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DARKSIDE Boiler Room NYC Live Set

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► Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington as DARKSIDE giving us an amazing performance from an intimate rooftop session in New York. ► Subscribe to our YT channel: http://blrrm.tv/YT
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Вообще зачёт!
efren martinez (3 days ago)
Kela Futi (11 days ago)
great, but i miss Mulatu Astatke
Rick Hanover (13 days ago)
Edgy - captivating - awesome beats - great guitar - totally an experience
Maxine W (15 days ago)
wish I was there
Tadas Jonkus (22 days ago)
A. García (1 month ago)
Holy Shit!! <3
Seth Hall (1 month ago)
jesus that planet caravan rendition ... *head explodes*
Square In Square (1 month ago)
Yer one out of Game of Thrones there is pretty handy on the guitar.
antonio mondragon (1 month ago)
Axel Fink (1 month ago)
sabes sequenciar!!!!!!!!!....que nivel
Axel Fink (1 month ago)
como depeche
Axel Fink (1 month ago)
rscucha lo que se le antoja hacer
Axel Fink (1 month ago)
ei mi tele no se oye la pateo
Axel Fink (1 month ago)
todo lo tiene previamente pensado y baja y sube volúmenes y el es el sequenciador….pero en vivo
Axel Fink (1 month ago)
pepinos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!que nivel de sequenciarsalud
Axel Fink (1 month ago)
el hace a su gusto
Axel Fink (1 month ago)
éro no se conectar la video....de colores
Axel Fink (1 month ago)
yo quiero ser el
Hafsa Baghat (1 month ago)
Nicolas Jaar, ce génie !
Jazz Story For Ballet (1 month ago)
Juris Ķiršs (1 month ago)
Brooke Jamison (1 month ago)
FUCK MAN. Chills every time 😭😭😭
Caio Novaes (1 month ago)
What a brilliant performance, and amazing place!!
Auditory Hallucination (1 month ago)
best boiler room ever 🔥#guitarhero
fucking geniously
bassbird (1 month ago)
kind of sabbethy vocals
FATCAP (1 month ago)
It seems Matt Murdock and Foggy have a band
manolakis (2 months ago)
absolute gem
samuijule (2 months ago)
Was für eine Location....... Und ..coole Mucke....
7:54.. Просто класс!!
Aodhgan Gleeson (2 months ago)
Eternally jelly of the people watching.
Jatin Gangwani (2 months ago)
Six Sioux (2 months ago)
Good vibes!
Fernando Moreno (2 months ago)
Planet caravan !
Nadia Cota (2 months ago)
El soundtrack de mi vida
Talha Amjad (2 months ago)
Darkside is the Pink Floyd of my generation
Sophia Spyratou (2 months ago)
Phenomenal... takes me places
Erdinç Açıkgöz (2 months ago)
2019 ? ?
Cristiano Greggio (2 months ago)
... a bit of Tangerine Dream too in this music. Interesting ...
Oscar Mella Cares (3 months ago)
Black sabbath cover <3
Shade Iyeyemi (3 months ago)
my favorite boiler room this is magical
Émeline Plt (3 months ago)
Lovin' the mood
LVl 222 B Mz cun Ti3
shawn s (3 months ago)
this rules. nothing else more I can say about this.
Channelsensei (3 months ago)
Fucking god 🔥
Fredy Palacio (3 months ago)
JotaCeCulotte (3 months ago)
Collective Lieber, care your Nope, care you Up! -The guitar , funk, folk, thrills, on,...
JotaCeCulotte (3 months ago)
deep rewinder, the style mode under my skin
nishtha kalra (3 months ago)
Jaar singing !! 😻
Vária Kál (3 months ago)
sweet jesus!!
Theodore Lolakas (3 months ago)
5 years ago ... still fabulous
Sara Tenouch (3 months ago)
Bren Clar (3 months ago)
This is the high water mark for boiler room sets...pure magic
Ivan De Wald (3 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxktX_V3ZPM&t=6650s New DJ Set, all the greatest tracks from the best of Boiler Rooms.
Sophia Spyratou (3 months ago)
This is the most amazing piece of art since I discovered Fat Freddy's Drop. What?!! Brilliant. Better late than never.
Eider J Puerta (3 months ago)
the part between 12:30 to 21:00 it's so fucking good.
Eider J Puerta (3 months ago)
this is so good :)
jumping pin up (3 months ago)
Wow....mesmerising, I can't stop listening to it.
Private channel (3 months ago)
Kinda Pink Floydish in modern theme.....
Yunkai Wang (3 months ago)
morphé souini (4 months ago)
c'est du putain de bon son :)
Christopher Newman (4 months ago)
The sun sets to NJ City. Hudson River fades into night. Rage, rage against the dying light. We're all reminded of Wish You Were Here, but it's a new thread, a new sound. The West is the best. The West, is the best. Here here, and we'll do the rest.
Stella Vrijmoed (4 months ago)
I am listening to this at work in the 'background' now. While I have listened to this a thousand times, I keep coming back to the screen to watch Nicolas move, perform. I simply can't keep him in the background. And I also want to move, but I'm just stuck in my chair. How can this music be so terrifyingly amazing. I shook his hand a few week ago when he was visiting my city. I am now contemplating that moment, I should have asked him every question I had, but I didn't. Maybe it's for the best. The man will stay a beautiful mystery forever.
Piero Barahona Herrera (4 months ago)
Escuche esto hace 3 años vuelvo una y otra vez a deleitar de estos sonidos que se convierten en arte en la cabeza mientras suena es una verdadera obra de arte que hasta en el infierno podriá escuchar esto y morir en paz!!, FENOMENAL .
Marco Banfo (4 months ago)
How are U ??
Margarida Silva (4 months ago)
Andres Guillermo (4 months ago)
Puro arte. Para escuchar mil veces... y algunas mas :-)
Sophia Spyratou (4 months ago)
I cant believe this is the first time I am seeing this... WHAT?!!! Amazing.
Sebastien Kunnen (4 months ago)
the audience seems to be there for a funeral.
Mr. Schizo (4 months ago)
This is so FXXXing Amazing. Light, Deep, Soulful ( I have no Words to describe this ) what a great Music... People who can make Music like this can really called Artist (excuse my bad English, I´m a German Guy)
juliesxb (4 months ago)
Bogdan Mocanu (5 months ago)
Here you go: https://open.spotify.com/album/7jqNrm1l4wSxNYSjgK7tmF?si=Lpn_b21PTrew3dfeHlzc8A
evalove (5 months ago)
didn't realise Jaar was so hot !!
Mounir Djenane (5 months ago)
tracklist plz
Zuri Ko (5 months ago)
Pink Floyd + Doors + Some electrons..
Julien Durand (5 months ago)
amin rasooli (5 months ago)
very nice <3
Carlos Santos Roque (5 months ago)
I love nicolas, voice...
David Chevtaikin (5 months ago)
Dwight Yoakam?
Rosso Bianco (5 months ago)
Nico, you're so gorgeous <3 Miss you, hope to see you playing live very soon!
Jack Jones (5 months ago)
Yassin Yasser (5 months ago)
Tbh he is amazing...
Thomas Heinzel (5 months ago)
excellent ., sir !
Nikola Marić (5 months ago)
M Deep (5 months ago)
Masterpiece! Masterpiece! Masterpiece! The best music in the world!
corinne hepting (6 months ago)
I didn't know about the existence of this set but I'm at 8:02 and my life is constantly upgrading while listening
Jerome Lampe (6 months ago)
Leave it to boiler room to find some of the most boring audiences for some of the most exciting performances.
Leonardo Riveros (6 months ago)
Muy buen música, con semejanzas a Pink Floyd y The Orb.
Ivan Viveros (6 months ago)
pasado de lanza
Jesus Cruz (6 months ago)
😎🌈 *Reverb+poet+peace+laptop's* 🌈😎. = Heaven
Erick Rodriguez (6 months ago)
Moody L (6 months ago)
all a bit nick cave
Ale Wieje (6 months ago)
My sie bawimy a wy stoicie... tak slyszalem kiedys w Łodzi
Roberto Bernasconi (6 months ago)
madre selva
Drugs Bee (6 months ago)
Just a dream ... Thank you
Jezequel Eric (6 months ago)
Géniale super
Juan Del Campo (6 months ago)
We are all fans of The Doors
Floris van Velsen (6 months ago)
you make amazing music, I'm painting on it in the middle of the night
Sami Arabi (6 months ago)
beatiful, thanks!

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