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Top 5 Bosses in Terraria 1.3! 1.3 PC Update [WITH EXPERT BOSSES]

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Welcome to our revamped top 5 bosses list, an honourable mention to every boss of course! Make sure to click SUBSCRIBE for more unique videos like this! Click "Like" and "Favorite" if you like this video. Helps us make more! Tell us what you think in the comments below. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= This video was filmed/editing by James Bennett/Chippy Twitter: https://twitter.com/Jamesrobertbenn The music used was created by MyNewSoundtrack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUp0gBgqePU
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Text Comments (530)
BRANDON BRIZUELA (1 month ago)
1 lunatic cultist 2 ragnorock 3 golem 4 skelatron prime 5 moon lord
GalaxyMan#2227 (2 months ago)
My list: 5.Golem 4.Duke Fishron 3.Plantera 2.The Destroyer 1.Lunatic Cultist and yes no moonlord because i like these bosses more :/
Jonathan Murphy (3 months ago)
Lunatics anyone (That is kinda a joke)
Carter Gravatt (5 months ago)
My top 5: 5 EoC 4 Moon Lord 3 Skeletron prime 2 BoC 1 Lunatic Cultist
Ronin Phan (6 months ago)
top 5 bosses 1: green slime 2: green slime 3: green slime 4: green slime 5: green slime
GamerBoss 8489 (8 months ago)
Mine 5. Plantera 4. Lunatic Cultist 3. Twins 2. Moonlord 1. Duke Fishron (He is just bad ass. )
Matthew Baumann (10 months ago)
I need help on the destroyer
R2D2 from Star Trek (10 months ago)
For some reason I really like duke fishron. I don’t know why, I just do.
Patchess (11 months ago)
When I first fought king slime, I just boxed myself in and shot him a ton. I tried that yesterday... oof
Ryanarwhal (11 months ago)
My Favorite Bosses: 5. Skeletron He's the hardest pre-hardmode boss beside the Wall of Flesh. He's really fun for the first time to battle and can be extremely difficult, but with a friend can be much easier and still a fun experience. I like how he has three health bars, one for the head and one for each hand. It makes the fight seem more interesting, and can be. 4. The Twins The Twins are definitely the hardest mechanical boss of the three. It was extremely hard for me when I first battled them on my own. But I devised a strategy and finally beat it. If you're wondering what the strategy is, it's to kill Spasmatism first and then target Retinazor. Don't let Retinazor get to its second phase before Spazmatism's dead, though. 3. Golem Golem is a neat boss. It's like Skeletron, with the extra health bars for its fists. FIghting it for the first time can be extremely difficult, but when you beat it, it's a very satisfying sight to see all the loot and no Picksaw, meaning you'll have to fight him again. And again. And again. And again, but then you get every weapon he has before the Picksaw, allowing you to pick up the Altar so you can sell it for 60 Copper (it's cheap most likely to make you not want to sell them, since each world has only one) or to put somewhere else more accessible and / or more fit to farm Golem. Anyway, neat boss. Fight him. 2. Plantera Plantera's Bulb, the object you need to find in the Underground Jungle after the mechanical bosses are all killed in the same world, can be frustrating to find. I was lucky, but only on finding the thing. Fighting Plantera was another story. I have a huge arena with platforms and torches everywhere and it took me many attempts to kill a plant. I never got to the second phase and died. The first time I got to it, it was still pretty much the same fight, only Plantera was faster. It wasn't bad after that point came. Another thing I like about this boss is the music. It's a rock-themed music track to go on with the Pantera pun. It's funny but also amazing. 1. Ocram Ocram deserves more attention. I have the PS3 version, so Ocram exists. I fought him a few days ago for the first time and got the Exterminator Trophy afterwards, and I don't think he really deserves to be considered the "final boss" alongside Duke Fishron. He's really fun, but way too easy and difficult to summon, requiring two Mechanical Eyes, a Mechanical Skull, ten Adamantite / Titanium bars, five Souls of Night and five Souls of Light. Despite these reasons, he's extremely fun to fight and I can't really explain why. He just is. Hopefully somebody else who has battled him can understand me.
Laura Mer (1 year ago)
#5 Eye of cthulu expert #4 wall of flesh #3 lunatic cultist #2 moon lord #1 twins
my fave boss is skeletron because he was the first boss I ever killed no joke, and it was by accident xD
My fav boss is duke fishron in expert Because i like the hectic short battles and duke is super hard with summons so its super fun
Steven Lawx (1 year ago)
1 moon Lord 2 plant era 3 g olem 4 duke fashion eye of cthullu
General Grievous (1 year ago)
5: the twins 4: plantera 3: brain of cthulhu 2: moon lord 1: Martian saucer (technically a boss)
TheRealPiranhaPlant (1 year ago)
3. Martian Saucer 2. Plantera 1. Lunatic Cultist
GRSC/DC (1 year ago)
Anyone notice he was fighting EOC with the EOC mask on? lol
That_Dude_Rohan (1 year ago)
The only Hardmode boss on this list is the moon lord
Rogue Dagger (1 year ago)
duke fishron's op
Erik Grommes (1 year ago)
INTO SO FAST CANT TAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dastoopid (1 year ago)
#1 for me is lunatic cultist
Seymour Brown (1 year ago)
This makes me super, wow? Idk how to explain it. Less than a month ago we were daring in the dungeon, hoping to get a waterbolt. Now we're struggling to kill moonlord.
Stagman Jake (1 year ago)
Of course, you guys have the awesome Moon Lord Here I am with an Xbox360 just now beating Ocram, the easiest final boss ever.
The Cookie Jar (1 year ago)
I love legend of Zelda windwaker I can hear it in the background
Liz Taylor-Stoakes (1 year ago)
i died 200 times trying to fight moon lord
5.KS (King Slime) 4.BOC (Brain of Cthulhu) 3.WOF (Wall of Flesh) 2.SP (Skeletron prime) 1.EOW (Eater of Worlds)
D3MAPPL3S 101 (1 year ago)
5 unicorn 4 green slime 3 blue slime 2 pinky 1 zombie
ICON1C 01 (1 year ago)
Who else is scared about fighting the moon lord????:D
Ese Pedantihoe (1 year ago)
duke fishron is my favorite
Krissy (1 year ago)
My favorite boss is the duke fisron
Erik Justin (1 year ago)
king slime is weak man i can kill it using wooden sword
ColbyRants (1 year ago)
Just the dragon roost remix!
Super Mario Plush 220 (1 year ago)
The twins are my favorite boss.
Domskii (1 year ago)
1 fishron 2 twins 3distroyar 4 skeletron prime 5 skeletron
Rachel Booker (1 year ago)
Someone from another video comment said the Broken Hero Sword was a weapon.😊
Rachel Booker (1 year ago)
5.Eye of Chulhu 4.Destroyer 3.Stardust Pillar 2.Vortex Pillar 1.Golem
Watplr Wraith (2 years ago)
My favorite would have to be the Twins. It's just such a fast paced fight that I enjoyed every second of.
Rin (2 years ago)
Duke Sandstorm is my fav bosses in terraria :D
Ethan Scurlock (2 years ago)
oh, i forgot to mention - the plantera soundtrack is very satisfying to listen to.
Ethan Scurlock (2 years ago)
my list (not considering expert vs normal) 5. Golem - the fight was interesting and the boss idea was cool - also like the golem soundtrack 4. Brain of Cthulhu - pretty fun fight and boss 3 soundtrack is awesome 3. Eater of worlds - the fight is very fun and it's pretty satisfying to smash apart the big worm. 2. Plantera - pleasantly challenging, but not so overwhelmingly difficult (like duke fishron) that it got frustrating. The fight was also quite interesting. 1. Destroyer - pretty tough, but an extremely fun and interesting fight - also, as I mentioned with BoC, I love the boss 3 soundtrack.
Fusion ! (2 years ago)
Wait Wait Wait cant you just make a normal world and a charcter get all the op things and just make a new world thats expert and defeat all the bosses with your stuff...
Shifan Ahmed (9 months ago)
Similarly, you can start up a new game and get all the way to post-Moon Lord, then make another world and destroy every boss there but where's the fun in that?
Regor Ladnar (1 year ago)
Kayden Mundy (2 years ago)
my fav is moon lord 1.3
Tom Paclik (2 years ago)
1.Duke Fishron 2.Eye Of Cthulhu 3.Moon Lord 4.Lunartic Cultist 5.Destroyer
That One Star (2 years ago)
My favorite mech boss was the twin cause me and my brother had a tactic where we would take turns doing damage I would go in focus down spazmitizm the he would kill me then my brother would go in repeat then once spazmitizm was dead then retinazer was a cake walk
Nave0819 (2 years ago)
1. Lunatic cultist 2. Skeletron prime 3. Moon Lord 4. Duke Fishron 5. Eater of Worlds 6. King Slime 7. The Destroyer
Jem Hall (2 years ago)
1. Duke fishron 2. Golem 3. Destroyer 4. EoW 5. Planterra
Mr Cheese (2 years ago)
1 moonlord 2 plantera 3 cultist 4 skeltion prime 5 golem my fayvorite event is:lunar event
Matthew Philipines (2 years ago)
1. The Destroyer 2. Twins 3.Skeletron Prime 4.Queen Bee 5.Eye Of Cthulu
TomekD (2 years ago)
1.Twins 2.WoF 3.Lunatic cultist 4.Plantera 5.Skeletron
Ty-Ty Ty-Ty (2 years ago)
You said that intro fast..
Blue Boo (2 years ago)
1. LUNATIC CULTIST (i dunno why, but i love the lunatic cultist... he cool) 2. Eater Of Worlds 3. Plantera 4. Martian Saucer (i freaking love aliens 👽) 5. Eye of Cthulhu
Prince White (2 years ago)
i got slime mount on my first try killing him
Rebecca Corban (2 years ago)
Rebecca Corban (2 years ago)
lol get trolled
Rebecca Corban (2 years ago)
MINE ARE: 1 moon lord 2 lunatic cultist 3 expert EOW 4 EXPERT BOC 5 dungeon guardian
something badass my brute my little child is watching please stop it
Sourest (2 years ago)
1. Twins 2. Lunatic Cultist 3. Duke Fishron 4. Skeletron Prime 5. Eater of Worlds
PatchPlayz PatchPlayz (2 years ago)
1.Golem 2.Twins 3.Skeltron prime 4.Moon Lord 5.Eater of worlds 6.Wall of flesh
mawwell crick (2 years ago)
Jose Plays in
Vectix gaming (2 years ago)
1: Lunatic cultist 2: Plantera 3: Moon Lord 4: Celestial Pillar(s) 5: king slime
Jonah Brogdon (2 years ago)
5. EXPERT King Slime 4. Ice Queen 3. EXPERT EOC 2. Solar Pillar 1. EXPERT Moon Lord
Mr Wafflez72 (2 years ago)
Bet that one is skeletron or skeletron prime
MythicalWolves AndCats (2 years ago)
1 Platra 2 The Twins 3 Skeletron 3Eater of Worlds That's my Fav Bosses
Stardust-fantastical (2 years ago)
priase the moon lord
Double Destroyers (2 years ago)
5.Duke fishron expert 4.Plantera 3.eye of cthulhu expert 2.Wall of flesh expert 1.Skeletron Expert
MrQuackles (2 years ago)
1.moon lord 2.duke fishron 3.skeletron 4.eater of worm 5.eye of cthulhu
MrQuackles (2 years ago)
lol what ever
R0mmey10cK (2 years ago)
Lol eater of worm
Cyrus Mataluni (2 years ago)
i can't believe that the lunatic cultist wasn't on his list i think its the most fun boss in the game
The WinterWolf (2 years ago)
here is my top five. 1. plantera 2.queen bee 3.the destroyer 4.the twins 5.skeletron prime
Communist Comrade (2 years ago)
1. moon lord 2. duke fishron 3. lunitic cultist 4. the twins 5. the pillars
PersonHuman42 (2 years ago)
1. Moon Lord 2. Wall of Flesh 3. Duke Fishron 4. Plantera 5. Golem
brithwr b (2 years ago)
my #1 favorite boss is Duke Fishron.
Rismu (2 years ago)
The wall of flesh will always be my favorite because he was just so intimidating and I beat at the very edge of my bridge.
Agentti,exe (2 years ago)
5. Plantera (You need seriosly prepare for dat fight) 4. The Twins (Best Mechanical boss, and very fun boss fight) 3. Expert WOF (Fast as hell) 2. Expert EOW (Harder than normal destroyer) 1. EOC (Just very classic one, but becomes just a target dummy very fast.)
KleinGuy (2 years ago)
the 3rd phase of EOC scarred the shit out of me
PersonHuman42 (2 years ago)
When I first did EOC in expert he didn't do the third phase.
Ommo (2 years ago)
Same, when I first started Expert, the EOC scared the absolute crap outta me
Cadoba123 (2 years ago)
1. Wall of Flesh 2. Eye of Cthulu 3. The Destroyer 4. Moon Lord 5. The Twins
Julio_Chav (2 years ago)
The King Slime only spawns when you kill 100 slimes in slime rain i think
Agentti,exe (2 years ago)
75 if you have already defeated him once (in that world), and 150 if not.
Anne Halliday (2 years ago)
Bastraction (2 years ago)
Actually, the first time I killed the eater of worlds all I did was stand still with a gold sword and swing until all its body parts were gone ;-;
Oscar (3 years ago)
My favorite one is Moon Lord and seconde one is Duke Fishorn
Anthony Wetherell (3 years ago)
1. Lunatic Cultist 2. Duke Fishron 3. Moon Lord 4. Plantera 5. Wall of Flesh
Ry Harr (3 years ago)
What weopan was he using for the moon lord?
Sourest (2 years ago)
Razorblade typhoon, you get it from Duke Fishron. It's worth the struggle
Dark Tesseract (2 years ago)
razorblade typhoon, from duke fishron
Mr. Nintendo (2 years ago)
Razorblade typhoon. Sorry for the late reply
nagl85 (3 years ago)
my first reaction to the moon lord 'HOW IS THIS A THING ITS AWESOME!!!!'
SamSwitch64 (3 years ago)
I had to watch this 2 times cus I was only listening to the dragon roost island music in the back ground lol
GameSoda64 (3 years ago)
omg that is exactly what happened to me with the king slime
ianwray75 (3 years ago)
I love plantara
firebeast4K (3 years ago)
expert boc i beat him with a golden bow and
PistolTiger 73 (2 years ago)
nice job using every in the game to help you
firebeast4K (3 years ago)
gold armour
Hanno vB (3 years ago)
and what?
Anonymous (3 years ago)
I can't find a cloud in a bottle. What do i do?
Sauron Ikov (2 months ago)
you make one! thats what
Sans The Skeleton (1 year ago)
Anonymous take the L
out there (1 year ago)
look harder or make a new world
The WinterWolf (2 years ago)
you can get a sandstorm in a bottle from a pyramid
Agentti,exe (2 years ago)
You can go fishing, and there is a chance that you get tsunami in a bottle from iron crates. (Works the same way as Cloud in a bottle.)
Lord Vader (3 years ago)
no one ever picks duke fishron even though he is a tough bitch to kill
teris ladwin (1 year ago)
BOB DINKLEBURG You absolutely suck then
SeptemberTunes (2 years ago)
Lord Vader hes easy
DerpyDude72 (2 years ago)
My first time doing fishron I got annihilated Now he is still hard but I know what to expect..
William Campbell (2 years ago)
Lord Vader you duke fishron is a bad ass
Don't Johnny Test Me (2 years ago)
Lord Vader mine is Duke because I remember trying and raging and the feeling when I beat him, then again after the moon lord if your a mage the last prism just melts him in like 2 minitues
Mighty Lapis (3 years ago)
5: EoC, he is just too easy 4 me now 4: BoC, he is just plain disgusting 3: EoW: he split's and is a challenge 2: the pillars: shows how good you are when it comes to: The impending doom approaching 1: moon lord: I'm not even there yet, Even though I am really good armourwise and weaponwise
Koark (2 years ago)
Get full beetle armour, magic mirror to tell to nurse and the solar flair (forgot the name) Open the doors to the nurses house, and make an arena that blocks most attacks. Basically blocks above you and beside of you, but not surrounding so you can get in. Hit which ever eye is open, the flair goes through blocks. Around 200 health, teleport to the nurse, then get back in your arena. It will teleport to you if he's far away, so to get the most time to heal make it near your nurses house. I did this with auto pause, so I could pause buffer if necessary, and I didn't need to. But auto pause is helpful to take a rest if necessary as it is extremely headache giving. Also, pause after you teleport to the nurse, so you can left click on her while paused. I paused at one health and healed.
Lil Cholesterol (3 years ago)
Ice Juice 548 (3 years ago)
Did anybody noticed in number 5, the costume he is wearing? It's my pick.
Ethan Shub (3 years ago)
my faves are exp moon lord
Gabe Wrate (3 years ago)
1moon lord 2moon lord 3moon lord 4moon lord 5moon lord is 1 kit kill
Janet Saxon (3 years ago)
5 moon Lord,4 skeletron,3 eye of cthuhlu,2 destroyer,1 TWINS
Mutated GamingYT (3 years ago)
moonlord destroyer plantera twins expert eye of cuthulu
Ultrawing Gaming (3 years ago)
is it weird that i find the Eater of worlds to be the easiest boss in the game? while i find the Brain of Cthulhu the Second hardest in pre-hardmode?
btilou 3 (3 years ago)
For some reason the textureof sunflowers are still th old one on my terraria ?!!? was that a 1.3.1 exclusive ? ot i messed up the textures ?!!? plz reply
Judith Ward (3 years ago)
5,destroyer:mechanical boss spawns probes and comes from anywhere.4,ocram:fun fight 2 ugly forms,and insanely hard 3,golem:lasers madness the fact that you need to kill a giant flower to get to him and the picksaw 2,skeletron prime:that challenge to kill him during night or he'll insta-kill you is insane and I like the toughness of his arms.1,Duke fishron:massive fish the way he says "hey" to you is halarious and I just love how hard he is
Zorax456 (3 years ago)
My favorite boss is defiantly duke fishron because when you first fight him he is really challenging and if you go in blind then you're probably going to die.
Bob The Narwhal (3 years ago)
BoC is so easy not in expert mode. I beat him with 6 hits from the nights edge
iLordSimon36 (3 years ago)
I like the TWINS best then skeltron prime,destroyer,kingslime,and the moon lord!!

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