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Shocking Magician Took Amanda's Bra!!!

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Text Comments (4940)
Herb Tenderson (12 hours ago)
I'd of taken the underwear for sniffin'
The Spider (12 hours ago)
Now that's magic 💖💖💖💖
Concetta E. Brandt (14 hours ago)
he was pretty funny
Hes GOT guts to dl that
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Jimmy Johnston (1 day ago)
grace sento (1 day ago)
sexual assault
Chris Williams (2 days ago)
Never normally takes a magician or comedian to get her underwear off.......
Stumbling Colossus (3 days ago)
Normally it takes a dinner and drinks.
Honestly I found this more cringy then funny
Robert Nabozny (3 days ago)
This is when I knew the game show or the talent show was rigged. As a semi-pro I know that is not possible. Do your research. Anytime there's a magician on I turn it off
Jisha Joseph (3 days ago)
He is super
Xavier Wood (4 days ago)
Thuyen ngyut (4 days ago)
Funny We like it
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Joe Harris (4 days ago)
She has nothing to put inside a bra
me me (5 days ago)
Why would she need a bra ? If you had no feet would would you buy socks :)
Dok No See (5 days ago)
real magic takes her virginity ' no.
Agusto Patron (5 days ago)
Agusto Patron (5 days ago)
664711085megustsusapanilatiguaha para mí, .
Agusto Patron (5 days ago)
DOYEON in Twilight (6 days ago)
He looks like nicolas cage lol
Oleg Lugansky (6 days ago)
He looks like Gennady Golovkin in 10 years))
David Youtube World (7 days ago)
Puntoy Yan (7 days ago)
Super bendy Life (7 days ago)
Why does no one sub too you!?!?I will sub
TheRichie213 (8 days ago)
I would have took her panties!
Dimitris Tripakis (8 days ago)
Really ? Can the bra trick be actually pulled off without her knowing ? Either way he is very fun
Thyda Chim (8 days ago)
help me
Crimsonfang (8 days ago)
Couldn't be more obvious that it was staged. Really takes away from the whole thing.
Thyda Chim (8 days ago)
Bob Pants (8 days ago)
Real magic would be if he could pull her tampon out without her knowing it😁
3:02 T-POSE
USA THE GREAT (8 days ago)
Many said he took her tampon too.
Saurav Kumar Pradhan (9 days ago)
See that wine bottle trick slowly you will know what i mean
Debbie Brown (9 days ago)
She didn’t where a bra
Kevin Oloane (9 days ago)
He should take her dress off
world famaus (10 days ago)
me (11 days ago)
Brings back memories of crackerjack
kzilla 689 (11 days ago)
why are these shows so fucking cringey
Curt Christensen (12 days ago)
Great trick... Taking a bra from someone who wasn't wearing one. 😄
EvilDave213 (12 days ago)
She wasn't even wearing one to begin with. Such a shite tv show.
Perennial Millennial (12 days ago)
Plot twist: Before the show aired ,they fucked and she's just playing along.
Lorraine Barnes (12 days ago)
never known such a narcissistic show off in my life...yes Amanda u are pretty ..u have an amazing body...but ffs stop shoving it in our damm faces woman😬
Andrew B (13 days ago)
Just about everyone would have clicked the thumbnail to see Amanda's shocked reaction, yet there was none. Uploader 'Kevas Music' sank to new levels with this clickbait. Thumbs down.
REDISMA TROPICO (13 days ago)
Thanks visiting sis..done ring your bill
Nathan Dunlap (13 days ago)
no bride were givin nothing no riches enternet seema weak on my phone now i know tobget to all of u
Deakin Kell (14 days ago)
Amazing considering she never had a bra on
santosh kumar (14 days ago)
Simon decisiOn Awesome Straight Forward
Alpha 0mega (14 days ago)
Would you wear shoes if you had no feet? Then why would Amanda wear a bra?
Nah he is not take his bra off
Jim B (14 days ago)
Simon i san ass.
Gary_R1872 (15 days ago)
Next trick he managed to make sure Amanda kept her knickers on for once
British Comedy UK (12 days ago)
lol fucking awesome
Ralph Williams (15 days ago)
The first time Morrissey had a bike
Pungkas Brawijaya (15 days ago)
Eric Silva (15 days ago)
A hahaha he's hilarious. Next 40 year old virgin!! 😂 😂 😂
Daman Chaturvedi (15 days ago)
Legends says he get laid that night
Chhin Kimhour (15 days ago)
He is an good person which I never seen before. Like him
rambo a (16 days ago)
My pecker stinks.
bigun bigun (16 days ago)
Evan Stone (16 days ago)
Teach me
x z (17 days ago)
They cut the bit out when he pulled a (rampant) rabbit out of her.
That Anime Chloe (17 days ago)
I remember watching this on TV
FreddyFucktard (17 days ago)
Photoshopped. fake u dumbasses.
Tony Parks (17 days ago)
Red Pilled At Birth (18 days ago)
I would of took her panties. I know thats crude but I would.
Gavin star (12 days ago)
It wouldn't of took much going by her reputation......
Red Pilled At Birth (18 days ago)
+Snowy Owel yep. Completely gorgeous my friend. Natural beauty.
Red Pilled At Birth (18 days ago)
+Snowy Owel I know! Very dirty but probably what every red blooded man was thinking..
Ralph Kanagy (18 days ago)
Luis Soria (18 days ago)
Thanks to 0
cac123ish (18 days ago)
I'd take her pantys.
At least it's not age retricted
Gary Snowdon (18 days ago)
What a set up
Hawk Who Knows All (19 days ago)
DMR DMR (19 days ago)
Vegas, here he comes.
Britguy1962 (19 days ago)
I only watch these to see Amanda .... sad but true.
muckfundle (19 days ago)
There's a guy called Raymond Crowe who this guy has stolen his style from. Ray is the original IMO - he's been doing this style of entertainment for about 20 years... You've got to love the balloon though!!
Barney Potter (20 days ago)
My wife could do that lots of women can
Jy Jym (20 days ago)
I wouldnt have bothered with the bra..i would have straight for the knickers.
taster321 (20 days ago)
No bra at 0.58 min
Jerry Edwards (20 days ago)
Wolfreespirit Rebel (20 days ago)
I would of had her nickers off and given her a all night session, milf
χ муѕтιк χ (20 days ago)
She wasn't wearing a bra in the first place, as you can see 1:17
Phil Kobb (18 days ago)
No bra needed..she carries a small load.
Eric Jennette (21 days ago)
He'd probably be in trouble with the me too# but Trump would probably appoint him a high position for the bra move. Lol
Karel de Vet (21 days ago)
Where's Chris Hansen
JuVe cordova (22 days ago)
Hello dear how are you my beautiful friend 🌷🌹🌷 Nice vídeo 👌🎬📹📽👍
Peter Cavellini (23 days ago)
Amanda is too thin, she’s shapeless, doesn’t need a Bra, there’s nothing to hold up😂
Brian Francis (23 days ago)
Bloody fantastic!!!
Jo Pink (23 days ago)
Is Amanda's face all plastic now?
Dwi Nuryadi (23 days ago)
hhaha amana not using bra dude, lookit
Ranjit Singh (23 days ago)
Amanda:He really took my bra Simon:I dont believe, show us.. 😎
Stevie Johansen (24 days ago)
Lot easier to get her knickers off 😝
Stevie Johansen (10 days ago)
+Julie Rusch underwear briefs
Julie Rusch (10 days ago)
What are knickers
Bill Bright (25 days ago)
Cranial dome seems to be adequate. My bladder after a night at the pub.
Aiko아이쿠 (25 days ago)
Cosimo Kramarawicz (26 days ago)
She left it in the back of his car
Crystal Song (27 days ago)
Heading over kill. This only shows us how the judges work with the contestants, that all is not as it is portrayed to be, all is scripted and the contestants have already, clearly, met the judges. Holden had arranged for this pathetic stunt, that really made a mess of an excellent performance, before hand.
Talitha Coumi (27 days ago)
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ZERO TV (27 days ago)
Hello!!Goodbye!!! (27 days ago)
John Cortex (28 days ago)
Simon never fails to bring a new meaning to the word 'Prat'. I am just puzzled as to whether he thinks it's really clever - or that he just can't help it?
NoName (28 days ago)
He is funny but Amanda had no bra on,as she entered the stage @0:54
V-Makers (28 days ago)
https://youtu.be/pf_dTUscihk. do have a look on our Vedic
Odin Matrix (29 days ago)
she was never wearing one! 2:52

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