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White Denim - Magazin (Official Music Video)

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UK Tour February 9-23, 2019 USA West Coast Tour April 17-28, 2019 Full list of upcoming tour dates at https://whitedenimmusic.com/live. Orignal Art by William Gaynor http://www.willgaynor.com/ Production, Editing and Animation by Jonny Sanders https://www.jonnysanders.com/ Listen to White Denim's album 'Performance', out now. https://whitedenim.lnk.to/Performance Follow White Denim Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/whitedenimmusic Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/whitedenimmusic Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/whitedenimmusic Website: https://whitedenimmusic.com This is the Official Youtube Channel of White Denim. To keep up to date with all of the latest releases, music videos and tour information, click here to SUBSCRIBE NOW https://whitedenim.lnk.to/YoutubeYD
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Text Comments (98)
Daniel Gardner (16 days ago)
I love these fucking guys. In Columbus Ohio around "d" realease, myself and my brother saw these guys. They are such cool down to earth doods. If you guys haven't seen WD live, Do it, you wont regret it
Vitor Madeira (18 days ago)
Yeah! This is groovy! Thank you. Greetings from Portugal.
happyfrancis (18 days ago)
Hey White Denim, great tune!
James Dulin (2 months ago)
I accidentally found this band when looking for another one but holy shit I’m glad I found them.
White Denim (2 months ago)
New Tour Dates! UK February 9-23, 2019 USA West Coast April 17-28, 2019 Full list of upcoming tour dates at https://whitedenimmusic.com/live
Jeffrey Aymond (3 months ago)
Too much tone burial. Tame Impala kinda started popularizing this sound that oversaturated everything in reverb a few years ago and since then, I've heard so many bands that tried to dominate every aspect of their recording with fat reverb and depth to the point that nothing sounds prominent, except for the production. I don't think this band could sound like this live or even come close to the way this recording makes them sound even if they had a devoted sound guy that they brought along with them on tour. The real band is actually awesome and I have tons of respect for them. The older stuff is much more raw and to the point. However, this new recording is disappointing cause it doesn't really rock unless you use the psychedelic, reverb production bologna. No hate on the band or their recording engineers, just wish this recent style of overproduction that I described above would fuck off. Hahahaha
Oh Yah (5 months ago)
cool song. lame occultness lingering and hiding underneath. Hard to convince myself to like half the bands I did.
William Yale (5 months ago)
With a sprinkle of Savoy Truffle
M (3 months ago)
+William Yale You're right! I was wondering what it was. Thanks :)
William Yale (3 months ago)
Mena Great minds think alike! It’s the close miked brass
M (3 months ago)
I was thinking the same! In case you still care 2 months later...
Mehmet Demirbaş (5 months ago)
Maganiz d
Kieran Ragoowansi (5 months ago)
Ciara Garrity (5 months ago)
This is so good you guys gotta get out there people on youtube please assemble to advertise this
zach greening (5 months ago)
i love how people love to call it a wrap on a band they've never seen shred
Laura Robjohns (5 months ago)
'Shined teeth grinding up the moon' - what a line! This song is so addictive.
Kevin Kral (5 months ago)
Gordon Wagner (5 months ago)
T.Rex + Bad Company + The Beatles. Interesting tune!!!
Sam Bennett (5 months ago)
This is my review of this new albums- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttBDAUa1SzM
William Yale (5 months ago)
Love Marc!
chris higgins (6 months ago)
Love this freaking track... Marc Bolan would be proud... Fantastic!
Heidi Higgins (6 months ago)
G-Damn this a good song!
Carlos Hoyos (6 months ago)
Doble 99 - la radio rock - Lima Perú.
Scroobs (7 months ago)
Could be a track from Electric Warriors by T Rex - Marc Bolan is smiling down on this alright.
Jerry King Musser (7 months ago)
Great sound. Vocals reminiscent of T-Rex and production with a nod to a certain Beatles period. Both great influences, I'd say.
Taylor Jacques (7 months ago)
Such a jammer! Love this band!
Thomas Schulz (7 months ago)
Mein Gott, die frühen Black Keys sind zurück, nur mit Bläsern! ....Fantastisch.....
zack allen (7 months ago)
not sure how these guys aren't WAY bigger. saw them in providence last week with a crowd of about 50. unreal.
Family fun (7 months ago)
I live in Austin. How am I just finding this band? Dang so good
cukek (7 months ago)
Savoy truffle!
shark air (7 months ago)
i heard this on the radio and i had to search for this.
Rewind Fast Forward (7 months ago)
On Radcliffe and maconie by any chance? Snap!
shark air (7 months ago)
holy shit, that was cool.
Max Tundra (7 months ago)
What a fucking ANTHEM.
Jenny (7 months ago)
Same as Queer by Garbage. https://youtu.be/3ppiohVRZ0s
kildog (7 months ago)
Hmm, sounds familiar. I can't quite put my finger on it. 😉
Nick Geffen (8 months ago)
What a banger!
Susan Verdugo (8 months ago)
mind if i say *wow*!!! thank you / please / more
RadioDonNowhere (8 months ago)
es radio doble nueve 99FM Lima Peru XD
Ian Burgess (8 months ago)
Joy... when you hear a rad tune while driving (thx kcrw), Shazam it and it's new White Denim and there is a whole album soon to follow and WD is what you listen to before windsurfing and the windsurf season is just getting started!
shark air (7 months ago)
thats how i found this.
springheeledjacques (8 months ago)
Loving the sax and general groove. Still miss Josh's crazy drumming, though.
daddysensei Silver (3 months ago)
@springheeledjacques. Man I couldn't agree with you more about both points.
springheeledjacques (8 months ago)
j u I don't know the details, but yeah, leaving for Leon Bridges was fucking dumb. I've always found his music to be just... mediocre. Nothing nearly as fun as White Denim.
jp (8 months ago)
I think he produced and played (all analog/straight to tape) the music for the new season of muppet babies now streaming on amazon prime.
Lee Haswell (8 months ago)
Oh yeah
Kostas Tsaknidis (8 months ago)
Reminds me "I m only happy when it rains" from the Garbage.. idontknow?!
SerJollyGuy (8 months ago)
So much of T. Rex you can hear it too, right?
Jeff Reznik (8 months ago)
So T. Rex :thumbsup:
MarshallCommaDave (8 months ago)
Marc Bolan is smiling down from heaven listening to this!
Rob Zemanek (2 months ago)
Donovan...same thing..
Stephen Clark (8 months ago)
MarshallCommaDave first thing I thought of when I heard it...love it...
johndubyou (8 months ago)
T-Rex much... (not that there's anything wrong with that)
MarshallCommaDave (8 months ago)
I said the same thing! and yes absolutely nothing wrong with that.
Harvey_Weenstain (9 months ago)
James Petralli is such an amazing person.
Nectar (9 months ago)
The best thing since D
TreeFrog 29 (9 months ago)
By far my favourite band
Ty Douglas (1 month ago)
TreeFrog 29 seriously the best
Arno Do (9 months ago)
Super titre ! Bravo
jason whitaker (9 months ago)
Best song i have heard in a long time! holy shit that sax! way to go guys.
Matt Zetts (9 months ago)
jp thanks for clarifying james. Wxpn set was phenomenal. Kiiiiiiller work as always
jp (9 months ago)
It’s saxes
jason whitaker (9 months ago)
well it sounds great! lol
Matt Zetts (9 months ago)
jason whitaker actually a synth!!!
New Alternative 40 Chart (9 months ago)
"Magazin" debuted at #22 on the New Alternative 40 Chart this week: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fo7j2OIhay0&list=PLxlSBzMcrtkMNPb01KTDE71rUjWWTRG9e&index=21
gareth williams (9 months ago)
Fantastic choon.
Joe Felice (9 months ago)
Love love love this band!
Jacco Slothouber (9 months ago)
Wow, great work guys! Looking forward to the new album and one of the shows in the Netherlands!
Taylor Jacques (9 months ago)
YYEEAAAAHHHHHH groovy! Please come to Missoula!!!
NICOTREESPIRIT (9 months ago)
Ronjo V (9 months ago)
Afrikantk (9 months ago)
Was good live, better recorded!
Robokiller80 (9 months ago)
This is so dope
kopiijo (9 months ago)
Thank god they're not going for that straight 60's rock and roll revivalist or whatever stiff was going for. They're always best when they're on a bit of an identity crisis (blues in one verse, then suddenly swing on another like on pretty green for example). Hopefully the other songs have more odd times and whatnot
Jason Sise (5 months ago)
jp  Hey man the new album is great! I hope you don't mean you won't be a band anymore if it doesn't do great, I've been a fan for a long time and I'd hate to see you guys not be a thing anymore!
Shrek (5 months ago)
Just heard the new album in it’s entirety. You guys rock! I ended up buying 3 copies for friends and one of the signed vinyls for me ha! I’d love to hear a studio version of your Peg cover.
Nectar (9 months ago)
@jp - Oh you're welcome man. Very excited for the new record too, my pre-order is in ;) That's an interesting story! And I'm very pleased to hear that there's some odd meters in Performance! I didn't mean last chance to impress with odd meters/fast triplets. More so that I'm very surprised you've found the will to make so many records that are so underrated and underappreciated, and I don't believe you could possibly find more gas in the tank for another one if this doesn't blow you guys up. That said, I've got a really great feeling about this one. Take care!
jp (9 months ago)
Glad you like ‘D’! I wrote and recorded the vast majority of the guitar arrangements and vocals for that record in my underoos on my front porch almost 10 years ago. Steve and Josh individually overdubbed their parts to those demos in the studio for the actual record. Austin overdubbed a couple of guitar solos months and months after we cut the basics. We brought him in bc I couldn’t sing and play the parts that I had written when we began rehearsing for the stage. Anyway- there is at least one odd meter section and a handful of fast triplets on this new album I think...good thing considering it’s our last chance🙄. To do what?! Impress you with odd meters and fast triplets? There’s much more to being a good writer and player than that man- I’m still trying my best to figure it out. I’ll keep you in mind next week when we’re in the studio! Also- if you miss the old guys-bug them directly! It’s honestly a huge drag to always be reminded of those days. Take Care!
Nectar (9 months ago)
@Shae Dougall - I found them the same way, and I also hail D as the best. Sadly since Josh and Austin have moved on, I don't think anything in the vein of complexity like D is going to make a return, probably ever, which is a great tragedy. I think Performance is likely to be the best thing since D though, absolutely. It seems Performance is their last chance, and you can feel it by how they are going crazy with promotion on YT, and the commercial feel that Magazin has. Sort of reminds me of Arctic Monkeys. I really really hope they take off after this because James and Steve especially (I haven't taken to the new members yet) are extremely talented musicians.
Kutay Durmaz (9 months ago)
i came
Nastard2 (3 months ago)
I farted.
PKKumatora (5 months ago)
I saw
Ghost Mutt (9 months ago)
FUCK YES. White Denim gone weird again!
Matt Zetts (9 months ago)
Been waiting for this day all year! Can not wait for the new album
Kool Rock Radio (9 months ago)
Mandy Pote (9 months ago)
Matt Zetts (9 months ago)
The best and baddest!
Evan Huber (9 months ago)
Welp, looks like this is gonna be on repeat for the next month. Such a groove!
Anderson Helms (9 months ago)
Love it!
SirSponge941 (9 months ago)
Bobby Colcombe (9 months ago)
betbuk (9 months ago)
Can't WAIT!!!
spencer barnett (9 months ago)
bloodandbiscuits (9 months ago)

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