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My Very First Vlog OMG its official !!!!

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Welcome to my world The world of Alioba!!! Its official this is my very first video and vlog that features impulse driving with some friends, cracking jokes, dancing, and just having fun. Hope you enjoy 😉 Come see life through me: Facebook: Alioba Mah Instagram: Aliioba Last but not least Remember to: Do what You Love and Love What you do
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J Truly (2 days ago)
yo man im a big fan and I swear you've made me buy a camera just to start to be like you and you guys.. I've been starting my youtube channel its j truly . I appreciate for your videos man.. huge fan and and stay safe bro. thanks for making peoples days... love you bro hope you see this probably won't but its fine bro I understand your fan base.
Shaun Adams (5 months ago)
Having a marathon with my boi Ali’s videos🍿
Madison Tibbs (5 months ago)
I wish you so much luck with your YouTube channel! Your Subscribers are growing so much! :) good job
Keila (5 months ago)
Ace family sent me here🤙🤪
Savinuch (5 months ago)
nice work bro wish i could get this amount of subscribers
Davidgarciax1 (5 months ago)
Ayeeeeeeeeeee tell the ace family I said hi !!!!!!!! 🤪
Jesus Angiie (5 months ago)
Hey hey !! How are you doing this morning. Or afternoon names Angie hi
Yumna Noor (5 months ago)
Frances Fernandez (5 months ago)
aris young (5 months ago)
Sending love from India
Micaela Alcantar (5 months ago)
I love you popcorn❤🍿
Lovebugg26 (5 months ago)
Definitely subscribing 😘✨
Yarielis Velazquez (5 months ago)
New sub happy birthday popcorn and congrats on the youtubing found you through the ace family i seen u in their vlogs and ryans but i never knew u had your own channel which is so cool im happy for you
jill xo (5 months ago)
New sub!! ♥️✨
WOLF VE (5 months ago)
Hi I´m Chloe I come from the ACE Family <3 Happy Birthday This was at July 7 2018. You have been such a great friend to Austin and Catherine and of coruse Elle (and I know you will be a great person to the new baby girl coming up soon). I hope you will have the greatest life ever, I know this is your first video it´s because I need you to know that i will watch every video of yours. FOREVER LOVE TO THE ACE FAMILY AND THE POPCORN GANG <3 bye.
Adrian Sanchez (5 months ago)
Hey ace FAMILY!!! Keep up the good work
Rhea Gopaul (5 months ago)
new subscriber hereeeee, gonna watch all of your videos starting now lol
Titi La Morena (5 months ago)
Adventures Of Jazalina (5 months ago)
"How does it feel to be rich-i dont know" subscribed as of today july 7th 2018. Subscribe to my youtube channel
Jasmin gamez (5 months ago)
Wow you did good from the gecko nice 💞
Nicole Nieto (5 months ago)
I saw them Nike Slides ! I see you ... ooo
nihlah y.s (6 months ago)
u got nice taste of music daym i love it woooow n i love you to
Bobba Fett (6 months ago)
NBA live mobile song
Always RARE (7 months ago)
1st vlog !!
Ruben Ramirez (9 months ago)
I miss the vlogs. You got this.
Maserati Boy (1 year ago)
Keep up the beautiful job!

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