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DARKSIDE Boiler Room NYC Live Set

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► Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington as DARKSIDE giving us an amazing performance from an intimate rooftop session in New York. ► Subscribe to our YT channel: http://blrrm.tv/YT
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Text Comments (1235)
Andriy Petryna (2 days ago)
Out of this world!
ademir tamayo (7 days ago)
this is how you start the day!! Nice! loved it..
Fre_Darko (8 days ago)
Shaheen Kallingal (8 days ago)
Ho Lee Shet! DAK.
Declan Allan (8 days ago)
my god! :O <3!
John Palmer (11 days ago)
Love this
Yvette Essenstam (11 days ago)
Perico (12 days ago)
where is that in nyc?
Fernanda Purpura (13 days ago)
matrixi4i (17 days ago)
Holy shit , fantastic
jonathan lopez (18 days ago)
One of the best albums EVER!
Yuval Jonas (19 days ago)
AmnesiaHaze (19 days ago)
I guess being able to make live music like this should be one of the best feelings.
Ninja Salad (20 days ago)
One of the best moments of my life
Yocinda Lemonhead (23 days ago)
Emma Twain (23 days ago)
I love this guy
Jules Bevis (24 days ago)
what's this little cheeky?
Ulises Rodriguez (25 days ago)
Coconut Collective (26 days ago)
i cant seem to find the first track :/ anyone have the track ID?
Thanasis Tsiogas (10 days ago)
Paper trails
sarah mans' (26 days ago)
I think people didn't understand what they were seeing that night.
TheIReachZz (26 days ago)
Does someone know sets with similar style?! Please guys, I am infected!
Bibiz la guez (29 days ago)
tranquille ... paix
maria. (30 days ago)
Bryan Arango (1 month ago)
omg Dave Harrington is so fuckn handsome!!!!
Yocinda Lemonhead (1 month ago)
красава! музыка весьма отменная с любовью к делу относится чел!
Rusia (1 month ago)
Angus Rose (1 month ago)
nice hair bro
Sasmit Kerlekar (1 month ago)
This is a fucking A set! Tracklist please :)
tarhank official (1 month ago)
very nice
Jérôme Perrousseaux (1 month ago)
my friends for life !!!!!!!!
Mike Ha (1 month ago)
how lucky they were there
carlos silva (1 month ago)
The last song is absolutely amazing! Thanks for the vibes :)
Sauce (1 month ago)
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Maria Emilia Andrade (1 month ago)
this is WAyyyy to perfect 5 years listening to the same !!!!!!!
74joed (1 month ago)
Julio GN (2 months ago)
A lot of Nick Cave here, nice!
Edi Hoxhalli (2 months ago)
reminds me a lot of Nick Cave
Ulises Rodriguez (2 months ago)
Sajler (2 months ago)
All most full, first part im playing in my head more then 5 yrs : ) fckng. awesome!
Lcoma (2 months ago)
First time hearing this... they make it look so simple, what a set, ambient house fused with experimental guitar noise!
safrecords17 (2 months ago)
Just wonderful!!!
mixmoto (2 months ago)
Planet Caravan!
sevren (2 months ago)
Can someone tell me the setlist name? I only know the cover of Planet Caravan but the rest? Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington are simply amazing!
fuarkbrah (2 months ago)
Это охуенно, не этак ли
ahmad khlil (2 months ago)
this music inspirit me wow
znegge (2 months ago)
L O V E it
Robert Kulewicz (3 months ago)
Rock on Mr Jaar!
Alexis Xaloulos (3 months ago)
name of first song pls???
Talha Amjad (3 months ago)
Samuel Perry (3 months ago)
I found this yesterday and have since watched it 4 times. Absolutely amazing stuff.
Nayeem Rahman (3 months ago)
Can anybody tell me the exact genre of this music? Like, house/groove/funk/low-fi...which one is it? Thanks:)
Артем Петров (3 months ago)
get my body на дерьмо!!!)
Fallyn (3 months ago)
never stop
Dunja Maric (4 months ago)
Bravoo bravooo!!
Nikoloz Akhvlediani (4 months ago)
May Trejo (4 months ago)
Best part at 16:57 !!!
Chuy Flores (4 months ago)
Nico's faces when he goes crazy with the knobs are the best lol. Also, minute 28 gets me into trance state. Great performance.
SerinHikayeler (4 months ago)
Peter Sandstedt (4 months ago)
hi my name is peter Sandstedt-and iam from sweden in the nordic.this is one outstanding performence.i
Them...omg, making love to music. They feel it.
jumping pin up (4 months ago)
H.A Mario (4 months ago)
Hi guys! anyone could tell me more artist who play this kind of music? this is better than a blowjob
alfons1976 (4 months ago)
Pink Floyd??? Awsome???? Greatest piece of live music ever???? Have you all gone fucking crazy or are you all just plain deaf???? If any member of Black Sabath heard that cover of Planet Caravan they would probably cry.
Kalophys (4 months ago)
I don't like this Darkside
BERLiN beats. (5 months ago)
wie könnt´ ich da ruhig am Rande stehen? Kraaaaank! superb!
Nymph of Severn (4 months ago)
Denk´ ich mir auch jedesmal...!!!
Nymph of Severn (5 months ago)
Great. Amazing voice - Tarantino soundtrack style! 14:00-17:00 :)
yeah man (5 months ago)
so jealous..... the lovely people that heard this live .... xD
amy hollingsworth (5 months ago)
wow really loving this mix, just stumbled across it, reminds me of The Doors. Would of been great tunes for sledging to back in the day 😉😉. keeping this one 🙂
Sturmvogel (5 months ago)
Отличная музыка, восхитительная площадка, виды... Музыканты - молодцы. Зрители очевидно не того поколения :)
Meta Ebenism (5 months ago)
I`m enjoying this very much! Thanks! What a scape!
Monkey Trip (5 months ago)
William Marroquin (5 months ago)
Playlist please
Alexander Hammes (5 months ago)
woww Mr Jaar
Mohamed Fahem (5 months ago)
thumbs up if you watched this while you were high
Anton Evseev (5 months ago)
Everything was totally great -but this black sabbath cover - worst cover i've ever heard :(
Nina Ruru (5 months ago)
what i would give to be there!
Raissa Laban (5 months ago)
bom pra caralho!
Adriano V. Staver (5 months ago)
Overrated. This live set is mediocre, saved by Jaar's touch, but it contains many influences, it's not clear or linear and for me it's too pretentious.
Judith Schrag (5 months ago)
Now this is music in all its glory! What wonderful sounds! The music is mystical and eerie, but, I really enjoy it!
Pritesh Gharat (5 months ago)
5:30 eargasm!!
Jena Club (5 months ago)
Beautiful session!
De los mejores set que he escuchado! <3
Gota De Tinta (5 months ago)
I think i dont need buy drugs anymore.
Gukejian Alfred (5 months ago)
Simon Diane (6 months ago)
Please Youtube, never erase this video
Maulik Shah (6 months ago)
fucking WOW
JESS H. (6 months ago)
sooo smooth, just right to groove it out all night!!! making offerings to the goth ancestors hahahahaha booyakah
Ed Griffin (6 months ago)
omg this is good
Schwering Jürgen (6 months ago)
?????????????? wat is mit euch los 33:00 merkt ihr überhaupt wie G E I L ihr seid ?????????????
Schwering Jürgen (6 months ago)
2. Eintrag ... wie CRANK said ihr beiden eigentlich , suuuuuuuper gail , verrückte Menschen !! +
Schwering Jürgen (6 months ago)
guitar meets elektro , awsome , voll geil ihr brüda
Infinita Fenix (6 months ago)
You made me write a poem... love you
Jonas Henehan (6 months ago)
4:16 When the MD kicks in...
nina letrangere (6 months ago)
Bastos (6 months ago)
13:50 I like this drop 14.00
Jose Pascal Espinoza (6 months ago)
Grande Jaar
Jason Jackson (6 months ago)
It would have been preferable if the band finished the night with a cover of Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.
ceccavara (6 months ago)
I mean this is just a great piece of music, don't compare, just enjoy
Geoffrey Gonzalez (6 months ago)
please, he just over does it

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