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'Long Island Medium' with 'Anderson Live' Audience

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In an exclusive web video, "Long Island Medium" star Theresa Caputo, who says she can communicate with the dead, gives readings for "Anderson Live" audience members. Tune in to "Anderson Live" to see the original broadcast on Monday, September 17th. Subscribe to our channel: ‪http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=anderson‬ ‪http://www.andersoncooper.com‬ ‪http://www.twitter.com/anderson‬ ‪http://www.facebook.com/anderson‬ ‪http://anderson.tumblr.com‬ ‪http://pinterest.com/andersontv/‬ ‪http://www.youtube.com/anderson‬ To find out when "Anderson Live" airs in your town, go to AndersonCooper.com.
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Text Comments (6158)
ana franco (7 hours ago)
Dear Teresa,can you read me from where you are,? Lol I wish...
Elissa Garza (22 hours ago)
she’s so rude wtf
Harmon Proficient (1 day ago)
Biggest crock of shit
Robin Porter (3 days ago)
I know this is old but the comments 😂😂😂
Liz Mowrey (3 days ago)
I do believe in mediums a little bit, most of these are cold readings tough.
RealSapphireLynn (5 days ago)
The lady is she shaking her head no but she keeps talking lol
Kylee Bauman (6 days ago)
Girls nails tho 😶
zombiekill3r88 (6 days ago)
She said " do spirits push you to the casket" 😂😂
DanielSangster (6 days ago)
You have to understand that’s she’s opening up herself to spirit in a crowd of 200 people. Many spirits can all be coming at her at once and things get jumbled. The most amazing work she’s done is at her private readings at home. If you watch her show you would be amazed.
Taylor Bubalaa (6 days ago)
Rochell Mitchell (6 days ago)
I want to meet you because I need to know about my husband Joe in my grandmama Beulah Clark please can contact me a number that I can call you are you calling me please
Sylvia isgod (3 days ago)
Just call 203-777-4647 if you have the time
Grace Cannon (6 days ago)
this is ummm why she always mad and defensive doe
Grace Cannon (6 days ago)
damn tamar before the real
Sassy Girl (7 days ago)
I don’t know about this
Ben waide (7 days ago)
This lady is so obviously fake I cannot believe the audience allowed her to even continue
Staya Staya (7 days ago)
This is so cringy
Metro Cx (7 days ago)
I don't believe a f****** thing she says she was probably told all this ship before she got on there if I remember right I don't even think her marriage is doing well she got a shity attitude just seems really fake to me
becky beckz (8 days ago)
Who here has someone who has past? Guy or girl? Anyone? Someone raises their hand “my great aunt” Theresa: well she wants u to know she is free now 🤦‍♀️ this lady is a fake
Michael Morales (8 days ago)
She got virtually nothing right. And if she did, she had asked 10 questions or jumped from person to person. Sounded more like guessing and cold reading. Fraud
Kelly Mcswain (9 days ago)
Seriously....I mean really....what a load of crap. She is such a evil disgrace. Witchy Poo .. so many grieving hurting people .. paying that skank hundred bucks to see her in person in a seminar. She needs to burn in hell.
Shonie Pearson (10 days ago)
Why cant she come up with specific names.....or specific weird off the wall things that noone else would know but their loved ones.
Shonie Pearson (2 days ago)
Gabi Rose....it is actually a common thing for alot of newlyweds.
Sylvia isgod (2 days ago)
+Gabi Rose Well when you throw 10,000 random guesses some are bound to be right.
Gabi Rose (10 days ago)
I mean the wine glasses being engraved was pretty special that’s like a very sentimental things I have not a lot of people have their names engraved into glasses that was specific
GG Robbins (11 days ago)
Ottis Hill (11 days ago)
Wow wendy williams is looking great.
Adopted Divide (11 days ago)
Who here had the problem with their head? Shoulders? Knees? Toes?
Sylvia isgod (3 days ago)
My favorite is when she says "from head to toe"...really narrows in down
Adrian Colon (11 days ago)
A fraud. Just like that Silvia Browne lady. They take advantage of the vulnerable for profit.
Daniel Ray (11 days ago)
How could someone play on someone's emotions to exploit them for money?
Rylie Jade (11 days ago)
holy SHIT she’s a BITCH
Masha Nikulina (12 days ago)
I don’t really know whether to believe this person or not, but psychics get pictures usually or random little letters/feelings that they try to turn into questions to ask on the spot. So sometimes she’ll ask a question that’s too specific or in the wrong direction, but the main thing was right. Why is she so aggressive tho like bruh ya u talk to dead people every day but these people don’t
Hello Person (12 days ago)
That first guy like gal balder she cut him off
Aliece Alessandra (12 days ago)
Rudy1959 Romero (12 days ago)
Fake that all folks.
Gayle Grim (12 days ago)
I'm 3rd or 4th generation like that we call that I call that the push when your feel like you got that you have to do something to talk about something you have to get someone's attention and tell them what you're being told or things you have to do that with the spirit enter at your attention getting your attention once you do need to do anyway yeah I call that the push. It's a very strange phenomenon but is unusual is it is my grandmother taught me never to be afraid of that that it was just a part of me that's how it was that's how it is with other women and I love it I love it my grandmother taught me that it can be a gift or it can be a very very bad thing but most of the time it's a beautiful thing
brittany baca (13 days ago)
Fake as hell
Aifric Brennan (13 days ago)
She's a cheap looking bich
Jearlean Wilson (14 days ago)
So many spirits coming at the same. They all want to be heard. NOW
x Recoverri (14 days ago)
this shit is the fakest stuff of all time lmao
Queen Rose (14 days ago)
Theresa has the 'I need to speak to the manager' haircut
Gee! She's just not even convincing! You'd think that Anderson Cooper would have the top tier of so-called "Psychics" on his program, but I guess there's some reason that he has this obvious PHONY on here, huh? Anyone care to elaborate or explain?
summon_the _luminaries (15 days ago)
I believe in psychics but this chick is cold reading big time.
Final Boy (16 days ago)
These people doing this today are hysterical and to think they can get away with it. She's obnoxious.
EMA besties (16 days ago)
*Her hair is more scary then what she does.*
Fantaztic Four (16 days ago)
most horrible medium ever
Tammy Wenige (17 days ago)
Fail 🥳
Keely May (17 days ago)
She's so aggressive 😂
Raegan Hackney (17 days ago)
When she said “What about me I’m talking to dead people.” Sent me! Lmao
Lama Unicorn (18 days ago)
Can you do my Grandma?
SS (18 days ago)
I mean I get how there’s so many skeptics but I’m proof she’s legible and not fraudulent. I went to a live show about a month ago. She was calling upon from a spirit who passed from a car accident, was a mother figure, and that the person who was sitting in the audience had a memorabilia piece of her with them When she approached me she asked and I said yes to all of those. My mom passed away in a sudden and tragic accident, and I have a tattoo of her bright blue eye on me. There’s zero chance Theresa would’ve ever know this. The part of the reading that was very detailing was when Theresa said “Idk what it is but I just feel like she wants me to push your hair from your face and sing a song of another language or something” Growing up, my mom would always brush and do my hair while singing a Ukrainian lullaby. She had said a few other things that my mom and I only knew of. The tickets aren’t crazy expensive and if you feel you’re not at ease or fulfilled with closure from a loved one who has passed away. I recommend attending her show. Very amazing experience
T Cutie (16 days ago)
I’m sensing someone here is sitting down, is anyone sitting down??
Amanda Imhoff (19 days ago)
Such a fraud. Witch!!!! God will deal with you woman, for lying to these poor people, and for speaking to demons. You do know the dead are asleep, they know nothing at all? She knows this of course, they have made her famous and rich.
The e and c show ! (20 days ago)
At 4:46 she asked her a question and she said no and she kept asking to make her say yes she’s so fake
johnking33762 (20 days ago)
Scott Wurth (20 days ago)
200 people in the audience "someone lost a spouse" "someone is wearing their mothers or grandmothers relgious articles" Are you fucking kidding me, a six year old could be a psychic. #Puttherightpeopleinjail
Tali'ilagi Vasega (22 days ago)
She doesn’t control who comes through
charly alford (22 days ago)
Disgusting thing to do to fellow humans, they know there's no way of proving it either way, the faith word, gives these people free range..liars.
Angelica ❤️ (22 days ago)
She rich rich them luívottons
Angelica ❤️ (22 days ago)
She did get the Europe and wedding ring and wine glasses soooo
Ella Shanie (22 days ago)
How can you be skeptic after this idk..
Salina Glomez (23 days ago)
Damn she hella cut the 1st dude off
laura rose (23 days ago)
I hate how she just comes out and talks so rudely and addresses the messages so arrogantly she needs to get some moral respect
Curtis John (23 days ago)
This cold-reading fuckhead is a disgusting person.
Jennifer jennifer (23 days ago)
Well, I just love her
Amelia Anderson (23 days ago)
I love how a bunch of famous mediums have that Long Island accent 😂
Marcel Pete (24 days ago)
Fake as fuck
Sugar Kiss (24 days ago)
Ok so I’ve been watching her for quite some time now. I am a very spiritual person so I have no problem believing in people who have extraordinary gifts. But I am also not a gullible person. Teresa is very much a medium, if you watch her show on tlc, when she interacts with either random people or clients who come to her, she gives incredibly detailed information. Information that she can’t just find on the internet (for those who were skeptic of that). But I have noticed that she’s not very good in front of large audiences as she’s unable to match who is related to the spirits. She is a medium, not a psychic. She has no control over what the spirits tell her. She even said that some spirits don’t verbally communicate with her but rather show her images that relate to things that she personally knows. For an example she said if a spirit shows her a can with money in it she relates it to a wallet. Teresa is defensive in these audience appearances because it’s clear that so many people insult and make mockery of her. Also take into account that the spirits have to come to her, not the other way around. So you cannot expect her to know about your loved one who passed away, if they do not “step forward” to Teresa.
cirila dewi lanch (25 days ago)
I wacht Snl first 😂🙌🏻😂
Awjee ASMR (26 days ago)
The most general questions ever...
iTwilightHeart (26 days ago)
''who here has lost a spous'' well its a room full of people atleast one person for sure, then walks up to an old man who raised his hand "did you lose your wife?'' well yeah he's of an older generation who could he have been maried to, a chicken?! aside from other examples here this lady needs to be imprisioned or seriously fined for this kind of exploitation.
ilmaYvette (26 days ago)
Watching her live she is horrible and just jumps around like crazy.
How iWonder (26 days ago)
I’m here for Anderson’s awkward cringing😂
Marion Simmons (26 days ago)
tamar was ready to gtf outah there 😂😂
Kamylaira Arcelay (27 days ago)
The way the other woman looked at Theresa looked at her up and down and a tiny side head nod😂😂😂😂😂
Jai Mathews (27 days ago)
Elizabeth.. thats her personality Daah
Jai Mathews (27 days ago)
Kyra... no she doesn't. Shes only looking for the person she needs to talk to
Jai Mathews (27 days ago)
Renelle.. Dah did you not here her, more then one spirits come through
NoMud NoLotus (28 days ago)
I do not believe her... #Fraud
Donna Woodford (28 days ago)
She left the first guy when he didn't seem to know about a chair.
Mickey Winters (23 days ago)
A chair, a ring and a problem with his legs.she completely failed on everything and then all of a sudden the ghost jumped to a different body in the audience 😬
konni (28 days ago)
“Can I talk to the manager???” *manager comes* “Did your mother pass away?”
+Sylvia isgod Hohohoho
Sylvia isgod (3 days ago)
“Can I talk to the manager???” manager comes “Did your mother pass away?” Yes.... "Because these fries you served me are as cold as her lifeless body"
Goes to a hotel "Is your manager dead? I'd like to speak to them"
El Loco (29 days ago)
El Loco (29 days ago)
Hospital rooms are always cold.
khalid zyar (1 month ago)
well, for sure this is number one B.S. , but the thing that surprised me more was the level of confidence that she had while lying.
Official Katie Tsarnas (1 month ago)
why the fuck is she so aggressive and fast? the audience looks afraid and annoyed at the same time
Joshua Kimball (1 month ago)
Lot of haters on here. It’s true that she brings up a lot of ailments that are common, but as she mentioned the details vary with each person. I think it’s also more challenging in that type of setting with so many people versus a more intimate setting. I was really blown away by her reading on Ellen: https://youtu.be/FPRCYgHEMdc
Danni J (1 month ago)
She shouldnt be working on a group that big. Not that she isnt good but there is so much energy its hard to actually pin point whos reading it is.
Sylvia isgod (3 days ago)
Either that, or it's all fake....I'm going with fake
Saruman The White (1 month ago)
Old man raised hand at first. Was your Wife departed? DUH
Emory Shephard (1 month ago)
Well shit I'm a medium then if that's all she do is ask questions 🤔 aye who on here has a dead relative ohh u ok well shit I guess I can speak to the dead now
Jimi Buscemi (1 month ago)
Who had the problem with the hand,foot,head,fingers,teeth,elbow, ears,neck,hip,toes,knees,tongue, skin,knuckles, hair,eye's ankles,
nekopii (1 month ago)
I feel like the reason she sometimes misses on some details in readings is because a lot of spirits are stepping up all at the same time, considering that she usually does group readings.
Yung K (1 month ago)
if someone starts to say “no” to something she’s “hearing” she just cuts them off and tries to change the subject, it’s actually very rude
LEIGH MASSEY (1 month ago)
And the people that go to see her have helped pay for her Louboutins!
Samantha Kelly (1 month ago)
“Did you understand that?” Ewww I hate that lol
Tinker Cooper (1 month ago)
People, if you read in GODS WORD.. YESHUA Plainly tells us the dead knows nothing .. They are dead.. GOD also tell us not to play around with spirits.. Remember what happen to Saul when he went to the median/witch.. These people are not talking to your deceased relatives.. They are hearing from demons. If They're hearing from anything. They are making money deceiving.. I mean come on.. If the dead can give there initial's, And tell them other thing's after they guess the name.. Why would your relative's not be able to say their own name. Please stay away.. This is excally how demon's draw you in.. STOP IT ... The Median is decieved herself, Even thanking god, for her gift. It's not a gift from GOD ALMIGHTY. The One and only GOD. It's little g, god that she believes is her god.. She is totally decieved. Not all folk's who say god, have the same god, ABBA GOD JEHOVAH Would not warn you to stay away.. neither does GOD lie. When GODS WORD tells us the dead are dead, And know nothing.. That's what GOD means.. This would totally make GODS WORD A LIE.. AND GOD CANNOT LIE.. GODS WORD tells us clearly let ever man be a liar for GOD Alone is the truth. So don't get caught up in this evil deception..
AquariusDiva ** (1 day ago)
Shut the fuck up with your stupid preaching shit
Tinker Cooper (1 month ago)
Theresa, you are not talking to the dead, if your talking to anything. It's demons. You need to STOP !!.
Yoruichi Shihoin (1 month ago)
Long nails medium fraud xD
Brittany Fraser (1 month ago)
She’s also so very rude
Brittany Fraser (1 month ago)
Omg . Sooo very vague . Shaaame
Silver Mom Bod (1 month ago)
Now that I woch this I think of my grandmother and my dog jamie that passed away😣😥😭😢😔😔😔😔😔😔
Brie Williams (1 month ago)
This whole medium shit is soooo mean
I badly want to do her hair....I really can't deal
Chelsea-Rae Dunham (1 month ago)
It’s hard to do a reading in a room full of people
Dirt Pool (1 month ago)
"is there anyone here who shave their pubes other than me"

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