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Glaciologist Jason Box at COP21 talking about rising temperatures and their effect on sea levels

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Duncan Stewart spoke to Prof Jason Box in Paris during COP21. This is the first part of an extended interview where they discuss the realities of climate change and the stark future facing us if we don't decarbonize now. Watch the full episode of Eco Eye from COP21 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xR1WM6_akG4 For more information on this interview or our episode, see below: Jason Box: Find out more about his work here: http://darksnow.org Great documentary on Greenland with Jason Box here: http://bit.ly/234eH5B NASA press briefing from August 2015 on sea level rise (3 feet): http://bit.ly/1neZ2Qw http://www.nasa.gov/press-release/nasa-science-zeros-in-on-ocean-rise-how-much-how-soon Climate Central interactive sea level rise map to see how IRE may be affected under future scenarios http://bit.ly/1RjBvdA Increasing Sea Level Rise Globally The annual rate of rise over the past 20 years (3.2 mm a year), is roughly twice the average speed of the preceding 80 years: http://ocean.nationalgeographic.com/ocean/critical-issues-sea-level-rise/ A 2015 study published in the journal Nature Climate Change indicates that their GMSL data set indicates an acceleration in sea-level rise, larger than the twentieth-century acceleration: http://bit.ly/1NFS96h Storm Frequency in Ireland and UK UK Met Office find links between climate change and recent storms: http://bit.ly/1nf8x1T 2013 Met Eireann report - Ireland’s Climate: the Road Ahead finds that in winter and spring, storm wave heights are likely to increase; winters are expected to become wetter with increases of up to 14% in precipitation under the high emission scenarios by mid-century; the frequency of heavy precipitation events during winter shows notable increases of up to 20%; and Changes in precipitation are likely to have significant impacts on river catchment hydrology: http://bit.ly/1YEToV7 Ray McGrath of Met Eireann highlighted during a presentation at a Teagasc Conference in 2013, that climate has become wetter, between the period 1941 and 2010, with a 5% increase in mean annual rain in recent decades and evidence of increase in frequency of very wet days: http://www.teagasc.ie/publications/2013/3039/RayMcGrath.pdf
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Daniel Ferra (3 years ago)
Over 400 Nuclear Reactors At SEA LEVEL ! 20 feet Sea Level Rise in Greenland 200 feet Sea Level Rise Antarctica Pres. Obama an Gov. Brown, why not allow Residential Homeowners to sell their Solar and Wind Renewable Energy Directly to the Utility Companies AKA 'Feed in Tariff ?. Allow California a Residential Feed in Tariff and a Commercial Feed in Tariff ! Count California Residential Homeowners Solar 5,000 MW = 2 San Onofre' Nuclear Plants ! Stop this Fossil Fuel Madness, Heating Up and Burning Up, Drought and Floods are getting Worse ! "Porter Ranch Ca. The enormity of the Aliso Canyon gas leak cannot be overstated. Gas is escaping through a ruptured pipe more than 8,000 feet underground and it shows no sign of stopping. As the pressure from weight on top of the pipe causes the gas to diffuse, it only continues to dissipate across a wider and wider area. According to tests conducted in November by the California Air Resources Board, the leak is spewing 50,000 kilograms of gas per hour—the equivalent to the strength of a volcanic eruption. At this rate, in just one month, the leak will have accounted for one-quarter of the total estimated methane emissions in the state of California." Erin Brockovich There is No Carbon, Methane, or Nuclear Budget ! "Climate outlook may be worse than feared The impact of climate change may be worse than previously thought, a new study suggests. As world leaders hold climate talks in Paris, research shows that land surface temperatures may rise by an average of almost 8C by 2100, if significant efforts are not made to counteract climate change. Such a rise would have a devastating impact on life on Earth. It would place billions of people at risk from extreme temperatures, flooding, regional drought, and food shortages. Climbing emissions The study calculated the likely effect of increasing atmospheric levels of greenhouse gases above pre-industrialization amounts. It finds that if emissions continue to grow at current rates, with no significant action taken by society, then by 2100 global land temperatures will have increased by 7.9C, compared with 1750. This finding lies at the very uppermost range of temperature rise as calculated by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. It also breaches the United Nations’ safe limit of 2C, beyond which the UN says dangerous climate change can be expected." University of Edinburgh Solar power is prevalent in California but, last month, the state made a move many are calling a big mistake. Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law a measure that requires the state to obtain half of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030, however, rooftop solar panels were excluded from the bill, which means utility companies will have to pay more to find renewable energy elsewhere, because the surplus energy they buy back from individual homeowners will not count toward the state’s goals." Cat DiStasio California Emitted 459 Million Toxic Tons of Carbon Dioxide in 2014. Gov Browns call to reduce this to 1990 levels so we can continue to emit over 400 million Toxic Tons a year, will not help us stop or slow down Global Warming and Sea Levels Rising. 2020 Limit - AB 32 is now slightly higher than the 427 MMTCO2e in the initial Scoping Plan." Ca. Gov. Data Ban Fracking ! Gov. Brown Stop Poisoning California Water ! Close 100 of the 108 Bottle Watering Facilities in California ! Golf on grey water or Close the Golf Course Grow For Local and Regional Farming Circle, Federal and State Policies Must Change ! Atmospheric Parts Per Million of Carbon is Now 404 In the 1850 Carbon PPM was 260 - 280 What will the Temp. be at 415 ppm ? "Ice sheets contain enormous quantities of frozen water. If the Greenland Ice Sheet melted, scientists estimate that sea level would rise about 6 meters (20 feet). If the Antarctic Ice Sheet melted, sea level would rise by about 60 meters (200 feet)." National Snow and Ice Data Center. There Are Over 400 Nuclear Reactors and All Their Fuel Rods ! At Sea Level Now ! Relocate All Nuclear Fuel Rods and Contaminated Metals above 3,000 Ft! There Is No Carbon, Methane, or Nuclear Budget ! Arctic 80% melted, Greenland is Keeping North America Cool, For How Long ? Antarctica is Melting as Well, When Will It Melt ? and All the Glaciers used to keep the Mantle Cooler ! We must transition to 100% Renewable Energy, and All Solar, Residential and Commercial Buildings should be Counted in the Stated Renewable Energy Mandate ! Time to Level the Playing Field, With Time Running Out Preparing For Global Warming an Sea Leveling Rising over 220 feet Implement a California Residential and Commercial Feed in Tariff. California Residential Feed in Tariff would allow homeowners to sell their Renewable Energy to the utility, protecting our communities from, Global Warming, Poison Water, Grid Failures, Natural Disasters, Toxic Natural Gas and Oil Fracking. A California Commercial FiT in Los Angeles, Palo Alto, an Sacramento Ca. are operating NOW, paying the Business Person 17 cents cents per kilowatt hour. Sign and Share this petition for a California Residential Feed in Tariff.http://signon.org/sign/let-california-home-owners

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