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Really Stupid & Expensive Gaming Setup!

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Text Comments (4568)
ed clark (15 hours ago)
Can you do a vid of a xeon gaming rig build?
ღ BabyWaffles ღ (1 day ago)
Linus, in the Gpu settings, set the physicsX Processor to Cpu so that it can utilize all the cores
Azim Alif (2 days ago)
Putting round pegs into squire holes.😀
Insane Otaku (2 days ago)
You get a like just because he said "this guy somehow employs me"
Shawn Huffman (3 days ago)
Intel Atom cores better? Makes Phenom I look good clock/clock.
willy frias (4 days ago)
Yo you be mad crazy bro
David D (4 days ago)
"ur mom is ancient"
Jon Munroe (4 days ago)
I use that best laid plans quote all the time lol
Reverse forever (5 days ago)
My Laptop has more fps in Fortnite than this pc xD (nvidia GeForce 920 m and an i5)
Russell H (5 days ago)
Ahem my laptop runs like that sometimes. 2.4ghz i7 ftl
12398797280 (6 days ago)
Sandals . . . And socks? *facepalm*
Roach DoggJR (7 days ago)
I think the games would run better on the C64 that you just dropped at the beginning of the video.
Juan Van Niekerk (7 days ago)
2:53 the titan v will be mine
Mountain Jayce (7 days ago)
This guy makes Micheal Scott from The Office look like... well, Dwight Schrute III...
Dark Horse (8 days ago)
My 3.9ghz 2 core 4 thread i3 kaby lake has better performance than that xeon.
Roach DoggJR (7 days ago)
For that specific work load, yes.
robloxgamer199299 (8 days ago)
Your mom linus xd.
Denver Starkey (9 days ago)
well amd has a 32 core chip out now and it has 64 threads …. LOL totally overkill for gaming on though.
e798d3 (9 days ago)
sandals with socks.... what goes on outside the frame
MINE MAN (10 days ago)
What are those
Antoine Viallon (11 days ago)
I read 196 cores... But....
Sir_Gilroy (12 days ago)
9:12 is that a fart?
D H (12 days ago)
Not for nothing, but a little bit more attention to detail in video editing would make a big differnece. For instance, making the thumbnail video links appear at the exact time he snaps his fingers. I noticed the editor has time to make little quips about this guy employing him. Maybe he should use that time to improve on his skill instead of talking smack.
Roach DoggJR (7 days ago)
You sure now what small details make a huge difference with your 0 videos and 0 subscribers.
LM508054 (13 days ago)
That is worse than my 4 year old laptop that I play on 6:23
Pussy Eater (14 days ago)
But can it run Google search bar huh??
Inferno65O (14 days ago)
Now take that loading multiply it by 2 then get rid of the titan x and you get my computer
Manuel - (14 days ago)
White socks in sandals? Serious? U get laid a lot hm? x,D
Animaster (15 days ago)
8:20 Have you ever tried running Halo on a Latitude 2120?
Animaster (15 days ago)
So, does that mean that, for gaming purposes, single core performance is more important than the amount of cores, because insane amounts of cores like this 64 core madness won't even be utilised by pretty much every game out there? I'm genuinely curious btw, not trying to be snarky or anything, just a dude who wants to educate himself a little on the subject of computers.
Roach DoggJR (7 days ago)
Yeah, at leas for now that's considered common sense in the PC enthusiast community. Just for gaming, a quad-core is more than enough and each of those cores need to be 'fast enough' for the game. However, if you plan on doing something else, like streaming or some video encoding, then you might need a CPU with more than 4 cores like am AMD Ryzen.
Tehn00bA (15 days ago)
CS:GO runs better with only one core
Adam Do (15 days ago)
Cool sandals O.o
Brennan Ferguson (16 days ago)
I have that mousepad
kris33451 (16 days ago)
you can have 500 cores at 1.3 it sux
DFixed (17 days ago)
0:32 that moment when you do history homework on a scientific computer
Thráin II (17 days ago)
What case is that
Nick R. Music (18 days ago)
for cyance
Jon Steele (18 days ago)
this is so sad...
Kevin Raber (18 days ago)
Not sure what rev of Win server this is, but you likely need to set server to dedicate to foreground processes like games. By default it dedicates resources first to background processes (server stuff). This looks like what I've seen on other Win servers before telling it to favor foreground processes.
Mitsos Tech Tips (18 days ago)
if you dont want that, i can take it
zyrs (19 days ago)
he called my card high midrange :D
GamingKunuck (19 days ago)
But will it run cmd.exe
Sajjad Hosseini (19 days ago)
But you completed the video by dropping that screw!
Kwizt (19 days ago)
Linus farted at 9:13. lol
NintAndrew Gaming (20 days ago)
Jason Holley (20 days ago)
My old Xeon 3000 series ran games (and everything else) like a champ. I built it back in '07 with an Intel Skulltrail motherboard, 8GB of DDR3-1066 memory and whatever the high-end GeForce card was that year and it ran great. Sold it in 2015 for a few hundred bucks. It's still in use in a customer's office today. Still runs great. Keeps right up with the Dell i5 desktops in everything they do.
Kim (21 days ago)
But like, Tensorflow runs best on GPUs, doesn't it?
snoopyguy21 (21 days ago)
What case is that? I've seen it before at work and I don't remember what it is.
Charlotte Dashwood (21 days ago)
Oh my god, that screen. I'm dying right now.
Joshua Daley (21 days ago)
Mouse ; )
ILKOS T.F.U. (22 days ago)
Dat editor tho XDDD
Spaced Invader (22 days ago)
oooohhhh,World of Warships looks like my bag. I've been needed a fix since Battlestations Midway. Also, I sure hope someone out there has the drivers needed to make that blue Intel GPU run games, that'd be sweet to see.
Abby Fowler (22 days ago)
ACTAVATE WINDOWS jk its windows server anyways
JungolistMassif (22 days ago)
Can you watch porn on a 64 core cpu that was built for science?
Zeekomaleeko (23 days ago)
when you gonna make a new compensator?
August Hayes (24 days ago)
It runs like my mid range i7 laptop
Mohamed Gutierres (24 days ago)
Can you gift me a graphic card? I'm poor
Clint Foster (24 days ago)
I like the videos, but i hate Linus. He's an asshole. I mean, he wears socks with sandals ffs.
Casey M (25 days ago)
Steve Warren (25 days ago)
Hey Linus isn’t there an advanced setup option for csgo, -threads 64 or whatever or maybe-useallcores something like that
Bob Saget (26 days ago)
The new N64
Kenneth Scowden (26 days ago)
Are you wearing socks with sandals?
EdgyShooter (26 days ago)
I don't know why but that editing and the constant jokes actually made me laugh 😂 I wonder if Linus actually watches the finished videos
The Lich J4 (26 days ago)
8:56 Wario ware anyone?
M0NGR3L (27 days ago)
This video was recommended to me so I guess I’m stupid and expensive
Josh Guyette (27 days ago)
It's been a while since I ran a server edition, but did you switch performance from "Background Services" to "Programs"... Server editions will default to "Background Services", consumer editions will default to "Programs"... https://windowsfish.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/adjust-best-performance-for-programs.png
• BashfulTv • (28 days ago)
Linus is Lenny
PlaguedGamer (28 days ago)
My intel I5 quad core runs better than this 64 core.
Pixel Patty (29 days ago)
Kevin A (29 days ago)
9:13 - Fart
Janko Kinčeš (29 days ago)
Please contact game developers.
MisceryYT (29 days ago)
I have a dual core at 3.20 GHZ and 4 gb of ram and when I play cities skyline it’s lagging af
AnApplesLegend (28 days ago)
Cities skylines is actually fairly intensive even without a city present.
MisceryYT (29 days ago)
Lol the cores are percent signs? LMAO
Tiến Đạt Nguyễn (1 month ago)
socks with sandals are sin
zen ifiya (1 month ago)
It looks like you just maxed the fps at 10 to me. It never dropped and never went higher
SamVids (1 month ago)
You sound like Steve Carell
lolcraftafk (1 month ago)
Did he farted at 9:13?
Anand Kumar (1 month ago)
East99Eternal (1 month ago)
You sound like Michael Scott
Ben Scott (1 month ago)
Why don’t these guys try the “intel gpu “ in this Complete incomplete build
Tejah Girish (1 month ago)
Give it to me
Niels Peppelaar (1 month ago)
Fantastisch36 (1 month ago)
"ur mom is ancient" i laughed pretty hard
1000 subs with no vids (1 month ago)
jeez my medion computer is better than this
XPFLARE (1 month ago)
My AMD computer stronger🤣
Tuxedo Hampster (1 month ago)
should have tried minecraft with java's priority set to real time
TheFirstNobody (1 month ago)
a 1060 is a high high-range gpu you fucking retard
PopeDankness (1 month ago)
Intels probably got bribed by nvidea and AMD not to make it lol
LOL my computer runs like that
Flexible Games (1 month ago)
Wow... 64 core system just sitting around.
Morawskey Vepřín (1 month ago)
I'd use that with vmware :D
Ruairi H (1 month ago)
Subtle flex 2:54
Yesaya Danu (1 month ago)
LOL your mom is ancient
FXMayx (1 month ago)
7:55 REKT
priash mcqueeb (1 month ago)
Killing it with the socks and sandals man
MoneyAndPeople (1 month ago)
this is a computer built for a game based on voxels, aka this computer would probably run minecraft very very well
advanced racer (1 month ago)
socks with sandals?
AGamingChannel (1 month ago)
This runs the same as my phenom II with my 9600GT
Florin (1 month ago)
Is this thing good for video editing? Have you tried to run Linux on this beast and see how games perform? I think this is an ideea for a new video :)
Tomas Keating (1 month ago)
You're supposed to be tech savvy? LOL
FrybreadHD (1 month ago)
4:44 i can feel his brain hurting
Seth Gupton (1 month ago)
Make sure things are arranged to play Artemis SBS!

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