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'Long Island Medium' with 'Anderson Live' Audience

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In an exclusive web video, "Long Island Medium" star Theresa Caputo, who says she can communicate with the dead, gives readings for "Anderson Live" audience members. Tune in to "Anderson Live" to see the original broadcast on Monday, September 17th. Subscribe to our channel: ‪http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=anderson‬ ‪http://www.andersoncooper.com‬ ‪http://www.twitter.com/anderson‬ ‪http://www.facebook.com/anderson‬ ‪http://anderson.tumblr.com‬ ‪http://pinterest.com/andersontv/‬ ‪http://www.youtube.com/anderson‬ To find out when "Anderson Live" airs in your town, go to AndersonCooper.com.
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Text Comments (5831)
Beverly Suess (5 hours ago)
i have seen this woman in person in New Orleans. The things she lets people who have lost loved ones know is amazing! Without a doubt, I definitely believe in Teresa and her gift. I lost a close friend to murder in 2005 and over time learned to communicate with him through EVP. I firmly believe in being able to talk to or hear from loved ones who have passed on. I feel bad for those that don't believe. You have no idea what you may be missing.
who shitted (7 hours ago)
My dog is a medium but im a EXTRA medium who is this big hair lady.....what a fraud....
morris gadafi (16 hours ago)
Fucking fraud.....eg,is there anyone here who is human?
Denisse G (23 hours ago)
The guys is like mmmm okaaayy
Denisse G (23 hours ago)
Did someone had a relative who die from cancer???
Nikki H (1 day ago)
She’s a terrible human. That cold reading stuff is a joke. She’s taking advantage and charging a fortune for it. My mom went to see her at one of her events after my step dad died and she said she was terrible and it was the most disappointing experience ever.
Stefanie Dejesus (1 day ago)
I would love for her to tell me how my brother and baby daughter is doing
Robert Simmons (1 day ago)
Shes super rude because she needs to have complete control. She jumps all over someone that tries to tell her shes wrong. People that fear religion choke up and dont speak up when she wrong about a love one. You notice how people like fear. They'll go see a horror show before they would check out a religious one....lol. puppets!
shane hargis (2 days ago)
Don't forget, psychics are right 25%-33% of the time, No better than chance when making guesses, and they only feed us the hits and Never the misses through places like Youtube, TV...etc Psychics/Mediums are All charlatans, con artists, who Cannot under scientific conditions demonstrate their claims and assertions, look up the James Randi foundation who held up a $1,000,000 bounty up for Over 50 years that could be won by Anybody who could demonstrate their supernatural claims, and do you know how many people won..? ZERO! These criminals use carnival tricks or cold reading to feed off of those who are desperate, which might be about as low as one could go if you ask me... Here's an idea, Each time they guess Wrong they should have to pay a penalty, say a $5000 fine that shall be paid directly to a local secular daycare or school system... I'll guarantee you one headline you'll Never see, "Psychic wins the lottery Again"
N George (2 days ago)
ok commenting audience, someone in here is black. one is white. one lost a mother and a grandmother. one was married in a white dress and the other was raped. four of them are me so after i work on myself i will see my clients. see you on my other channel
Michael Nasser (2 days ago)
Is this what schizophrenia looks like?
Michael Nasser (2 days ago)
Oh God!......I'm a bit embarrassed for her...and the look on Anderson Cooper's face, classic.
sk8punk318 (2 days ago)
God I hope she chokes on a ghost cock...
sk8punk318 (2 days ago)
Omg this is so fucking ridiculous *slamming head on table* "who was buried in a red dress?" *no one answers* she makes a joke, fake laughs and then asks if a fuckin 80 year old woman if her parents are dead...no they're alive and over 120 years old
Billijo Mccallum (2 days ago)
I love u Theresa this work that u do is the most noble profession in my opinion. I hope to b able to meet u one day. My dad was also a medium he would have been in love with u and the way u did u thing. He also used an old tape recorder i still have hundreds of cassettes of his readings. As well as his trusty tape recorder.
Robert Robertson (2 days ago)
Hate her hair cut! Shags are the ugliest haircuts I think!
Robert Robertson (2 days ago)
U don't have to ask u just know it! If u ask ur a fake!!
Digital box Emma (3 days ago)
What an absolute tit, I love watching these mediums fail
Robert Simmons (3 days ago)
I think shes the best money maker out there. She plays on people ignorance and it works...
Marie Franklin (3 days ago)
You lady didn't sot with your dick husband. He was I'll if he had a brain tumor. Duh
Marie Franklin (3 days ago)
You said red.
Marie Franklin (3 days ago)
Tamar stop it
Marie Franklin (3 days ago)
Acknowledge this. Stop your shit
Marie Franklin (3 days ago)
Tamar is like girl please
Marie Franklin (3 days ago)
The light is so bright. Girrrrrlllll bye
Marie Franklin (3 days ago)
Bye boo boo. Reach more
Marie Franklin (3 days ago)
She's reaching
Marie Franklin (3 days ago)
Stop it. Look at how fast she ran away from the man when he said nooooo it was her gallbla.... who had issues with the legs? Get your ass out of here
Marie Franklin (3 days ago)
No one had issues with legs lady
23redwings23 (4 days ago)
Okay now who here was born before, I’m feeling someone here was once in a ball sack but now they were born and lived until at least today and are in this audience.
Katelynn M. (4 days ago)
I think she’s rude wow
Yeeet Yeeet (4 days ago)
She is forcing people to agree with her
Brendon Tompa-Clinch (5 days ago)
Who in here has a mother? You! Ah yes Im sensing she was born in the sometime between January and December.....Floors? Walls? do any of these things ring a bell? Im sensing your mother had something on her wall....A picture......Someone she held close to her.
Raj Maharjan (5 days ago)
SNL brought me here lol
Charli Blake (5 days ago)
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂This lady preying on people who miss their loved ones is such a douche🙄
Heather Klomhaus (6 days ago)
Lol! She's hilarious!
Woods On Woods (6 days ago)
"She's afraid? What about me? I'm talking to dead people".😂
Landry Allen (7 days ago)
Poor old man just wanted some answers and when he was trying to speak she just moved on. fake. She may have some talents but this was just awful 😂 like I’m sick watching this
Daisy Cassidy (8 days ago)
She's not doing well at all with her so-called readings. Fakery.
smllakelover (8 days ago)
"Okay, who had the grandfather who choked on a meatball parm?" Search for SNL Long Island Medium - you'll enjoy it.
You'll float too (8 days ago)
CTFU the look on Tamar's face! 😂
You'll float too (8 days ago)
LOL that hair! 🤦🏾‍♀️😂
MrCommenterx (8 days ago)
Asks of 60 year old woman "is your father also dead?"
Eva Koshena (8 days ago)
She needs to be in jail
Eva Koshena (8 days ago)
What afucking lying bitch
kevin hernandez (8 days ago)
In the beginning, yeah cuz a dead person really got time to worry about a fucking chair 🤦🏻‍♂️
Jayme Ann (9 days ago)
Such a hack. It's been proven that she's a fraud. I respect genuine psychics, if you can find them.
Emily L (9 days ago)
Failure lmao
Gemini Johnson (9 days ago)
Anderson Cooper is so fucking hot.
Gemini Johnson (9 days ago)
This is nothing but a joke.
Gemini Johnson (9 days ago)
The only interesting thing about T.C.is her fingernails.
Gemini Johnson (9 days ago)
Just throwing random shit out is not being anything other than human and being around other humans.
Gemini Johnson (9 days ago)
Someone who has already commented or is just now commenting has lost a parent,spouse,pet,has been sick or getting over a sickness or was picked on in school.That hits every fucking person on the planet...What a joke.
Martin Ramos (9 days ago)
Maybe cooper will amid it that this is fake god knows his day job is
dudukun huwarezu (10 days ago)
id rather "believe" in a mentalist rather than a psychic any day...
dudukun huwarezu (10 days ago)
i dont "feel" any psychic vibes, just a loud, a very loud woman talking...
Yup Yup (10 days ago)
“I don’t care if you guys believe in me”. She is so defensive. And I can’t believe how insensitive she is. She talks quick and barley finishes what she’s saying. FRAUD
Marisela Zepeda (10 days ago)
this is why if a person some what has a kind of a “gift” doesn’t tell.... they wont believe 🤷🏻‍♀️
T G (10 days ago)
This should be featured in a cringe compilation.
babsywoman (10 days ago)
Fuschia is not red! Its a completly different colour. But good enough for people grasping at straws.
abe lujan (11 days ago)
Wow what a lying cunt. She’s good and she knows how to take it vantage of gullible people. You can tell when she screwed up in the beginning of the video with the old man she immediately went to someone else. Dumb blonde ditsy cunt
Klove 89 (11 days ago)
You would think someone from the other side would tell her to get a different hairstyle 🤣🤣🤣
nicole Rodriguez (11 days ago)
Damnnn her nails r bothering me
Clark Steve (11 days ago)
Theresa Caputo is the real deal...thank you...and God Bless you..
Gaia S (11 days ago)
At first I thought how could people be so stupid to believe this but then i thought it's a comforting thought these psychics try to give grieving people who want to hear this. Like religion the story of heaven, as opposed to just rotting in the dirt somewhere.
dorinda pasi (11 days ago)
she’s amazing 👍🏽
Sundar Pichai (12 days ago)
What a fucking fraud
Yvonne Hayes (12 days ago)
Sorry, I agree with everyone else. She is just guessing.
Leandro Jerez (12 days ago)
LOL the questions she asks though hahahahahahahhaha shes guessing and hoping somone says YES thats me lol because all of the peoples spirits are right there with her desperate and screaming to her to be heard lol hahahahahhahahhaa I CANT STOP LAUGHING!
Travis Kole (12 days ago)
Celebrities are always amazed how psychics would know about their life, lol. Then all you have to do is put her in a room of 200 people and shout generalities out to see if they make sense with someone. When no one identifies with her reading, one of her planted audience activate.
ERIC CRAPTON (12 days ago)
Dam if she ask people question do not give info geez no wonder world's going to hell.no aliens ghist reincarnation phyics meduims etc
Ana Salinas (13 days ago)
She is indeed grumpy 🥴
Nicole Sise (14 days ago)
The female version of PETER POPOV!!!!...😜😂🔫
Nicole Sise (14 days ago)
She's so OBVIOUSLY full of Shit!!!! Anyone that answers "No" to her questions, she branches off and re words her questions. If she continues to get a "No" then she just carries on, picking out other people from the crowd to get a potential "Yes" from.
Randy Cunningham (14 days ago)
Is your relative a human being?
tarry hamr (14 days ago)
Koko woman
Lucas Kochek (15 days ago)
I know this is fake, but John Edwards is a much better cold reader than her. He definitely earns the biggest douche in the universe award
Dharmz2979 (15 days ago)
This woman is guessing then guessing again and again
Jack Minton (15 days ago)
Why is she so abrasive?
Christian1727 (16 days ago)
She looks like she wants to see a manager
Lolika Lopareva (16 days ago)
i feel a name coming that starts with A B C D E F G
ron benoit (16 days ago)
Negro women just don't get it, they look ridiculous in a Caucasian wig. They look as stupid as a white woman in a 70's Afro wig would look.
Lily Jameson (17 days ago)
Fati (17 days ago)
Lol this was a bad cold reading. She just asks until someone bites.
dustin thomure (17 days ago)
if you never seen he live you cant understand and as a believer in the afterlife ive seen some crazier crap online then what she says you all don't believe because you don't understand or want to , maybe youre afraid there is life after death
Brenda Lee (17 days ago)
Anderson lost several family members tragically, I wonder if she read for him.
Tryon Family (17 days ago)
shes the only true medium i beilive its real
R Bright (17 days ago)
What makes me sick to hear all u fools that have no idea what happens to them when they just hear or feel things. The dead talk to them in ways that r not with words always. Also yes there is proof of them and that is y police use them to save cases. By finding the body or who killed them. Kids have done this as well. Just because they can do this and u cant does not mean its not rl. She has gone up to people from a huge crowd and out of no where she says u just lost a mother or ect. Then she tells them u have this u keep in a box or what ever they do and she gets very exact on things to this one person. Like u smell this certain sent and u have a tat of this on u or what ever and its dead right just to this one person about this child or who ever. but all u people do is cut them down. If u had a person who died and u have no answers and she said they were murdered but not sure if they were or they killed themselves and she talks u the name of the person who did it, how, where, and then tells u ik u know the person who killed them. funny how u will believe then and they do this even. So the fool r u that do not believe. She is not yelling but she always talks loud. Funny how u say she yells. Not many people will have the same thing she talks about or even the same thing. She moved on because it was the wrong person saying I have had someone say there loved one had the same thing but the rest did not match so she went to the one who did. Also she has many dead talking to her and they dont always have more to say to that person. Plus the dead r trying to get her to talk and push her to talk so she changes to a diff person. Have some respect also her hair or any of her looks. aU all have balls u need to learn to get rid of that nasty crap to say of someone and just because she likes her hair nails or what ever gives u no right to harass her because I am sure something u where do or what ever people would say something about u. We r all diff and how dare u all talk nasty about someone. U all must be so selfish low life people that u have nothing better to do then talk crap. I did not know that u r so perfect and no one else is.
Lorrie Riggs (17 days ago)
rude and obnoxious... makes me sick how unrealistic she is.
Maria Arreola (17 days ago)
This woman is such a FRAUD.
Paige (18 days ago)
Cold reading, a spouse,a sister, wedding., a. Chair, leg, bed restriction, guessing, wine glasses, cooking, brain , tumor, mark, Mary, Marie, not feeling well, my daughter was always there. Old people are always cold.
Shedontwantme (18 days ago)
Is someone in the room wearing socks
Carlos Hisr (18 days ago)
Nirupa Jaikaran (18 days ago)
She is a beautiful soul
Kesha Mims (18 days ago)
I would like to meet with her to see if she has anything to say about my brother.
Phoenix 333 (20 days ago)
She isn't fishing Anderson, how sad for you that your not familiar with the spirit world. That's so, so sad.😔 Also what a hard life here with no connection to spirit.
Kassiopeia (20 days ago)
I never believed the shit that came out of this lady’s mouth. Idk how anyone can believe her.
TheScotty121 (21 days ago)
Haha she is getting nothing from the old guy so just blanks him Rudely. Is that your wife's wedding ring "no" oh cos spirit said simething about the wedding ring.. Why would spirit for that guy mention a wedding ring that was not of any importance to them. What rubbish cold reading
O E (21 days ago)
I think people are too scared to disagree with this bitch so just go along with her half the time. Can't stand this woman. Oh and for those who say "Well why watch it then?" Stfu I will watch and comment freely as do you.
angela siliznoff (21 days ago)
Love you Theresa

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