ForceMaximus84 (9 months ago)
I HATE Sony, but this video is fantastic!
buster117 (10 months ago)
wait wtf the ps3 was released in 2006 ? i thought it was released in 2009
ProOnDemo67 (9 months ago)
buster117 Well now you know. Ps3 slim camr out on 2009
ConquestConnects (10 months ago)
I just want to have a walk, man
Mubassir Rahman (11 months ago)
i love sony now
Manny Arana (11 months ago)
5:47 I'm going to create my own video recording format, WITH BLACKJACK AND HOOKERS! 😆
Valentyn Lyevyentsov (11 months ago)
Sony's smart TV's are amazing.
MrWalker1000 (4 days ago)
Franciszek Kamiński (11 months ago)
Robert Kelly (11 months ago)
Sony smart TVs are not stupid they are better quality than Samsung and LG.
Simon (4 days ago)
+Robert Kelly how u say that is simply wrong, lol (u can say from price range 500-1000$ tvs Sony make better etc but Samsung Make better in som Price range so what u said don't make sense in anyway :(
Robert Kelly (1 month ago)
UndecidedOnDinner Sony picture and audio quality is better then Samsung.
Raymundo Santana (2 months ago)
Bravia rocks, gotta love those TVs.
Robert Kelly (2 months ago)
UndecidedOnDinner Google problems not Sony Android has most apps support.
Kylo Ren & Stimpy (2 months ago)
I have a Sony 4K TV, but I hate the Android TV OS that comes with it. It's always either laggy or freezing up. That's why I just use a Chromecast Ultra with my TV.
Allie Doak (11 months ago)
How can a Japanese company be expected to be as innovative as they once were when they are struggling to even maintain productivity levels. The Japanese ethno-state is a failure and it’s a damn shame to see a country which lead the way in the second half of last century be left behind now because of a new iteration of the same politics that lead to them being nearly wiped off the face of the earth in WWII. For the sake of their people I hope they can move past this and beat the shit out of all of us again.

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