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Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Eminem - Forever (Explicit Version)

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Music video by Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Eminem performing Forever. (C) 2009 Interscope Records
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Text Comments (139197)
HC-Rinzy (2 hours ago)
Thumbnail at 4:27
MIK Gaming (2 hours ago)
陳翊右 (2 hours ago)
Greta D. (3 hours ago)
They should collaborate again😣
Mike Levitin (5 hours ago)
Sorry , But Em took forever
Awesome_Simmer (6 hours ago)
Awesome_Simmer (6 hours ago)
Talking about marshall
Hmmm ? (8 hours ago)
Eminem- Sorry if I took forever
Kevin King (9 hours ago)
Name a better player better ill wait💯❗️🐐
kram 3 (11 hours ago)
4:54-5:45 what everyone came here for
Zane Paris (11 hours ago)
Go listen to k camp cut her off he is playing a xbox 360
RevanJJ (11 hours ago)
*Em pops up like “I’ll take this whole damn jam!”
The Lyrical Revolution (11 hours ago)
Why people acting like Wayne ain’t murder this shit?
The Lyrical Revolution (11 hours ago)
Also ems verse is god like
Aiden Bell (12 hours ago)
Yall dont know who Hopsin or Token is... Smh
Isaiah Probst (11 hours ago)
Aiden Bell I do
Mr SportsGuy13 (12 hours ago)
Back when Drake was actually good.
amar deep singh (13 hours ago)
🔥🔥🔥 When EMINEM sing, it's no more your song 🎶🔥💯👌🔥🔥🔥👑🎤🙌
Awesome_Simmer (14 hours ago)
Eminem Is the oldest I think? But he looks the youngest
Ugood? (14 hours ago)
Ki ecoute encor en 2k18 ??? Lol
Pensacola Poker (14 hours ago)
Hey tf does LeBron James have anything to do with this song?
Iv Taher (15 hours ago)
Sorry if I took forever
TG_ CEEZ (18 hours ago)
Kanye is 2:01 Lil wayne is 3:37 Emin3m is 4:56
THUG LIFE (18 hours ago)
DRAKE 8/10 KANYE 8/10 WAYNE 2/10 Eminem 10/10
El Comandante (19 hours ago)
Lil Wayne ruined it big time. SMH
82jake steed (19 hours ago)
Modern day music is so overrated and weak!!!
Chicken Wang (1 day ago)
Sorry if i took forever #kamikaze
josueh summer (1 day ago)
Musica foda
Syed Zain (1 day ago)
He took forever
The song gets epic when Eminem comes in
SuperRasputia (1 day ago)
From rapping about the NBA to being a part of it all in Toronto. Very nice, Drake and it makes the song speak to me more than it would have being a commercial for the King. And if you don't know which king I am talking about, that is utterly confusing. Oh, and Lebron's in this video also.
Emily Pina (1 day ago)
Ok when he liked Obama
Dylan van Alphen (1 day ago)
Em already called it "Rap game will never be the same as before...."
Shady gamer (1 day ago)
Guys Em is great and all but stop disrespecting
Rob G (1 day ago)
That shit isn't worth it Drake,or is it ?
chekk onetwo (1 day ago)
Daaaamn has our boy come a long way FOREVER ~ 6
Ayee (1 day ago)
4:55 *Eminem: hold my mom's spaghetti*
Joester gaming (1 day ago)
Those kayne and drake haters👇
itz Uz1 (1 day ago)
itz Uz1 (1 day ago)
First time i heard this was when I was swimming lol
Xd diddle de Dizzle (1 day ago)
4 of the greatest artist
golly_zulo (1 day ago)
almost at the nine year mark
Emily Amador (1 day ago)
4:56 the Rap God starts dropping fire:)
Murphy Bradford (1 day ago)
Em got on a track with drake? strange
Murphy Bradford (1 day ago)
+Joester gaming “Joester gaming” ok
Joester gaming (1 day ago)
Murphy Bradford just to put that out there he didn’t diss drake and not saying you did say that
Murphy Bradford (1 day ago)
And This Is From 09' and never knew bout it!?
Curtis 187 (1 day ago)
Drake seriously the most cringey rapper ever known
Leonardo Silva (1 day ago)
Drake and Em snapped 🔥
Theboy Year (1 day ago)
Pepa Squad (1 day ago)
em is the best part in this
Orkia Meghdouri (1 day ago)
Kanye had the best verse than drake than wayne than eminem , eminem was on a different vibe tho ! Imo n im a stan
Know-Ledge _Y.L.G. (23 hours ago)
Hell no Em>>Wayne>>Dtake and Ye
Forrest Cantrell (1 day ago)
Who's still listening to this 2018 🔥🔥also who had the best verse 🤔
sandeep krish (1 day ago)
Like the Feature when I stole the show Sorry if I took Forever !!!!!!
Akia Mendoza (1 day ago)
And to think I thought Drake couldn't rap P.S. Em killed it!
Imosh Dewapura (1 day ago)
Sorry I Took Forever :D
Ashish Bansode (2 days ago)
Whose still watching this after 9 years, hit like if you are👍
Abida Laskar (2 days ago)
Best song ever
HACKERS DEN (2 days ago)
Sorry if I took forever - Legend
kayn kanesan (2 days ago)
Sorry if I took 'forever' - Eminem
Kaustav Sarkar (2 days ago)
Sorry if I took 'forever' 😂
Miguel Calleja (2 days ago)
Song actually starts at 5:58
Pranjal Pandit (2 days ago)
LeBron is the king.
DaForgottenGentleman (2 days ago)
Damn bacc when drake was spittin that truth... He still spit but its sum10 raw about when dudes first hit the scene...Timeless
Daffa Solaahuddin (2 days ago)
ahhh auto tunes and then 4:56 skill
Balzey (2 days ago)
This songs iconic
Stephen P Maduveko (2 days ago)
Anyone still listening in November 2018?
Dhian Singh (2 days ago)
Who thinks drakes verse was better than ems
pamaanschaa _ (2 days ago)
49k people didn’t make it to em’s part
Gabriel Kefalas (2 days ago)
5 legends in this song - Drake - Kanye West - Lil Wayne - Eminem And Lebron James
Elijah Ashman (2 days ago)
This really when I knew drake had got passed the Baton to usher the new generation and be that new guy.
Sinisastefan (2 days ago)
im watching this 9 years after it was made
Laughingboy9999 (2 days ago)
All so young
I remember when this comment section wasnt full of Stans..... calm it down Eminem fans yall act like yall just discovered this damn song
Song starts at 2:00
Nyiko Ngwaile (2 days ago)
If your here for eminem verse only. Just edit out all other parts of this song and listen to his verse only on your phone.
lil vader (2 days ago)
Jordan Hill (2 days ago)
Eminem killed it. Weezy had some great lines
Dexter Johnson (2 days ago)
FORVER By LEBRON JAMES and Ft: DRAKE, Lil Wayne/Kanye West and one and the only "Slim-Shady"/"Rap-God" and also EMINEM from Dex
Allan Holbrook (3 days ago)
Once a year I come back to this video just to hear the last verse💨
rusty shackleford (3 days ago)
drake has had some excellent music producing done because that guy played a cripple in canadian tv now hes a rap star? HAHAHA you all been fooled idiots
TheFlyLobster (3 days ago)
Still the best song ever...
ashley pyatt (3 days ago)
Aaron Raz (3 days ago)
Damn what a throwback
Saad Saeed (3 days ago)
"He can make them look like bozos They're wondering if he should spit this slow, FUCK no" -Kamikaze defined. Ahead of it's time. P.s The real slim shady Finally stood up.
SalsaNetwork (3 days ago)
4:56 Thank me later
o_INFINITY _o (3 days ago)
When drake was good, when the LeBron bandwagon didn't start yet, when lil Wayne was known, when comedy shows wasn't filled with Trump" when YouTube was amazing on every video you clicked!
Sam Williams (3 days ago)
november 2018 anyone
Marcos.XZ97 (3 days ago)
Give a Like if you would blast this song in 2018🔥🔥🤘🤘
LiLninja DONTE (3 days ago)
creates song ever thumbs up if I'm rite
Marcos.XZ97 (3 days ago)
What a Throwback😭😭 Can I go back in 12 years😭😭
Kakashi Hatake (3 days ago)
_______________ | *Skip Ad* >> | 4:56 ----------------------
Gabriel Kefalas (3 days ago)
*the song is about Lebron James*
Pear Eater (3 days ago)
DAMN this is a short track. Starts at 4:56 and ends at 5:46
Abram Friesen (12 hours ago)
Pear Eater short but so good
Pear Eater (3 days ago)
Is this Eminem song, or does it just *seem* like that
Mohammed Farid (3 days ago)
Eminem bodied everyone. Thats a fact!
A. Kang'ethe Kimani (3 days ago)
2021 anyone😁??
Nikos Fragos (3 days ago)
'Bout to spit the greatest verse of all time So you might want to go back to the lab tonight and, um (yeah!) Scribble out them rhymes you were gonna spit And start over from scratch and write new ones But I'm afraid that it ain't gonna make no difference' KANYE TRASH BOW TO THE KING
Lukas Williamson (3 days ago)
That heart attack when you see Eminem at 0:33 lookin ready to annihilate
shoaib music (3 days ago)
Who is here after killshot 😆
Lukas Williamson (3 days ago)
"sorry if I took forever" Oh shit
Lukas Williamson (3 days ago)
That moment you realize Greatest on Kamikaze has the the same legendary flow and you realize that Shady's still king
Anormal Person (3 days ago)
When Em is featured in your song, it's no longer your song.
gotti jaxx (3 days ago)
eminem part is the best
RevanJJ (4 days ago)
“Sorry I took forever” lol
iZarG Games (4 days ago)
Ofc this song would suck without eminem
Kay Topia (3 days ago)
D-Wats Houston's Finest "Lil wayne didn't have that many bars" "Lil Wayne had better bars than Eminem" "Kanye had more of a story than Eminem" Bitch what??
iZarG Games lol... bruh it would suck if not for the "last" verse? Yeah, OK... Every artist on here could've killed this song solo. If this was just an Em song the beat would be different and it would be lifeless. All known life drops off of this song the beginning of his verse. 50% of this song is Drake.. 25% is the beat Lil Wayne has more bars than Em (and he didn't even have many)... Kanye had more of a story than Em... so what are you listening to? Fast elementary rhymes?

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