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Really Stupid & Expensive Gaming Setup!

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Text Comments (4313)
Baka Ero (2 days ago)
That's how I play games. Except I haven't all that cores.
denvera1g1 (4 days ago)
only $1800? i thought some of those lower core count xeons were in the $5000 range
denvera1g1 (4 days ago)
I wonder, with a quad socket server, running relatively low core count processors with high frequency, can you get the best of both worlds? Sure many of the current games seem to fall flat on their face with NUMA but that will hopefully improve, or maybe we can find a way to turn NUMA off for certain programs and partition that program to run on processor A and on memory controller A
Just Sub (4 days ago)
You're the man of mice
Just Sub (4 days ago)
Lol that won't be it ...u did video on that ips screen laying with old papa mac lol
magician2690 (5 days ago)
Hey Linus was wondering if you know what a good setup for emulation is when it comes to GameCube, PS2, etc I know that there is tutorials online and on YouTube but I would like to see what you would consider as far as your expertise
Karl Massie (5 days ago)
is that tattoo on your arm real or one of those stick on tattoo,s for kids
robb andrew (6 days ago)
robb andrew (6 days ago)
i have amd 3+
robb andrew (6 days ago)
what is a good mb and cpu for gaming
robb andrew (6 days ago)
i love wows
Antun Marcec (6 days ago)
You sound like cancer
kUsHL0rD 420 (6 days ago)
Cs on my sh!tty laptop starts faster and runs better than this thing, which usually nothing runs worse than my laptop
RexBlade Plays (6 days ago)
doesn't more cores make it faster?
Tex2rock 2 (6 days ago)
“Picks up Commodore 64 throws it on the ground and looks at some modern pc” “WOAH we still have this thing” lol, who else but Linus am I right 😂
Alex Jones (7 days ago)
I'm confused... So more cores isn't good? I've been looking into an upgrade and there are a couple of 10+ cores. Ridiculously expensive tho (Like Intel Xeon for 100 000+ SEK). Is it better to aim for a more common socket like AM4 or 1113?
Matt Rucker (7 days ago)
What case is that?
Raditiya Valendeto (7 days ago)
ImagineThat (7 days ago)
Lenny... err uhm I mean Linus in your defense I think that bot was hacking! You totally had them!
f4z0 (7 days ago)
9:13 What did Linus's wife hear right after getting pregnant?
Lopeo2324 (8 days ago)
Well, Fortnite runs better than in my classroom computer.
Fluttershy (8 days ago)
So any predictions on the 32 core 64 thread ryzen processor?
BigCountryGaming (8 days ago)
A watched Xeon never works
Joe Fisher (8 days ago)
On Fortnite you do teleport all over the place. Once my friend teleported from Lucky Landing to Salty Springs right behind a guy as he walked by and just destroyed him. That was on mobile so probably an extreme case.
Paul Schlote (8 days ago)
Try increasing the VRAM for the cpu using the command console or bios setup?
Imodium (8 days ago)
He's looking for actual solutions and you're just wasting his time recommending useless shit that won't help... so get cancer.
Paul Schlote (8 days ago)
Yo stfd why so negative?
Paul Schlote (8 days ago)
You can increase vram and sdram through the cpu itself. If you have that many cores he could give it a shot.
Imodium (8 days ago)
Stfu. If you know nothing don't speak about it.
Eric Heinz (8 days ago)
No minecraft
Abood byxapn (8 days ago)
This only means that it can't run minecraft .
The Pharaoh (8 days ago)
LinusREKTips lol
Saul Simon Tan (8 days ago)
6:45 lttbenchmark kills Chris Paul...
Jacob Collins (9 days ago)
6:15 That's what I call smooth gameplay
The goat Pear (9 days ago)
Igneous Rock (9 days ago)
3:19 okkkkk, but am i allowed to comment on the fact that the poem includes the word 'schemes' not 'plans' and therefore you have made a linguistic error rather than an error by having a particularly diminutive stature?
Paul Hölscher (9 days ago)
For cyance. You monster.
Imodium (8 days ago)
Jike02 (9 days ago)
but can it run CRYSIS
POLARBOYPIG (9 days ago)
Turn on multicore rendering boiiiii
RN W (10 days ago)
Janko Kinčeš (10 days ago)
game developers need to know this. Please
Janko Kinčeš (10 days ago)
cpu load is about frequency of cpu in cycles. not splitted in multiple cores. You are not getting it right.
Janko Kinčeš (10 days ago)
you forgot to test more games including universe sandbox 2.
Gustavo S Zambrano (10 days ago)
I'm able to game on my Xeon E5-2670 v2 with 1080 gtx without any issues.
fss1704 (7 days ago)
yeah, the best x86 for gaming is a xeon nowadays.
Gustavo S Zambrano (10 days ago)
Socks, really....? 9:12
xHarux3 (10 days ago)
He got his gand caught in a machine.
Mohamed Sayed (11 days ago)
Outstanding representation
Jacob Kapoor (11 days ago)
you mice
Hezekiah Domowski (11 days ago)
I always love the editors' sass
The Fact Hub (11 days ago)
It takes as much time to load as on my i3 integrated graphics and 4 gb ram pc :|
jADEc (11 days ago)
loads csgo legit slower than my 5 year old craptop
P0W3RH0U53 (11 days ago)
Editing jokes were amazing
Joshua Haataja (11 days ago)
Still ran better than the a12 8800p. Though the FX 7500 utterly dominates it... in games.
fss1704 (7 days ago)
damn my fx5200 would beat the shit out of it...
DE4DF4LL YT (12 days ago)
How can 64 cores bottleneck a gtx 1060?
fss1704 (7 days ago)
ops, 1.3ghz.....
fss1704 (7 days ago)
most games are optimized for only one core, that run probably around 2ghz, plus the windows stuff in the background.
Soviet Wolf (12 days ago)
Of mice and men’s a pretty good band
Booyacookies (12 days ago)
Linus, I have been doing everything I can to get into pc's and building them and gaming and all of it. But I run a Core i5 3400, 5gb DDR3 with 2 500gb hard drives sharing my files. That is all I have been able to get and I really need help. Would you be able to recommend any ideas for me? I have no idea where else to get stuff from. (Btw, I am a high school student that doesnt have a job and has no money) Love the vids, Keep them up!
Vita Eve (12 days ago)
Reminds me of my old 2 GHz Core 2 Duo. Hurts to think about.
Vita Eve (7 days ago)
Not if paired with an ATI Radeon x1600 and forced to use OpenGl on an old version of Mac OS X
fss1704 (7 days ago)
damn a core2duo 2.66 would make the framerate get 20x higher than that atom shit.
AirCooledMan2006 (12 days ago)
Socks with sandals? What the fuck? It's like putting pineapple on pizza--you just don't do it!
Hallow Sentinel (13 days ago)
*sees titan v box* TRIGGERED I WUNT DAT
Colin Ries (13 days ago)
How does it have 256 threads on 64 cores?
Norbi Gőcze (13 days ago)
Sandal and socks lol
Rickest Rick (13 days ago)
But can it run scientific data processes?
dcp0923 (13 days ago)
10:02 still smoother than on the switch
adi G. wijaya (14 days ago)
i don't understand, what is the major problem for this case?? the Software or the Hardware?? when linus said the processor is not suitable for graphic usage, but i still doubt it could work better for another usage :( it is possible because the software problem??
joshua cauley (14 days ago)
hey linus do you have any spare parts lying around for the poor gamers here like me
123 123 (14 days ago)
Spelt science wrong smh
Tobonium Beattie (14 days ago)
Currently building a pc with old recycles parts. Please linus can you help me with some parts
poseidon3032 (14 days ago)
But can it run Crysis?
poseidon3032 (14 days ago)
I fast forward to the conclusion that was evident after CS.
Aksar Khan (14 days ago)
I don't understand why people thumb down on tecquicki videos. Ur big fan
James Haskell (14 days ago)
Imagine it loading gta v on a hard drive
studyfranco (14 days ago)
It's normal, games don't work on all core. Games, need one or two core with more frequency...
Wipsplash (14 days ago)
Somehow I still have fun running a Compaq Presario 7180 with a 100MH processor and playing games like Phantasmagoria and Gabriel Knight.
WarthogDoctor (14 days ago)
Your shoes are the worst.
Imodium (8 days ago)
Who tf cares? Are you a girl?
Remove_Status (15 days ago)
Every time i watch you touch powered internals i grit my teeth from fear
Jake Carlo Mandi (15 days ago)
Hey linus go to msconfig, and activate all the cores, because some of the cores are not activated, only the half of it will work on, activate the other half.
OrigamiShawn (15 days ago)
6:38 Sorry
JinKang Cheng (15 days ago)
you should try install linux and do Linux gaming using this machine...
Handsome_Hero (15 days ago)
Really stupid and expensive - no wonder it features on this channel :)
S B (15 days ago)
Maybe the CPU is thermal throttling??? 🙃
JB Gameplay (16 days ago)
0:09 Sandals and socks.. please leave some FPS for the rest of us!!!
Stefano Lugli (16 days ago)
MountainKing (16 days ago)
will never look at cyance the same
noob_gaming 66 (16 days ago)
Oh thats socks and sandles
Tamás Horváth (16 days ago)
Was the multi core rendering on while playing cs?
Tamás Varga (16 days ago)
What if you would OC the chip? Somehow...
Purujit Pradhan (16 days ago)
The performance is exactly similar to that of my ancient Laptop with Intel Core 2 Duo with 2GB ram without any graphics card. Lol
Spoot (17 days ago)
But did you thank the bus driver?
Franz / Free Intros! (17 days ago)
Wow...this is more expensive than my budget pc but my pc can play csgo really smooth!😂😂
FPShrugitoff (17 days ago)
Awsometime (17 days ago)
You’re a mouse
BurntFaceMan (17 days ago)
OK a question for the tech nerds watching this. My Games actually run like this, at 10fps, on a GTX Titan (original titan) and an 8700k... Fortnite gets to 60 fps then when anything happens dives to 10 fps or worse... I have no idea why as the GPU used to run on my 3700k and hit 50-70 FPS at all times. I've tried updating all my drivers, and the temps are all 50~ at max and average 35-40. Water cooled CPU and GPU running fan on max using afterburner. nothings O/C'd currently. I don't get why it runs soooo poop. ='( Any ideas people?
Noah Douma (17 days ago)
Jakub Kroczak (17 days ago)
My £35 CPU with a gtx 1060 runs Fortnite at 60fps(obviously a bit of stuttering), this video has made me feel better
Finn Dawg (17 days ago)
At what point do people get mad that game development it way far behind whats available hardware wise? 6c12t Ryzen is under 200 usd yet cames are too crappy to even think about useing it.
Alan Grimes (17 days ago)
xeon phi = Pentium MMX, yes seriously... Look it up. =P
Genesis Archer Rivera (18 days ago)
Richard NZ (18 days ago)
needs different base software its a 8k screen looking at 800 x 600 picture
Roshan Soni (19 days ago)
Definitely George
WildEagle 1989 (19 days ago)
Can you do a gaming video on a high end flight simulator? My cousin in the US Air Force says that that they recommend high end processers with more cores and threads such as this. (Obviously not exactly this chip set) and that the GPU doesn't matter at much. I would like to see if it's true and maybe you can find a game that would actually benefit from a higher core cpu
Benihana (19 days ago)
Something like Total War should have been tested using its experimental option.
-mooRu - (19 days ago)
Andrei Argeanu (20 days ago)
What if there was a way to combine all the cores and threads. Like trick the system into thinking that it has 4 cores and 8 threads and when it uses a core it actually uses 16 of the physical cores. If this was possible would it be any good for gaming?

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