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Stab In The Dark: Dane Reynolds And The World's Best Surfboard

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Is it possible to call a surfboard, or a shaper, the best in the world? There’s no way to answer either of these questions definitively… But, we can get damn close. How? By commissioning 13 of the world’s best shapers to deliver their top line, high performance boards (sans any recognisable logos), and having one of the world’s best high performance surfers test-drive them. The catch? Neither shapers nor surfer knew the others’ identity. No logos, no brand association, no preconceived notions: Just one of the world’s best surfers and a pile of nameless magic. Is it a flawed concept? Absolutely. But, it is the least subjective platform we’ve got. Music courtesy of Third Eye Stimuli Records: http://bit.ly/2elRqKx
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Text Comments (166)
Hoku Insai (24 days ago)
Stab! Parko Next!
Elizabeth Montalbano (2 months ago)
it makes me laugh how he's totally ripping and then comes in and says the boards are shit LOL
SecureTech *** (2 months ago)
jeff mays (2 months ago)
Dane is one of the more knowledgable surfers about board design.
Pier (2 months ago)
Lord he's a ripper
Ducati Drew (3 months ago)
Not sure how his ligaments hold up but damn he rips!
Ambient Cotton (4 months ago)
Thanks again for this! Best modern surf flick out there! If Dane would have been more competitive he would have ruled the WSL.
S S (4 months ago)
Which font is it on the boards?
bishnu poo (4 months ago)
31:37 - 32:31 is the best part of this whole video
gabi surfff (5 months ago)
aprende com quem sabe! maluco manja
Ryan Polfer (5 months ago)
thrusters suk!
bodhi tree (6 months ago)
27:30-27:50. My experience with waves 85% of the year. With the other 15% being yummy 😋. I need to fix my stoke ratio.
Keoki Clifton (6 months ago)
I'll take any free surfboard cuz broke it is Hawaii well shootz love it aloha
AJ G (6 months ago)
15:32 straight up tried to kill the photographer lmao
SurfinSanDiego (6 months ago)
I equate it to golf. A pro can hit your driver 320 but you can't. He can also hit his driver 380 and you couldn't make contact with the ball. A wizard like Dane can't tell the average Barney who shapes the best. Because he's judging who shapes the best for him.
Pola Ride (7 months ago)
You really should have said his height and weight and not dictated the length.. that would truly be a test of the board shapes
riccardo annandale (8 months ago)
I can’t believe he surfed my home break at baggies beach in Warner’s 😭♥️
Riccardo Bianco (8 months ago)
the song at minute 9?7
Brian Trend (10 months ago)
geepers thats my old home town
Kahele Koki (11 months ago)
Have you guys ever ask Wade Tokoro he is the go to shaper for a lot of the pros when they come to Hawaii but he can shape any type of board with perfection
pierce brantley (1 year ago)
Don’t like surfing and I haven’t tried surfing looks fun tho but the video is amazing!!
Mike Johnson (1 year ago)
Stab might be a bunch of orthodox PCers posing as free-thinking rebels, but they've outdone themselves with this series. A delight to watch over and over and over.
Ismael Tocornal (1 year ago)
what is the name of the song in minute 30:00??
Shane Baird (1 year ago)
My best all around short board is a 5'11" pyxalien in firewire fst. Amazing board for trestles.
OZmusic (1 year ago)
Dom Lahiff (1 year ago)
Kelly Slater and his wave pool could be a sick idea to test boards in perfect waves
Grayson Epstein (1 year ago)
Paul D (1 year ago)
"Dane Reynolds (is) The World's Best (Surfer)"...according to me...which means...not much.
Cotty (1 year ago)
if i only could afford 1 surf board :/
Bernard (1 year ago)
Soundtrack please ?
berniedmj m (1 year ago)
Next testing grounds should be at lowers.
wavepark (1 year ago)
I hope Dane got paid well. That looked like a lot of work, and a lot of expertise.
Harry Sidgwick (1 year ago)
The one he calls a Tweakers board at the end is a strech number 23
brenda foster (1 year ago)
Try surfing with end stage Cancer like my boyfriend Dennis Mullin.He is thrilled to even paddle out!
Brian Trend (1 year ago)
hell that's my old hometown surftown durban
Brian Trend (1 year ago)
lions walk in the streets there the mayor is a useless fuck and sharks bite boards but dam we had some good times there
Leo Cunha (1 year ago)
Pyzel is unique ! Thanks Stab ! Amazing edition, soundtrack,.. Watching 30x.
Jesse Taylor (1 year ago)
Boy got soul
Shea Kelly (1 year ago)
Is it a correlation that he picked the board he rode in the best waves?
lazerz4eyez (1 year ago)
Durbs? Ah, yup, saw the sign toward the end on one of the piers, looks like New Pier or some shit.
Max Drewe (1 year ago)
lazerz4eyez yea they said it was Durban
Evan Brehm (1 year ago)
How does Dane do it
charles wooley (1 year ago)
moral of the story... Dane rips everything.
MagicMalky (1 year ago)
well made dock. met dane once seemed like a legend
lateafternoon88 (1 year ago)
Dane is the best surfer the world has ever seen. Just saying. The flow, the posture, the stoke.
shakka4dabarrelkilla (1 year ago)
have jordy smith do the next stab in the dark
Will Mintich (20 days ago)
Got your wish
• PiesAreHawt (5 months ago)
shakka4dabarrelkilla Eyyyy they did
airfrc162 (1 year ago)
anyone got the 74 pyzel?? hows it ride?
Shane Cox (1 year ago)
airfrc162 they gave me one to test out cuz I ride for pyzel it was very loose and rolls rail to rail really well not very good for generating speed tho
Viktor Demeyer (1 year ago)
whats the name of the company of the wetsuit with the bird logo?
Dustin Hayes (3 months ago)
Sean Richardson (1 year ago)
awesome board comparison, only why wasn't Gary linden involved,should a been a linden there,just saying
Will Mintich (20 days ago)
I don’t see how the free thing comes into play with these shapers though, they’re all huge and making gobs of money anyway, at this point it’s free advertisement.
Evi Duarte Gomez (1 year ago)
great info .Pura Vida !
David Le Roux (1 year ago)
Even when he rates it a shitty surf he still rips at god level.
Nathan Mattola (1 year ago)
soundtracks are so rad, anyone know the titles?
Adrian revuelta pino (1 year ago)
what brand are the wetsuits he is using?
antonschupp (1 year ago)
how great you covered the VANS logo :P
Will Couch (1 year ago)
Conclusion Dane can make any board look good..
agustin alvarez (1 year ago)
Is Lost independent from Mayhem, or the other way around ?
Leandi Cupido (1 year ago)
agustin alvarez the brand is lost the nickname of the shaper is meyham
agustin alvarez (1 year ago)
Todd Peterson board
Matt Hemming (1 year ago)
what foam did everyone use to make the boards?
ghk64 (1 year ago)
what´s the spot called?
Jaime Bustos (1 year ago)
Finding ramps in the mush............Hard charger!
red flag (1 year ago)
Cool narration and script
Trey L (1 year ago)
god damn. Your style is by far one of my favorites
ezrhino100 (1 year ago)
if anyone is gonna test drive.... dane.
Ralph Irvine (2 years ago)
he seems to have the better core strength
Michael Timbang (2 years ago)
Great video, please do more of these!
Antonio Russo Neto (2 years ago)
I want to know all the models specifically, that would be very cool
tubacity66 (2 years ago)
One of the best 'out of the box' segments in some time. Solid talent with Dane and creative ideas combined with good tunes, variety surf and personality. I give it Three Fins Up!
ROY GUN (2 years ago)
Apparently opinions are as useless as a warm fart in a wetsuit 😫
Jason Halkyard (2 years ago)
Dunno why he has to Spaz out between turns ...
Hannah Clark (2 years ago)
This makes me want to get a new board
Taj Marzouki (2 years ago)
Next year do one on John, just saw him the other day at ehukai and he has good air game and good rail and power game
Shane Le Roux (2 years ago)
Any body know the soundtracks?
Ladislas FONTAINE (2 years ago)
Anyone knows what's the name of the font style used on the boards? Great video
ryan rowe (2 years ago)
"Dane is the reason we ride shortboards 2 inches shorter than our height" thats not true he was definitely not the only pro to go shorter
southrules (2 years ago)
Does Carl Heyward not shape anymore because that was the best board I ever had!
tubacity66 (1 year ago)
Passed away
SumrSurf (2 years ago)
hot vid .. i love watching this guy ,
pegoraro pacheco (2 years ago)
the best surfer
Ben SOLLY (2 years ago)
So much effort put into shaping such nice boards. Such a shame they crush and fall a part after a couple of surfs.
anthippo91 (2 years ago)
i would love to see kelly try this
Hineskitt Velvett (2 years ago)
I feel like when a surfer puts on some weight their surfing looks a lot better.
Zach Little (2 years ago)
I wonder how another reputable surfer the same height and weight as Dane would rate the exact same quiver?
leonardo ferlinghetti (2 years ago)
pyzel just made some money
cem sicles (2 years ago)
Reported this video for showing zero respect to the lips...
Tom Eli (2 years ago)
I never comment on videos. but that was pretty good.
Quinlan Fennell (2 years ago)
Crazy how commercial surfboards are pretty much disposable these days.. one sesh and a pro surfer destroys one. Sorry planet??
AJ J (2 years ago)
Rubbish tests but great to watch. Yep, they should have a bunch of average to above average surfers surfing average to good waves. It might be kinda painful to watch though but the outcomes would inform better board choices for most watching this video. Who are not pro surfers, incidentally. What is interesting is how much detail he can feel through the board. 20 years of surfing and I haven’t felt or tuned into any of the stuff he mentioned. My criteria is like; high wave count, nail a few turns with lots of spray, no rail bogs, make a barrel or two..big smile! 
Ricardo Castaneda (2 years ago)
this is my 5th time seeing this video its just so addictive
Kyle Thomas (2 years ago)
I've been out of the water for 10 years now and haven't followed the industry much, Dane looks better than ever and seems like a straight up guy. Definitely fun to watch, great movie. Why didn't WRV get in the mix?
Fingermanant1234 (2 years ago)
He was killin it on the Rusty
Haassan1 (2 years ago)
This is the dumbest test ever. Everybody is different, so you cannot have the best board. End of discussion. #getafakkineducation
Tee dub (2 years ago)
who's the tweaker? haha
aerwsrf (1 year ago)
i think stretch. He was talking to the board on the far right by the cole so that's my guess.
Surfdocsteve (2 years ago)
If you really want to know which is better then get a group of average surfers together and let them ride the boards all in just a few days in average surf. That would tell you who makes the best board. Dane could surf a plank with style. I've learned that what boards they like and ride are not the ones for me and for most average surfers.
Nick Clegg (20 days ago)
Even if they did that that does not necessarily mean that that board would suit you.
Surfdocsteve (2 years ago)
Melissa Portillo average surfers are not kooks. Again Dane van surf anything well so it does not help the average surfer.
Melissa Portillo (2 years ago)
ha ha, who wants to watch a bunch of kooks kooking it ??
ImportantComment (2 years ago)
Let this be a lesson to all surfers watching. If you're shit, it's not the board. It's you. Dane just proved it.
AJ G (6 months ago)
Dane could surf a 2×4 this is unfair lmao
jackson hunter (1 year ago)
Not really, the boards that Dane were riding were all practically the same dimensions, maybe a 1/4 of an inch difference around what he has ridden for decades. when the average surfer is trying to find the right board for them they are often changing 2-4 liters of volume, and inches in length and width different rockers/concaves etc. Dane can ride anything and look good, however if you're watching the average surfer and their shit, it is highly likely they're on the wrong board.
Young Davies (1 year ago)
lmao nice name
ImportantComment (2 years ago)
You're missing the point amigo
Diogo Calmeiro (2 years ago)
ImportantComment, put him on a 20 liters board and see if he can surf on it.
jjs4you21 (2 years ago)
15:33 WTF was that? was he even making contact with the board at one point. Dane is not as polished as Slater, well, no one is and you will never see another Kelly in the future. The same goes with Clay Marzo, no one is as crazy as Marzo is, that guy will blow your mind how he connects his crazy moves together, for sure the most progressive surfer in all the lands. Marzo is incredible for other reasons, he surfs and lives on the edge while having a type of Autism. For those that don't know Autism makes it extremely hard for someone with it to communicate and interact with others especially in groups of people. If you have ever seen his videos and wondered why he seems to avoid interviews or even talking it's because of Autism. Now with Dane, when I see Dane in videos of him surfing at places other than home he doesn't seem to pull off the big moves consistantly like when he's home at places in Oxnard, Ventura and Santa Barbara area's. You will watch him at home acting like a 21st century surfing machine pounding out incredible move after incredible move without a single fault. Here's something else I have noticed of Dane lately, he looks very healthy, he's put on a little weight but it looks like its not hurting his surfing ability. His eyes are clear....he just looks like he's on the right track. One thing I have noticed is I don't see Dane every second of the day with a Beer in his hand Last but not least and the biggest factor in how Dane is handling himself in this best shaper/best board test. Just two years ago you would not have seen Dane speaking at all in videos but you did see that "can O beer" in his hand. Dane looks to be back in control of his life and did a great job in doing nearly all the narration in this video and was spot on with his views and assessments of each of the boards. Dane acted, sounded and presented himself in a manner as though this is his daily job! Great job Dane.
Tom M (1 year ago)
Marzo is the best pure wave surfer on the planet. Kelly is the GOAT. JJF is the current best surfer in terms of doing everything from free surf to comps, JJF might be the only surfer capable of even going half to what Kelly did. AI was heading that way RIP.
jjs4you21 (2 years ago)
PTyscho No, But I surf just about every day along side Dane here in the Ventura/Santa Barbara area while talking everything surf on the beach with the other locals, we run into each other around town, at partys and at the local restaurants. It's a very laid back area where everyone says hello or good morning and so on. You notice things about people you're around every day and if you are attentive you can put together someone's life whether good or bad.
the_rugged (2 years ago)
wow... are you a psychologist or something?
Vaughan Heilman (2 years ago)
more please!
Azhiaziam (2 years ago)
Thank you STAB for letting us watch Dane for 36 min.
Shane Baird (1 year ago)
It is nice to see how thoughtful he is. Know your gear.
KayneHunter (1 year ago)
Gunnar B (2 years ago)
and thank you for adding such an amazing soundtrack. i love those tunes by the grease arrestor, i became a fan immediately!
Lian Kay (2 years ago)
ahaha just calls um out...i dig the honesty
Richyyy Rich (2 years ago)
So pretty much when the surf was better, he like that board better
Carlos David (2 years ago)
nah the board made the waves feel good
Randy A (2 years ago)
Stab do a summer episode on Groveler boards. And, thanks for this awesone video.
Eric Henderson (2 years ago)
surfline just did a thing on groveler boards, should be up on the site. with oliver kurtz and eric geiselman. yeeeew
nathanaël dieux (2 years ago)
nice concept! ..... i would say Reynolds is capable of riding any kind of board, so it s hard to really see how this test can affect the everyday surfer we are....but still it s interesting to watch
Xena (2 years ago)
Xahiru7 (2 years ago)
Giuliano Cariello (2 years ago)
firewire? slater dsign? call kelly next year! great video!
Jason Karl (2 years ago)
really dug this quick film. nice to see something a little different

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