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Qualcomm Interview- interview experience, suggestions and tips

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This is an interview of Saurabh Gupta, a student of Electronics and Communication in Delhi Technological University, who was placed at Qualcomm. In this video, he talks about the different rounds involved in the placement interview, and also shares some campus placement tips and suggestions. ABOUT THE COMPANY Qualcomm Incorporated is an American global semiconductor company that designs and markets wireless telecommunications products and services. The company headquarters are located in San Diego, California, United States. The company has 157 worldwide locations. The parent company is Qualcomm Incorporated (Qualcomm), which includes the Qualcomm Technology Licensing Division (QTL). Qualcomm's wholly owned subsidiary, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. (QTI), operates substantially all of Qualcomm's R&D activities, as well as its product and services businesses, including its semiconductor business, Qualcomm CDMA Technologies.  Qualcomm has 5 offices in India, out of which 3 are technical and 2 are marketing based. The technical units are located in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Chennai whereas the marketing units are in Delhi and Mumbai. Saurabh was offered a technical profile, that of an associate engineer at Bangalore. CAMPUS PLACEMENT PROCEDURE The campus placement procedure consists of 3 parts- A written test which is followed by a Placement interview which is both technical, and HR based. Written Test – The written test was divided into 3 sections – an aptitude test, a coding section and a technical section. The aptitude test was not very challenging, and candidates can prepare for it using aptitude books, such as those by Arun Sharma. The coding section included C and C++, for which candidates can use books by Yashwanth Khanelkar or Balaguruswamy for help. Technical Section- The questions were mainly from Analogue electronics, digital electronics and communication systems. In Analogue electronics, the questions were mainly about diodes, transistors and equations relating to them. One advice for aspirants would be to focus on learning the equations well and practicing questions related to them since the questions are objective. For Digital Electronics, candidates can focus on Boolean algebra. As for communications, questions relating to basic filters were also asked. Candidates must be sure of the concepts and apply formulas to the questions given. HR Round- Questions covered several personal areas such as the candidate’s family background, schooling, and why they wanted to join Qualcomm. Placement tips and suggestions here for aspirants would be to prepare for such questions beforehand using the resources available since they can be very helpful in the actual interview. PLACEMENT TIPS AND SUGGESTIONS 1) Be confident of your skills 2) Maintain a decent percentage, since the cut-off for Qualcomm was 70%. 3) Be thorough with your concepts and read them well. 4) Practice questions from other books, but first be clear with the concepts you’re studying. Qualcomm Incorporated is an American global semiconductor company that designs and markets wireless telecommunications products and services. The company headquarters are located in San Diego, California, United States. The company has 157 worldwide locations. The parent company is Qualcomm Incorporated (Qualcomm), which includes the Qualcomm Technology Licensing Division (QTL). Qualcomm's wholly owned subsidiary, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. (QTI), operates substantially all of Qualcomm's R&D activities, as well as its product and services businesses, including its semiconductor business, Qualcomm CDMA Technologies. Visit http://placementboat.org/ for more information on placements. Subscribe our channel PB Videos for more such videos. Come sail with us!
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Ajith Kumar (1 day ago)
Sir, which book have refer for c language
Vamsi's YouTube (19 days ago)
If Qualcomm don't come to our college then what will be the recruitment procedure
Divyanshu shukla (22 days ago)
Hii sir nice video was made by you Sir want to aask u that how can a private college student can apply for it and what is the procedure for applying for it???
Divyanshu shukla (21 days ago)
+saurabh gupta Sir I have applied for the same and hoping for an interview call from Qualcomm Sir you are working in Qualcomm only so can you refer me for the same ?
saurabh gupta (21 days ago)
Hi Divyanshu, One standard procedure is to apply for the relevant positions on careers page of Qualcomm. Further, the company has a referral portal where existing employees can refer other people. A referral certainly enhances your chances of getting an interview by a great extent. After that it all depends on the interview. ++: Qualcomm (rather almost all companies) is expending it's workforce in India. Thus, it's a great time to be in the industry.
Technical guru (28 days ago)
@saurabh gupta you are electronics engineer.. You have done graduation in electronics and telecommunication and doing coding in qualcom which is a core semiconductor company who manufacares processors. I think this js just point to be fixed. Every guy who takes electronics as a subject goes into coding as IT developer making IT as competitive branch and creating more competition for IT CS background Students..
Technical guru (21 days ago)
+saurabh gupta how's the processor made and how are the clocks Widin the processors work.. I would luv to listen this ans bcoz u might b giving some gud ans as u r in the same field.. ☺
saurabh gupta (21 days ago)
@Technical guru: I am a VLSI (Physical Design STA) Engineer at Qualcomm which is core electronics work. The interview spans all the field discussed in the video but the work is completely VLSI oriented. Qualcomm is looking for basic coding skills in interviews as certain scripting/coding is still required to fasten your work even in semiconductor space.
ARITRA BASU (1 month ago)
how can i get the link to apply in qualcomm?Any online link fromwhere i can get the internship application or recruitment application form ? when in the year all this selection happens?
i have 1yr experience in web designing and i also have knowledge in ARM devices and python can i get a job in qualcomm
saurabh gupta (21 days ago)
Hi Aswini, Sure, you do stand a good chance. If you can decide which aspect of Qualcomm suits you, then it will be much better. With ARM knowledge, I guess you can look into CPU front end (if you want to restrict yourself to CPUs) or else apply as a fresher. I have replied in another comment to Divyanshu on how to apply.
Venkata karanam (1 month ago)
Can u plz give ur contact number I have some questions that's why I'm asking number plz don't feel bad
Venkata karanam (1 month ago)
Hiii bro
Vuong Nguyen (1 month ago)
hi there, I just received a HR interview invitation. Does that mean I passed the Technical round?
Mr.Right Thinker (2 months ago)
y5 5y (3 months ago)
I'm doing my 1st year mtech in manipal So hw is it going to be for masters
saurabh gupta (21 days ago)
Hello, Sorry for late reply. Same procedure for Master's students. The positive news for you is that I see a lot of Master's students are hired by Qualcomm as compared to undergrad now-a-days. So, you have plus there.
Maheswari sankar (4 months ago)
sir, i have a very good skills and knowledge in communication system and digital electronics , but the thing is i have the overall cut off is 68.38. is there any possible or eligible to attend the interview process in Qualcomm.
saurabh gupta (21 days ago)
Sorry for late reply. Difficult (but possible) through campus interviews (as they keep a higher cutoff). If you can get an interview scheduled through a referral, then it's certainly possible. You can explain the reason of low GPA to the panelists.
chandra mohan rawat (4 months ago)
sir how can i apply for intern in qualcomm?
saurabh gupta (21 days ago)
Almost all intern recruiting is though on-campus interviews.
kushagra sharma (4 months ago)
Sir Can I get an off-campus internship at qualcomm?
harish prince (5 months ago)
How much % is required for get a job in MNC's in the Field of VLSI and embedded....??
saurabh gupta (21 days ago)
Anything more than 70-75% makes you eligible. Needless to say, more the better.
sir...i have cleared my written test...im doing my masters in communication at VIT what to prepare fr the next round sir
saurabh gupta (21 days ago)
Hi Amala, Sorry for late reply. I hope you got through the next rounds. Just ace your resume and concepts discussed in video, you will be good.
jyothi jha (5 months ago)
I am ECE freshers, I want to be the part of Qualcomm, I have been checking the career section but I didn't find any vacancy for freshers. Plz help me by knowing how I can reach to the interview opportunity
saurabh gupta (21 days ago)
Hi Jyothi, Sorry for late reply. Get a referral through an existing employee. That should help you to get an interview with Qualcomm.
rs gate2013 (5 months ago)
Akashdeep Sengupta (7 months ago)
Can 2.5 months of dedicated preparation help me get into qualcomm?
saurabh gupta (21 days ago)
I hope your preparation was fruitful. For anyone who still has this question, the answer is a definite Yes. 2.5 months is good enough to revise the previously studied concepts and learn any new concepts, if required.
Shubham Sawant (7 months ago)
i am Computer Engineering Student Can i Go Here
Placement Interview (7 months ago)
yes you can go in this company , please apply on their website
Joshi Krutarth (7 months ago)
Who Can Apply..................!!!How many Percentage?
Placement Interview (7 months ago)
Joshi Krutarth you can apply by reference and % should be more than 60%
Sahil Shaikh (8 months ago)
Brother I am studying Computer Engineering and i am in 2nd year...I really like Qualcomm and want a future in Qualcomm...my current CPI is 7.08...so with this CPI am i eligible for Qualcomm?
saurabh gupta (21 days ago)
Hi Sahil, Sorry for late reply. CPI isn't too bad. If Qualcomm visits your campus, try to get the cutoff down, if possible, by talking to Placement coordinator.
mahalakshmi subramani (9 months ago)
sir I have subject knowledge but still how to apply the jobs, I applied but not get any response
saurabh gupta (21 days ago)
Sorry for late reply. As mentioned in my other replies, try to get a referral though an existing employee at Qualcomm. It increases the chances of an interview by many folds.
aniruddha kulkarni (10 months ago)
Hi, i am in my final year of MCA so I thought of to join Embedded course so if I do the course means whether it is going to be helpful for me to start my career in embedded field?
saurabh gupta (21 days ago)
Sorry for late reply. I hope the Embedded course helped you. In case you still looking for job and in VLSI, I would suggest to take a course on Physical Design. There are a lot of openings in Physical design and prior knowledge will certainly help you on resume and interview.
DHANUSH KAVETI (10 months ago)
Bro, I have a cut off of 68%. I m very much fascinated to work in core companies i. e., only VLSI companies. Can u please do help me and refer me in your company. Not only in ur company any VLSI companies. So I will be very much privileged to you if u help me Bro.
DHANUSH KAVETI (10 months ago)
I mean reference bro not the recommendations...
Placement Interview (10 months ago)
HI Dhanush, We're sorry to inform you that none of our interviewees are allowed to do recommendations.
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Dinesh Gopalsetty (11 months ago)
In coding we have to programs or not.....
Dinesh Gopalsetty (11 months ago)
Once I want to talk to u personally. Plz give me the opportunity. I want to take some suggestions from u for my carrer purpose....
Placement Interview (11 months ago)
Hi Dinesh, Hope the following solves your query: CTCI (cracking the coding interview)  is a Q/A based, to just get you started on algorithm/data structure and to clear all your myths/beliefs about interview ;) CLRS is mathematical/theory based book, so there is no Q/A. Here you don't just get started, but you start/understand/design/prove then finally you code it  Answering your question, I have read both, one for exams(CLRS) and one for an interview(CTCI). All the question in CTCI are there in CLRS and even more, a lot more than needed. If I'm not wrong CTCI questions start with arrays then strings, bit manipulation, stacks/queues, sortings, backtracking, searching, OOP, System design  And CTCI  has some cool tips for you before you hit the interview ground.
Dinesh Gopalsetty (11 months ago)
In coding round we have to write programs or what........
S Sai Raja Sekhar (1 year ago)
how many rounds does the QUALCOMM generally conduct interviews for freshers
ACHAL KUMAR (11 months ago)
Placement Interviews
S Sai Raja Sekhar (11 months ago)
Placement Interviews My designation is for RFIC ENGINEER.
Placement Interview (11 months ago)
Hi, That depends on the position you apply for but usually takes 3 rounds.
sneh gandhi (1 year ago)
if i have not done my final year project of btech well does it affects placements during mtech???
saurabh gupta (21 days ago)
Sorry Sneh for late reply. In general, think from the point that what's the main point that "You want" to be discussed in an interview. A good project is one good way to do this since you know about the project well and doesn't need any additional preparation.
sushma paladi (1 year ago)
It was nice to know about the process of interview thankq and may I know how did you approached for interview.
JARVIS IM (1 year ago)
Sir I am a student of Second year ENTC department. My aim is to work with Qualcomm company. I requires a complete procedure and guidance for placement at Qualcomm.
Anurag Singh (1 year ago)
sir How can I apply for internship in qualcomm?
saurabh gupta (21 days ago)
Sorry of late reply. In India, almost all of the intern recruiting is done though on-campus interviews. If you are outside India, then they have a position on their careers page for interns (can be found on LinkedIn as well). You can apply there.
Vokja (1 year ago)
step 1: be indian step 2: hired
현실 세계 (1 year ago)
India need manufacturing plant of Qualcomm chip ......all these company are selling their hardware in India and earring so much ...... all hardware company setting up Their basic office in two three big cities India ....just as formality , Indian government need to make a policy on thi she
tithi mahato (1 year ago)
Can u give some more detail about the coding test ? Want to know it's level of hardness
Onkar Karale (1 year ago)
can a Mechanical engineer work in qualcomm
Manuel Casas (1 year ago)
Yes , they are actually hiring right now in the San Diego location.
Sai Surya (1 year ago)
Placement Interview (1 year ago)
Hi You can give it try in campus placement if not do submit your cv on there platform https://www.qualcomm.co.in/company/careers also try to find someone with a referral program for this
siddhant dhawan (1 year ago)
brother qualcom ,texas like high grade companies doesnot come to our college . so what 1. skills i should have to get placed offcampus 2.what is basically qualcomm doing in field of communication 3.where to apply for offcampus placements
Akash Aggrawal (2 years ago)
What is the level of coding questions and is there any sectional cut off
Nirmal Kumar (2 years ago)
Sir im a fresher how can i apply for an internship at qualcomm
Harshit Agarwal (2 years ago)
A must watch video for students going for tech companies ... Thanks for sharing
Placement Interview (2 years ago)
Thank you harshit we are bringing more content about placement interviews on http://placementboat.org/
suhani shrotriya (2 years ago)
very helpful video..nice tips...thank you so much
Divya Kaushik (2 years ago)
qualcomm interview. rarest and nice video
Binni kain (2 years ago)
Really helpful and informative..keep doing ...thx for sharing..!!
Swati Singh (2 years ago)
awesome initiative by placement boat ! it is of great help to students wishing to clear interview without getting rejected on their first time.
ishan singh (2 years ago)
Qualcom is a reputed company and aspirants need to watch this video to get in this company easily
priya rajput (2 years ago)
Thanks to the placement boat for uploading this video.. very informvative and helpful video ...simple tips and suggestions to crack the interview and get a placement in a company like Qualcomm
Shaurya Kataria (2 years ago)
a very good video . it will help tech guys to prepare well !!
rajni pandya (2 years ago)
A very helpful video for students looking to get placed in big companies like qualcom. Proper details are provided about what need to be the preparations for the tests.
Niharika Verma (2 years ago)
experience, tips all in one video. super cool. that too with high level Firms. amazing
shubhangi goyal (2 years ago)
Very good and insightful video. This really helps the students who are looking for information and the do's and dont's regarding the whole process. Thank you!
Abhishek Rajput (2 years ago)
this video will help the students a lot in preparing for the interviews.
Harsh Gupta (2 years ago)
what are the kind of profiles required for marketing application at delhi Associate office of Qualcomm?
Sheenam Varma (2 years ago)
These short and crisp informative videos are a boon to all the students appearing for placements .Job interviews, Group Discussions can get pretty hectic and one can get easily lost in the preparation. These videos give the much needed push to prepare for campus placements.
Swati Agarwal (2 years ago)
good one
Khumit Khowal (2 years ago)
very helpful
Dwiti Thakkar (2 years ago)
This is a very informative and helpful video do share such videos for help to students like us.
This video was really helpful.
TUSHAR TIWARI (2 years ago)
Thanks Placement boat for uploading these videos. Really Helpful
Paawan Aron (2 years ago)
Nice video and informative content.
Abhishek Chauhan (2 years ago)
Very helpful.
Abhinav Maturu (2 years ago)
sir, were the topics in the technical round and technical part in the written test were the same.if different please mention them and guide us to how to prepare for them
saurabh gupta (2 years ago)
+Abhinav Maturu Written round covers topics that you have read throughout in your curriculum. On other side, during Technical round, the interviewer seeks to know you better and likes to challenge in area that you are feel you are strong at. That's where you should have some topics that you are confident discussing related to VLSI, communication etc. At times, they do select 2-3 questions from your written test to discuss, again just to know your zone. Hope it helps!!
Placement Interview (2 years ago)
+Abhinav Maturu yes they will ask from the written round only , and will discuss every question u answered
Linga siva (2 years ago)
Dinesh Messi (3 years ago)
Im a 3rd year student from nit agartala. Though we do not get any internships through clg, i want to apply for qualcomm that is off campus internship... Can i have a chance to get it?? If yes, procedure to apply it??? please give reply brother... im dying in that... mail to me - [email protected] or call me +918119904288
saurabh gupta (2 years ago)
+Dinesh Messi Apology for my late reply. For offline internship opportunities, visit Qualcomm's Job Portal. Although all interns which come to my memory, were Campus recruits. But there are good opportunities, in case you are looking for Job (Yes, even as fresher). Just go to the Job Portal and apply there, OR even better if you know someone in Qualcomm, then you can take a referral from him. Good Luck!!
Shivangni Rani (3 years ago)
Being a  3rd year ECE student and applying for internship at Qualcomm,does it matter much if we have worked on projects or if we are really good at concepts in electronics then we can crack the internship??
saurabh gupta (2 years ago)
+Shivangni Rani Apologies for my late reply. Concepts are a must for cracking any core company, as you need to clear written test. When it comes to interview, remeber that an average interview duration is 30 min and only 2-3 topics at max. can be tested in such short duration. If you have done some projects, most likely the questions will be based on your project. And if you have done that sincerely then you can easily answer those. In case you haven't, still it's OK as in that case the interviewer will try to test your concepts in depth. Try to bring the interviewer to those topics which you have prepared well. And if you are good then you will be able to crack it. Best of Luck!!
Simrat Talwar (3 years ago)
also, visit our website, www.placementboat.org for more such interview info.

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