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My Bloody Valentine - Soon (Official Music Video)

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Text Comments (381)
Benedetto Bruno (4 days ago)
When I lived at my parents' house I would normally play anything from the Cocteau Twins to the Voivod, from the Public Image Limited to Enya via the Led Zeppelin and Siouxsie And The Banshees. While going on about her domestic work my mother heard millions of hours of my music but never commented, not even if I would play the Extreme Noise Terror or the Discharge, except on one occasion only: I played My Bloody Valentine and she replied "Whoaa! What Is This Noooooise?"
Seba Car (23 days ago)
great song and Bilinda Butcher dancing
Andrew Grant (24 days ago)
BuRn u (25 days ago)
I'd finish bilinda so quickly
Nothing Man (28 days ago)
U2 meets sonic youth? Maybe they were inspired by this album in zooropa and disco
Jackie Moen (1 month ago)
TV n
05PtVxUI (1 month ago)
her voice is incredible
inxy (1 month ago)
Loooove this
thebeatleswin1 (1 month ago)
One of the only albums where the whole "Oh, You didn't play it loud enough" argument actually matters. The wall of sound this album makes is insane
Panther Claw (1 month ago)
James Butko (1 month ago)
I feel like 0:52 would make a great album cover. Maybe play with the rgb values a bit
MiraculousMImikyu (2 months ago)
I love mbv but especially this fucking song I dance to this frequently
James Brant (2 months ago)
beautiful paranormal phenomenon. either you get MBV or you don't.
Jog Singh (2 months ago)
It's a simple solution of music. Those with the talent & creates the real art, don't need the attention.
Bre R. (2 months ago)
Me n my ex hub danced to this at Masquerade Atlanta '92. Such a great tune, fun Memories #tripppygood
Adam Verssen (2 months ago)
MBV ahead of its time...nothing more to add really
bernardo bringas (2 months ago)
Blown my mind.......dancing day
mcktbfl (2 months ago)
Who the hell are the 66 people who did a thumbs down on this! Clearly people who have no taste in great music.
Crew Sadewa (2 months ago)
Bilinda Butcher make me so hard..
FAST N BULBOUS (3 months ago)
I'd butcher the crap out of her..
gwz (3 months ago)
3:29 i a travesty for this tune. Live it could make up half of the set.
Elijah Williamson (3 months ago)
Soon - Dumbledore's Army feat. Luna Lovegood.
dubseedz757 (3 months ago)
Shoegaze <3 <3
dubseedz757 (3 months ago)
My friend recommended me to listen to this band .. I'll always be thankful for him introducing me to MBV..
nevada (3 months ago)
I love Bilinda Butcher, beautiful and incomprehensible, like a mirage. With love, from Russia!
H. (3 months ago)
0:44 BOOm
Benedetto Bruno (3 months ago)
It's now 2018 and I still love this album. Thank you from Sicily, My Bloody Valentine!
HarryPotter87 (3 months ago)
Who's listening in 2018? ✋
richard herbst (3 months ago)
This song is a billowy cloud drifting aimlessly through an endless sky....Some are fortunate enough to hear  it as it drifts overhead leaving traces of it's brilliance to linger for awhile.  Gone too soon.
Andrew Grant (3 months ago)
GoodKid60 (4 months ago)
1:20 you’re welcome
Amderson Rambao (4 months ago)
Simplesmente Quero morrer ouvindo até a último respirar antes da : Morte o som da banda a melhor : My Bloody Valentine é simplesmente demais mesmo.
Will O'Hea (4 months ago)
The bass.... Man
Andrew 501 (4 months ago)
I love this song, but this version is too short. Cuts to the outro suddenly and ends my buzz
Mike Hunt (5 months ago)
Where's the mermaid in a black hole guy?
Travvis Todd (5 months ago)
A gorgeous fragment of eternity.
Daniel Rathburn (5 months ago)
Wake up Don't fear I want to Love you Yeah (doll of pain) I let you get to me Yeah yeah Come back Don't be Afraid of me Soon That (I'll harm you) Your eyes are blue Blue jewels Yeah yeah Come back Have faith Someone like you Can find the reason Of what I did to you Yeah yeah Wake up Don't fear I want to Love you Yeah (doll of pain) I let you get to me Yeah yeah
Lily Stoltzfus (5 months ago)
Dash Mash (6 months ago)
2:00 That pupil is not big enough
Emily Morris (6 months ago)
two bands playing underwater 💝
chknman (6 months ago)
If I had to name one song......this would be it.
Héctor F. (7 months ago)
love the tambourine
jeeshwa123 (7 months ago)
This might sound weird, but I hear a lot of Stewert Copeland's compositional influence in this song. Anyone else reminded of the Spyro theme song when they here that jaunty little "doo-doo-doo" part?
tsartodd (7 months ago)
Kevin Shields = Gen X's Jimi Hendrix, only better.
Voluntaryist Japan (8 months ago)
Man. Just. Fuckin' amazing.
Eric W (8 months ago)
I feel high
Def Rose (9 months ago)
My favorite song of them
river junior (9 months ago)
I miss that time when it was 100% about music. No image to create. No marketing. Just sound
SKYE NICOLAS (9 months ago)
Back to those days when you thought your 'Loveless' vinyl record was slightly warped, but realize that it's Kevin's unique guitar playing that makes that sound.
Tara O'Reilly (11 months ago)
Did everyone in this band fancy Belinda I wonder?
El Mattie Anon (11 months ago)
I am deaf in my left ear from seeing this band live. But I don't regret a thing......... WHAT???
Gwen Hennacy (11 months ago)
MBV was underwhelming. It sounded like they wanted to get lightning to strike twice in one place, decades apart, and it didn't work.
Smeagle Head (5 months ago)
just listen to Only Tommorow on repeat
afterlife (11 months ago)
Gwen Hennessy it definitely worked. if it didnt work loveless wouldnt be revered as a timeless classic
afterlife (11 months ago)
i wish kevin wouldve danced
Tara O'Reilly (11 months ago)
the only shrine to kevin i own lies in my heart. i'll steal church candles and work on a physical one however
afterlife (11 months ago)
Tara O'Reilly i already have a kevin shields shrine in my closet
Tara O'Reilly (11 months ago)
alex a kevin shields shrine is in good order if such magic is to materialise
afterlife (11 months ago)
Tara O'Reilly maybe if we wish hard enough kevin will answer our wishes
Tara O'Reilly (11 months ago)
alex does any such footage even exist, I doubt
Fred Vaughn (11 months ago)
51 people don't have a pulse
Stakk Boy Lo (1 year ago)
MBV puts me in a trance their melodies hypnotize me in a very pleasant way.
biesmusik (1 year ago)
This is good stuff
emi loves to surf (1 year ago)
even the video looks like their music
Alexis Arrizon (2 days ago)
emi loves to surf swirly whirly beautiful
Janarddana Sahu (1 year ago)
Terry .Y (1 year ago)
Perfect...just perfect
Ryan Huron (1 year ago)
This gives me nostalgia bit I've never listened to it till now
Jason farraway (1 year ago)
i feel like I'm on ecstacy
PK Variance Arts (1 year ago)
I can't turn this up loud enough.
Patrice Delorme (1 year ago)
magic musik...
JK (1 year ago)
This video ends too soon
Que Fuerte (1 year ago)
ha pasado el tiemmmmpoooo.....
felipe reyes (10 months ago)
Que Fuerte jajajaja y no sabes a quién mirar
Matt R (1 year ago)
Butcher me Bilinda!
Kyle Cowan (1 year ago)
Love Bilinda's moves in this video. Very basic and nothing crazy but she makes it seem so intriguing...
Luis Ramirez (1 year ago)
42 deaf people
Tara O'Reilly (11 months ago)
Luis Ramirez they listened to the music too hard
Raul Revilla (1 year ago)
Wake up, don't fear I want to love you Yeah, doll of pain I let you get to me Come back, don't be Afraid of me soon That I'll harm you Your eyes are blue, blue jewels Come back, have faith Someone like you Can find the reason Of what I did to you Wake up, don't fear I want to love you Yeah, doll of pain I let you get to me
Julius (1 year ago)
I'm in love with Billie
Joeru Joeru (1 year ago)
Best track on Loveless hands down. Intense meditation, and driving music. I haven't found any song that can but can put me in a alternative conscious like this track.
Nathaniel Byers (1 year ago)
Marry me, Bilinda.
Cole Williams (1 year ago)
Wake up, don't fear I want to love you Yeah, doll of pain I let you get to me Come back, don't be Afraid of me soon That I'll harm you Your eyes are blue, blue jewels Come back, have faith Someone like you Can find the reason Of what I did to you Wake up, don't fear I want to love you Yeah, doll of pain I let you get to me I did't see the lyrics anywhere so I went over a copy and pasted for you guys.
Anjalina Martin-Lopez (6 months ago)
Cole Williams 🌹
Cole Williams (1 year ago)
These Lyrics are formatted weird so it will take you a second for you to realize what they are saying in correlation to the lyrics
jose pedragosa diaz (1 year ago)
A día de hoy un puto clásico insuperado,le pese a quien le pese,indies culturetas o gafapasta
Peter Kelly (1 year ago)
If Cocteau Twins and Jesus & Mary Chain had a baby.
John Hobley II (1 year ago)
I ❤️MBV\m/!
ddd as (1 year ago)
Ryan Collins (1 year ago)
this the real shit
RhesusDankey (1 year ago)
This song is not long enough if you know what I mean.
Nachum00 (10 months ago)
That's why you start with What You Want
John Hobley II (1 year ago)
RhesusDankey it's 6:00 on the glider ep,if I'm not mistaken? Echo/reverb/psychedelic bliss,aah...\m/
Steve Grogan (1 year ago)
Glider guitar. So hypnotic. I can't recall: was "trip hop" a genre before this came out? If not, this tune may have led the way.
placغntag0d (11 days ago)
Metalheads are so obnoxious, they see the word "hop" and they immediately start losing their minds
Shammo Hamid (14 days ago)
Trip isn't even hip-hop. It's a rock subgenre.
Jamie (2 months ago)
Eddie The Head hip hop can be great, but they were referring to trip hop, like Portishead and Massive Attack.
Jose Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Eddie The Head yes okay obviously that's older you win you maniac
Eddie The Head (1 year ago)
+Jose Rodriguez want old? I've replied to Amazon product reviews from 1998.
茉鈴小石 (2 years ago)
The absolute most Mother Earth confirming show EVER...Why Can't i  bee uu?
Hot Ham on a Hoagie (2 years ago)
why do i get a spyro the dragon vibe off of the beat
Axel Rmz (1 month ago)
Definitely heard it the first time haha
thebeatleswin1 (1 month ago)
I get that vibe too, as someone else pointed out Stewart Copeland did the music for spyro and he probably had a influence on kevin. Stewarts stuff under the klark kent name most likely
GoodKid60 (4 months ago)
Jak Hanwell (10 months ago)
Hot Ham on a Hoagie I'm so glad it's not just me haha
Eric Sandoval (1 year ago)
Stewart Copeland of The Police wrote the music for Spyro lol
Ruth Allen (2 years ago)
I put up a post for music I might not have heard before & my friend posted this. I like it.
Mark B (2 years ago)
you have to listen to the entire album
DUBdan (2 years ago)
the very best
prg vidiot (2 years ago)
makes my ears come every time
paul genuise (2 years ago)
I heard them on the Loveless tour. Definitely the loudest band I have heard ever.
Eric Diaz (10 months ago)
Lucky bastard lol
El Mattie Anon (11 months ago)
Me too!
mikaila (2 years ago)
so ethereal
Dominic Del Brocco (1 year ago)
true, and to think i never gave this song a chance..
cocteautwinned (2 years ago)
This still gets me all these years later
ralph (2 years ago)
such a depressing song
Amoeba (2 years ago)
heyyyyyyy 250,000th view lets get it
Swellebound 86 (2 years ago)
marry me, bilinda
barneynorton (2 years ago)
Just Say Da cd bought me hear. Great band and song.
Christopher David (2 years ago)
Spirits Of Another Day (2 years ago)
Sweet sonic :)))) ! Soon *
茉鈴小石 (1 year ago)
Lil' ol' American sailor boy me was privileged enough to attend this concert in Kawasaki ,Japan and meet thee group backstage...how very gracious and lovely!
Sean Cox (2 years ago)
Kevin Shields Is a musical genius!!!! No If's No ands and no buts! He is a Genius and Bilinda Butcher is dreamy
FAST N BULBOUS (3 months ago)
Hey Johnny Thunders, Listen to The Cardiacs, Can, This Heat and the Residents, these bands are esoteric. Check out this Cardiacs rehearsal.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5QYijFfOaQ
Johnny Thunders (1 year ago)
oh, and you said their latest release was better than loveless, well i dont believe any one releaase was better.. once Shields tookover, everything they released was seminal, groundbreaking, and excited me... a majical time. My friend its not timeless,Loveless, that is, it had its time.. it was that time... epic. The memory of how it defined the time..so precious ... for me, Loveless,is a masterpiece, so sacred i dont think i can ever listen to it again. Again thats only for me... emotional, powerful, hauunting, part of history that i respectfully will leave in the past... like it no longer exists. Junkbot... again something you just dont get.. but im very glad and its great you enjoy MBV.. to the point of battling someone who followed shoegaze and it was so far the most enjoyable, exciting, fun, interesting time of my life. u know, Ride, Lush, Slowdive... and now, Wolf Alice! And talk about an Amazingly great band who switches things up and every release is exciting, interesting and, creative, the great musicians The Horrors have proven to be.
Johnny Thunders (1 year ago)
junk bot. well, lol... dramatic nerd... love it.. guess I am when it comes to discussing MBV. Following them from beginning after reading review in Melody Maker it was pure joy, a Hazey wonderement of perfection we needed... to move on from goth. Lifechanging... nothing has ever come close to that time again for me. The wait for follow up to loveless.. bitter hate distilled into a funk.. then the tour... just what was needed..seeing them create the huge jagged bombastic wall of cacophonic beauty live. That night in London @the Roundhouse was angelic & gospel.MBV didnt preach fire and brimstone,promising to be with god by following the way and have blind faith on this mortal coil preaching after dying God will be with us.The music was god, Buddah, Mohammed,Shiva, Krishna, but not a story, a reality that was a living, breathing, entity with a soul and out of this world ominous power so mighty brought to earth and we didnt have to die. Intense ,euphoric, words don't do it justice. Esoteric, sums it up. Taken to the other side. So, Mr. junkybot i didnt say bands all need to change things up,,experiment, and keep us excited, and joyfully interested., but bands that do are a treasure. I was talking about My Bloody Valentine, in the flesh, living Gods who created music that was God,.not mythic, ancient lore we are led to believe its a docttrine of truth , Christianity teaches us to live a dualistic life.,thats propagated in the U. S. even amongst the non religious., good /bad, right/wrong, evil/saint, such a limited, close minded way of life, people live it, and dont even realize it. Its their right to have a fucking opinion becoming so judgemental with beliefs that become facts and truths fucking up communication, destroying empathy and ability of critical thinking to help understand each other or even try to see another point of view. as you call it 'dramatic nerd', It was beyond a so called religious experience,., it was a monumental, time in history where i was fortunate to experience and follow a band who became musical gods, that ended with them taking me to the other side... Esoteric... for me... but unfortunately not for you. To here knows when... ,
junk bot (1 year ago)
Johnny Thunders Fuck are you talking about dramatic nerd? Yeah, MBV used the same formula as loveless but that formula is timeless, and the album is arguably better. It was recorded throughout the years between as well so who gives a fuck. Not every artists has to completely reinvent themselves every record.
Johnny Thunders (1 year ago)
Sean Cox epitome of esoteric.A beautiful wrinkle in time that can't be replicated and should have ended with the world tour. As I now look back the band as a whole was genius Shields genius proved not with last release he no longer possessed creative ability, sticking to same formula of loveless exposing a pitiful weakness and tarnished genius. When adding everything up it damaged them greatly,Once thought of as legendary to not anymore. But I digress. K.S. Is no guitar God, legend, or genius.. creating a technique producing tones/sounds uheard before. He and the band created breathtaking,exciting,moving,life-changing, brill. music of great beauty. A decade or so later he cheapened it made it less than spectacular and left us feeling duped,confused and a sense of loss and grief. Left wondering what the fuck happened.
Mike Parent (2 years ago)
Sirius XMU.. Thank you Jenny LSQ
Mike Parent (2 years ago)
I miss lo fidelity.............
Lucas Ferreira (2 years ago)
so hypnotic.
skrapyard444 (2 years ago)
i feel like someone slipped something into my drink....and i like it O_O
Comrade Thoth (2 years ago)
+Nik Zav I like heroin tbh
Nik Zav (2 years ago)
+skrapyard444 like extacy and painkillers

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