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Femme Lesbians Explain : Butch Lesbians

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How are butch lesbians different than femmes? Watch More! http://bit.ly/LesbiansExplain Sarah and Adrianna : http://youtube.com/UnsolicitedProject Ally : http://youtube.com/ItsAllyHills Steph : http://youtube.com/ElloSteph __ Merch! T SHIRTS : http://bit.ly/ArielleTShirts NECKLACE / BRACELET : http://bit.ly/GfBfBeads Where To Find Arielle! MORE ARIELLE VIDEOS : http://bit.ly/SubscribeToGirlfriends INSTAGRAM : http://bit.ly/ArielleInstagram TUMBLR : http://bit.ly/ArielleTumblr TWITTER : http://bit.ly/AriellesTwitter FACEBOOK : http://bit.ly/ArielleFB SNAIL MAIL : GirlfriendsTV P.O. Box 280154 Brooklyn, NY 11228-154 BUSINESS ONLY : [email protected]
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Text Comments (713)
mikepodella (1 month ago)
These are some very, very confused people.
is there a butches explain femmes video?
Kat M (5 months ago)
Ugh sarah is so beautiful
Annie P (5 months ago)
Butches cant be bisexual. That's a different term
Mother Witch 2018 (7 months ago)
I’m just here for the stereotyping.
Yang Zing King (7 months ago)
she is a Femme in the Streets but Butch in the Sheets.
I'm A Nobody (9 months ago)
What's a femme lesbian
Angela Reyna (9 months ago)
Arielle, gosh this got me thinking... I met my now experiencing wife when k was 19, she 26...and she was my first relationship, and very very beautiful and butch.. OK.. We've been divorced so long now but I remember that since I was new to living openly gay and being committed, I basically learned everything from her... And damn, was she a bad teacher. So, when we split when I went W my next woman it was like culture shock... Example... The wife said.... Butch women never wear girly underwear or polish toe nails... OK... Well when I met my next butch woman, when we were getting naked... I was shocked to see her lovely lacey undies and bra... I like it but up until then I really thought that was some gay law lol 😂 lol 😂... That was clearly being broken... IDK... This video made me think of it. And another crazy one was, that the fem NEVER... NEVER under any circumstances finger the butch... Lol 😂 OMG... Let's just say my new woman was very fem in the sheets and I knew what lesbian sex was supposed to be. My experience had all these rules and dos and don't that it's laughable now. Our sex life was no different from a man. I would remind her that I'm gay and wanted to explore her body but she didn't let me... So I went nuts when I figured out all this new exciting shit! Sorry this was so long
putyourminetoit (10 months ago)
okay is there any sites out there for lesbian women that are in their fifties. It is so hard to find a stud female for someone in their fifties someone please help also my life is very boring with my two guinea pigs daily I do a video with my guinea pigs now it's time to find a mate at 52 years old I don't want a man I do want a woman but she has to be a stud and I don't want a woman that smoke does it bother anybody I don't want a woman that smokes I want a woman that likes outside and I know that might be kind of hard for me to find one do anybody know of any dating sites on here please get back with me please
V I R U S (1 year ago)
Lol lol
kitten eyes (1 year ago)
I prefer femme girls and im bi lol
Daisy _may (1 year ago)
Lip stick lesbian is a lesbian who likes other femme lesbian
Little Bi Girl (1 year ago)
I like mix of both a little dominant femmne kind of girls !!
Oxerdyde (1 year ago)
I’m such a fucking weird lesbian, I can top easily but also bottom (I kindaaaaa prefer top) but my style is more flannels, ripped jeans, makeup 24/7 and leather jackets. Okay I’m a butch lesbian hybrid
Emer Mc Laughlin (1 year ago)
who are all these hotties?????????
Queenie Cat (1 year ago)
I just want to dress manly sometimes and girly other times just basically wear whatever the fuck I want to
Akiko Maki (1 year ago)
lol. "Fascinating beautiful creatures." I loved this line. ( .^_^. )
S. Michelle Russell (1 year ago)
My ex called herself Thug
TheBadEraLover89 (1 year ago)
I wonder how Vegan lesbians would react to the girl who calls herself Steak? Lmfao
Rosy A. (1 year ago)
butch no no.
Kristy Melinda (2 years ago)
I was in a short relationship with a butch who called herself "walking safety hazzard." she just ghosted me out of no where and basically told me she's enjoying getting laid too much to commit to me after two weeks. it was weird because she originally came onto me and told me very personal things about her past, saying how she liked me alot. People are confusing. 😕
Frickle Frackle (2 years ago)
Savannah 77 (2 years ago)
lol I wish lesbian bars existed where I live
Alice Beckett (2 years ago)
I see Ally. I click.
Olivia J.N (2 years ago)
Olivia Newsom Butch lesbians are *DREAMY* _in what sort of way_ exactly?
King Jackson Bomber (2 years ago)
im a butch but i do all the work in bed... lol
Sonnyra GdC (2 years ago)
so... half of them just have long hair and they're supposed to be femme lesbians ? I am a femme and I look like a Disney princess
Jackie Webb (2 years ago)
one time a girl called herself a "mega dyke"
alex antaeus (2 years ago)
jurnee ogao (2 years ago)
im a bitch lesbian and just speechless dammm
Janusz Dworak (2 years ago)
This is where the world came into. Disgusting.
Josalyn Alvarez (2 years ago)
my gf always talks about how she doesn't like her feet or hands bc they are small and are "emasculating" she's v butch and she finds a lot of things emasculating such as talking about her feelings bc she's supposed to be "strong" or whatever. but she's literally a big teddy bear and its so cute
Revali's Gale (2 years ago)
Is the girl wearing glasses and T-shirt a femme? 'Cause I usually dress like her.
Rhiannon Folsom (2 years ago)
Ally Hills!!!!!!
lmao so feminine lesbians attracted to butch lesbians are just bisexual
V.C. Lewis (2 years ago)
Chapsticks tho
Rekha dey (2 years ago)
Lisa Springfield (2 years ago)
This video is offensive.
Anna (2 years ago)
I'm not at all attracted to masculinity, so I'm not into butches. But a girl with short hair (not a butch haircut) is definately attractive for sure.
Anna Hahaha understandable. Wait -- wait are you a heterosexual male?
i hate you , bitch (2 years ago)
Am I the only femme not attracted to butch lesbians at all?
Zoya G. (2 years ago)
Kathy Murguia uh stop
Kathy Murguia (2 years ago)
Mary Alice lovepuppies Me to I feel like if you are going to act like a guy grab your crotch like a guy and talk and group like a guy I might as well date a guy.
נטלי מולה (2 years ago)
me to i only like Feminine girls!!!
dwl! this is crazy! #THEHIDDENBUTCH
Amethyst SF (2 years ago)
I hate being a mix of both and then people ask me which one I am and I'm like- Me: Ehhhh... Middleeee?
Asiphe Tshingana (11 days ago)
You are a futch @Amethyst
OrangeToonist (2 years ago)
Amethyst SF it's already a thing, I believe it's called futch?
Amethyst SF (2 years ago)
+CloudySunsets iT fUckING iS nOW!
CloudySunsets (2 years ago)
+Amethyst SF Oml yes middle lesbians, why isn't this a thing already >:0!?
Amethyst SF (2 years ago)
+CloudySunsets Lol It is confirmed: MIDDLE LESBIANS! Both equally butch AND femme! >;3 Our fabulous smexy selves....... I'll stop XD
ali ce (2 years ago)
I'm sorry but I really don't like butch lesbians :/
alice p Why not? Because of masculinity?
Astana Gaffney (2 years ago)
Lmao I love how I'm like a soft butch. I don't have an over amount of confidence. I liked mixed drinks (Clorox and bleach). I'm weak as fuck. Not good looking. Oh man oh man I luv life lmao
6 god (2 years ago)
Ally 😻😻💧
Astro Carter (2 years ago)
Eliott_Toyota_ Tot (2 years ago)
I love femme girls but I also like to be the fem sometimes I have a very girl-like body a lot of curves but I LOVE LOVE LOVE DRESSING ANDROGYNOUSLY SO I CONSIDER MYSELF A STUD
Kayla Lopez (2 years ago)
I can already tell my girlfriend is a "Butch in the streets and a femme in the sheets", because she is more masculine yet when we talk about sex, she gets insecure about talking about her topping, but I'm like total opposite because I act femme but I am a total butch in bed.👌
TheConfuzzledCat (2 years ago)
0:25-0:29 Ally, if we knew what you meant, this video would not exist. But I am assuming you suggest they walk with swagger?
Teana Warthaw (2 years ago)
My older sister always dates "butch lesbians"
Riley N (2 years ago)
HEY! You calling my eyebrows Justin Bieberesq?!
dragonmonkey200 (2 years ago)
Lol watch this and I'm kinda a bad butch then coz I'm hardly what they said I'm meant to be 😂😂😂 oh well one of a kind then lol
Lee Cruz (2 years ago)
This video is funny! I'm a butch and this is the first time I heard about nick names.
TheLezwoymn (2 years ago)
I'm a butch, someone come sweep me away, preferably, another butch................
Anime Lover (2 years ago)
Minions Tay (2 years ago)
Is there such thing as butch looking girls but are actually straight?
Kaidec0910 (2 years ago)
Yes, where I come from we call them tomboys!
Mad Gibbs (2 years ago)
The comment that buch lesbians are tough on the out side and soft on the inside is sometimes true , I'm a buch lesbian so
Angelina King (2 years ago)
When Ally is there and you're just not prepared *-*
joec0914 (2 years ago)
That's right. Giving yourself a nickname is way too self-conscious.
Kayleigh Hay (2 years ago)
I tend not to be attracted to butch...sorry...
Jett Jo johnson (1 month ago)
J Escareno, yo, Gurrrl. nothing wrong with independent strong woman who know what they want . for most it's not me .
Steph H. (4 months ago)
Honestly same, I find girls attractive due to their feminine features. I don't get the hype.
Kayleigh Hay Why not? Because of masculinity?
J Escareno (2 years ago)
I'm a butch!
Talia (2 years ago)
raldo (2 years ago)
Almost all my favorite lesbian youtubers in one video! This video made my day.
Skittles And Cupcake (2 years ago)
Monica2016 (2 years ago)
Hi there baby girls ;)
KarenLynnLHC (2 years ago)
Why want a butch woman? Because they're attractive, fascinating, intriguing and just extremely hot creatures. It's seeing components of masculinity as a trait in a woman. Seeing it in a man does nothing whatsoever for me. Butch lesbian ≠ man. How are butch lesbians different from femmes? In nearly every way except both prefer women.
Jett Jo johnson (1 month ago)
KarenLynnLHC yep.
ali ce (2 years ago)
girl wtf
I'm a butch in the streets and femme in the sheets.
Joel Rabadan (2 years ago)
makes me sick
Raigen Huss (2 years ago)
The part of butch lesbians that I am attracted to is definitely their confidence. It takes a lot to have a distinct look and really rock it.
Patrick Bevelton (2 years ago)
Well the operative word is butch. So, essentially they are presenting themselves in male or masculine manner. 49% of the worlds population is male. I would guess you would dare never suggest male is synonymous with confident... So you must think that the majority of lesbians act girly and it's confident to be manly in that community???
Raigen Huss (2 years ago)
+Alfie Nester I believe there is something distinct about someone who chooses to present themselves in a more butch manner, yes. And I'm attracted to the confidence that comes with that. I don't know what you're so confused about.
Patrick Bevelton (2 years ago)
Point is simple. Do you really believe their is something distinct about their look? Very simple.
Raigen Huss (2 years ago)
+Alfie Nester Okay, so your point is? Just because I use the word "distinct" in my original comment doesn't mean that's what I believe what the 'new definition' is. Honestly I can't tell what your point is, are you arguing, and if you are, what the hell is your position and what are you arguing against?
Patrick Bevelton (2 years ago)
Yeah okay... but this is a comment section. I understand if you are at lunch with friends and a butch says they look distinct and you 'think to yourself' no you look like a dude and all other butch lesbians... I understand how in that situation you would hold your tounge to be polite. Although, I simply addressed a comment you made because how it read to me was you believe their style to be unique or as you put it distinct. Which to me it is not. Unless I am wrong here... which I don't believe I am.
Felicity6/26 (3 years ago)
I only went on this cause I saw Ally :)
怡嬅 (2 years ago)
same with me!
imakefoodhappen (3 years ago)
Why are all these videos so judgemental? This is my 3rd one on this channel. First one; they insulted bisexual women and pretty much shat on their existence. Second was we hate straight women. Now they hate butch lesbians. What the fuck do they want? There's no one else left. Do lesbians hate all women beside themselves?
IchWerdSehen (2 years ago)
You are also judgemental (thinking that all lesbians are like that bc of this channel )
okei (2 years ago)
Butch lesbians are still lesbians. Not one of them has said anything insensitive or rude about Butch lesbians. How are they being rude about it??
Linda Carter (3 years ago)
Butch lesbians are hot!!!
Revali's Gale (2 years ago)
There's a difference, butch lesbians have female bodies.
So you're saying you can be attracted to men too then right?
So you're bisexual
Linda Carter So slightly feminine guys are hot?
Paula Karolin (3 years ago)
sarah and adrianna are such babes <3 hahaah never fail to crack a joke
Nicholas S (3 years ago)
Lmfao. This cracks me up. You gals, have met some odd butch lesbians. I have been butch all my life, I have never heard of anyone nicknaming themselves. That'd be like, naming my penis, I do not have. Crazy
Sarah Raye (3 years ago)
Butch lesbians are hot.
Mariasha Self (3 years ago)
I'm kinda femme but also sometimes more masculine but idk TBH I just know that I'm lesbian
Run To Stand Still (3 years ago)
I'm butch and I tend to like girls that are also butch
shrimpieshoo (3 years ago)
raldo (2 years ago)
Ikr! I was like "OMG ALLY!"
audrey14513 (3 years ago)
the hair is def true lol the eyebrows haa
Becca King (3 years ago)
You all seem nice and like you have good intentions, but I have to say that this really didn't feel good to watch. I'm personally a lesbian who enjoys some "masculine" things (flannels, weightlifting, baggy clothes) and some "feminine" things (flowers, makeup). And, I'm into a wide range of girls- more masculine, more feminine, an androgynous mix. I think it's important for people to know that there are alternatives to the femme/butch dichotomy, and that adopting some traditionally masculine characteristics and not others is a-ok.
DemDisney Chicks3675 (3 years ago)
Every butch lesbian I've been with has been VERY quite
shortnik11 (3 years ago)
What I like about gay men is that at least they stay men lol
Sarah Caldas (3 years ago)
i really don t understand, if i have a style more masculine, i m butch? why? p.s: sorry about my english
Granny Smith (2 years ago)
and why do you care about all this BS ,just be yourself !!!
Gaby Acosta (3 years ago)
I'm into butch lesbians ;D
Parker (3 years ago)
i am a total femme
Rosita Rose (3 years ago)
pillow princess like my ex
mmmpoetry (3 years ago)
If these were butch-oriented femmes explaining their experience of butches, this would have been a much cooler video. Seems like mostly it was just put-down kind of video by people who didn't have a clue.
lovehina17meandkey (3 years ago)
The hidden butch killed me omg
Kiara DV (3 years ago)
Ahhhh Ally
Kris Tina (3 years ago)
This is the most ignorant shit ever. I'm a "femme" who is in a relationship with a "butch" and she doesn't act like anything described in the video. It's a style and clothing choice & that's about it.
No Stop (2 years ago)
Tinyoneo (3 years ago)
Mmmm my butch teacher
raine blue (3 years ago)
i kinda disagree with that. not all butch les are "butch in the streets, femme in the sheet". that does not apply to me! don't generalize us!
Dude Bro (3 years ago)
+raine blue they didn't say all butches are like that, Arielle just asked what does that mean. They didn't generalize at all
raine blue (3 years ago)
+RomanticMetalLesbian that's great to hear!
OwenSøund (3 years ago)
I agree doesn't apply to me either. I'm extremely versatile.
BoredomStrikesAgain... (3 years ago)
I'm a butch bisexual lol
Luciana Del (3 years ago)
me too!
Chris Loving (3 years ago)
So butch lesbian don't have the same problem that men have got it. And one think I thought was funny a butch girl is soft.😂 Sound like a fruitcake to me😂
asseater007 (3 years ago)
"Justin bieber eyebrows" omggggg truuuueee
raine blue (3 years ago)
I'm a butch lesbian. definitely not a femme lez!
raine blue (3 years ago)
+Luciana Del yeah! #LoveWins
Luciana Del (3 years ago)
me toooo!!
Cindy Jimenez (3 years ago)
Holy shit, so it isn't enough to have labels such as gay, straight, bi, etc But we also need sub categories.
Starpunk Bethie (3 years ago)
#butchhate assholes.
Princess Bubblegum (3 years ago)
I dated a butch girl who called herself "Hardon". That was a short relationship.
Chen's I cant believe (6 months ago)
devilshomie (3 years ago)
+Princess Bubblegum I thought you and Marceline were together?
rowan barker (3 years ago)
I'm a butch lesbian
Hung Lo (3 years ago)
+rowan barker Congratulations?
Luciana Del (3 years ago)
so am I!
Jeri Estes (3 years ago)
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Nina Parsons (3 years ago)
The woman I'm seeing looks very masculine (butch) but she's so feminine, I might even be more masculine than her 😂 she's amazing though!

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